Star Wars RPGs

Ok, so here's the deal- A while ago, I played a D+D style Star Wars RPG and loved it. I was one of the only jedi to survive Order 66 and lived my fantastical life, fighting for the rebellion. Now I want to start my own game, but I'm stumped by the multitude of different rule/guide books available.

If there are any escapists who are familiar in the ways of the Star Wars RPG, could you tell me what the bare minimum I need to get started is, and suggest a place I could get it?

Much obliged, and may the force be with you!

Really, all you need is the Core Rulebook and some imagination. It'll give you all the basic knowledge you need to start up a campaign. All the other books are nice to have, but they're totally optional.

Socialtangent is absolutely correct about that. If you're looking to run one here I would be all over that. I've got some books, hit me up if you want to discuss this or have particular questions.


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