Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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The Batter's expression didn't change as he watched the boy wipe his face. "I am indeed pure. Tell me; where am I, and who were those people you fought? Were they evil?"

"Evil? Probably not. Though, the one who tried an illusion seemed a bit on the dark and broody side. He said something about protecting his sister, though, and if she's even weak enough to need the protection, there isn't much hope for that family... I don't actually know where we are. I'll just assume 'field', and go from there. Lack of snow, no sign of Yggdrasil, I'd say we're on Midgard or something like it." Thialfi shrugged, pulling off his tunic. He'd have to remember to wash it later, but for now he just wrapped it around his head.

Batter nodded, seemingly content with that answer. He turned and looked around, spotting Ash, and pointing to him. "You. You've been watching us for a while now. Who are you?"

'I'm a man who has had the worst vacation you can possibly imagine. I've seen all my friends die... twice, battled demons, and saved the lives of a bunch of inbred savages, all within the span of four days. Now I'm irritable, possibly insane, and most assuredly violent. Don't fuck with me.'

He then approached. 'Now perhaps you two can tell me... why you're wearing stupid outfits.'

The girl had taken to the air and watch the entire event unfold. She came down when she had hear mention of her. "I would happen to be here with my brother, from a universe very similar to this one. And i can tell you, despite our dark appearences, we're very much good." she said aas the black angelic wings on her back shrunk away from her.

"As in all stories, every light needs a darkness, we're those who dwell in the darkness to bolster the light. We're the bad-good guys if you would. I'm a dark paladin and my brother i like to call the "Dark Angel". Doesn't mean we're bad, just means we represent the... "dirty side" of the good." she explained, keeping her distance from the crazy one with the hammer.

Icarus smiled as his sister explained their moral stance, His own wings appeared, helping show how he was called a dark angel.
"It's Not really possible to be pure good you can only try as hard as you can to be Good but something, or more often someone, will look at you and see your actions as harmful rather then helping." he said this thinking of some of the sories he had been told.
"I would also like to say that, yes I do use illusions to confuse people attacking me or my sister but I don't use them unless it's in a hostile situation."

"oi this outfit isn't stupid and this is armor i'll have you know good sir" he said walking over to Batter, Ash and Thialfi "now i don't know about these two but i'm from the year 1201 so that explains why i'm wearing this" he said

"Sounds like the Aesir, minus reason or power. And illusions are a cowards attack, no matter you reason. Thialfi practically growled at the cowardly, unnoble siblings. Their actions were cowardly, and Thialfi would kill them if they loed about their true alignment...

"My outfit isn't dumb....

Ash cocked an eyebrow at David and Thialfi. 'Yeah, they are.' He said with a smirk. 'I mean, I'd say this was some kind of rennasisance fair, but Babe Ruth over there disproves that.' He finished, ponting at Batter.

David turns to Thialfi "illusions?? what illusions???? i can't see any illusions what so ever and besides what do they have to do with him mocking our clothes!?!?" he said pointing at Ash

OOC: Fuck it, not doing yhe color thing anymore.

Thialfi buried his face in his palm, sighing at the mage as he turned towards him.

"... For one who looks so sagely, you don't seem very smart... And the hell is a Babe Ruth, is it some weird Midgard thing?

I'm surrounded by idiots and assholes... Ash thought to himself

'Oh, so you're another medevil savage then, eh Thor? Well, I would't expect you to know then.' He replied to Thialfi

He then turned to David. 'And what's this about illusions, fancypants?'

David turns round and sees Icarus saying he uses illusions "oh i see wait a minute" turns to Thialfi and wallops him on the head with his staff "just because i didn't listen to something doesn't mean i'm stupid, boy" he said having a bit of a quick temper

he then turns to Ash "well apparently that kid over there with the black wings said he uses illusions to confess people in battle and i didn't heard any of it" he said pointing at Icarus

"and leaves my armor out of this!!!!" he yells

"ok, This is Origin plains and everyone who is brought to this universe is here to join one side or the other. Me and my brother here are 2nd generation in this universe. We're currently standing in the origin plains, where the teams are decided." she explained until the 16 year old spoke up.

Athenus smirked at the comments of the Asguardian. "Listen, we have reason or you'd be dead. And you haven't gottern me mad so you can't know my power yet, but lets not do that and lets not find out." She said and rested and arm on her brother's shoulder. "We're all heroes here. we're all equal and fair. So... until you start to work and look at us as equals captain ego, i'm going to talk down to you and humiliate you whenever i can. Understand buddy? I'll be your friend and laugh with you if you do the same with me."

'Hold on a minute.' Ash said to Athenus. 'As much as I like the idea of makin' fun of Thor over there.' Pointing his finger at Thialfi. 'I have absolutely no damn clue what the hell you're talking about. What's this about "sides?"'

'And if you don't want to get laughed at, don't wear dumb clothes, ya fruitcake.' He eventually quipped back at David.

Thialfi was halway through taking the wizards head off before the lady spoke up. He listened to her words, dropping his sword.

"Ha, spoken like a true Asgardian! As long as you can back thay bark up, we'll get along great! Just don't expect me to respect anyome unless they earn it.... And I'll kill the wizard if he tries to speak again."

Icarus glared at The viking he may have had his redemptive qualities but no one called him a coward.
"You think I'm a coward eh? well hwos this for a deal pall drop the hammer and fight me hand to hand, I wont use any illsuions at all but you can't use that block of iron that shoots lightining."
He Knew he could beat him as long as that guy didn't have his oversized mallet with him.

"unlikely and i am a mage not a wizard boy" he said coldly to Thialfi and turned to Ash "what do you expect? that i wear clothes like yours? i highly doubt there being clothes like yours in this realm so how about we drop this arguement?" he said annonyed

'Fair enough, Fancypants.' He shot back.

Athenus's eyes was beginning to twitch as all of the bickering whent on. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, ALL OF YOU!" she shouted as she drew her shortsword and held it up high. A bolt of lightning came down and hit the sword. Athenus was veiled in black lighting and when it faded, she stood transformed, power seeming to ooze off of her.

From her back unfurled a set of wings with an absolutly massive 20ft wingspan. When she spoke, her voice seemed to speak on multiple levels of tone, being modulated like some devine being speaking to them.

"Now i swear on my wings of darkness that if any of you continue to bicker, i will castrate all of you with my bare heands. Is that understood?" she asked, still fumingly mad.

There was a collective, silent and frightened nod from everyone.

"Good, now ALL OF US are the "heroes" that is OUR SIDE. Now, somewhere else in this field there are the VILLAINS, that is THE SIDE WE'RE AGAINST. Stop questioning it and just accept it. Ok? Now any questions or are you going to go back to bickering so i can castrate you all with my hands and force you to eat what i rip off?" they could all tell this was sincere and odds are she would do this if they continued.

"nope no questions i'll fight with you" he said now very scared

Thialfi yawned into his fist, staring Athenu dead in the eye,

"I won't work with anyone who can't prove himself, so if you care to stop with false threats, we can test our mettle on these forces of evil!" Thialfi grinned wildly again, raising his hammer to the air.

Ash backed off in fear. 'Whoa lady, calm the fuck down! Jesus, is it your time of the month?! I'll join your... group thing, just chill!'

Batter didn't do a thing. He'd watched the whole thing go down, motionless and wordless, until now.

"I'm only joining the fight against impure spirits. If anyone is one, or objects to that, then I'll have to fight. You're all in my way otherwise." he stated, turning away from the scene.

"I'm only joining the fight against impure spirits. If anyone is one, or objects to that, then I'll have to fight. You're all in my way otherwise."

"And THAT is why he's my favorite so far. If any of you want to grow a pair, I think evil needs a good whooping? I think you need it more than most, lady." He pointed his thumb at Athenus', as he turned and followed the batter. He remained silence, allowing the man his thoughts. A trait he'd picked up on his month of shadowing Odin.

'So, we're actually doing this?' Ash sighed. 'Excellent, because, you know, this is totally how I wanted to spend my vacation.'

OoC: @XIII: If Batter is devoted to fighting impure spirits, he should be slightly wary of Ash. I'm not saying he's a demon, but he's had the forces of hell playing fast and loose with his body, I'd be surprised if he even had a soul anymore.

OoC: @trty: Gotcha.

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Icarus flew up to his sister wanting her to calm down, he felt rather secure he had always been a faster flyer than his sister.
"Ok OK let's calm down no need for genital mutilation." he has his hands on her shoulders Trying his best to get his sister to chill out.
Hopefully She was willing to listen to her brother.

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Athenus's hand became encased in black electricity as she grew angry even more at the germanic kid. That's when Icarus put his hands on her shoulders, the effect was immediate as she calmed down, but was still in form.

She no longer wanted to kill him, but cut him with her words. "Sparky!" she shouted out to the asgaurdian. "Odin's own son is an frost Giant and you so called "god" still loves him. So tell me sparky, where odin promised to end all frost giant's lives, why is loki, who odin calls his own son, one of them?" she yelled out, knowing that she had probably just hit a nerve very deep in the kid.

Thialfi winced at the mention of his former friend.

"We called that bastard brother, not son. And trusting him was a mistake! He killed poor Baldur in cold blood because he was BORED... Mention that SNAKE again, and you'll wind up in Hel as worm food!" A bolt of lightning ran through Mjolnir, red as blood, the air around him became heavier. His eyes showed nothimg but pure viking rage.

"What would thor think of you calling his brother a snake? from what i understand, thor still loves his brother no matter how many he's had to fight him and how many times loki has gone against Asgaurd. I know my history, i read my comics." she said with an wickid smurk on her face.

Thialfi's confusion overruled his rage for a moment, what the hell was a comic?

"Thor wasn't raised as Loki's brother? And Thor would hate him anyways, Baldur was his son!" Thialfi shook his head, the girl must've taken a head wound somewhere.

"If you want to keep acting silly, you are welcome to get a free healing lightning bolt!" The red lightning was gone, and Thialfi now donned a smirk. The woman must just be dumb. He shook his head and tutted at her, and began walking away.

as the heroes bickered the ground began to shake, something hug was approaching they turned and saw a giant creature it moved slowly as if it were made of stone.
Curious Icarus flew to approach it the Massive beast replied with a swat sending him to land near the heroes his head in a daze
"That thing does NOT like Girl scout cookies
GUILTY" he shouted before passing out

Batter stopped and sniffed the air for a second, then turned and caught sight of the monster as it swatted Icarus away. Wielding his bat once more, he snarled and uttered one word:


His bat glowed with white energy again, and Batter charged, full force, towards the creature.

Purification in progress...

as the ground started to shake David turned round to saw the massive monster and Batter charging at it and prepared a giant boulder to throw at the creature after Batter is done taking a swing at it

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