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"you can damn sure we will at some point in time Garrus damn sure" he said putting his rubbish in the bin and walks out with Garrus "i think i'll come with you i'm bored anyway" he said

Icarus was trying to settle his inner conflict
"Fate it's not your fault it's mine, I care about my sister but right now she's a mystery to me, I do know she isn't well, and I was just trying to make her stop and snap to reality is about as harsh as trying to order Selena to stand up and walk."

Selena Had dried her eyes she floated to the door put her hand on it
"Athenus can you hear me in there?"
Athenus heard her voice through the brooch, the words were just between them.
"I know you probably hate me, and I was wrong in the past, but I don't want to be that kind of witch anymore, your brother he was the first one I've met who hasn't tried to hurt me, I've been hunted since I first showed the ability over magic. I, I made a mistake, I couldn't control my magic when I was a little girl, I got so angry and I was in so much pain, I didn't realize the fire had started until the sky was filled with smoke I tried everything I could to control it to stop it, I don't know if anyone perished, I had to run, I spent the rest of my life hiding.
Then I met a stranger they showed me how to use my powers, how to tap into reserves of magic I never knew I had, they told me one day I'd meet a demon lord, and then I could expect everything to change, not just my own life but the world itself would change as well.

When I first saw your brother I I just knew he was the one I was to meet, I didn't understand how trying to turn him was only going to bring pain to everyone around him, I wasn't thinking about others, I had only been thinking of myself because, I had o survive on my own.

But I don't want him to be a demon lord anymore, I want him to like me, but as I am not because I'm a with or because I tricked him or put a spell over his eyes. So could we try again? Please"

Athenus was still crying. It had hit her like a ton of bricks, what she had done to Selena and what she had done to Selena, what she had forced her brother to. "Selena... I'm so sorry... Tell Icarus that I'm sorry too..." She said, still crying and leaning against the door.
"I'm so sorry... You'll never have to worry about me hurting you again..." She said.

The witch wondered what she ment by this, but was answered by a yelp of pain and a hard thunk as the tip of her sword blade came out of the door.

It was silent after that. "Athenus?" The witch asked, not a second after, blood began to drip off the sword tip.

The others were horrified
"ATHENUS" Icarus screamed
Selena was tired but she managed to thin Icarus opened the door and tried to save her, Selena used the same trick she had used on herself casting a binding spell to prevent any blood loss, but, she wasn't sure if that would save her, The other problem was this cost the last of her magic she slumped in her chair exhausted.

Icarus laid her on the bed He activated the healing array in the room hoping trying to somehow save her
"Athenus please sis, don't die, I need you." tears were flowing from his eyes, he suddenly realized he could heal her like she had, h forced Dark Excalibur in her grip
"You've healed me so many time before now it;s time to repay the favor" he stabbed himself in the arm blood flowed onto the blade his life force entered Athenus.
"Come on Sis you can make it you can pull though." he Was desperate he could let his sister die not after what he said, if that happened he....killed...his.....sister

Athenus gasped in air, coughing up blood shortly after. Looking up, she saw her brother staring at her. "What... what are you doing?" she asked him.

"saving your life." responded icarus.

"Don't... i want to die... I want to make things right..." she explained to her brother, as well as coughing up more blood after. "Besides, i've already met 'her'. i can't just leave her alone."

"Who are you talking about?" her brother asked and pleaded with her.

"Hehe... in due time. Just put my body in a chryo tube after i die and thaw me out when the saiyans get here. Love you bro.. see you later.." she said as his life was forced back into him, the sword being thrown from her hand in the process.

Her last breath exited her body while her heart stopped and her soul began to shrink. The ball of grey kept on shrinking until it showed a red ball that felt evil. It was slow, but grey spirals were only just beginning to extremely slowly make their way down the side of the ball. it would take a really long time before they were done.

With that, her heart began to repair itself and despite looking exactly the same, icarus could tell that the person on the bed was on longer his sister, but on second thought, maybe it was. Maybe it was his sister, yes, he could feel it was her, but not any side of her that he had felt before. This was new and foreign. That's when her heart began to beat extremely slowly.
Da-------------------------------thump.... da---------------------------------thump

{b]"ATHENUS!!"[/b] shouted someone "oh what now?!" said David running in the direction of screaming, he doesn't see the whole scene but got there just as Icarus tried to revive her, when she died he stood emotionless he walks over and puts a hand on Icarus's shoulder "come on kid, let's grant her final wish and put her in the chryo tube" he said helping him carry her to the chryo tube, when they get there he crosses her arms across her chest and closes her eyes by moving his hand over her face using two fingers to close his eyes before closing the tube then saying a prayer "In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritūs Sancti. ahem" then does the cross thing with his hand and slowly walks off

he says the Latin like this

try playing them at the same time, i think it sounds cool

Once His sister was in the Cryo Tube Icarus was staring at her, his skin had become a sickly white.
Selena was watching him, she was scared, what did seeing his sister...die? what affect was it having on him, he was losing something, his sanity most likely she floated right next to him he put his hand on her shoulder.
He didn't respond
"She met a Demon Lord in the void, I have to know everything I can before The Saiyans arrive."
He turned to Selena he forced her to make eye contact his pupil widened he somehow managed to learn everything Athenus had shown her
"Interesting, I need to be alone for this I'll be back but I can't let anyone disturb me." he packed supplies enough to last half a year.
"I'm serious don't follow me, controlling My Demon power could have unexpected consequences." He then activated his wings and flew off into an isolated pyramid. he needed to meditate master his center-point even as a demon, he released his blood into his body. The Trident of Darkness hovered and spun gently, he had to understand how Somber unleashed so much power, even accounting for his experience. The way he spoke of Demon lords concealing their power.
He intended to stay in this meditation until he understood the meaning of Somber's words. he had the same blood he merely had to look within.

Garrus watched Athenus being placed into the cryo tube, "I've watched many friends and comrades die, but it never gets any easier." He bowed his head in respect and looked back up. "We're gonna need to train even harder now that Athenus isn't with us anymore." Garrus listened to Icarus say his own lines before flying off to wherever.

"It's probably best that we leave him be. Losing family isn't easy, and he's gonna need time to come back from something like that. Alright guys, once everyone is done paying their respects, I vote we take a day off to gather ourselves from the loss, and then we get right into training." Garrus stood there a moment longer before turning around and heading out the door.

David walks out the door finding somewhere to sit down he sighed heavily and puts his head in his hands and thought what do to do "Athenus, a damn shame" he said to himself

11 Months, 3 weeks and 1 day later.
A small little device that Selena had received to monitor Athenus's cryo tube wherever she was, as Icarus was off meditating went off. there had been a few abnormalities, like parts of her continue to age despite her death and cry status. but other than that, she was that, dead and ice cold; normally that is.

The cryo tank
The warnings were of a raise in temperature in her body, a heartbeat of all things and brain activity. She was dead, this shouldn't be happening.

Her soul was also growing larger, a red ball, swirling with grey lines streaking down the side, powerful and such a mixture of good and evil, it was confusing to anyone who could see it.

By the time the witch would get there, the entire tube would just be gone, with no traces as to where it went, save for a puddle of water on the floor.

After the time skip

Fate had been distracted almost permanently for the last year, caught up in thoughts of her missing friend. No, friends. She'd thought about Nanoha more than once as well. She couldn't avoid the feeling that something really, really bad had happened to her in the time she'd been gone, but there wasn't anything she could do.

As for Arf, that had been a more constant worry, especially since she felt like she couldn't talk about it. Occasionally she'd been thrown off by thoughts of her during training, which inevitably led to more and more questions about why she couldn't focus. Thus far, she'd never answered those questions, instead returning to her room. She didn't cry, usually, but she tended to stay there for almost the rest of the day.

On a whim, she entered the room where Athenus had been, expecting to see her corpse again. Instead, there was nothing except a puddle. What the...? she asked herself. She couldn't have been stolen; there would have been an alert or something. But...she also couldn't have left on her own. She was dead, and you can't bring people back from death...

Not as I understand it, anyway. And my understanding means very little here.

David had followed Fate so he could say hi to Athenus and check his condition but along with Fate and Selena he found a puddle he then hearing Fate though thought *that's the problem Fate some people can come back because they so stubborn they fight death himself, take me for an example i'm more than 100 years old and I've died a thousand times but I come back every time now luckily i haven't died here yet but if count getting a piece of metal lodged in your chest then i guessd i have died once so i think we can safely say Athenus just woke up* he said in his mind while checking the equipment

If she just 'woke up', then where did she go? Fate asked. Well, it doesn't matter. Our time's nearly run out. It's not worth hoping she'll reappear when we need her to. We just have to make sure that we can all handle it. She ran a finger over Bardiche as she did, and she didn't notice that she hadn't broken her connection to David. I know you're out there somewhere. Just hold on a little longer for me. I have to do this, but then I'll find you, I promise.

*mostly likely her memory hasn't completely returned so I don't think she even knows where she is, being in a cryo tank for nearly a year will do that to ya* he thought back "someone go get Garrus and tell him to look over the cryo chamber cameras from the last two hours" he said to Fate and Selena

Icarus was at Th bottom of the pyramid he was about as ready for the Saiyans as he believed he would be. he dropped his illusions. He then changed he had on a special set of training clothes these were made of a heavy metal trhead that weighed him down, he removed them and put on his familiar tunic and chain-mail, he also decided to wear his black cape with gold lining.
Lastly he put on the scouter he had taken from Raditz, it had been modified to give English symbols it as had been tested in case the Saiyans could suppress their power, like they could.
He activated the communicator it had been tuned into the Rising Dawn
"Hey guys It's me Icarus."
Selena had been waiting a long time Icarus was not exactly in the best mindset when he did come back he would just stare at his sisters body She was pretty sure he would cry a little, but he and the others had been training hopefully it would be enough.
Icarus I hear you, what is it?"
"I'm taking the scouter you guys try and hide the Dawn Considering how dangerous Raditz was, I'd rather we didn't bring them close, that's another thing I'm done with my training I have the scouter when I get a sign the Saiyans are here I'm going to let my power level rise drawing their attention, I'll let you know regroup around my position, I want us away from anything important."
He then ended his message and flew up into the air, Using the scouter he was essentially a sentry.

*mostly likely her memory hasn't completely returned so I don't think she even knows where she is, being in a cryo tank for nearly a year will do that to ya* he thought back looking around he saw two Cameras placed on both sides of the room "Fate contact Garrus and tell him to look over the cryo chamber cameras from the last two hours, just so we can confrim what we think happened" he said to Fate

Fate nodded and headed for the engine room, where Garrus was working on calibrations as always. She still had no idea just what it was he was calibrating, but the situation couldn't wait. "Athenus is gone," she said. "Not dead, but she's literally gotten up and left." Despite wanting to hurry, she didn't raise her voice or speed up, like always. "David wants your help in reviewing the security footage in the cold storage room. Maybe that might help us figure out where she went, or how she did it."

Garrus didn't even turn to face her. "I don't know if we can do this with just the people we have. Icarus and Samus are already gone. If Athenus can help us, but we can't find her..." She left the sentence hanging.

Selena had been taking a nap, she had been up all night making as many potions as she could she had a stockade of vial filled with energy and health replenishing elixirs, She awoke and saw someone had sent a message to her, she hit play and heard Icarus
"The Saiyans, oh OH CRAP" She stumbled and fell out of bed she cursed and tried to get into her chair, she was wearing a rather simple white night gown the dress came above her knees there were no sleeves and the neckline was a bit low. It was difficult and she finally stumbled into her chair, once inside she checked where everyone was.
Once she found Fate and Garrus, she relayed the message from Icarus
"The Saiyans will be here soon, are we ready... hey umm what's with the alarms?" she asked her hair was a tangled mess the nightgown was hanging from one shoulder, she was a little groggy and didn't know what was going on.

"Athenus is missing," Fate told Selena. "She's been missing since about an hour ago. Nobody knows what happened, but there were cameras in the room that David wanted Garrus to turn on. But, since he's busy right now..." She looked down at his work again. The turian still hadn't looked up. "I really hope that whatever he's calibrating actually comes in handy. Otherwise, this can only end badly."

She started walking out of the room, and looked over at Selena again. "Never mind him. I'll look it up myself." She started heading for the security room, calling out to David as she did. Garrus is busy with something. I'll look at the footage myself, but you might want to look at it too. There's still a lot I don't know about this place.

*copy that i'm on my way now, i'm done here anyway and don't worry i'm sure you'll know about this ship soon or later* he thought back leaving the cryo chamber he made his way to security room midway he's meets up with Fate "hello Fate again" he said walking with her

Inside the security room, David pulled up one of the monitors and started flicking through the security cameras. When he found the two from the cold storage room, he told Fate the number on one of them and watched the other himself. Fate pulled her hand up and asked, "What's the time here?" She wasn't asking David. One hour, seventeen minutes after midday, local time.

"That means that we came in at about ten past," David replied, and both of them rewound to that time. Met by the scene that both of them had seen up close, he told Fate to rewind a bit, eventually stopping on 12:45. "Athenus must have started disappearing here..."

In front of both of them, from two different angles, the tube itself started to melt. "She must have been heating up a lot more quickly than the tube was meant to take," David observed. Before long, Athenus had completely woken up, quickly leaving the room. "But where would she have gone after that?" he asked himself.

"She wasn't wearing anything. It's possible she went back to her room first. I'll see if she might have left anything there."

"Don't bother. She would only have taken her clothes, if she thought of that at all. I don't think she wants us to find her." He sighed and switched off his monitor. "She'll return, in her own time. Hopefully before the Saiyans arrive."

Hopefully, at all, Fate thought to herself. We could barely handle one. And I still can't sense Arf...

*that time it was just you and me then later on in the fight Icarus and me because you slipped into unconsciousness, this time it's me, you, Icarus, Garrus, Selena and possibly Athenus so i think we can take them this time and yes you really need break the connection now and then* he thought walking out the door "what to do now?" he said

Really? ...I can't believe I didn't notice. "If I haven't been able to feel her yet," Fate said, "then I can't think of anything that anyone else could do to find her more easily. So I doubt we'll be able to get her help for this fight." David looked confused, so she explained further, "I had a familiar in the world I came from, and someone told me that she was here as well. But we must have gotten separated somehow, or else you would have met her sooner. She's still alive, though. I would definitely notice if she died."

"well all i can say is i hope you find her anyway let's go meet up with Garrus and Selena" he said walking back to the engine room

Garrus finally got finished with his calibrations of the engines for now, and stood up, stretching his legs and knees. He wiped off a bead of sweat, and figured that hanging out with the others would be the best thing right about now. Apparently they had the same idea, for Garrus met them on the way. "Hey guys, what's going on?" Garrus then remembered something and put up one finger. He put his hands to his ears and pulled out ear plugs. "Sorry I didn't feel like having the roar of the engine making me deaf today.

"oh nothing just it seems Athenus has woken up and run off somewhere and has taken the cryo tank with her, she probably has no memory of when this all began because of being in cryo for a year and she might not regain her memory by the time the Saiyans arrive so yeah nothing much" he said laughing a little at stupid the situation was

As Selena, Garrus, Fate and David congregated in the hallways, they all felt a tiny breeze brush past them. it felt as if someone has moved near them. But none of them could find anything.

"Hello." was what came from above them. Each of them looking up to find athenus leaning on the ceiling, standing on the wall. She dropped down, doing a front flip and landing int he middle of the group. it was still her, but her body had changed. She was a bit more curvy, and definitely harder to look away from. She wasn't naked, she was wearing a black pair of loose fitting jeans, and a white tank top. However, her eyes was what they were all staring at. they had become a deep red color and were now slits.
"Hello? what are you guys staring at?" she asked them.

Baby tooth however, was asleep in her own room. There was a pile of cow bones, completely stripped of any sort of meat on them, sitting next to her bed. How she maintained that skinny and attractive body was anyone's guess.

"your eyes and the fact you're here thought you'd be elsewhere by now" he said shocked that Athenus is here "well that just means we can actually take the saiyans" he said sitting down somewhere

Selena was surprised to see Athenus, She stared at her for a lot of time before being able to speak.
"Athenus, Your, your OK, I was so worried the whole time, But your eyes they look like-" she stopped herself.
"Look like what?" Athenus asked.
"They look a bit like Icarus's eyes when he gets angry."
She looked at how Athenus had changed, hopefully she wasn't angry at Selena or for that matter wouldn't be angry at Icarus for using his demonic powers o fight the Saiyans.
"I have to tell Icarus he should come here,
She activated a communicator
"Icarus It's Selena,, I know your busy but You really have to come over here it's important,, Trust me you'll know when you get here."
She then turned to Athenus
"I suspect the Saiyans will be here soon mind helping me get ready? I kinda have troubles getting dressed by myself."
At first this confused Athenus after all she could have used magic or if that didn't work then she could have asked Fate for help the then realized that she was trying to get a moment alone with Athenus.
She nodded and they went to her room, Selena Simply asked Athenus help her get onto her bed It was easy Selena didn't weigh much.
it seemed odd for her to let Athenus get so close though it wasn't like she could betray her the brooch was still keeping her in this realm Icarus hadn't removed the spell that was binding her in the void.
"Good now that we're alone we can talk" Selena slipped off her night gown her clothes were laid out beside her.
"Uh what are you doing?"
"Well I have to get dressed, I don't want to fight in my nightgown."
Athenus did notice Selena was really curvaceous, she definitely had more curves than her though she was older than her so it made sense. Selena was putting on her stocking which came all the way up to her thighs.
"I'm worried about Icarus," Selena told her "he's been so worried about you He's been spending so much time alone, he said it was important for his training but I think he feels guilty."
She began to Put on her skirt, Athenus was a bit confused
"Why did you ask me to help you get dressed? you seem to be able to do it fine."
"Because If I had said we needed to talk in private one of the others may have tried eavesdropping, I doubt anyone would really try snooping if the pretense is I'm getting dressed, No offense but I don't want to be someone your angry at neither does anyone on the ship.
She had a slight grin but she looked at her legs the smile faded away.
"I tried every potion I could think of nothing has helped, All I can do is prevent muscle Atrophy."

"i'm sure we'll figure something out." Athenus said frowning. That's when it occured to her. "Have you tried shoving rods into your bones and using telekinesis, as you do with the chair, to sort of "puppeteer" your legs to make them walk?" she asked the witch, while waiting for her brother to get here.

Selena shook her head
"I on't have telekinesis," she said pulling on her blouse
"Your brother helped me make this chair, then I removed the spell from my broom making it disintegrate into dust, I was able to transfer the enchantment, I'm stuck like this for now but I can still help in the fight. She had finished getting dressed and was now brushing her hair.
It wasn't long before there was a knock on the door.
"Hey Selena what did you want." It was a familiar voice.
"It's Icarus go ahead and answer the door" Selena told Athenus smiling, she got herself into her chair.

Quietly, athenus smirked and walked over to the door as stealthily as possible. "Oh BROTHER!" athenus shouted, taking hold of the door hand and prettymuch tearing the door of it's hines, it flying back and falling onto the carpet near selena. Athenus was standing there, arms wide open and smiling, her eyes looking at the sight that awaited her.

Icarus's eyes were wide he looked different he was a bit taller than before, and he looked like his training had made him bulk up a bit, his hair was longer and seemed even more of a mess, the one assuring thing was his eyes they his right was icy blue and the left was its normal violet.
"A-Athenus, Your alive?"
His face changed from surprise to the an excited smile, Selena gave a sigh she hadn't seen him smile for a long time.
Faster than Athenus expected she suddenly found herself in a hug from him.
"I had been so afraid that I'd never see you again. I was worried about you and it was all my fault.
She realized her brother was crying, she couldn't remember the last time Icarus cried.

David walks into the captain's quarters "so what's i'd miss? I know Athenus is alive and we all back together now" he said to the others while Icarus and Athenus hugged themselves to death

"Yes, i'm alive Icarus." she said returning the hug and comforting him. "Though, this is my spare, so don't expect me to get back up if i go down." she half/joked with him. "Big sis is here little bro, and she's got a few tricks up her sleeve." she explained then smirked.
"Like this one." she said and her breasts doubled in size.

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