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"thank you" he said as David took the full blunt force of it his eyes lit up with a blue light "ah much better, Icarus, blind him" he said preparing the wave this happens while A small orange ball of energy no big than a tennis ball and starts to get bigger as David is pouring all the damage and power he took into it.

when he's done making it, it's the size of a basketball.

(ignore everything after Goku finishes crying and screaming)

Samus ventured outside the engine room and glared at the spectactle outside. ''...not going near that'' she told herself, walking back towards the entrance in case she's caught in an explosion. Above though she could see a few ships, while not being able to make out their silhouettes, she definitely knew the one in the centre. Ridley.
''Everyone stop what you're doing.... did you hear me?! Giant mecha dragon above your heads!''


''I don't think I'm in the CF anymore'' Lelouch mumbled quietly, looking around, he knew he was in some sort of dense jungle, with flashes of light in the far south-east of him, ''Best find what those are'' he figured that if he found anyone else out here, he might be able to find out where he is and how he can return to his world. Hopefully they're friendly, if not, well there's always Geass.

The great ape Raditz roared, the lightning not having much of an effect on him, nor the cream as all mental capacities had gone from him. He was a blind beast, bent on pure destrucion, and a solid tank of muscle ontop of it. He used his arm to block the pain attacking him, then let out a massive roar, produ cing 100 mph winds that slammed into icarus. He ignored everything being said to him, as his comprehension for speech is almost none.


Icarus was struck with a hurricane but his demonic rage wasn't going to be trumped so easily.
"Foolish beast I am a DEMON LORD" he threw his Trident the crackling weapon plunged straight into the massive beasts eye, the black lightening did it's job this tome burning the nerves completely blinding him.
Icarus held out his hand and the trident reappeared.
"Demon lords are the most destructive creatures ever known, they can rend cities, destroy races, obliterate anything in their path,
And you just pissed one off."
Lightening crackled at the tips of every wings he prepared a massive bolt in his hands
"Seven deadly bolt strike e screamed as he blasted at Raditz's other eye.
His eye was now severely burned by the electricity it was barely usable.

"Wizard he can't see use whatever you got while I keep him busy." he drew Dark Excalibur he flew in close cutting whenever he could at the Ape's flesh drawing blood and feeding himself the monsters life force.

"very well then" he said as Orange lightning flows from his shoulder to his hands and gathers itself "BEGONE MONSTER!!!!" David yelled as he fires off this massive wave of fire and raw power while the great ape can't see him it kind of this

(skip to 2:05 for when David unleashes the tri beam lookalike}

mixed with this

(and 1:30 is the best example)

it may or may not hurt him alot but it was powerful enough to stun at least

Raditz was getting weaker, and with being blinded, the giant monkey was clutching his eyes. That's when icarus cut off his tail with the trident. Radit'z shrank down, coming back to his human looking form again. "GOD DAMN IT!" he shouted, but heard the attack go off from david. "heh you... missed..." he said getting weak, then looked down. he found himself issing the entirety of his internal organs. a hole clean through him. "curses.." said raditz before his lifeless body fell and hit the ground.

Icarus and David came around his lifeless corpse.

only the first 40 seconds of this.

"about damn time!" David said powering down and sealing his power again, "we're done here, come on Icarus let's get back to The Rising Dawn2 he said wandering over and picking up Fate and Athenus and heads back to The Rising Dawn

Icarus nodded he helped David carry Athenus Selena floated nearby
"I have some potions that could help, but I don't know if your friend trusts me."
"They have little choice, enemies more powerful than that bastard are coming, and he knocked out most pf us, we won't stand a chance if we can't work together, even if your a witch your someone who can help.
I just hope my sister can understand that.
He could feel his demon blood coursing through his body it was a strange feeling, like having the raw power to do something, break, burn....
He shook his head, he didn't want to give into madness.
He could fee the blood coursing through his veins, he had to use this year to figure out what his demon blood truly meant.

Athenus woke up, rubbing her head. She opened her eyes abnd saw that her brother had fallen deeper into deamonhood. With a quick throqw of her right arm, it connected with her brother's draw and caused both of them to drop her. Falling through the air, she created wings about herself and flew off underneath the ship. she came up on the other side and flew up into the captain's quarters again, trying to stay away from who she deemed a hollow thrall.

As David had landed near her, Fate had pulled herself awake for just a second. Bardiche was still under her palm where she'd left it, broken but alive. As he reached down to pick her up, her fingers had closed over it, and it came with her as he took her into the air. Did we... she tried to ask him. Did we win? She tightened her grip on the small object in her hand. Focusing on it kept her awake, and if she fell asleep and lost it...

"David help fate out and show Selena around if we want to defeat the Saiyans we need all the help we can get.
I need to have a word with my sister."
He flew into the captains quarters
"Athenus are you ok, that Jerk must have hurt-" he saw she was ignoring him
"Get out of here before I ki-"
Icarus wasn't going to let her finish he got close and held her to a wall forcing her to look at him
"You are going to listen and you are going to learn, but if this appalls you." he said gesturing to his eye.
"Then I will show you what you need to see."
He grit his teeth the symbol of the seal appeared over his eye
"What are you doing?"
"The seal is powered by my will if it falters then it shall weaken but I can focus my will and the seal will help me fight it."
She noticed that the glowing black lines had dissipated now there was a violet ring which was widening, his red eye was turning blue and the slit was reverting to a normal pupil.
Not only that but his presence was changing that cold feeling was gone, it felt a lot like a warm memory, a small built like he was back to the way he used to be."
"There are more like the one we fought but they are much stronger, they'll be here within a year which means if we can't work together the world shall be destroyed, do you want everyone to die?
I'll make you a promise that Selena will get punished for what she has almost done, and this cursed weapon..." he looked at the trident
"Would you agree that the void is an appropriate place for it to be sealed?"
He hoped that the real Athenus was in here somewhere, he prayed to her goddess
" Please please I don't know if you can hear me or if I'm not supposed to talk to you but I wish I pray I beg, I need m sister, she's the most important thing to me and I'll given even my life for her."

"Get the fuck off of me!" she shouted and thew her brother off of her. Even after that display, she didn't trust him.
"I told you to stay away from her. I begged and pleaded with you to listen to your sister. And at the time i needed you most, you went and chose to save her life. While i had been fighting and trying to kill her for ruining our lives." she said, in tears, hatred flowing through every vein in her body.

"and ontop of it, you used that fucking blood in your veins. You betrayed me and broke both promises i asked you to make. I cannot trust you with anything anymore. I can't even trust you to be my brother!" she shouted at him, her wings forming as she took flight in the room. "Stay and fight these stupid fucks if you wish. i'm not having anything to do with you!" she said and flew out the window and down to the tree line, disappearing in it.

"yeah we won, now come on let's get you up hm?" he said putting one arm under her legs and the other on her back and lifts her just as Athenus was about to leave "Athenus, Two More of them Are Coming!, we will need their help regardless of your family issues!!" he shouted pointing at Icarus and The Witch, when Athenus is out of sight David sighs "come on Fate let's get back to The Rising Dawn and you The Bruja, you're coming too i guess" he said walking back tio Fate in his arms and walks bak to The Rising Dawn

Garrus watched the battle unfold, What am I going to do with a sniper rifle against a guy that can tank pure energy like that? It would be best if I just sat this one out.

As soon as the battle was over, he figured the first thing to do was make sure everyone's injuries were attended to. Icarus showed up but soon flew off, and David and the new girl showed up soon after. "Seeing the battle that took place, I would assume everyone involved sustained some wounds. Best bet would be for you guys to head to the med bay to make sure all of those internal organs are A-OK."

"alright thanks Garrus, come on Fate let's get you to The Med Bay" he said carrying Fate to The Med Bay but turns to face Garrus "oh and that joke was terrible by the way" he said continuing on to The Med Bay

As David laid Fate down in the medical bay, he noticed that there was something in her hand. The 'something' was a cracked yellow gemstone that seemed to be glowing from within. Probably sentimental, he thought, laying it down on a table near the bed. Then he pulled off her cloak to get the equipment attached properly, and noticed the scars all over her back. Since most of the hits she'd taken were from in front, and those scars looked a lot older, they couldn't have been from the last battle.

Other than that, the short diagnostic from the computer noted that she had no serious injuries; her clothes had taken the worst of it[1], and they made her situation look a lot worse than it really was. She just needed to get some rest.

[1] Though the 'barrier jacket' is specifically a last line of defense, they're not entirely useless.

Icarus Rejoined with David Garrus and Selena, The witch looked happy but then she noticed how his shoulders sloped, he hung his head, and stared at the ground
"We have a slight problem Athenus is troublesome."
"What do you mean?"
"She refuses to listen to me," he swallowed thinking of her harsh words
"She doesn't want to help protect earth, my guess is it may be wroth it if Selena dies in the crossfire.

"Wait what crossfire?" asked Garrus
"That guy we fought, he has too big friends and they're coming here, it'll take about a year, and then they'll kill us all, and they're at least ten times stronger than him."
He realized how grim he sounded
"Sorry I lost my sister, forever possibly, and I now learned in one year this earth will be attacked and possibly destroyed.
Though it might be best if I ensure she doesn't hurt anyone she's worse than the Saiyans at least they seem brutal by nature." he took ut his scroll
"She could do well to wait it out in the void, maybe dad can help he focused on the scroll he managed to talk to his parents, he then spread his wings
"When I get back we need to train, David please Show Selena to a room, she'll be staying with us, Selena introduce yourself."
HE flew out the window
H wasn't sure if he could force her into the void without hurting her, he really didn't want to injure his sister, she may have become a shadow of her former self but he sure hadn't.....

David was shocked at Fate's scars but still he healed her wounds "very well, this way Selena" he said showing her the way

Selena FLoated beside david in her magic chair
"I'm really sorry, for eveyhing I did, I don't want to hurt anyone anymore but, I-" she swallowed
"I've been a witch all my life and evryone has always hated me for having power over magic, you understand right? your a magic user too."
SHe looked at David she didn't know how this wizard felt about other magic users.
"I only wanted icarus because I thought, well someone like him would understand, but I ruined his life, and I may have ruined earth.: she was nearly crying.
"I'm so sorry"

David sighs as she was right "no it's fine ok don't cry, yes i know all too well what it's like, I was hated for being more powerful than all my teachers combied it was students really who hated me the teachers were fascinated by me, you know if you didn't have Icarus under some kind of love charm or whatever you used on him and actually were a good witch Athenus may not hate you so much as well" he said walking with her

Selena grabbed Davids shoulder and had him face her
"I never cast a spell on Icarus to make him like me. I swear I never Used any magic on him, alright I cast one spell"
"You did?"
"Yes it was a binding spell I sealed away the poison in his eye he got from another demon it was painful I sealed it because if i let it flow it would have contaminated him. I wanted him to like me, but even though he protected me, he doesn't let anyone get close to him. not even me."

Athenus had flown for a good bit and was eventually resting in the branches of one of the largest trees around. She had been sitting there for a few minutes now, contemplating on what to do about these warriors coming to earth. That's when she saw something flying towards her in the distance. A low growl underneath her breath as she knew it had to be her 'so called brother'. "I thought i told you to leave me alone." she said to him.

"alright then I'll be the first to forgive you then, then when we next meet Athenus tell her what you told me and she will forgive you and Icarusand as for you and Icarus I don't know just tell him how you feel i guess i'm not one for love to be honest always been a lone wolf really" he said offering advise

"I guess everyone is mostly ok, judging by how you guys diagnose each other. Looks like a good night's sleep will be enough. Oh, and Selena, you didn't really do much to me, so I'll accept your apology."

When I get back we need to train

"Not sure how much damage a sniper rifle will do against brutes more powerful than our late friend, but I guess more training is useful anyway."

Selena felt reassured that the crew of the Rising dawn were different from The ones she had met with three hostiles it had worried her. she entered her room she still didn't like the future, she decided t see if she could find Athenus and Icarus with her crystal ball she then saw a horrid scene unfold

Icarus had reached his sister, or the shadow that was once his sister.
"You claim I am worse off but the truth is the only one who has lost their mind is you, I have only done what was right, what I have done has been nothing but protect those around me, you are not my sister my sister was kind and compassionate and loyal.
However unlike you I shall not hurt you, you are still able to be fixed once you have become the sister I know and love we shall train together but until then.
He took out a scroll
I have spoken with mother and father they have agreed you need to be taught a lesson.
He clawed the air with a viscous swipe of his hand, a tear appeared opening into the void.
"Your going to stay in the void until you have learned what you've done wrong don't expect to return this scroll is special, only me, or our parents can open a portal that you will be able to pass through meaning until we deem you recovered your grounded.
Faster then Athenus could even see Icarus had grabbed her
"Farewell, I'll be happy to see my real sister again." he shoved her though
"Here's a gift, on the house" he shouted and tossed her sword though the portal as he closed it,
Athenus found herself in the cold depths of the void, with no way to return.

Athenus screamed and raged when the petal closed. "YOU'RE SO FUCKING CORRUPTED YOU'VE EVEN MANIPULATED OUR PARENTS?" She absolutely raged. Her mental breaking point was gone, she was just flat out insane and had lost it.
"I'm... I'm going flay his flesh from his bone... I'm going to rip his guts out..." She said to herself, taking up her sword and flew away, away from it all. Away from the family that betrayed her. Her grandfather was the only person she had trust in anymore. And what he taught her was far more valuable to her than anything else now. He taught her about the void and where everything is in it. How to navigate it and survive. Now, she was going to go on a slaughter spree of all the lesser gods she could find. Starting with those from the Cthulhu mythos. Why not? She figured, she had already lost it and coulda get much further.
"Kill... maim, slaughter, destroy..." Was all she could repeats while beginning her rampage, getting covered in blood and her sword cleaving through tissue and bone alike.

Fate blinked awake in the medical bay. She'd been almost completely undressed and covered by a sheet, which made her feel a lot less uncomfortable than a normal person would have felt. Through a reflex, she rubbed her body all over. Her recent wounds from the last fight were gone, but the scars from her past were still there. That didn't bother her, though. She already knew that their nature would make them impossible to remove, and besides, she didn't want them removed. They were a reminder of who she had been, and who she wasn't now.

She looked over at the table, where Bardiche had been recovering. There were still a few visible cracks, though; too many to make it safe to use for a little while longer. As she touched it, it told her, Message received. Who could possibly be sending me messages like this? she thought. "Play it," she said out loud.

Chrono's voice entered her head through the mental link Bardiche had created. "Fate," he started. "Do not attempt to respond to this message. Even if you could, it would be a bad idea." This doesn't sound good.

"We've figured out that you were moved into another world, but we have no idea how to get you back. Besides, after you vanished, the Bureau put a bounty on you. The crew of the Asura are already in hot water; the Captain and I are badly risking our necks to send this message to you." Another world? That explains the strange magic, but...if I have to stay here forever... "We're already working on a way of getting you back. In the meantime, don't do anything stupid on your end.

"Lie low for a bit and I'll contact you again when you're in the clear." The way he said 'when' sounded more like he meant 'if'. "Oh, and one last thing: Arf[1] should be somewhere in that world too. Chrono out." Message ends.

Fate didn't know what to think about any of it. If Chrono could send her a message, why couldn't he find her more accurately, or move between the worlds? If there were other dimensions besides her own, then how many? The last thing he'd said had the greatest effect on her, though. There were two things it meant: she wasn't entirely alone, and Arf wouldn't be prosecuted due to her 'escape'.

She had no idea how to start finding her, though. Maybe these others could help. In which case, she'd have to trust them for now. Putting Bardiche on a string around her neck, she found some clothes in her size nearby - a black-and-white skirt and jacket, like Nanoha's school uniform. Her usual dress could wait. Finally awake, she left the medical bay and started looking for the others.

[1] Fate's familiar. Capable of switching between a large, orange wolf and a kemonomimi version of the same. A lot more openly emotional. Has some magical power herself, but most of it's used to support Fate.

while David was walking back to the Med Bay he saw Fate up and about "hey Fate what you doing up and about? you should be in bed" he asked being kind of a medicine man and thinking she shouldn't up yet "ah to hell with it come on the others are this way" he said turning round and gestures Fate to follow him "so how are you feeling?" he said

"So, how are you feeling?"

"I feel fine," Fate replied, trying not to touch her necklace. "My device got damaged in the battle, but it's capable of self-repair. And I can still use some magic without it." Both of them heard a growling noise, and she added, "Is there anything to eat on board?"

Icarus began to fly back he hoped that their parents could put some sense back in his sister. He coul sense smeone was nearby he saw what looked like a crash he approached with some caution once there he saw a young man in a weird costume mind you he wasn't the p[rime model of normal either still something about this guy felt unnatural he seemd human but was still dangerous somehow
"Hey boy what are you doing here?" he asked he had his trident strapped to his back, He was looking at the boy but to Lelouch's frustration he wasn't looking at where his eyes would be.

he thought for a minute "i think there's a dining hall somewhere around, to be honest i think i could use something to eat as well" he said sighing "come on Fate let's go get some food in our bellies" he said turning a corner "ah there it is" he said pointing infront of them

Icarus and the other man heard someone, or something coming through the woods.

when she came into the clearing from the crash and laid her eyes upon icarus. All of her screaming and everything stopped.

Inner monolog: Wow... he's sooo... handsome.... Say something to him. Say you'll do something nice for him.

The result:

That's... not what i meant...

"Ummm ok....." he said a little confused by the weirdly dressed girl
"Anywa-ays, I was going to go back to my ship and I could give you a lift," he told the young man He didn't know what was up with the weird girl.
"Also You should know that there's a big danger approaching two powerful beings are coming to earth within a year we have to be ready to stop them but there more powerful than anything we've ever faced.

In the rising dawn
Selena was worried Icarus had been gone for a while she wanted to relax but she was worried Athenus had lost her mind and she couldhave tried killing him, it was possible she was delusional. She made her way to the canteen she took pieces of fruit and ate slowly.

In the cold depths of the void

Athenus had entered and was taking her anger out on any little creature but her rage and power had awoken something sealed in the void something that even her parents hadn't known dwelled if they had they would have surely seeked to destroy it else it found out about their children.
"What is this little one, a half angel on the rampage, it has been so long such a sweet savory little treat, yes.......
I must be cautious now, no need to let her know of my presence but, let's play a game we're going to have some fun oh yes we are."

Wait... he said something about enemies. You like to kill, right? We can help him, tell him that we can aid him in his quest!

No, tell hi you can help!


No, i'm not letting you ruin this! Tell hi you'll help!

"I'M GUNNNA RRAAAAAaaaa....." she screamed, fading into troubled breathing. She was straining to maintain control from that psycho.
"Listen... i don't have much time... i'll help you in your quest... the other me i can't control well... i can push and guide her..." she said and grabbed her head, dropping the buzz sword. "I promise i'll keep her from hurting you guys... i... i just need to... FUCK IT.... just take me with you... you won't regret it... i promiIIIAIAIAAAAAAGH!" she said, falling back under the rage influence.

whatever you do, don't fuck this up on us. we need them and i'm sure they need us. Whatever you do, don't scream poop at the top of our lungs.


well fuck...

"Still... not... enough..." she said, the corpses of a thousand unfortunate creatures around herself. She looked around and spotted another figure approaching her.

IT was actually a man on a boat. or... what appeared to be some sort of man.

"Athenus Hatashi... You're time has come... I am here to take you to the afterlife." He said.

"Heh... you think a simple ferryman like yourself can take me to hell. This is my domain, i am but a GOD HERE." athenus shouted at him.

"Very well then." he said and put the oars down. His body when limp as his spirit flew from it.

His voice sounded youthful now. Full of malice and completely devoid of any sort of emotion other than a hint of dread and rage.
"Prepare to die..." he said and flew at her.

Athenus now held within her hands the scythe of the reaper, the ferryman to the underworld. She swung it around, no longer on instinct. She loved the weight in her hands, the feel of it. "My perfect weapon." she coo-d over it.

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