Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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Hi there! Welcome to the Old School reboot of the Avatar Adventure thread!
Some of the older members enjoyed the old setup of Heroes vs Villains back in the day so we made a new thread to get back in touch with our roots and bring it to a new generation of RPers!

There will be great tales of adventure, struggle, hardships, success, a bit of romance and maybe even family in here. But overall, the most important thing is teamwork. The Heroes can't win without it and neither can the Villains. All of this with your Fourum Avatars no less!

Rules: 2 characters at most.(1 hero and one villain standard)

-try to be fair, no massively overpowered character

-don't be that one person who is the loner. You will be killed off by the heroes or villains because you are an easy target.

-you can borrow other people's characters for very simple actions, but no making decisions.

-KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! Some people got it in their minds to create 5 paragraph long posts where they put in detail about their character, what they did, why they did it, what color their weapon was when they did it, etc.

A few lines if it's something that really just isn't properly able to be replied to, but a paragraph or two would be nice for an average post.

-any concerns/questions/comments should either be pm'd to me or posted in the group linked to below.


Link to the group for the RP

Character sheet:

Picture: (If you have one. Contain in spoilers please)



Alignment: (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic and Good/Neutral/Evil)








Backstory: (Can add another section call AA backstory if they are a returning character from the previous thread.)

-For the template you may want to contain the sheet within a spoiler. Also you may want to include pictures/videos in a spoiler too.

-You can add little sections such as you see fit to if more info is needed.

Well, this quickly turned into a Norse Mythology lesson, and I apologize for that.


Since I've never done an avatar game (assuming its avatar meaning the pretty picture next to our user name not avatar meaning airbenders and/or giant space smurfs) I was wondering how these games work.

Do we make a character based on said pretty picture (I play a french llama superhero) or do we find a picture of a preexisting character and play that (I find a picture of superman or serving and play as superman)?


well, you can play as the lama, or superman. it's based off of wwhatever you set your avatar to. it can be a creation of your own or some character you like. the point here is to have fun and work as a team to beat the other one.


well, you can play as the lama, or superman. it's based off of wwhatever you set your avatar to. it can be a creation of your own or some character you like. the point here is to have fun and work as a team to beat the other one.

Does that mean you'll be playing as the Mizune's? Or do you act as GM and notzing else?

no, i still haven't found a pic for some original character i had in the last Avatar Adventure. when i find such a picture, i shall update my profile and post my sheet.

Ok, i'm launching the rp, it is always open, drop in and out style of play. just throw up your sheet and start posting.

and anymore questions, comments or concerns will either be PM'd to me or posted in the group in the opening post.


Origin Plains

Origin plains, the birth place of the Avatar Adventure. This is where all of the archs after resets begin. Everyone will spawn into here one way or another. To the east lies the Good side, to the west lies the evil. Here is where you choose your side and state your allegiance.


There was a swirling vortext into the middle of the plains. Out of it popped a teenage girl dressed in Victorian era looking clothing. "Ouch!" she let out as her butt bounced across the ground. Standing up and rubbing her rear end, she looked around for her brother. "Icarus! Oh brother! where are you?" she shouted to the four winds, trying to find him.

She began to wander around, just generally keep a watch out to find him.

Thialfi fell through a portal, falling on his face. He rolled onto his rear end, pulling weeds out of his teeth as he looked around. Pretty much nothing, but a frolicking girl in odd clothing.

"OI, YOU! Where are we?" He shouted, as loud as he could. Not as loud as thunder, but he had to have heard him, were his thoughts as he pulled himself up, and checked over his weapons. His sword was fine, and his hammer in place, spotless as ever. If he had scratched it even partially, he knew he would not be able to return to Asgard. Or at least never get to leave afterwards. Maybe ODin would lock him in the basement, with Mimir.

As soon as the girl had heard someone shout, she immediately spun in the direction of the shout. In the same motion, she pulled the short sword out of its sheath at her waist. "Name yourself! And State your alignment!" she shouted back at him. She was getting ready, building up chakra reserves in herself in case this came down to a fight. It wasn't hard to tell the girl was expertly trained with a sword. Underneath the dress, her entire stance and form was proper to mess someone up.

OOC:hello there your RP perked my interest and i thought i'd join up.

a portal appears a few feet off the ground and an strange man with a staff falls out "OW! oh god my back hurts oooow" he said before picking himself up of the ground "ah where the hell am i!?" he said looking around

"Name yourself! And State your alignment!"

"HA, you question ME?! I'm Thialfi, loyal servant to the god of thunder, Thor! We are the greatest good this side of Yggdrasil! Or would you prefer apocalypse?!" Thialfi shook his head towards the girl, poor poor ignorant girl.

Although, her stance was good, better than most in Valhalla. She was at least strong, so Thialfi drew his shortsword, a bolt of lightning running down the blade. He pointed it at the girl, fire blazing in his eyes.

"Put down the weapon, or we'll see how many volts you can take."

Athenus backed up a bit, she nearly stumbled she turned around and saw a young man in black he was resting peacefully.
"Icarus what are you doing?"
The young man put his fingers to his lips
"Shhhhh, I'm trying to sleep," he could feel his sister staring at him
"COme on sis you know I love to sleep on cool grass."
"You like to sleep on anything soft. come on and get up." she extended her hand
Icarus had a smug smile he extended his hand and Athenus pulled him up it was a slight strain due to his body weight and the weight of his hidden chainmail.
he got up shook his head ad let his wings appear they stretched out as he yawned he then saw the redheaded young man
"Who's the ginger?"

After helping her brother stand up, she turned back to him. "I don't know. Seems to be some kid spouting off that he's related to or follows a Germanic god or something." she said and turned back to the 16 year old with the short sword.

"Hey, that's a neat trick. shame i know it too." Athenus said to him, her own sword becoming encased with crackling electricity, Athenus letting her chidori current flow through the sword.

Having just noticed the new arrival here, she kept her eyes on Thialfi. "Hey, new guy, with the staff. Keep your head down if this thing goes south." she shouted at him.
"Now, i'll put my weapon away if you do so with your's sparky." she called out across the distance to the 16 year old.

"Now, i'll put my weapon away if you do so with your's sparky."

"Do you expect me to simply allow you to insult me? Never!" Thialfi growled at the girl, putting both hands on his sword. She had help, he had a Mjolnir. He favored his odds in this.

Thialfi switched his sword hand, and drew his hammer, before beginning his charge. He was fast, almost unbelievably so, closing the distance in a matter of seconds, before striking out with his short sword, extending its' reach with the lightning.

As he ran he heard a sharp noise as he began to strike, something had grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and was thrown away. Thiafli looked and saw the young boy had grabbed him and threw him to the ground.
"Don't touch my sister." Icarus said anger in his eyes the violet eyes seemed darker and the pupil was a bit strange almost taking a diamond like shape.
Black lightening harged in beween his finger as he aimed his gun at the fighter.
"Now apologize"

Thialfi felt himself getting thrown off his course, and managed to land on his butt again. He picked himself up while the new challenger threatened him.

"Now apologize"

"What kinda idiot gets in the way of a fight? She can fight for herself, and I can fight the both of you!" Thialfi raised his hammer, a bolt of lightning struck Icarus' gun, sending it flying away. He used the advantage to throw his hammer, the force of several thousand pounds struck the man square in the ribs, before it quickly turned around to return to Thialfi's outstretched palm.

"If you survive through that, make sure you don't get back up. I won't hold back next time." He turned back to the woman, the original aggressor, pointing his sword at her and circling around slowly.

Thialfi found that the girl was not there the plains had turned blood red and the sky was grayish purple.
"This is my world" he said as he caught the gun as it came back into this hand he then appeared to float up back he looked as if he hadn't be en injured which was because of Thialfi being under the affect of the illusion charged bullet the cause of the loud noise he had heard earlier.
"Now cool it before I lose my temper." he said as the ground shook violently, solid stone claws shot out of the ground forming a cage to tight for him to leave. he pushed but he couldn't break and mjlomnir seemed to have fallen out of his reach.
"You fool, You recklessly threaten my sister not pausing to takw the time to estblish your bearing and now your under my spell." Thiafli was in a tight jam, unable to escape and this boy was paying with his mind perfectly. he couldn't dispel the strange world he had no idea he was under these illusions

XIII's Number XIV:
[spoiler=May I join? :3]


Go ahead we're open to everyone, we're just getting started happy to see you again ;)

"You fool, You recklessly threaten my sister not pausing to takw the time to estblish your bearing and now your under my spell."

Thialfi stretched out his palm, barely paying attention to the thunderous voice as the divine power of mjolnir broke through the cage as easily as a knife through butter. Thialfi climbed out, and took a look around his new surroundings. Nothing too bad, if he thought these things would scare a boy who had seen the Ragnorak, he had an ego the size of Midgard.

"If this is your world, you did a shit job running it. Maybe you should try and make it happier. Oh, and I think I preferred the plains, if we could go back there for an even fight? Or are you a coward as well as a blowhard?" Thialfi felt this one bit of trash talk could scare the bastard into coming out. He sat down, putting his hammer back on his back while giving his best shit eating grin.

Thanks Orinon, it's good to be back~

It would be a peaceful introduction for The Batter, and he would be casually walking along in the plains the gods above had seemingly dropped him in, but something was definitely...Off. The Batter sat up, taking in the blood-red grass and the grayish purple sky with the swirling clouds above, and was instantly on guard. About a half mile away, he spotted a few figures in the grass, picked up his weapon, and made his way over.

Icarus looked at him the boy was goading him into a fight.
"We can leave this illusion but I don't want to Fight you. I merely don't wish needless bloodshed."
his voice was firm and strong he had no sign of wavering. Looking into his eyes they were intense and piercing these were warriors eyes. he remembered how strong he had been. The boy was cunning and he seemed like he wanted to be allies instead of enemies.

"Hey, new guy, with the staff. Keep your head down if this thing goes south." she shouted at him

David stretched his back it went click "aahh much better, alright but um if he doesn't calm down I've got a good calming spell i could use" he said walking over them

Athenus had disappeared from sight. And now, she was approaching the back of Thialfi. Icarus would see her in the real world and knew exactly where this was going.

Being tapped on the shoulder caused the boy to be dragged to the real world. He spun himself around and was met with one of the best tricks from Athenus's favorite weapon uncle.

"FOOL! you let your oppenent get away from you!"

another slap. "FOOL! You let your oponent get behind you."

"Wha-?" the boy said

another slap. "FOOL! You didn't respect a lady who could kick your ass."


a final slap. "FOOL! That one was because you're a fool." she finished and walked away from the humiliated fighter who was still trying to figure out what had just happened.

"Ok brother, i'm rather bored of this." she said and laid back on the grass, staring up at the sky.
OOC: going to be a while before i can post again.

David watches in shock as Athenus slaps the hell out of the boy, afterwards he gets up and walks over to Icarus and takes him to one side "ok i don't know how to say this but i'm afraid none of this is an illusion, this has happened to me three times so far and sadly i have say we are bound for a unspeakable hell that would and will turn good people insane with madness" he whispered warning Icarus of the dangers ahead and also remembering what he frought so hard to forget

OoC: Sure, I'll hop in for a bit

'FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!' can be heard as a man seems to fall out of the sky. 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' He screamed before landing face first in the grass with a dull thud.

He got up with a start. 'I'm alive? Yes! I'm alive! SUCK IT GOD! You can't kill me that easily!' He then looked and around... and sighed. 'Shit.'

The Batter finally made it to his destination; about 50 feet away from the clash between the 3 or 4 people. Twirling his bat aimlessly, he cast The Wide Angle to get a better look;


Small sword/hammer-carrying child.
HP: ???/CP: ???
Weaknesses unknown.

Sword-wielding demi-human.
HP: ???/CP: ???
Weaknesses unknown

David Storn
Mage Commander
HP: ???/CP: ???
Weaknesses unknown.

Also a demi-human. Kind of a recurring theme here, no?
HP: ???/CP: ???
Weaknesses unknown.

Well, that told him the basics. He sat down again, deciding to hang back and judge whether or not these new being were spectres in need of purification or not.

Thialfi sat, stunned for several long minutes, fire blazing in his eyes as he considered the implications of getting slapped and having his honor further tarnished by a silly fucking white bird thing in a fancy hat.

His answer to the situation? Indiscriminate murder until his blood rage was satisfied. Like a true viking.

'Murder chaos rampage pillage killing rage death dismemberment plague GOINGTOKILLHER!' Thialfi could only see in Red as he looked around for the nearest person to hit, to kill, to destroy. What came up was that man in the goddamn uniform. He looked silly, he should be murdered!

"I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!" Thialfi slammed his hammer on the ground several times, tremors made with each in every hit as he sprinted towards the Batter. He swung the hammer over his head, with a very clear intent to make the mans head a burger patty.

Purification in progress...

The Batter rolled out of the way seconds before the hammer hit, the following tremor bouncing him off the ground and onto his belly. He regained his footing and charged forward, his bat glowing with white energy.

>Furious Homerun

The steel bat had finished charging, and The Batter yelled out as he clocked the viking in the head, sprinting past him. The bat was still humming loudly from the hit, telling the Batter all he needed to know; this boy was dangerous and far too powerful for him to fight right now. The only option was to flee.

Ash simply looked at the strange group of people, unsure if he should approach, or run the other way in fear.

Thialfi got struck in the head, sending his head back as he performed multiple flips through the air, landing squarely on his face.

He stayed in that position, feet in the air and his head underneath the ground. He finally let his legs drop to the ground, pulling his head out. He was pretty sure he had a concussion. And a broken neck. That could wait, first he had to congratulate the victor!

"That was freaking AWESOME! I went, like, 20 feet in the air! We gotta try that again sometime!" Thialfi put his weapons away, slapping the champion on the back and laughing wildly, blissfully unaware of the blood gushing from his forehead.

The kid managed to catch up to him and slap his back. Batter froze, unsure of whether or not he'd knocked the boy's sanity out of his head. "...thanks." he replied, eyeing the small fountain of blood as he shouldered his bat. "You're bleeding, so you can't be a spectre. Are you good or evil? Or can you even tell me right now?"

"You're bleeding, so you can't be a spectre. Are you good or evil? Or can you even tell me right now?"

Thialfi hesitated for a moment, not quite understanding what a specter was, or why he said he was bleeding...

"Well, Mr. Batman, I'm a servant to the god Thor, and help hold back the Ragnorak in any way I can! I'd say I'm a good person, better than most at least..." Thialfi shrugged, but stayed close to Batter, he seemed interesting, and... Okay, he felt the blood touch his eyes now. And boy did it STING! He rubbed his tunic on his face, in a desperate attempt to clean his eyes. His scarlet tunic's new dab of crimson bothered him a bit, but Sigmund would just call him a baby. Again. Then he'd kick him.

"Where was I? Oh, yeah, I'll answer 'good'. So, what are you?"

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