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Icarus was a little surprised but then he had another smile
"I guess you went though a growth spurt." he said and laughed
He was happy to see his sister smiling at hom like this he had been worried when he ad felt her soul change.
"You have no idea how happy I am to see your you again, but theres something you have to know."
"What's that?"
Icarus looked away
"After we put you in cryo, I was trying to concentrate on anything but you, I started training alone, I managed to read Selena's mind and find everything about that demon you met,"
He looked at her
"I decided if I was going to have a chance against the Saiyans I'd have to learn what makes a demon lord so powerful I spent my time earning how to control the demon blood in my system and making sure of my angelic blood as well."
"Wait what? angel blood?"
"Yes I was trying to think what separated me from Somber and Then I realized, he was born full demon, but my blood was from Dad's side but we're both part angel because of mother meaning I'm a mixture of three, I've learned how to use my Demon blood but Unlike that monster in the void, I won't fall into madness I have an anchor a light in my soul."
"What's that?"
He smiled and laughed a little
"You Sis."

"Awe, that's sweet of you brother." Athenus said to him, then fetched the door. She put it back up and let the robots fix it.
"So, have you figured out how to control your demon form yet?" She asked him, going over and taking a seat on the bed. "How did- When did- Yes..." he answered, trying to figure out how she already knew about it.

"I can change into a more umm demonic form But I usually don't want to use it If I don't watch out my power can erm get away from me," he said a little worried
"How so?"
"Well uh I may have blasted a whole in that ancient pyramid the first time I transformed." he said he was a little embarrassed about it mostly because he wasn't sure if Athenus was going to accept him if he used his demonic powers to fight the Saiyans.

"Cool! so long as you curb the demon inside of you, i'm more than happy to see you use it. Actually, try to come to terms and merge yourself with it." she said.

This had both Icarus and Selena staring at her, their mouths practically on the floor. This is the same athenus that had nearly killed both of them over the demon in icarus. "What? I can show you mine if you want me to." She said, her slitted eyes beginning to glow red.

Icarus swallowed
"So that bit of dad is in you too? I can sense it didn't affect you as much as it did me, you may have some dark art in you but I can safely say your not a demon lord.
"SO then You can change your body in more ways then one?" he was a little surprised.
"Athenus," Selena was worried
"Did umm did That demon lord do something that infected you?"

"Oh no, i'm something much different than a demon lord. And no, this has been in me all along. I took this past year to talk to her and make peace with the inner me. We're now one." Athenus said and snapped her fingers. A flame was lit on them. it spread up her arm and across her entire body. soon, she was a blazing inferno as her skin burned off of her.
She was soon cloaked in a pillar of flame, completely obscured from view.

it took about a minute, but the flames began to lower in height, and as they slowly moved down, athenus became visible. she was changed, and had more perfect curves to her than any mortal could ever hope to even wish for, even with the dragonballs.

"I'm part demon, but a special kind of demon..." she said, her voice being far more seductive in this form. "Succubus.. succubus queen..." she coo'd, loving the feeling of turning into her new form. She gave a shallow curtsy, but then stood back up.

Icarus swallowed, He was a little disturbed by his sisters second half Succubi were a rather odd form of demon.
"A Demon Lord and a Succubus Queen, Well then I guess we're both royalty then" he said with a smirk.
"SO then I'm assuming you somehow managed to increase your power? hang on I can find out myself.
He took out the scouter and put in on he then got a reading
"Lets see now that Saiyan Raditz taunted you I think he said you were at somewhere around 600." he said as he scanned it he suspected Athenus didn't know how to suppress her power.
The result surprised him.

Athenus smirked. She casually let her power flare up to its full strength. it popped up, 5000. or more appropriately, 5 raditz. "This still isn't my strongest. My strongest is something i've vowed to only use as a last resort." Athenus commented to her brother. She pulled herself together, and with flames that came out of the air, she seemed to peice back her skin together, one little patch at a time, building like a cocoon around herself until she was back to the red clothing that she had been wearing when she killed her self. And just like that, her power was now at 600.

"So you can suppress your power, That'll be useful when they arrive, I was really worried, wait before I do anything else I should remove that spell on you," Icarus made several odd hang gestures and suddenly the brooch on Athenus's neck turned from black stone to a dull grey.
"Now you won't be sent to the void if you don't wear that thing."
Selena smiled
"Which means I can help fight, I was worried I'd have to sit it out."
Icarus was a little bothered by the blood red outfit, mostly because It reminded him of how Athenus had lost her mind and Icarus hadn't been far behind, his eyes were looking away from her now.

"So I guess Athenus is back." Garrus said walking towards the Captain's Quarters. It seems that's where everyone is at. He thought to himself.

"Hey Athenus, glad to have you back. . ." he started saying as he rounded the corner into the CQ. Just as he did, Athenus was turning back into her more normal form. "Guess I missed a show."

Fate had followed Garrus, having nothing better to do. "Guess I missed a show," he said, looking at something inside the room. He shrugged and sat down near the other three. "So, do we know any more about these Saiyan guys?"

"Only that they were coming in a year," Icarus replied. "And I'm guessing they'll be very exact about that part. What's the date?" Fate relayed the question to Bardiche, and it replied, 12th day of June, local calendar. "That leaves us about six days, if I recall." His look said that it wasn't as much as he'd hoped for.

"At least we still have days left, and not just hours," Selena mused. "And with you two back, we shouldn't have any problems. Right?"

Everyone nodded, and even Fate smiled a little.

"At least we still have days left, and not just hours And with you two back, we shouldn't have any problems. Right?"

David heard as he walked in "so what? we go train then" he said sitting down somewhere

Icarus looked at David
"Train? I had assumed that's what we had been doing for the past year, If your not ready now, there's not much you can do within six days that'll change that. Near as I can tell we're ready as we'll ever be and I like to think we stand a good chance. In terms of what we know, they have a device like the one I'm wearing that can show an opponents power, they have incredibly tough armor and if they look at the moon they turn into a giant ape but they change back if they're tail is cut off."
"How did you memorize all that?" asked fate.
"I relived the whole experience over and over using my illusions, until I pieced it all together. Raditz laughed at me when he saw my power level was only 500, I'm guessing those other stronger Saiyans won't think we're a threat if they get a similar reading. SO we gave to keep our power under wrap, we can keep them on their toes if they think we're outmatched. Plan stays the same when they arrive I'll be a fiar distance away I'll sense they're high levels and let my power rise for a brief moment it'll darw their attention and then you guys can group around my position."

"alright a fine plan,i think i'll go have a drink or something i guess" he says getting out and stretching "and i meant train so more" he said walking out the door and heads to the bar

after awhile at the bar David decided enough is enough and it's time to go and get this ship back in the air again so after finishing his drink he heads to the engine room, entering the engine room he finds the busted engine and preforms a repairing spell by placing his staff on the engine "Oculus Reparo" he said as the machine started to repair itself like time was reserving itself, as this happens the ship starts to power up like computers and and ship controls and the others would see power coming back into some of the equipment

Icarus walked away, still bothered by Athenus's appearance.
Selena decided she's have to say something, she pulled Athenus aside
"what are you doing?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Dressing like that, don't you realize by dressing like that your bringing back bad memories? ones Icarus still hasn't gotten over? or have you forgotten half the things you've said when you were sick?"
Selena used some illusions to remind her.
"If you're not gone by then... I'll kill you where you stand "
"You're already forcing the seal down. You're no brother of mine."
"Leave or I will destroy you. this is your last chance to go back to your cripple of a fucking love bunny."
you used that fucking blood in your veins. I cannot trust you with anything anymore. I can't even trust you to be my brother! I'm not having anything to do with you!"been hurt by
Selena looked at Athenus she hoped that part would never surface again but Icarus had been hurt badly, and seeing Athenus like that re-opened wounds that were only beginning to close.

"We'll, sorry. Can't help it since these are the clothing that he sent me to the void in as he so lovingly did a year ago." She said and looked at herself. "And I killed myself in these clothes, so it's my eternal shrouded form. Not really my fault, nor can I really do anything about it." She said shrugging and not really caring judging by the tone of voice she was using.

"I still haven't forgiven you two for the entire void thing either. I've just accepted my emotions and keep my rage and anger subsided. I may have been mad and trying to kill him, and you, but I did it because I loved him and wanted to save him from the demon, keep him out of reach of them and you. He and you threw me into the void as punishment for my insanity, not my own good for how much you two say it." She said, not getting up in Selena's face, but calmly and cooly explaining this to her. "I even accepted my own famil, all of them as being dead to me at one point. So, if I open up old wounds? Oh well, he needs to accept that that happened and continue on with life as its too short as of now to even give two fucks about our little feud."

Selena sighed
"Icarus isn't the best spell caster, you were supposed to appear in front of the house but he wasn't ready for it, Spell casting is a difficult hing even if its a spell like that, An amateur magic user needs to clear their mind, he probably was nothing of the sort but he felt your parents would have been able to help you."
Selena floated away head lowered, she could ony hope this anger didn't cloud her judgment.

Icarus meanwhile was in the lounge his back was to David, he had been thinking for a while about the supposed Dragon balls, he hadn't been able to collect much information on them.
he had been training he had been exploring his demonic blood but the trident was an entity of it's own he suspected he would have to explore this entity to truly unlock it's power, there was a presence in the Trident.

"And it's not like my mother couldn't come get me. She's not a god or anything of the sort." Athenus shouted sarcastically after selena. She laid back on the bed and put her hands behind her head, thinking of what she should say next to selena or her brother.

Icarus sighed when suddenly he got a cold feeling, but it was familiar he suddenly realized it was the void.
"Guys something is going." he stopped bask mist was coming off his body, he remembered a similar thing happen when he had left the void with his sister, he suddenly notice it as coming off David as well.
"Guys something is going-"
he never finished.
Athenus was sitting in her room when the mist trailed off he body, suddenly she remembered something like this happening and she felt the cold energy of the void she sat up
"what the-"
and the crew f the rising dawn disappeared.
They looked around they were all in a black plains in the void Icarus knew this place it was close to home. his scouter (he had it one when it happened" suddenly pinged there was a massive power level nearby. he looked up and he wasn't sure if he should have been laughing in joy or running in fear
"Dad" he said he looked up and saw father was deciding towards Athenus.
But he didn't look happen.
"where. have. you. BEEN" Dillon screamed his piercing eyes were glaring down at Athenus.

Athenus went back to laying on the ground when her father got angry. "Well, for the past year, I was dead. Just before that I went insane. And thanks to your blood, I have am part sucubus queen. Oh, and I awoke my susano'o, so I'm sure that mom knows what it means. Thanks for coming to the funeral too dad, really appreciated t." She said, a bit sarcastic at the end. The Uchiha really didn't look intimidated by her fathers presence.

"I know I don't compare to you in terms of strength, but I just find a lack of caring in myself anymore. fighting off a demon lord, going insane, dieing and finding it you're part demon tends to have your self preservation take a dip." She explained calmly look up into the void.

I'll drop my hat into this, just for old time's sake

Hey nice to have you hear We're in the process of getting things running again. I will make a post but I'm kinda tied up for a bit.

Dillon grumbled.
"I'l deal with you two later right now we have training to do."
"Ummm sir I hate to be rude but we have six days to train and we already have been training." interrupted David.
Dillon looked at the Mage David saw his intense piercing eyes.
"Then this shouldn't be to much of a problem I merely wish to test your powers.
They suddenly noticed bits of equipment it was a training ground. Dillon draws his swords one a broadsword with a golden hilt the other appeared to be a greek xiphos with an odd red edge
Music began to play

Dillon: Let's get down to business, to defeat those jerks.
David: but we've all been training
Dillon: shut up, you nerds.
Your the saddest bunch I ever met-but you can bet before we're through Walks up to fate and looks down at her
Mister I'll-Make a man-Out of you
Fate: but I'm a girl
Dillon: Shut the fuck up

Calm your minds and focusthey all begin sparring Dillon but none can land a hit on him
On the power within.
Once you pass your limit-You are sure-To win.He unleashes a spin attack that knocks them all prone
Your a spineless pale pathetic lot- and you haven't got a clue,
Somehow I'll-make a man out of youForces them to stand up
The heroes are granted a brief rest
David:Oh god I'm out of breath
Garrus: No one said this would be easy
Icarus: You know I'm just not sure what to do

Fate: That guys got me scared to death
Selena: I dont want him to kill me
Dillon: I really hope they all make it throughDillon is overwatching them with his wife
TO BE A MANSparring resumes later
Dillon:You must be swift as a coursing river
with all the force of a great Typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of-The Moon

Nappa: Time is racing forward-until we-Arrive
Vegeta: Shut the hell up Nappa-and you might-Survive
Nappa: Vegeta are we there yet
Vegeta: No Nappa no were not.
Nappa: How bout now?
Vegeta: No Goddamn-It NAPPA
TO BE A MANIcarus and Dillon are sparring alone while the others watch
You must be swift as a coursing riverIcarus knocks Dillon's broadsword out of his hand with a black bolt
With all the force of a great Typhoon While Dillon is looking at his empty hand another bolt send his other sword flying
With all the strength of a raging fire Icarus then lands a heavy punch knocking him down
Mysterious as the dark side of-the moonHe follows up but stops just before he lands a another devasting punch

Garrus: we must be swift as a coursing river Scores 5 perfect bulls-eyes each 100 Meters apart
Fate: With all the force of a great typhoonCasts a sprll that reduces an incoming boulder to rubble
Athenus: with all the strength of a raging fireA single swords sash cuts through an iron mountain.
Icarus: Mysterious-as the dark side of-the moonSeveral illusionary copies all fire a Black bolt simultaneously

After the training sessionDillon was miling
"Not bad You could stand a chance, if you wish to leave My wife will transport you back except you two." he looked at his children
"we need to have a little talk.
Anyways the rest of you are free to stay for a while just a warning it's been two wholes days since you got here."
He then noticed His wife was looking at the girl in the floating chair she suspected she could tell just as he that she was a witch.

"Still don't see the point of this." Athenus said, laying back on a rock, not caring once again. "If we really needed them dead, you two could just kill them." She said, referring to her mother and father. "Though I can only be led to the fact that you two like to see me and Icarus close to death, either in some sort of weird sadistic fashion, or it arouses you two and seems to be the only thing to help you get it on in the bedroom, which I wouldn't be surprised about considering how old you two are." The Demi-beig said, her clothing being still in perfect condition thanks to her abilities. She closed her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

"Either way, I'm done fighting after these two bastards are dead. I want to live a life outside of these damn holy wars and adventures." She rather calmly said. "Maybe settle down and have a family away from t all."

"Oh really now? I don't remember giving you permission to start dating and with that attitude I don't know If you can take care of yourself properly."
Athenus was a bit surprised at this
"What about Icarus he and Selena-"
"What? what did they do exactly I don't see them making dough eyes, and even if he was Icarus isn't the one being asinine is he?"
Selena and Icarus started to blush.

"Oh, so you're going to force me to get permission to date? You didn't even know i was DEAD! And if you did, it means that you didn't care that i was because there were no attempts to revive me!" she spat back at him. Athenus was now angry, pent up rage boiling up to the surface.
"How about a little caring for your own flesh and blood! You put a seal on him to prevent demonic blood from taking over his body, it never occurred to you to check the other child as well?" She said, her anger forcing her skin to begin to burn off of her. "LOOK AT ME!" slowly, inch by inch she began to show the form underneath.

Dillon sighed.
"I'm sorry sweetey I was worried sick but the void is a seal that we try not to break I was scouring the void for weeks without end I wanted to enetr the world and look in case you somehow escaped but your mother easoned I could apear anywhere."
He sighed
"I Promise you I never meant to lead you into harms way. But Your anger, and your darker side is getting the best of you. I can't have you hurting people, I'M sorry but this has to be done. EXCALIBUR!"
The Golden sword reappeared in his hands His aura seemed to expand beyond comprehension.
"Purifying light" he shouted as his wings of golden light appeared n his back.

"What?" she said when he was talking about hurting her. "You can't even accept me for me?" she asked, parts of her skin still burning. "What the fuck is wrong with you? You're a horrible person and parent!" She shouted in horror and anger now. "And you're wrong Father! You're the one making me angry, and i am only angry at you." she said, getting her rage under control and fully burning away her cover.

"This is what i am, this is who i am. I want to simply fight this damn fight then settle down. But i'm not going to allow myself to be control and manipulated by my own father. Who insists that letting me, his own son and the rest of this group fight these overly-powered assholes alone is not leading or letting us fall into harms way." she reputed towards her own father. Her eyes changed form and shifted into the mangekyou sharingan form. "Now put the sword away or i'm going to defend myself, then leave for good." she said to him, the ribcage of her susano'o forming around herself, burning a bright blue with life.

Icarus was terrified, he started to believe that His father would actually attack Athens.
He couldn't let his sister get hurt he rushed in and spread his arms and wings shielding his sister for the glow of Dillon's aura
"Dad I can't let you do this." He said trying to look his father in the eye.
"Icarus get out of the way."
"No, no I won't." He glared at his dad

"So be it."
He began to shout as he and Excalibur resonated but this expanding soul seemed to push things as it grew.
"Overwhelming resonance." he shouted as the aura began to pull in Athenus and Icarus.

There was a yellow flash and Dillon soon found his wife facing him, face to face, about four feet apart from eachother. She had forced her own soul to negate his, causing the resonance to cancel out. "Dillon... what is wrong with you?" she said, a look of confusion and loss on her face. "You're not right, i don't know what's blinding you, but you need to clear your eyes." she said and gestured to Icarus.
"Icarus can survive this... he's a strong boy and is only half demon." she said. "He soul won't die, but the demon one will be purified and purged from him by the light." she finished, then gestured to their daughter.

"She won't. Look at her soul." she said, knowing he could Athenus's. "She is a hybrid soul, demon and human merged, not her soul and a demon one. they're combined and are one in the same in order to survive her first death." Amaya said to her husband. She took a deep sigh and looked him deeply into his eyes. "If you go through with this, you are going to kill her and just flat out destroy her soul because it is demonic, there won't be any way to revive her if you do so..." the kunoichi finished.

"M-Mom?" Athenus said in disbelief she was actually saving her, not taking her side.

Dillon sighed, he had been in the wrong.
"I- I'm sorry, Is just you know me I kinda try too hard to fix things." he sheathed his swords
"Athenus sweetey are you alright? I just want you to be happy and, well I can tell your angry right now.
I can guess your scared about the saiyans But I promise that you'll be fine just trust in yourself your friends and your brother and You will come out alright I promise."

"I'm not afraid, i just can't believe you're going to sit there and not help us." she said, reverting back to her normal form. "It pisses me off to no extent. And i just don't want to live a heroe's life. i don't want to wake up and wonder who i'm fighting today. I want to wake up with someone i care about and to have a family with. I'm not a fighter like you and mom." she said, calming down now. "You have the capability to help us, yet you sit there and do nothing, that's what i hate." she said, keeping herself calm through the entire thing.

"So explain to me why you won't help us, and i don't need any bullshit reason such as "to test us" or anything along the lines of that, because in the void we could find anything to do that with. I better get a straight answer or i'm going to leave." she threatened them with.

Dillon sighed he wasn't very good at explaining how he felt.
"Athenus this isn't about testing how strong you are it's about learning to solve your own problems. You left the void to explore the world and while I've been worried for you I knew in my heart you and Icarus would keep each other safe.
I know you feel I'm abandoning you But trust me when I say If I felt for a moment you couldn't defeat them on you own then I would have fought them myself.
However I am not going to be sitting here in the void I'll soon leave the void but it'll take me some time to have enough energy to break through the void barrier."

a portal opens behind dillon and a guy falls out, landing on his face and laying there for a second before sitting up and groaning, holding his forehead.
looking around he spots the group of people and sits there watching.
"are u friends with neffy? u look like neffy. well, he does."
points at icarus.
he gets up and groans when he does
"does anyone have any jello? green jello? and pop rocks, gotta have the pop rocks."

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