Rollerball with Aliens and Chainsaws

Gooood evening, people of the Empire, and welcome to another exciting season of The Arena! I know you're all itching to get underway, so let's not waste any more time!

Most of you probably have never heard of the newest addition to the Empire - dumb bastards folded like a tin can as soon as our motherships established orbit, haha. Let's take a look at these Humans. Oh, these poor bastards are screwed! Small, weak, bad eyesight, bad hearing. Not so good, huh. Let's take a look at their arsenal.

The Human military mostly used a technology they call firearms against us during the invasion - not that it did them any good! Firearms utilize a chemical reaction to propel a shard of metal - yawn. Fortunately, Humans are a little more inventive when it comes to their industrial tools. You've never seen anything like a chainsaw in action, and that's just the most prominent tool in their arsenal!

And who are they facing? None other than their sector's favorites, the Shi-Kolapsa. Shi-Kolapsa went almost to the top last season, only getting knocked out by the Matroskans!

Let's go to our contestants - dissidents, criminals, rebels, and war prisoners taken from Earth, in their qualifying round! Let's see some blood!

* * * * *

A quick rundown of the setting - I'm going to leave some things ambiguous as your characters are pretty unfamiliar with the galaxy at large and we don't need an eight page infodump anyway.

In 2015, Earth was invaded by an alien Empire. Earth folded like a house of cards, completely outmatched by the Alien's technology. The Aliens set up a governance of Earth and declared Earth to be a protectorate. Today, the people of Earth have little freedom, every aspect of their lives dictated to them, forced to labor in factories, farms, and other such projects to support the Imperial War Machine.

The Aliens are a great fan of blood sports, and their most popular is The Arena, where teams of their various conquered races are forced to fight in massive open arenas (as yet, no Human has ever watched a match) for the amusement of the crowd, using traditional weapons of their Homeworld - albeit ones selected by the Arena authorities for being suitably visceral and amusing. Gunfights are less entertaining to watch than a beheading.

The season's victorious team - teams being divided by homeworld - win their freedom, as well as fame, fabulous wealth - .01% of the profits for the season, an amount roughly equivalent to the combined GDP of every nation on Earth combined, and

Looks interesting I just have a few question. 1) Are our characters all human or can we make a race? 2) What should someone consider for a willing combatant? 3) Are firearms completely useless/banned in the arena?

Yes, all player characters are Humans, at least for now. Later in the RP I might open up a place for alien characters, but that will be a ways down the line. A willing combatant? Well, someone willing to risk their life for the rights of an Imperial Citizen and fabulous wealth - I frankly don't think a willing combatant is terribly likely at this point, given this is Earth's first season competing in The Arena.

Firearms are completely banned, yes. That's also why the enemies you're facing will be fighting you with blades and thrown projectiles instead of particle beams and plasma pistols.

I'm tired and there is undoubtedly something wrong with it. Critique welcome!


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