Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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Amaya facepalmed when her father spoke about the seal. "Grandad fixed that a few years ago, he figured out a way to have it identify a person's life force and let them through. And learning to solve my own problems? Dad, i think i've had enough lessons from this family. I was driven insane, i managed to recover, i killed the grim reaper on his first attempt to get me." she said and held her hand out, a pink flame appearing and spreading out, revealing the reaper's staff to form in her hand. "even managed to come back from death."

"I can solve problems. Like this back and forth between us. I'll be back for the fight." She said, slamming the bottom of the scythe's pole on the ground. She held up her free hand and snapped her fingers, becoming enveloped in the pink fire before disappearing.

watching the woman showing a lot of skin talking to someone she called her dad eddie stands there waiting till she disappears in pink flame, holding a scythe. standing there or another few seconds he walks over and pokes the one called dad in the side
"where am i? did the chickens send me here? do you have cake?"

Dillon was upset by his daughter.
That's when the odd boy started asking him questions.
"Your in a dimension known as the void, I don't know anything about chickens, and no we don't have cake. Here in the void we live off simple meals."

"Athenus wait!" Icarus shouted as his sister disappeared in pink fire.
He sighed and dropped to his knees,
"Come back" he said softy.
He lowered his head, he could understand why she was upset but he didn't want to lose her again.
Selena floated over to him patting him on the shoulder.

Amaya sighed and looked around. She put allot of faith and trust into those she cared about and hoped her husband was right. She walked over to her son and knelt down to Icarus. "Come on Icky, she's never been one to let any sort of rational thought get her off her mindset. She'll be there for the fight with the saiyans, i can promise you that because she promised that." She said then took her son's chin in her hand, to bring his face up to look at her own.

"Your sister always is stubborn about things, but she's never one to stop from reaching her goals. Have a bit of faith in her." she said then stood up. Looking at Selena, she smiled softly. "So, you are his girlfriend? keep my icky safe. and i'm sure you two will make a great couple!" she said sweetly, her eyes closed.

when eddie heard there was no cake and they didn't know anything about the chickens he turned and watched the one on the floor, tilting his head and wondering if he was like neffy. walking over he reach's into icarus's back and pulls out one of his wings
"these are cool. but they look different than neffy's. so.... are you not like him? you look like him. hes like u sometimes, but more when he breaks a mouth. did you break that woman's mouth?"
let the wing go and look around, wondering if they have jello, and if it's green.

Icarus flared his wings as Eddie tried to grab them
"Yes those are real don't touch them. Now then I don't know any neffy, and no I don't break mouths, Though I sometimes punch people in the face when they do something, Oh I dunno, like yank on my wings."

Selena blushed a bright cherry red.
"Umm well we haven't really, see Athenus Kinda has issues with me getting to close to him or she had I don't know right now."

eddie drops his hand and looks at icarus's wings.
"neffy is a demon. well...... hes kinda a demon. hes a demon when he's mad and when someone hugs him and when uh.... bad guy is close."
looking up at the wings eddie turns and walks away slightly. blinks at the flaming red girl, wondering if shes sick.
standing there kicking at the ground he waits while looking at everyone, wondering where he is and if there is an artifact close by.

Icarus sighed and stood up
"Alright everyone, The Saiyans will arrive soon You, Eddie we're gonna take a walk I'm gonna fill you in on what's going on."
Eddie and Icarus walked off as Icarus explained the situation with the Saiyans and how they were coming to earth to kill everyone and there was some odd things known as dragon balls
Selena meanwhile was worried not just about Athenus but if the others were also in this mindset.
"Look I know we spent a year getting ready, but if someone here feels they can't handle the fight." she stopped she didn't know what to say.

*walking with icarus eddie nods and looks around as icrus talks. when he stops talking eddie looks at him and says*
"so.... we fight these monkeys and look for a dragons balls. can't we give them all the bananas they can carry and sent them away? and why would you want to take a dragons balls?"
*eddie shrugs and sighs. looking around again he asks*
"can you win? like are you strong?"

Icarus smiled a bit.
"If we all fight together we can definitely win, I may not look like much but you see I have a little surprise, Transformation."
he decided It'd be safe to let Eddie know.
He focused and closed his eyes, Eddie suddenly got a cold feeling as if the temperature just dropped. Icarus opened his eyes his skin was paler, he smiled showing longer incisors, hi eyes had changed his blue eye was now blood red with a slit pupil and his purple eye was now a blacj sphere with a glowing red pentacle in the center.

as icarus transforms eddie backs up one step to watch.
"you are like neffy. but he doesn't changes when he wants to. and i have a surprise to."
suddenly a mallet appears in eddies hand

eddie spins it around then grabbing the handle with both hands behind himself, smiling.

I'll try to post some time soon, at the moment I'm just tweaking my characters. In the meantime, here's my antagonist.

Suddenly a bright light appears in front of Icarus and Eddie and when the light disappears a grizzled man in old western clothing stands before them "where am I!?" the man asked demandly with a cold stare and two of his fingers on his right hand twitching wanting to go for his colt 1873s but resists the temptation.

Icarus was surprised at the sight of the cowboy, he was even more surprised when he noticed the odd black mist surrounding them.
"better brace yourself guys we're making another jump.
"what?" asked Eddie as the heroes were whisked away from the void. Leaving Amaya alone.
"I hope he knows what he's doing" she said as her husband waved goodbye to her.

Icarus and the others found themselves on the rising dawn. Dillon was nowhere to be found.
"we don't have much time, OK Eddie new guy as a recap a bunch of super evil jackasses are coming to earth to kill everyone we're gonna beat the shit out of them. They'll be here soon so I'm going to go to a good fighting spot nearby and wait once they land I'm going to draw their attention at that point I need you all to converge on my position. Selena will be in touch with me."
He opened a window and jumped out activating his wings he flew off, a little habit he learned from his father, he had accidentally cleared a large area when he was training in solitude it was near the pyramid and made a good place to hide he flew up to a high location. he remembered his training he would spend hours flying in that heavy weighted clothes flying around again he felt so light. he kept his scouter active waiting for two large power levels to appear.
"Please sis, Please show up I can't do this without you."

Selena was preparing a large satchel containing huge number of potions that would heal, replenish energy, ease pain. a magical first aid kit, for a small army.
This is it Guys I don't think we can turn and run at this point, Take the dawn down we don't need one of them being clever and spotting our ship and decide to blast it." she was tense, she wasn't much of a fighter. Her main hope was the others would make a better target than her so she wouldn't have to fear being attacked.

David walks up to Selena "look, I don't know what going on but it's sounds like you got a fight coming on so" pulling out an 1894 Winchester Repeating Rifle while he says "I think I'll help out a little" cocking the the handle "this is a ship right? where the engine room? I have an idea" he said with a smirk

Selena turned her floating chair to face David.
"Pardon me but what would this idea be? the engine has been damaged before and we can just go to the helm and land the ship."
Selena was really hoping this gunslinger wasn't planning on damaging the ship, or try to crash it. that would be catastrophic.

"oh ok nevermind then" he said putting his weapon away "right where the helm then?" he sighing a little

Selena sighed and headed towards what she guessed was the helm The rising dawn was soon low to the ground and among trees.
Selena had a communicator hooked up to her ear waiting for Icarus's Signal.

"are we there yet?"
"are we there yet?"
"are we there yet?"
"are we there yet?"
"are we there yet?"
As Nappa and Vegeta Exited their pods they many people surrounded them>
"who the hell are you-" asked a random bystander, he was cut off by Napa causing an explsosion.
"DAMMIT NAPPA, think before you act, you could have just destroyed a dragon ball!"
"A what now?"
"A Dragon ball, Don't you remember our wish?"
Nappa had a flashback
"Ah yes, now I remember, pandas"
Vegeta sighed
"One of these days your going to die, then you'll be out of my hair, Forever......
Whatever lets just go."
Vegeta activated his scouter scanning for power levels

In the jungle
Icarus's scouter beeped two massive power levels had appeared, with the two close together it was huge, Icarus Got ready, he flared up his power letting it climb as high as it could, he hadn't transformed yet but he suspected his power would stick out.

Vegeta and Nappa's scouters acted up
"Hey Vegeta there's a higher power level over there, think Its the one that killed Raditz?"
"Oh who the hell cares lets just check it out." Vegeta barked as they veered off to the source.

Icarus saw their power levels, he activated the com link
"Heroes Saiyans have landed and are approaching Regroup at my position." he barked into the mike, he then lowered himself to the ground.
"Come on sis, don't, Please don't give up on us now." he kept his energy high, the seal was currently active, he wasn't sure he should let himself change yet, he wanted to make sure if athenus would be there....

Selena got the message
"Ok guys step lively we're moving out." she announced. The stage was set and a battle would ensue,

-Will Athenus show up for her brother?
Will Icarus have the courage to transform?
Will the heroes be able to defeat the saiyans?
OR will they gather the seven dragon balls and gain they're wish?
Find out next time on

John heard the com link "come on Fate we need to get to the Helm, stay close to me" he said before fast walking to the helm

The heroes went to the docking station leaving, they moved quickly: Eddie, John, Fate, Garrus, And baby Tooth Selena was in the back they moved quickly hoping they'd reach Icarus before the Two Saiyans did.

"Hey Vegeta,"
"What is it Nappa?"
"Wanna play a game?"
"I spy with my little eye something white"
"Nappa we're flying at breakneck speeds by the time You say you see something we already passed it also it was a cloud."
"Nice job now it's your turn."
He sighed, at least he wasn't asking if they were there yet.

Somewhere in Vancouver

Standing at the building site of the brand new "Chaos Theater" Aenea stood beside a bespectacled young man with spiky hair watching the busy workers as they finished up their tasks for the day.

"You're my girl, right Aenea?" He said a smug gut wrenching smile on his face.

Inside Aenea she just wanted to scream and stomp her feet as she gave him a piece of her mind, even deeper inside of her something wanted to kill this idiot boy in the slowest method possible. But instead a smile that was a combination fake, forced, and looked sick spread across her face. "Of course Giddy baby" when she said that the lips that were curved into a smile twitched in irritation, and Aenea's force smile turned to a forced pout.

"Think about it baby, this could all be yours. Yours and mine, if you win that is" He said "which you will if you care about me"

Aenea felt the sharp pain at the back of her neck that it always gave when he said things like that, and it made her hold back tears of pain, and shame. "Of course I do! I'll do whatever it takes to win!" She said stammering and babbling "I already have a band!" She said lying, hoping to avoid displeasing her keeper any further.

"Good, the first few shows are beginning to book out at the smaller venues. I hope to see you on stage singing your broken little heart out." Popping a piece of chewing gum in his mouth he snickered as he walked off, his chewing could be heard as he waved goodbye and walked towards the foreman.

God damn it! I don't have a band! She internally cursed the idiot whom choked her up whenever he was around. She knew there was only a few things that would make her feel better.

Later on at the Underbelly

Punching out the teeth of the bouncer Aenea daintily stepped over his body. Carrying a armful of posters she made her rounds around the bar posting them on various walls. All of them stylish pleas for help, a "call to arms" for any "bad dudes" ready to step up and play in the battle for the bands, leaving her phone number on all the posters she decided to watch the talent on stage in the crowd.

If there was two things Aenea could appreciate it was a brawl, and it was loud music, even if it was horrible. In the crowd at the foot of the stage Aenea got a good taste of both. Tumbling about in a mosh pit to the beat of a double pedal drum, she swing her arms wildly knocking people off their feet as she felt; arms, legs, and heads battering her own body. After feeling herself sufficiently lower on steam she sat at the bar and decided to fill herself up with rancor and cheap liquor. She waited staring down her phone. Ring damnit! Ring so I can get this train wreak a rollin!

The Rising Dawn
The heroes sat together in the lobby, the central coffee table had multiple platter of foods from mixed raw vegetables and fruits to triangular cut Club Sandwiches to sushi.
They were sitting together eating, talking together laughing in general all were having a good time well almost everyone.
Selena sat in a leather chair a significant distance from the others. Her Charm bracelet held all of her little tools she had her legs crossed, It felt weird being around other people, they knew she was a witch, normally that was license to chase her off and there was always a 'hero' who wanted to cut off her head.

She had a small plate of food that she would peck at halfheartedly she was often looking out the huge bay window showing the vast ocean outside.
She had been there for a few weeks, so she was safe to guess she wasn't going to be killed, but shaking off a life of solitude was no small feat.

The Underbelly
As Aenea Sat at the bar, someone entered the club. the crowd parted way for him, not in fear, the crowd simply moved unconsciously. He sat a the bar right next to Aenea.
The teenager found herself shivering as if someone had cranked the AC. A bartender brought him a drink despite he hadn't seemed to speak a word. Aenea noticed when he touched the drink the glass became frosted from where his fingers touched, a cool mist drifted off top of the glass.
"You seem to be waiting for someone... or something" he said he wasn't really looking at her, she took another look at the stranger, he didn't seem too old maybe in his early 20's, He was dressed in fine but simple clothes black dress pants and a black shirt that later she would learn was made of silk, he had rather long black hair, Pale skin with the changing lighting his skin would even look almost grey, but most notable was his dark green eyes, staring into them made you feel weightless like you were falling but your feet were touching the ground.
He was looking at her, with a slight smirk for a moment he seemed to be confused and even snarled showing elongated fangs and slit pupils but his face returned to normal so fast she felt she must have imagined it.
"There's something about you," he said his voice was deep, and oddly calming.
"Something I can see. Tell me what's on your mind? I have quite a few talents, I may be able to make your problems.... go away" he had a smile on his face showing his teeth, there weren't any sign of fangs but still something was off.

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