Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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"She's already won if you let her live." Athenus said. She stood up and walked across the room, shrugging off her brother's hand. When she got to the doorway, she looked back at him.

"You have until i get back to be gone." she began and finished the engraving on the sword. It was a picture of a split heart, one side dark and the other light. "If you're not gone by then... I'll kill you where you stand. I'll not let my brother live with that corruption flowing through his veins while he cuddles up with that monster. Take that as the last act of kindness you'll receive from me." she said and left.

Icarus was confused. He knew that was her mangekyou sharingan... he knew that it needed to be activated by the death of someone extremely close to them. That's when it hit the boy. He was dead in his own sister's eyes.

he fell to his knees, but he got an idea, a plan, it could work, but he only hoped that Athenus didn't truly want him dead.
He'd have to use the trident though. he focused and called it form his eye, the evil weapon came forth and appeared in his hand.
"Athenus wait!," he shouted at her
"If you wish I was dead, then so be it, but I can give you a choice, you can choose to fight then we'll die together not as family but as enemies.
But I can't kill my sister, if you still want us to be together if you'll accept a half demon as your brother You can come with me, and then I'll show you where the witch is hiding, then I'll kill her myself..

I don't want to fight you, I love you more than anything, but I cant let you destroy yourself. even if I ave to sacrifice everything else to save you."
He held out his hand, he hoped she was willing to listen to him, if not , he could break the seal then he'd just have to find a good place to die....

"You're already forcing the seal down. You're no brother of mine." she said and focused on him. That's when her left eye began to bleed, causing pain to her and amaterasu, the inextinguishable black flames to creep down the hallway. She eventually separated the two of them with a wall of black flames, taking a knee and covering her eye because the drain was so much on her.

"Leave or i will destroy you. this is your last chance to go back to your cripple of a fucking love bunny." she said, standing back up, not bothering to wipe the blood from her face. If he wasn't able to notice, the flames stopped mere inches away from his body. If he so much as took a step forward, he'd catch on fire and would burn to ashes.

Kariya left before answering, like he hadn't heard her. That didn't bother Fate much. It was something that she'd done to Nanoha, and she assumed that there had to be a reason that he would ignore everything else. Someone else took off into the sky towards an airship she hadn't seen before. As good a place as any to rest and figure out what's going on... A short distance behind the other girl, she took off in the same direction.

That had been a few hours ago. Fate had found her an unused bunk and sat down on it for a while, taking off her cloak and using a pair of mirrors to look at her back. The scars had faded a bit in the months since the incident, and they weren't bothering her as much, either. As long as nobody else asked where they'd come from, they wouldn't be a problem.

A loud noise outside and a surge of energy pulled her attention away from herself, and she rematerialised her cloak on a reflex. She couldn't tell anything else through the door, though, so she opened it slightly and looked around. A wall of black flames covered the corridor, apparently being maintained by a girl on her side. She looked slightly familiar, but Fate couldn't place it...

She closed the door again, her desire to see what was happening burned up by the flames. If they came in, she might have to do something drastic, but until then it wasn't worth interfering with.

David found himself in a lovely place with a nice big armchair to settle and have a long nap, he set his staff down leaning it on the armchair next to him, sitting down he instantly fell asleep as he was very tired and his wounds made him even more so, for what he knew he was at least 100 years old and he didn't look a day over 30.

the loud noise woke him up his eyes shot open and quickly grabbed his staff and pointed it at the door seeing no one he sighed "not a moment of bloody peace" he said to himself getting out of the chair and walking off in the direction of the noise to investigate it "hello, anyone there?" he said keeping alert

Garrus instantly woke up as the flames started to engulf the bedrooms. He quickly rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and saw that instead of orange and yellow flames, it was pure black flames that seeped through the door. What the hell was his first thought, but he didn't stand there for long. Garrus kicked open the door and the black flames gave off immense heat and an angry roar.

Thinking quickly, Garrus pulled the mattress off his bed, and made a couple of handles inside it. He started walking through the doorway, paying careful attention to not being burnt. "Is anyone out there?!" he shouted. Garrus took a peak around the mattress and saw a door was open down the hallway. He tried making his way there, but falling wood and close calls made it difficult. Once he was in the doorway, he saw that a girl who looked oddly familiar and Icarus were standing there.

He took a close look at the girl, "Athenus is that you?" As soon as he said it though, a piece of lumber from the ceiling fell on his head. He saw a blurred figure of Icarus and Athenus before he was out cold. The flames grabbed hold of his armor and made its way up to his head, as well as licking his fingers and walking up his arm.

as David walked along the hallway he saw black flames everywhere he coughed as he hurried along to the med bay

Athenus saw Garus and watch him begin to be engulfed in flames. She focused on him and a sort of soft swirling motion came from her right eye. This sucked up and snuffed out the flames, she did this for the entire hallway and all of the flames were quenched.

She ran over to garrus, making sure he was out. the flames were only on him for a second, so he should be fine, maybe a bit of a sunburn on his skin and a bit of a bruise. Picking him up, she threw his arm around her neck and began to walk away, down towards the med bay. When she got there, she put him on a medical bed. she began to look at the computers and such, trying to get them to work.
"David, i need help, i don't know how to work these damn things....' she said.

"neither do I but I can tell his badly hurt, I'll have do this one by hand" he said turning to Athenus "I might not get back up from what I'm about to do" he said preparing himself and puts his hands on Garrus's burns "Lerya laman naiquen......tallo, Si a...hlare........omaquettar,........Na coile..rya.........en-vinyaaaannnnttttaaaaaaaaaa" on the middle part of what he says his speech slowly starts to slow down, his voice itself deepens, his eyes roll in on themselves causing him to fall over sided ways and then after a while he slowly gets back "hope that was worth it that spell shortens my life span by 2 and a half years" he said

Athenus caught David and helped him stand back up. "Thanks for that. Hopefully he'll be alright. Not that i doubt your magic, but i'm weary of the stuff. A mage in my Mother's and Father's time killed the population of the world once... roughly 7 billion people... you must understand my skepticism..." she said and helped David sit down in a chair. "Guess all we can do is wait on him..." she said, her eyes finally reverting back to normal.

"no it's fine I completely understand, that's always a small faction of mages that are evil then they do something stupid and I have to deal with them most of the time" he said and sitting down "yes for now we wait" before nodding off

The commotion, and the fire, outside had reached the point where Fate couldn't stay in her room any longer, and she ran into the corridor, turning away from the black flames. One of the other rooms was already open, and several others were inside it. They barely even looked up as she entered.

From what little experience she had with such things, it looked like a medical area. Nobody around seemed qualified to heal anyone, but given the kinds of magic she'd seen today, it didn't feel as much of a stretch to assume that at least someone could use their magic to heal others. From the exhausted look of the man standing over the...creature lying on the bed, that might have already happened.

"What's happening?" she asked. "Where did all those black flames come from?"

though David was still asleep he slowly raises his hand and points at Athenus the hand then drops back on the armchair *can't i get a moment's peace and some sleep!* he thought

"They're from my eyes... thankfully i'm able to put them out as well, The hallway should be completely non burning now." she said to the group. "If you wanna talk, we can head out into the hall. these two need their rest." Athenus said and walked into the hallway.

Fate shook her head as she followed Athenus. "I don't have that much to say," she admitted. "Just some questions about your magic, but...those can wait. I'm still a little worn out from being shifted into another world." She returned to her room and fell down on the bed, not even bothering to take any of her clothes off or pull any of the sheets up. Under the cloak, she fell asleep.

Icarus had left the dawn, his sister was gone, that thing wasn't his sister it was something worse, he'd rather night Rori or that knight anything that didn't wear his sister's face like a mask he returned to Selena.
"My sister, is, she's gone, I don't know what to do for now, I don't want to hurt her but-" Selena made towards him, she had managed to construct a floating chair. she reaches out and touched his face
"I'm sorry this is my fault I shouldn't have ever came close to you it's just I-"
"Wanted someone who could understand, understand what it's like to have nobody, to be hated by everyone, yeah i know that feeling now."
He slumped down he felt like someone had stabbed him in the heart. He looked at the Trident.
"The world is a cruel place." Selena looked at him with guilt weighing her down
"It's cruel because of people like me."
Icarus shook his head
"No your the product not the cause, a cruel world hardens the hearts, it urt my sister she isn't herself that paladin side took over, If I have to fight her I can't fight her as her brother I'll have to fight her as what I am supposed to be."
Selena's eyes widened
"Icarus don't You don't have to be a demon lord, Your better than that." shefloated close to him puttin her hands on hsi shoulders.
"Please, don't- Don't give in to hate, It's my fault everything is wrong and I want to make it up to you, You saved my life please don't throw yours away."

Athenus was still fairly numb from the day. though, there was one thing that was flowing her head. Hatred. Hatred for that bitch corrupting her brother...

She walked back to the captain quarters and went into the bed. she stripped down and just passed out there.

Next Day
Athenus's eyes shot open. she felt some sort of a massive aount of power coming towards the planet. She quickly got dressed and ran to the bridge. Slamming her hand down on the alarm button, she brought most of the ship to life with sirens and flashing red lights. If anyone was out, this would wake them up.

Icarus awoke he saw Selena had been sleeping right next to him, he could feel something was wrong
"Selena wake up" he shook her gently she stirred awake
"Huh? what's going on?"
"Something is out there I'm going to go take a look
"I-I wanna come with you." she called her floating chair, the device came towards he she managed, to climb into it.
Icarus sighed but didn't object he merely grabbed his trident the two exited their hiding spot and flew up high to look for what was approaching.

Fate didn't dream. Nobody knew why, but the best answer anyone had was that that was a by-product of being created artificially. Whatever the case, not dreaming made her a very light sleeper, so when the alarms started, she didn't even resist waking up; she just pulled herself off the bed and ran outside. The alarms were accompanied by red lights flashing up and down the corridors - and they seemed to be pointing in a certain direction.

Trying to follow the lights led her to the bridge, where (Athenus) was already waiting. "What's happening?" she asked, before suddenly feeling overwhelmed herself. Unable to concentrate through the extreme levels of power radiating from above, she fell to her knees, trying to shut out the reverb.

The sounds of blaring sirens filled Garrus's ears, and he bolted upright. However, he just as quickly went to put a hand on his head. Ah, what the hell is going on and why do I have such a massive headache?

He swung himself to the side of the table and slowly stood up. He wobbled a bit before gaining full balance. Garrus was still groggy, but managed to make it to the bridge without tripping over anything. He saw Athenus standing in the middle of the room, "You better hope no one was drunk last night or they'll have your head, and what exactly are the sirens for? By the way, you wouldn't happen to have any Aspirin, would you? I have a krogan-sized headache. . ." He then looked over and saw a strangely dressed child kneeling down, ". . . and what the hell is a kid doing here?"

Finding herself just about able to stand up again, Fate looked up at the ceiling of the bridge. "Whatever that is," she said, "it's big and it's gone haywire. Like someone put all their energy into making a spell without leaving enough to control it." She turned to the newcomer, who she remembered had been unconscious in the medical bay before. "And, to answer your question, I'd like to know that as well. Maybe then I'd have a chance of getting back. But for now..."

She pulled her right hand in front of her face, the back of her hand facing upwards. "Do you think that we could seal it?"

Serial unknown, the gem on her glove replied. Even dormant, it was capable of answering simple questions. And the answer didn't encourage her. If she didn't know what type it was, then creating an effective seal would be a shot in the dark, and from the effect the spell had already had on her, revealing the serial would be next to impossible.

"I don't know how much I can help with this," she told the others, "but I'll do what I can." She turned to Athenus again. "Do you know anything else about that...presence?"

"There are a number of smaller bunches around the larger one. Other than that, no.., and even my seals wont work on something that powerful." She said to the newbie. " my name is Athenus, by the way." The girl mentioned before turning her attention to garrus.
"Listen, as log as you're in this universe, you'll meet very weird and odd people. But weird and odd aren't necessarily bad things either."

one minute David was asleep the next he was hit by a barrage of sirens "ah JESUS H CHRIST!!!" he yelled falling out of the armchair after putting some earplugs in he got dressed and grabbing his staff he ran out the door. after running along alot of corridors he eventually found Garrus, Fate and Athenus "ok who ever set off these sirens you better have a damn good reason for doing so otherwise they will never find your body!" he said sounding very angry

"Call me Fate," Fate said once Athenus had finished. She didn't look at either of their reactions - David had just burst through the door, shouting about the alarms. "Something's coming towards us," she said. "I'm not sure what it is, but it's big and it's probably going to kill us all." She said all of this in a single, even tone, like just about everything else she said.

he sighs "i guess that's a good enough reason for now anyway can we get it on a scanner or something?" he said trying to look out a window or something

"This is a steampunk ship. There's technology in here, enough to make the ship advanced, but there are no scanners of the such as those onboard have usually been able to fill that roll. " Athenus explained. "It'll be a bit before they get here, so I suggest we patch up the ship and get it moving as soon as we can. And pleasure to meet you fate." She explained to them then began to pull levers in the bridge, trying to activate the self repair protocols if the steam powered droids on board.

"i'm David and that's Garrus over there" he said to Fate before turning to Garrus "ok Garrus grab your gear, you're coming with me to check the engine room" he said waiting for Garrus to be ready and then walks out the door with him

"Out of the frying pan," Garrus mumbled to seemingly no one. "Hold on, let me see what I can do," Garrus said, as he walked over to the console Athenus was at, "You know, this ship needs a manual, if you can use your magic or whatever to poof one here, I would sure appreciate it."

Garrus took a quick glance at Athenus and noted her aesthetic changes. All he remembered from yesterday was seeing Icarus and who he assumed was, but now confirmed, as Athenus. He would have to ask her about that, but he needed to do it in private. If something happened between those two, he didn't want to provoke Athenus in front of everyone. He would also have to ask about those black flames, no way was that a normal fire. I guess to the guys, I've seen weirder, but that line is starting to get blurred real fast.

"I don't use magic, so unfortunately, I cannot summon in a manual. If I could, I would have by now." She responded to garrus and pulled a final lever. The ship shook a bit then the sounds of metal clanking on metal could be heard as all of the small drone went to work repairing the hull. "Head with David, I'll keep a watch on the drones from here. If you want to talk, we can do it later." She said to him.

Samus saw the Turian Garrus and his human companion leave, deciding it would be best if she tagged along. She'd be perfect, especially if ventilation shafts are involved.

Spending a few moments to adjust her settings to Ice Beam, HUD to vanilla, helmet filters to dense atmospheric fog (smoke) she was ready to go.
''Need a hand?'' she called over, holding her Ice Beam up as a signal.

"you can tag along if you wish if so fine by me more the merrier" he said walking along the corridor with Garrus and Samus, turning a corner David can see the engine room in sight

Fate watched Athenus get the self-repair systems working, wondering if there was anything that she could do about it. She wasn't a specialist in this field, and repairing other systems wasn't something that most non-specialist mages had any ability in. And going up to scout the object seemed somewhat superfluous, since Athenus already knew enough of its nature to have a plan. At least, Fate hoped that Athenus had a plan.

She really didn't want to think about the alternative.

reaching the door to the engine room David tries the handle seeing it doesn't work he kick the door down "in we go then" he said walking into the engine room

"Fate, i'll need some help coming up with a plan-" she was about to finish but was cut off as she felt him touch down. "He's here... but far away..." she said.

"So... where is kakarot...? and why isn't this planet conquered yet?" Raditz asked himself while blowing up the truck and farmer, then ignoring the smoldering truck and farmer he just created, he flew off in search of the highest power level on the planet.

Raditz didn't have to look far he could already feel a massive power level nearby.
As he got closer he could see two figures one looked male and was the source of the large power level though the one beside him also seemed to be rather strong. he landed down near them, the boy was holding a long black trident he glared at Raditz
"So then you don't look like much, how's a scrawny shrimp like you get a weapon like that?" he then looked at the girl his scouter scanned and he realized she was paralyzed he laughed.
"My scouter must be broken you to couldn't fight if your lives depended on it.
Icarus grit his teeth and focused his power into the trident it would serve as an amplifier.

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