Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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If Athenus already knew what they were up against, then Fate didn't need to go scouting. Given how worried the older girl was, and the things she was capable of, taking a look was also probably not even a good idea. Instead, she walked over to a dimly glowing console and turned it on fully. She couldn't quite work out what it was, and instead pulled across another screen, which actually had a label this time - 'Engine'.

Everything was still glowing red, which didn't seem like a good sign - that and the fact that the ship was still grounded. Wanting to pass on the message, she called out to David telepathically again: Athenus says that the thing's landed already. Get the engine back on as quickly as you can. Hopefully, before it finds us...

She remembered that Athenus had wanted help with a plan. "I need to know more about what we're up against before I can help. You mentioned that 'he' was here - a good place to start. Who is 'he'?"

*well more crash landed but anyway yeah copy that we're in the engine room* he thought back "okay Garrus see what you can do, Samus you can look around see if there's anything you can do, while I'll check the damage on the engines" he said getting to work

"I honestly don't know. I can feel its a male, buts that's about all." She said, then tried to sense him again. "I've been able to follow gut feelings to areas before, but this guys I powerful enough that I can tell where he is..." She said, then could feel a smaller one near him. "I think he's found my hollow of a brother."

Samus nodded, scanning the crap out of everything in sight. Her hazard level was going haywire ever since her system rebooted, attributing it to an error in the new software, Samus suspected it may have been interference from something, as her hazard level had become increasingly erratic since she arrived in the engine room, ''You two, this may be nothing, but keep an eye out for impending disaster... Vague, I know. Garrus, come over here, what am I looking at?'' She asked, pulling the chip off of her helmet and tossing it to her. ( A copy of it is now installed in her suit)
''It's just that translation stuff may be causing some issues with my HUD''


''Ngh!'' He blurted out, struggling to grab the controls of his Knightmare. ''What the hell?'' Lelouch murmured, looking at the vista of this new world, ''C.C, come in, what am I looking at? C.C?'' Pushing his Comms toggle yielded nothing. His radar was scrambled and all outside networks have been cut, meaning the Knightmare Frame was blind in the air, ''This definitely isn't the Forbidden City''.

Suddenly he felt a second tremor, it was unlike the first one, it had a harder impact and he noticed actual damage to his hull ''Argh!'' he yelled, fumbling around for his helmet, a 3rd blast knocked him to his side. Steadying himself, Lelouch peered outside. 2 strange ships were tagging him, they definitely weren't Brittanian or Chinese, nor Australian or Saudi. If that wasn't strange enough some sort of metal dragon was chasing him, now that definitely seemed like something the CE would invest money into.

Another blast hit his knightmare, this time taking out its left leg. He was low enough to eject, but not high enough to escape. There was no option, he had to abort. ''Computer, OTC protocol 1/3, on my mark..... mark!''
He yelled, pulling the eject button simultaneously. He was out, but his knightmare simply............... dropped.
It's software must have been messed with, just in line with his luck.

As he descended into the thick foliage below, Lelouch had time to assess his inventory: A handgun, some tech and equipment that was now faulty, and his zero persona's suit, which he was now fully clothed in.
Along with his power to manipulate people through eye contact.

"Your brother?" Fate asked. "I didn't know you had a brother. But...you're not that close, are you?" She didn't know why she was asking things like this. Maybe Nanoha had rubbed off on her a lot more than she thought. Not that that was a bad thing; it just made her slightly sadder that she'd probably never see the other girl again.

"Do you want me to go out and take a look? I'm not likely to be much use here."

Icarus was getting ready to fight the strange newcomer.
He had channeled his power into the trident, IT glowed with a dark purple energy, he wasn't sure if he could beat the strange attacker, mostly because this guy didn't seem like the type that would get freaked out, Icarus had learned fear was a potent weapon making someone cripple and lower defenses which, allowing him to land a decisive blow.
He activated his wings letting them flare out,
"ok pal you feeling tough? how about you tell me what that ridiculous thing on your face is."
He pointed t the scouter with his trident.

"Oh... What do we have here? "Raditz said as he looked at Icarus's powerlevel with his scouter. He then began to laugh. "Ha ha... HAAAA ha ha.... A power level of 500 and the cripple, 300? HA HHHAAAA HAha... Not even worth my time." Raditz said and began to fly off.
"Where in the world is my cursed brother..." He mumbled

"What am I gonna do? I work on main weapon systems for ships, engines." He mumbled to himself as he walked over to what looked like a giant turbine. He grabbed a wrench, knelt down, and started turning a nut. Garrus soon stood up and wiped the sweat off his brow, and incidently wiping a little grease over the same spot. He kicked the turbine in frustration, not knowing exactly what to do. [If only Tali was here. She would know what to do. [/i]

Icarus was angry at the insult but he realized he and Selena weren't in a position to fight him alone.
"Well this is going to be fun come on Selena"
"Where are we going
"with luck forwards, we need the heroes in the rising dawn, which means I have to face my sister, and last time we met she said-" he stopped and swallowed.
Selena put his hand on his shoulder.
"They won't attack you on sight they have to know that thing is there, he's a bigger danger than either of us could ever be." She hoped she was reassuring him but she was doubtful.
He flew into the air
Might wanna get behind me in case my sister is...... unwell"
They approached the dawn Icarus felt like his heart was a lead weight, weighing him down as he faced what may be the worst meeting with his sister.

Fate had gone to take a look around the area for herself, lacking anything else to do on the bridge with Athenus. She hadn't expected anyone to be coming so soon, and was about to land and report when she realised that there were two people, one behind the other. Athenus had mentioned there was only one person with the object that had crash-landed. This one didn't feel like he had, either.

"Who are you?" she asked once they'd come close enough. That seemed like a stupid question - she was a newcomer here as well, and they could easily return the question to avoid answering it. "Do you know anything about that thing that fell out of the sky?" She pulled her left glove more securely over her hand. If she had to create a snap barrier, she didn't want to do it with no other protection.

"well sorry to say but i'm not one with electrics" he said wandering over to one the engines "I think I found the problem, a while back before you two arrived a empty shell of armor controlled by what you would call an A.I. appeared on this ship and tore this engine apart, looking for something and then just left we crashed moments when Icarus decided to take the wheel and crash us" he said trying to find a replacement for the engine

Raditz blew past the trio, Selena, Icarus and fate towards the rising dawn. Far faster than any of them hoped to react to. He flew towards the ship and slammed in through the bridge.

It was only a few seconds later that a great portion of the forest/jungle in the distance caught on fire with black flames. The sound air battle were quick and brutal, being over just after they started.

On the bridge.
Raditz was holding Athenus by the neck, only just letting her speak.
"The hell are you doing here, how'd you get into this universe?" She asked him.
"Well... Lets see... My brother was supposed to be conquering this pitiful planet. I cannot locate him. And how I got here? Your mother."

"My mom?"

"Yes. I banged her last night." He said.

"God damnit... Get some new material."

"I'm about to bang your skull."


"Against this floor."

"That seems more reasona-" she said before her head was slammed into the floor of he bridge, denting it and knocking her out. "Monkey see, monkey crush." He said putting his foot on her back, pinning her regardless.

"what the hell was that?!?!" he said leaving the engine room and running to the bridge, as David arrived at the bridge he sees Raditz with his feet on Athenus's back he sighs and planting his staff in the ground he starts to unclip bits of his armor

"you know I've had enough of you guys coming in here uninvited and beating the crap out of at least one of us now it's time for payback" he said taking of his armor off as he drops it and hits the ground and makes it crack under it's weight and making a small crater "I will your opponent,.......monkey" he said cracking his knuckles and then takes up a fighting stance.

"Ha. I have no interest img fighting with you. Mr...." Raditz began and used his scouter. "600." He said then turned around and walked towards the window of the bridge. "That little but attacked me first. Oh, and you're still not a threat." He said and stood there.

"Storn, David Storn and you?" he said walking over to Athenus and checking she's alright "well what you do you expect!? you burst in here uninvited, blowing the doors off and then you expect her to not attack you!?!?" he said preforming a little healing spell which acts as a painkiller

"Ah hell, more visitors, and we forgot to roll out the red carpet this time." Garrus said while running toward the bridge. At least it gives me a reason to get away from those engines.

As he got to the bridge, and Garrus saw some of the post-action and pre-action; Athenus slammed into the floor, David ready to fight, and some guy with a monkey tail, who he would just assume was the newcomer. "Can't we get a little R&R after this? Anyone?" He pulled out his assault rifle and aimed for the attacker's head. "Look, erm, monkey-man, let us ruff you up a bit for what you did to our friend, then you can fly away and we can call it even, agreed?"

Before Fate could learn anything, something flew past the three of them and into the bridge of the ship. Without saying anything, she ran back to follow them, never even thinking of just flying. As a result, everything was mostly over by the time she arrived. Athenus was unconscious on the floor. David and Garrus were staring down a man with a monkey's tail and too much hair, who presumably had knocked her out. They seemed to have the situation under control, at least from looking around the door, but she couldn't just leave it to the two of them.

Still without entering, she turned her right hand so the back was facing upwards, and looked down at the gem. Quietly, she gave an order in two words: "Bardiche, awaken."

Yes, sir. It lifted off her hand into the air, and she turned over to catch the finished staff once it fell, turning it so the head was pointing forward. It had gone into its default form, but she didn't need anything else of it yet. Slightly comforted by its presence, she entered the bridge properly, without saying anything to either her allies or the strange enemy.

"I think that's a fair agreement don't you?" he says to Raditz before pick Athenus up and puts outside the bridge and comes back "you shall pay for hurting our friend!!" he said breaking a seal on his chest which limits his power as he breaks it his level surely jumps up 200 if not 300, at this point a blue aura can be seen clear as day around him (this is what it looks like)


and a shadowy figure appears just behind and above David's head, everything waist down is missing (and this is a idea of the shadowy figure watching over David)


Icarus and Selena had followed Fate he saw his sister unconscious
Athenus!" he shouted running to kneel by her
"no," he hung his head he checked her pulse hoping that it was stable, the result wasn't good.
"You bastard."
Raditz noticed something odd the boys power level was rising, dramatically, the blue eye was now red with a slit for a pupil. His purple magic eye, seemed to have changed it was a dark black sphere with a purple ring.
"Your going to regret you ever came to this planet." Icarus said as he charged his power, The back trident crackled with black lighting.
He let out a horrifying scream, There as nothing human about it it was somewhat metallic Everyone found themselves disturbed, They found that they were shaking, and they could feel that they couldn't react quickly.

"Ha." Raditz laughed, knocking the idea of them actually doing something to him. That's when the weird mage and the boy from earlier each powered up. "Ha ha haaa haahahaahahaha. 900 a pop? i'll take care of you two in a minute." raditz said, getting set into a wide stance.
"HuuuuuuAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The saiyan shouted, powering himself up. The floor cracked around him and all of the electronics in the bridge shorted out. which would happen to be the lights and the radar. They could feel his power growing stronger.
"1600, let's go." he said and kicked Icarus out of the bridge in a flash, looking to get more room. If the other guy wanted a fight, he'd need to follow them.

David followed him carefully knowing Raditz could probably strike anytime he liked

The stranger seemed to prefer fighting up close, so Fate decided to discourage him a bit. Scythe form. Bardiche's head pulled back to perpendicular to the shaft, and an arc of yellow light shot out of the opening - Chrono had had her working on switch speed for a while before the incident, so that all happened in a couple of seconds. Two steps forward was enough to bring the stranger into the range of her scythe, and she raised it into the air to attack him.

Then David knocked him back and out of the front window, off the bridge. Sighing, she flew out after them, looking for where they'd gone.

Raditz had managed to block most of David's punches and kicks, then the saiyan kicked David off of himself. He flew up into the air and looked around. Seeing that girl with the scythe, he decided to give her a bad day. He launched a large number of energy blasts at her, a hailstorm of roughly thirty of them converging on her in the space of a few seconds.

David threw some fireballs Raditz's way and jumped up in the air and tackles Raditz midair, surely Raditz couldn't protect himself against the fireballs and then David tackling him

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Raditz was smarter than he originally let on. Using David's boddy as a shield to block the mage's own fire balls, he then positioned him to take Fate's scythe through his back. the attack connected, leaving David impaled ont he scythe and a cut into raditz's armor. "You bitch!" he said and pushed the two off of himself. HE let out another barrage, roughly 50 this time, all in the two to three second range.

"AHH!! ok that really hurt jesus!" he said but David was even smarter and crazier as he used his own body to get close to Raditz " but anyway I Got Ya!" he yelled smiling while still impaled on the scythc, holding his hands out in Raditz's direction and a small orange ball of light appears in them and suddenly it goes off like a wave of fire that's was like 5 suns exploding in his face

As David started to create the ball of light, Fate pulled her scythe out of him and turned into the air, trying to get away from the second barrage. Device form. With all the orbs beneath her, she created a second barrier, though she had to push a little bit harder to give it enough power. Then all of them connected at once, followed by David's own attack. The explosion broke through the barrier, and Fate tried to use David's shockwave to pull away from the centre. She was still airborne, but if Raditz used that attack again, she might not even be able to create a barrier. She had to get back on the offensive.

She looked down to where Raditz had moved to after David's attack. Shooting form. The head was perpendicular again, but the scythe didn't come out. Instead, Fate placed a circle under her feet, starting to create a ball in front of Bardiche. Turning to point it down at Raditz, and still making the ball grow larger, she raised her voice and let the shout activate the destructive attack.


All at once, the ball turned into a long beam, stretching straight down towards her target. It wasn't by any means her most powerful attack, but she didn't have time for anything stronger. Hopefully, it would be enough to at least throw him off.

With the distance from David secured, he swung his arm to the side and deflected the ball of energy exploding. "Heh, not ba- whoah..." he said, watching the beam stretch down towards himself. HE went into a full eagle spread, catching the beam and being pushed back by it. he eventually threw it to the side and sent it towards a mountain. it punched straight through the mountain.

"Damn you kids are ok. STill not enough." Raditz said, wiping the blood from the side of his face. IT was obvious the battle was effecting him, but not by much. He threw a punch and a wave of air was sent at the duo. this was followed by a second barrage, this time he stepped it up a notch from last time. 100.

David used a regenerating spell to quickly heal his wounds for a while "i'm not done yet" he says holding out his hand towards the Rising Dawn and suddenly his staff comes flying out of nowhere "Black Mark't" and this happens

(30 seconds into the video)

suddenly he pulls out the sword and his power level jumps up 600 "prepare yourself" he said before disappearing and slashing at him

With David attacking Raditz without a thought for his own safety, Fate let her deflected attack die down. She'd never seen anything like it before, but that still didn't stop her from seeing the approaching orbs, more than she could count. It was already clear she couldn't withstand the attack. She couldn't win, but she could minimise her loss.

She landed on the ground, letting it support her and another circle. Raising Bardiche for what would probably be the last time, she cast a barrier and waited for the inevitable impact. Before long, she was feeling the impacts, and starting to lose ground. A look up at her weapon showed that it was starting to crack, and the assault hadn't let up yet.

Then the barrier shattered, and she was taking the brunt of the blows herself. A mage's armour was strictly a last resort, and Fate's began to tear apart in places. The balls knocked her around, but she still held tightly to her broken staff, waiting for the end. Then, finally, the pain stopped. With a flash and a word that she couldn't make out, Bardiche returned to its dormant form, still covered in visible cracks. It could repair itself, but that would take some time. Fate wouldn't have to worry about that, though.

The darkness of unconsciousness was already taking her, and she had no power left to resist once she'd spent the absolute last of it hiding the gem under her palm.

Icarus recovered and re-entered the fray, he entered with a bang, A blast of black lightning far more potent than any blast that he had released before shpt at Raditz, actually breaking off a huge chunk in his armor.
Don't count me out just yet monkey man, I'm going to send you back to the stone age."
With that he let out another horrible screech, this time Raditz realized that scream had something more to it.
"This is Noise, loud terrifying horrible noise it breaks concentration disturbs the natural flow, of teh body's rythym." with that he delivered a kick to Raditz's jaw sending him flying backwards.
"I love my noise it has such beautiful results," he screamed agian.
"Which means only I can concentrate 100 percent."

Raditz used a roundhouse kick to send David flying into dense forest below. That's when Icarus screamed and then sent him flying backwards. "Damn kids!" he shouted and noticed the moon on the horizon and started to laugh.

The great ape bitch slapped icarus into the forest below, as Raditz did with David. he let out a great roar, banging his fists on his chest in triuph.

David flew back quite bit and smacked into a thick tree and then saw Icarus fall down here with him "just a little more, Icarus i need you to hit me with your best attack now, there's no time to explain just hit me!" he said trying to stand up and talk to Icarus

Icarus looked at David as if he was crazy.
"This is your idea." he said he charged a huge black bolt of lightening, he began twirling the trident in a complex spiral until he made a swiping motion this sent three bolt at David before the connected they joined as one the bast sent him flying back, David's heat skipped a beat and he found he was shivering as the lightening coursed through his body.
"Selena make sure he gets up, If that guy transformed then I guess I'll have to change as well.
HE hen held his hand over his magic eye
"Don't do it, What if you lose control."
"Then As I said a while ago I'll have to be killed or imprisoned."
He then pierced his eye, he grit his teeth Selena looked horrified, black blood flowed from his eye to his jawline.
The others could feel power radiating from hi David noticed his canines elongated. Six black wings unfurled.
He then took his hand off his magic eye, a pure black orb with red glowing lines forming a pentacle.
"I'll get Athenus, Selena take care of them both while I slaughter the ape."
The trident had a dark red glow to it now the air seemed cold around him his wings flapped he retrieved his unconscious sister, he was fats he was gone for barely a moment before he layed the unconscious Athenus next to Selena, as a precaution he took away her sword.

"David if she wakes up tell her, I'm sorry."
With that he flew off. he let out another terrifying scream as he flew at the massive ape.
He attacked whenever he could get an opening slashing at the apes hide and the black lightning formed into beetle that crawled under it's skin clawing and biting. He fired bolt after bolt of black lightning, his screaming noise never relented,

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