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A sudden series of magical explosions interrupted the conversation. When they subsided, a young girl was lying near the epicentre.

What...happened? Fate asked herself as she pulled herself awake from unconsciousness. Where am I? Did...something go wrong? But what could possibly have-- The train of thought was broken off by the realisation that she wasn't alone. Several others were nearby, though they seemed to be looking away, and she didn't recognise any of them - even those she could see more than the feet of.

She tried to pull herself to her feet a little bit too quickly, and just fell onto her face again. Slightly more awake from the impact, she eventually stood up and brushed herself off, avoiding eye contact with the others.

All of a sudden, she flinched back - a magical artifact beneath them? But this one felt... different. Not like the magic she knew. Whatever it was, it was probably worth checking out. It wasn't like the Asura would find her for a while, most likely.

David was about say to something when suddenly the first explosion goes off "we're under attacked!" he shouts before jumping in front of everyone and sticks his free hand and his hand holding his staff and he's whispers "Protego Maxima"


And the pangs of magic were getting weaker. Berserker cursed, and began doing the opposite of before, jumping down his holes and stomping new ones to quicken getting to the bottom. She made it to the room, a decrepit thing. He noticed the sarcophagus, and walked over to it.

'... This is a job for Mad Enchantment.' He sighed, and shuddered with rage. But, he'd been given an order. He'd need to complete it, otherwise he'd never regain his honor. He stood up straight, and filled the room with energy, his inner hate. His hair dulled, and became more straw like, and his eyes bulged with fury. His teeth sharpened, and his skin became paler. Thus was the curse of the Berserker.

He began hitting the sarcophagus, with all his power, before putting his hands under the thing and flipping it. The top came off easily, and Lancelot grinned with malevolence. He was a king of darkness in his time, and he still held the title. He began running out of the place, looking for Kariya.

Kariya fell on his ass, and coughed up more blood. Berserker was using more mana than he needed to, and the crest worms were working to their fullest already. The explosions would need to be taken care of soon, but Berserker was already on his quest. He couldn't call him back now, or else he couldn't get his hands on it.

Kariya held out his hands, and blade worms flew from his palms. The rancid worms were only a few inchest, but the metal blades and wings poking out of them were evident. He pointed them at the girl, and then flinched. There was no way she did it, so he made the bugs circle around them, and look for their true cause. He sighed, before another blood filled cough found it's way up. Kariya passed out, Berserker was back to berserking. It was such a nice break...

As (Kariya) fell to the ground, Fate could only stare at the bugs that had come out of him. "What insane magic is that?" she asked out loud to nobody in particular. "So many familiars...out of nowhere--" The word 'familiar' reminded her that hers wasn't there, either. If anyone else had been shifted, then they must all have gone to different places. I suppose I'll be on my own for a while, she thought, having her surprise under control enough to not have to think out loud.

She turned to the mage holding up a barrier in front of the others. "You can lower your barrier," she said. "I don't mean to harm you."

Icarus could hear someone was approaching they were making no effort to go unnoticed they were running at breakneck speed with heavy metal boots. however he could also feel the source of power it was very close it seemed this runner had obtained the artifact
"Athenus you can feel it too right be ready it may be dangerous.
Icarus readied his lightning he had managed to make a sort of potion when they were in the dawn, a combination of energy drinks, and herbs, this got him back to his normal self.
"We may have a fight on our hands, so best be prepared for the worst That's certainly not the witch though, she may be evil but she's not dumb enough to stomp around in loud clankey boots.

Athenus Stood next to her brother. "Brother, i have a few scrolls on me. Let me seal away the artifact or whatever it is in one until we can take a better look at it in a controlled environment, ok brother?" she asked him, kneading the chakra into her affinity. her sharingan looked down the hall and she was able to see it was some form of frenzied knight. "It's a frenzied knight of some sort... and he's holding whatever is making me feel uneasy." she said to him, beginning to sign.

Lancelot had seen better days. The artifact was denying him, vehemently. Sparks flew from his hand as his phantasm tried and failed to corrupt it, to dominate the damned thing. This came to no avail, however, despite how much mana he put into, no matter the effort. It. Just. Kept. DENYING!

Berserker was practically frothing at the mouth as he came upon the twins, and growled. He intended to sprint right by them, but one looked even more familiar. Was the girl... Guinevere?

"My.. QUEEN!" Lancelot bowed, still panting and frothing. Still, he was understandable, and even had a degree of honor to him. He laid his helmet before her, and bowed deeper.


"Ah, AURGH!" Kariya convulsed on the ground heavily, his veins flowed and twitched, everything was on fire! Why did Lancelot require so much upkeep?! Even unconscious, he felt like he was about to die.

Athenus shot her brother a quick glance, one with a "let me play this out" type of look to it. Reading his chakra, or 'kii', she could see the anger being represented, his untrained energy showing it to her eyes. However, she also saw his anger being curbed by... guilt and love of all things... wow... so that's one of the things love is capable of doing...

She looked upon him and tried to think of how to respond to this. Seeing his face as he took off his helmet made memories of what her father and mother had taught her during homeschooling come back to her head. He looked so much like him... but degraded and maddened... a knight in shining armor to fall this far.

So she took in an audible gasp. "L-L-L-L.... Lancelot? Is that you?" she asked, quietly and rather gently. she was praying to the goddess that this worked.

Athenus realized Icarus was not beside her he had used his illusion to make it looked like he was standing there, she could sense him with her Sharingan, he was behind the Knight her was distracted and had no reason to believe that he was being tricked he very subtly took away the artifact a dull grey stone trident, Another illusion to make him think he still had the artifact he then began backing away
"I'll come back and help I promise." he mouthed, he began to walk away the Trident felt incredibly light to him it was almost weightless he could feel the power radiating from it though the trident seemed to warm up as if his touch was spreading a lot more warmth than it normally would.
He carefully began to sneak away he was a fair distance when things went awry he suddenly bumped into something that was also invisible, the two became visible luckily they were far from the Knight who was still unsuspecting.
However he had bumped into the witch.
"Icarus I'm surprised to see you again, you got the trident wonderful."
"Wonderful? How?"
"That's a weapon left behind by an ancient Demon surely it's only fair that you have it, being a demon Lord yourself.
"When did I mention I was part demon?"
she froze,
"Just look at it It's reacting to you, only a powerful demon would be able to wield such a weapon, you must be very very strong, she got very close to Icarus.
Icarus was trying to see through the flattery and the pretty eyes, Selena was playing a game.
"I got to go, we'll talk later" he then began to walk away however he noticed that the trident was odds stone flakes were falling away showing the true weapon underneath it seemed more concentrated where his hands were touching it.
"It's been Aeons since I've been awoken, I can sense young blood but with power, tell me boy what is your name
I'm Icarus let me guess your going to play tricks on me too
I am not a pathetic living being I am a weapon , I can reign great destruction I do not have the ability to lie, nor do I need to, all who share your blood want my power.
Icarus sighed

Lancelot's head snapped up, and he looked her in the eye. So similar... yet so different. Berserker's smile slowly shrunk, and turned into a betrayed frown. He clutched the trident, and it shattered in his hand. He looked down at the thing in surprise. He looked back up at her and growled, taking a step back.

"Liar... false... DIE!" Lancelot held his hand to his side, and his demonic sword appeared. He lunged at the angel, hate in it's purest form etched on his face. He was faster, stronger than ever before, as the blade swung down. The strike hit next to her, his sanity was trying to make him stop. The strike made a hole in the ground, and cut through the ceiling as well. He turned and yelled again, his sanity gone again.



Kariya woke up. Lancelot had summoned arondight. Excalibur's sister sword. Kariya could only moan from the intense burning pain in his chest. He couldn't move, only moan in pain... and wish that someone would heal or kill him. He asked for the girl to come closer, she looked worried. He held up his hand for her to grab.

She knew her chance had arrived at an amazing opportunity, despite a bit of anger at her brother. She rushed up to him, her face as close as possible to his own. "Look at me Lancelot! It's me! Guinevere!" she said, trying to get him undercontrol. "I may look a bit different, but a witch twisted and warped me. AS soon as you can kill her I'll return to you my love!" she said, calming the night down a bit more. "Listen.. her name is Selena, she's small and innocent looking, but she hurt me... please, i beg of you my dear knight, rid her of this world!"

Lancelot fought the urge to headbutt her. Killing her... so easy... he closed his eyes and gulped loudly, his look returning to normal, slowly. He stood up straight, though his shoulders were still slumped. He barely held onto his sword as he brought his queen closer, and hugged her.

"... I thought I had lost you, my lady. I thought I saw you burn for my mistakes." He hugged tighter before letting go, and looked around. He was trying to sense the artifact, of course she had stolen it. He began walking towards it, before giving one final glance over his shoulder... and began running, faster than humanly possible. He caught up with the two, a boy and the witch. Had she... called him a demon?!

"Both of you, draw your weapons and fight! I will end your evils today!" Lancelot pointed his sword at the witch. "You. You will die for what you did to Guinevere!" Lancelot charged the two, preparing for magical counter.

Icarus was a bit confused before realizing what was going on
"That's a bit ow" He didn't have much of a choice the Knight had to be dealt with he twirled the trident and fed his lightening into it the stone broke away revealing it to be made of a black metal.
"Guess we gotta handle him preferably non-lethal methods"
Selena was a but surprised but nodded.
"He won't last too long especially against you." she smiled perhaps she should remove her little binding seal in The Boy's eye, no not yet. she wanted to see what kind of affect the trident had on him first.
"Because I'm a nice guy I'm going to give you one and only one chance to turn around now and leave, if you do I won't pursue, I'll forget you ever threatened anyone I know, but if you don't you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble."
He glared at The Knight his eyes had once again become blood red with slits for pupils. he was ready to fight and most importantly he was ready to win.

"You truly are demons... And don't you DARE pretend to have honor!" Lancelot seemed to nearly teleport, as he appeared next to the witch. He grabbed her by her neck, and gave a mighty cleave towards Icarus. And like that, he had sprinted away again, barely a blur to the kid, who was hopefully cut in half like the wall around him. He would find Guinevere again, and quickly enough he did just that. He threw the witch onto the ground, keeping an eye out.

"Change her back." Lancelot pressed the edge of his blade against her neck, drawing blood. "Change her back before your trip to hell. If your demon attempts to save you, he will join you." Lancelot glared at the witch. He wasn't joking, and he was losing patience rapidly.

Athenus chased after him, arriving a bit later. "Icarus, come on! Lancelot will cover us!" she shouted to her brother. She then called out to Lancelot. "Don't hurt the one with the trident, the witch has him under a spell too. In the time since we last saw eachother my love, i've had to make new acquaintances. He's an extremely good friend, but was not a replacement for you. I have only one knight." she said to Lancelot. She sent a concerned look towards icarus, sending him a message through genjutsu, so only he would know and could hear.

The man who had released all the familiars was convulsing on the ground, but for now, he'd stopped. Eyes barely open, he'd reached out a hand towards Fate. She took another look at the barrier. Even if it was strong, it wasn't that large - only enough to cover the caster. Small enough to walk around and pull the man off the ground. "Are you all right?" she asked. "What's happening to you?"

I don't know any way to ease your pain, but perhaps just knowing the cause is enough. ...She taught me that. That was the message she'd sent to him, though she didn't know if he could even receive it.

She turned to the mage holding up a barrier in front of the others. "You can lower your barrier," she said. "I don't mean to harm you."

David lowers the shield and standing up right "maybe but your entrance seemed to had other ideas but anyway i'm David and there's Kariya now if you don't mind there a fight going on" he said heading towards the fight

A fight...?

Looking away from Kariya for a bit, Fate looked up at David and tried to reach out to him. I can't get involved in this, she told him. I don't want anything like...Never mind. This isn't my fight. And I don't know anyone's allegiance. Even my own.

the telepathy message reaches David instantly and he stops no it's alright in this group we're Good or Neutral like me Lawful/Good and i can tell you're Good by how you want to help Kariya, now what don't you want anything like? he said back telepathically as he walks back

It's not important right now. It's in the past. Fate stood up, trying to pull Kariya up to his feet as well. "Can you stand on your own?" she asked out loud.

Kariya tried to keep his mind focused on what was happening around him. The mage still had his barrier, and the little girl was trying to get around him. He looked pitiful, and sad as she pulled him to his feet, and he immediatly collapsed on her. Luckily he was so light, neither tumbling to the ground again. He sighed.

"I can't stand on my own. Berserker is killing me, though at least he's using his own mana now..." Kariya coughed up more blood, and wiped his mouth. His fathers familiars returned to Kariya's body, and he stood up straighter. How long ago had he sent him away? Had he seen someone he recognized? Kariya began limping to the battleground.


Lancelot turned to Guinevere confused, "That DEMON became your knight?! How low has your virtue sunk?!" Lancelot glared at his queen, beforr turning to the witch again.

"Your orders have not changed. Change her back, fix her demented mind!"

David walked up to Kariya and put his arm under Kariya's shoulder "so you're going into battle with a limp then?, Hm I've heard of worse odds anyway" he said holding him up as they walked towards the fight

"The witch smiled evilly
"Very well I'l change her mind back to the way she was, she'll forget all about that evil Demon boy." she smiled cruelly and began weaving a spell.

Icarus was making his way back the boy hadn't been seriously injured because of his chain-mail though his tunic did have a large slash in it, and the impact fro, the blow was going to leave some severe bruising. That Knight had got the drop on him but he'd get him the next time, he wasn't sure if he should leave with the trident or go after his sister,
"I'll have to get help, he activated his wings and began to fly up the shaft carrying the Dark trident with him.

"It's a long story! But dear! don't let her cast another spell that could harm e even more, just slit her throat and all of her magic should dissipate with her life!" she shouted to the knight. Hoping he would understand and listen.

The knight never got the chance. Selena glared and dropped a potion vial, a small explosion filled the tight corridor with smoke Athenus and the Berserker found themselves coughing struggling to breath.
"You bitch, I'll be back and when I do maybe I'll fix that memory problem of yours." Athenus heard she whirled around but there was no one there.

Icarus meanwhile heard the explosion he soon appeared and helped buy flapping his wings making the smoke dissipate. they looked around and saw the witch had escaped
"Are you two alright I heard an explosion. H had made sure his eyes were normal hopefully the knight would believe with he witch gone the spell had broken.

Selena meanwhile was out pf the pyramid she mounted her broom
"Curse that angel, no matter my prince has the weapon, he'll learn to use it's power, and he'll want more and I can show him how, mmm then we cant truly be together." she smiled as she flew off.

Lancelot saw the malevolent smile, and knew she was up to some sort of trickery. He growled at her, and heard Guinevere's desperate plea.

Lancelot looked between the two, and nodded. Unfortunately, the witch had acted, surprising Lancelot. But not for long, he jumped off the wall. The angel tried to enter, but he was off already.

'Kariya, teleport me please!' Kariya looked around confused. The voice in his head... Berserker! He did what he was told, holding out his hand.

"Lancelot, I order you to teleport to your objective!" the red symbol on his hand burned, and glowed intensely. Still, it was done, and the symbol had a third of it erased from his hand.

Lancelot appeared in his usual haze, and twisted himself towards the broom. He caught onto the bristles, held on tightly,and pulled himself closer. A simple cut made the broom two, and the two entered free fall. Still, she had any number of spells to help her. It wouldn't do to just let her fall.

Lancelot grabbed onto her hair, and thrust the tip of his blade into her mouth, gagging her and severing her spinal cord. He put her in the way to cushion his descent.

He brushed himself off, and looked at the twitching, dying witch.

"When a blade is against your neck, do NOT fight it. Accept fate and meet the Devil with what honor you can muster." Lancelot turned, and disappeared in a haze of dark blue mist, leaving only a girl who could not move or speak, to choke on her own blood.

Despite his injuries, Kariya could still cast spells like teleporting others, and with that level of accuracy. It was a rare skill, and even rarer among those who could barely stand on their own. And as for the knight...his quick, brutal killing reminded Fate somewhat of her own methods.

At least, when the target couldn't fight back...

She'd planned to cast her own spell, but it looked like that wouldn't be necessary. Instead, she turned towards where the two bodies had fallen. "Do you know that man?" she asked Kariya.

Icarus saw the brutal attack he flew to Selena
"Oh god this is wrong so wrong.|A grim idea occurred to him
Selena saw her prince standing over her, she felt so happy, She knew nothing of healing but she was able to use a binding spell on herself it wouldn't let her move but her blood wasn't draining from her>
Icarus knew how Athenus would heal him, and he needed a similar setup here he placed Dark Excaliber in her hands
"It's OK you'll be fine." he grit is teeth and forced himself into the point, his blood dripped onto the blade, he could feel his energy draining away tat energy fixed her spinal cord he slid it out
"Good blade" he managed he had given her a lot of blood.
"Thank you, no one, No one has ever done anything like that for me before." she hugged him close to her frail body, using her magic she placed a tiny binding spell over the injuries.
He stood up and glared at the heroes
"Are you proud of what You've just done? I'll be back how about you take some time to think until I return.
With that Icarus flew off. He took one regretful look at his sister, he used a small illusion to give her a secret message
"Sorry sis, but you sided with a monster, I need to get some things straight, and if your ok with that thing,I will come back I promise but Selena needs help and She seems to deserve it more right now."
He then flew off gently carrying the poor broken girl he used his illusion magic to make him unable to be followed.

Athenus fell to her knees, her brother deserted her for some bitch who was going to corrupt and use him... she was devastated and could do nothing but just break own and cry. She was in a fetal position, bawling her eyes out, outside with the rest of the heroes. she wanted to die.

Kariya couldn't accept that a sane Lancelot would harm an innocent. So he ignored his poor attempt at guilt tripping, and placed a worm in her bloodstream. The familiar was resilient, and untracable.

Kariya smirked. The thing would cause some gastro-intestinal damage, as well as make it easier to track. He sighed, despite Lancelot leaving he had so little mana. The bug would actually probably die soon enough. He sighed, and limped off into the wilderness, as Berserker disappeared. He needed to return, no more distractions.

They finally got away, They arrived in a cave Icarus laid the poor witch down.
Can you stand?" he asked her, upon trying Selena fund that while her upper body was functional her lower body was paralyzed
"I think that dagger did some permanent damage."
"That bastard, It'll be fine your safe now."
"Your sister wanted him to kill me-"
"My sister made a bad decision but she was trying to protect me from you, She's the most important thing to me, I like you but not if you want to hurt her.`his voice was stern, almost scolding
Selena lowered her head
"I guess, thought you'd understand."
Icarus put his hand on her face, she looked into his eyes
"I have plenty of time to do that but you too are fighting each other I can't pick sides and if I do I'll have to pick my sister, but I'd rather if I didn't have to do that."
He then made her lay down
"Your going to have to rest, your paralyzed and I don't know anything about healing."

Athenus slowly got up off the ground, she had run out of tears and looked around. There was a dead look inside of her eyes and an unnatural calmness in her. Her wings formed and she looked at the two around her. "I'm... going back tot he ship..." her voice said without emotion and she took off, flying back.

At the ship.
She made it back and walked into the captains quarters. going into the closet, she grabbed a mixture of her mother's and father's clothing. Taking it, she walked over to the bathtub and threw them in, then the demi angel filled it up with enough water to just submerge the clothing.

Athenus stripped down and pulled out her shortsword, then cut into the wound on her right hand, the permanent scar from all the times she had healed her brother. The girl let the blood flow from her hand into the tub, making the water red. She did this for a bit until the tub was a deep red, her body's angelic properties letting her survive the loss.

Athenus then dipped her head into the tub, letting the bloodied water soak into her hair, changing it's color. She then drained the tub, getting the now red tinted and dyed clothing out of it. She had dried them off and slipped them on, grabbing scissors and cutting her hair.

Her entire look changed, only her face and scar on her hand making her recognizable. looking at it, Athenus decided to leave the scar visible. she went out of the bathroom and sat on the bed, shortsword in hand, flipping it over and over before beginning to carve into the handle, then metal. The once happy and proud paladin, now with all of her innocence torn from her sits and waits.

As Athenus carved into the hand;e she heard something approaching the window, the indow opened by itself and she could feel something had entered, the energy was familiar,
"Brother?" suddenly the thing materialized it was Icarus.
"Sister, Look I'm sorry about," he stopped and saw her
"Oh sister what, what did you do?" she stepped close to her. He felt awful for hurting his sister, he didn't know how she'd react, he was hoping she'd get mad or yell at him like last time, if she started crying he didn't know what he could do.

"It's not what i did, it's what you did." she said and didn't look up from carving engravings into the sword. She was rather emotionless. "I tried to protect you... i was trying to rid the evil from this world that would hurt you... We were so close to killing her and ending this..." she said then looked up at him, her three toemo form activated.

"Yet you flew off with her and kept her alive i assume..." she said then looked back down. "I'm not going to sit here and plead with you... i'll accept you back if you bring her back here so i can kill her. Quick and easy i promise, she won't even suffer."

Then her leg gestured to a scroll on the floor. "But first, place that damned weapon you took from the temple on the scroll, so i can seal it away for safe keeping. If she was after it, it can't bring anything but bad things to us. Now i don't want an explanation or hear what or why you did it, so just do the actions or refuse." she said then waited for his answer.

"Icarus looked at his sister.
"Athenus listen to me, I don't want you to get hurt and I know i hurt you badly, and I'm sorry
He say down next to her he tried to put his hand on her shoulder
"But, trying to protect me using that.... thing, that wasn't safe he slashed at me I could have been killed, and so could you. The witch isn't a threat, She can't walk or stand anymore thanks to that monster. If we use cruel and evil means to dispose of evil than we're no better, I know I can fall but I don't want you to do the same."
He tried to get her to loo into his eyes, it hurt to see his sister like this, he felt horrified by doing this to her.
"The trident, I don't have it right now I put it somewhere safe. somewhere no one will get i, If I need it I can get it."
His eyes were full of remorse and guilt, he didn't know how she'd react but he prayed to the goddess everything would be ok.

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