Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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Rori had been doing his evil thing when he way stopped by the sound of running and then a Kunai flying past his face. He looked at it then back at where it came from only to find Athenus...

The little demon devil kid thing was set flying across the room after the impact from the kick that Athenus had launched into him.

"FOOL!" Athenus shouted at Rori and landed next to her brother. With a stabbing of her sword into the ground, the darkness around then recoiled and gave way to Athenus's own brand of darkness, creating a peri item around them, roughly 10 feet.
"I flew the others up here, what's with this schmuck?" She asked her brother.

Rori simply stopped sailing in mid air, and dusted himself off while standing upside down. The twins were weak, it seemed. Or required sneak attacks to do anything. A weak pair, he figured, and they would be dealt with promptly. The hole in his illusion worried him, though., it was rare to see one who could break it. He held out his arms, and strengthened the area around the space, bodies becoming more visible, as well as giggling demons.

"I'm the person who killed Archangel Gabriel, as well as countless other angels. You people annoy me endlessly, I think it's time I bring the population down a few more ticks." He made a barrier of hellfire around him, as he went to work with his summoning.

Several familiars popped up from the ground, each constantly staying in gelatinous motion, each only wearing a skull mask to mark it as anything but a black blob. They got to work immediately, tendrils extending from everything that wasn't the mask. The tendrils shot out in all directions, covering the place almost completely. Hellfire began flowing out of the tendrils, setting fire to all they touched.

Run or die...

Purification in progress...

The impurities- 'familiars' began to take the ship. Batter set to work, sprinting from here to there as he whacked at the tendrils. Occasionally he would get burned, but he managed to heal himself a little each time. He glanced outside the window and saw the two angels squaring off against Rori.

"Idiots. I told you he couldn't be trusted." he grumbled as he tried to find a way to the siblings and the source of the impurities himself.

"i have no idea if i want to jump in on this fight or not oh well" he said seeing the tendrils heading towards him he casts a protection spell and a bubble of water appears around David and the door and stops the tendrils from going through the door.

he then casts a spell that links Batter's mind to his own "Heart to heart and mind to mind, let our spirits intertwine. Link our thoughts from end to end, as we think our minds will blend." his eyes start to glow and they link minds

"Batter hurry i don't know how long my spell can last and i don't think Icarus and Athenus can fight off Rori for ever" he said via mind link

"Can you get me to the spectre's source?" Batter thought, pointing to Rori. "These things won't stop unless we kill him."

David looks through his spellbook for a teleportation spell "yes but i'll have to teleport to you and then teleport back, it will require some effort and a bit of Mana"

he thought closing his eyes he said "I am here, I am there, take to Batter, teleport me THERE!!"

as he said that last word he teleports quick star trek style and reappears infront of Batter, lets out a wave of fire which only harms the tendrils and then holds out his right hand "take me hand and hold on you might get travel sickens" he thought

"The schmuck as you can see is an angel killer, and he made the mistake pf threatening my family." Icarus rose form the ground his six wings barely had to beat to stay off the ground, he glared at Rori and readied his blade.
With a nod to his sister he suddenly charged in at Rori slicing through the familiars as he got close. Icarus began to move around Rori cutting and slicing at him, Rori tried to block his attacks, but the slash that Icarus made seem to cause a different cut to appear on somewhere other than he was attacking. The black blade was cold, the dread of death lingered with each cut. His strength slipped away with every slice of the sword.
Icarus smiled cruelly
"I can sense your thoughts, you think of us as weak, well then allow me to demonstrate the kind of power your dealing with.
suddenly Rori writhed in agony, he felt something crawling underneath his skin something was scuttling around clawing ripping and biting. he grabbed at one point of this pain and yanked it out ripped off a large bit of flesh and saw it was a black beetle,. this was no illusion Icarus had charged his blade with his lighting but had forced it to build up inside the demons body, and then he made it form into beetles, the beetle in Rori's hand used its electrical body o electrocute him causing a wave of twitches as the electricity irritated his nerves.

Batter heard the commotion outside, and decided it would be best to hurry. "Don't worry about me. You're just gonna have to keep me afloat when we get there." he thought, grabbing David's arm.

Rori smiled at the sight of the beetle. Black and pretty, and simple. If he could sense his thoughts.... Rori grinned further as a thousand voices flooded into both his and Icarus head. He snapped his fingers, and teleported next to him. He made a single cut, slicing through his mask, slicing into his eyes. A swift kick to his gut sent him spiralling towards Batter.

"Poor Icarus, flew to close to the sun... You, help your brother or fight an immortal. The choice is yours, but time moves against you... Rori turned into normal, thin and normal as he flew higher into the air. He didn't WANT to hurt them... it was just so fun. In the mean time, he changed his familiars, creating a singular blob with several masks. It simply hovered in the room, the odd tendril floating out to snap at Batter.

"then hold on" he said Batter would see a white flash and see Rori fighting Icarus and Athenus "Batter, GO i'll cover you!!" he said dashing at the odd tendril, flying at Batter and throwing some fire magic and staff martial arts at it and some other tendrils

There was a swirling Vortex that sucked up Rori. he found himself in a dark area, sitting on a hexagonal plateau with nothing visible around him other than a light shining down on him. A figure walked out into the light. "You're breaking the order of things and looking at getting yourself killed fighting all these heroes." she said to him, her appearence similar to Athenus's.

"I saved your life because it's the beginning of the story, no more plot armor after this." she said and dumped him out into a white room, somewhere far away. After realizing that he was sitting atop something, Rori looked down and found himself sitting atop a girl in a hoodie with the hood up.

He was caught off guard, somehow, by something that looked like he could create. Probably had a spell and everything... He scoffed as he noticed he was standing on some girls head, a titan in her teens, where did the time go, etc. etc. He noticed a voice lecturing him, and sighed, half listening to it.

"I saved your life because it's the beginning of the story, no more plot armor after this."

"You have too much faith in those two, who ever you are. I'll assume god, as proving you wrong is a thing I've taken a special little joy in lately." Rori took off his hat and looked around, not much special about the place, mostly white and sterile. He raised his walking stick, and gave a small thump on the girls head. No pain, of course, wouldn't want to lose a friend THIS early. He used a spell to amplify his voice to something that would resemble normal.

"May I know your name? Or if you have lice?"


Thialfi hated flying. There was no way around it, and when the guy flipped shit he was almost happy. Then he noticed he was useless as everyone else without wings and powers up the wazoo. He couldn't even bother with sighing, he was so annoyed. He turned around to the eldritch rip off, and shrugged figuring the others could take it. He watched what he could of the fight before the Eldritch familiar grew and became a fun threat.

"My quest for honor continues." He turned around, a lightning bolt at the ready. He gave a mighty swing, and blew a hole in the monster. It promptly fixed itself, at the price of a lot of its' own mass. Thialfi sighed, this could take awhile.

Rori disappeared before Batter could get to him. Mildly frustrated as confused, he settled for shrugging it off and turned back to the monstrosity behind him, jumping high and bashing in more masks.

Icarus grasped at his bloody eye
"Next time I see him He's dead" he swore to himself as his angel mode deactivated
"Sis-ter" he managed as he stumbled forward his power was gone his energy weakened. He looked at the familiars
He began to limp away trying to reach a safe place lucky there were few familiars around maybe 5 at most, that was assuming there were any in the other rooms but that was would prove to be untrue. He looked for his sister being half blind was not pleasant and he needed his sisters help, he was out of the fight.

Far off
The heroes were being watched, a powerful witch was suing her scrying sphere to spy on them.
"Well well well the Little Demon Prince has finally emerged, mmm he seems so strong, I can't wait to make him grow, Soon he will be mine." she laughed to herself licking her lips at the thought of him.
"I find must a way to get to him, The longer I wait the more I want him." she snapped her finger and began to prepare herself for a long journey she'd need a plan to get the little prince to join her side, he wasn't a demon yet after all.

"Dear Godess brother!" Athenus shouted, running to his aid. The girl took her brothers arm and placed it over her, helping hold him up. "Come on, lets get you to the captains quarters." She said and gestured for the others to follow her. "The canteen is along the way." She said and began walking with her brother.

"Ouch! Hey! I was sleeping!" The girl complained to Rori. She had been napping at the time he had vortexed into the room. She was rather upset, sitting up and looking around the room. "Been stuck in here for a few days, but the food has been good, so I'm not complaining." The girl commented to him. "And just call me May." She proclaimed rather proudly. The only thing visible on her head was the lower portion of her face, the rest hidden by the hoodies and shadows.

Icarus walked with his sister. Blood dripped from his hand as he had covered his left eye.
The familiars had been cleared, they passed the canteen which was a small food preparation station that was win the lounge a large room with two walls being tempered glass there was Victorian furniture soft sofa's and one very prominent chair a small sign dubbed it as the 'Captain's favorite'. the other sat down needing a hort rest as well as some food would be useful
The twins carried on to the captains quarters.
Athenus got her brother to lay on the large bed
"Icarus are you hurt?"
Icarus grit his teeth
"That demon something about him, he did something to my eye." he groaned
Athenus gently moved away her brothers hand and gasped, the eye wasn't just bloody there was some sort of poison in it, as if the demons very touch had contaminated her brothers eye.
"It looks like something is corrupting the eye."
"Can you get rid of it somehow? I can't see though my eye maybe f I"
Icarus Wasn't fully sure how his eye worked but he did know it would change at time he was currently trying to get it to change shape possibly helping his sight but while the pupil changed form its diamond to a more oval shape this spread the contamination he yelled in pain, clutching his eye.

Far off
The witch had finished her preparation and was moving rapidly, while many magic users preferred the flashy teleport or other insane methods she had a soft spot for the humble enchanted broom. she had her robes, tomes, potion ingredients, and even had her pointed hat. she had some plans on how best to meet with the little prince she would have to get close but being surrounded by heroes meant she would have to convince them she was a 'good' witch.

David hearing Icarus was injured rushed to the captain's quarters to see if he could help, entering the captain's quarters he saw Icarus yelling in pain "Athenus go get Batter and some water, Icarus stop trying to move it you'll make my job alot harder" he said and pulled out a small pouch "here take this, it'll dud the pain" he said handing it

Athenus's eyes changed into their sharingan form. "I know a bit of medical ninjutsu, let me try and help it." She said and held her hands up, both David and her brother looking at them. Meanwhile, she had cast a genjutsu on them, an illusion to make sure they wouldn't see what she was doing.

She finished by resting her hands on the bed and ending/releasing the genjutsu. "There... that should... do it." She said and spun around, letting her back lean on the bed and passing out there.

"No thanks." Batter replied, having magically found his way back after purifying the rest of the familiars. He sighed and sat down on a chair. "I told you not to trust that demon. And now look what happened." he grumbled, gesturing towards the angels.

Once healed he got up, he knelt down to his sister and covered her with his woolen cloak like a blanket. he always felt guilty when she did that, it healed him, but the sword was an evil blade, it wasn't right for his sister to have to harm herself like that. He got up, he heard the batters comment.
"Yes your right that was a demon, but you question everyone, so we'd rather you reserve your comments
But how's this if we ever see him again I'll help you ensure that he doesn't live after a second encounter." he said crossly.
"You guys try to find the engine room I'm going to stay here and watch over my sister."

"alright, come on Batter let's find the engine room" he said walking out the door gesturing Batter to join him and leave the two angels in peace

Flight Deck of the Rising Dawn

As the rest of the gang went about their business, anyone in the Bridge could see the Radar pick up a incoming object from the west.
Bypassing any possible Anti-Air countermeasures, Viscus managed to land on the airship's helipad without incident.
Target : Useful Technology : Located in Engine Room
>Bypassing Airlock.]

Viscus remotely opened the door and was now on board the Rising Dawn, following a pre-planned route to the device in question.
Anyone nearby could hear the War Machine's heavy metal footsteps echo through out the hallways.

Viscous received a message from an unknown source, but it seemed to just flat out bypass all of his defences.


"Please report to aperture laboratories as soon as possible. Your position awaits you."

The message said, leaving him co-ordinates to the laboratories.

"Ouch! Hey! I was sleeping!"

'Did my spell just... Not work?' Rori cocked his head, listening to the girl. Perhaps a healthy magical resist stat, or something. Magic was 3/4ths confusing bullshit, he thought grimly. He felt a certain absence though. He just couldn't put his finger on it...

"Been stuck in here for a few days, but the food has been good, so I'm not complaining. And just call me May."

"Sounds boring. I'm Rori." He flashed a normal smile, speaking in a normal voice, one of a standard 20-something. He held out his hand for a shake, and looked down. Blood? RED blood? Rori just stared at it, stupidly without comprehension.

'My suit... My suit. My suit! MY FUCKING SUIT, THATANGELSONOFABITCH!!!' Rori dropped to his knees as he took off the jacket, his body morphing instantly. He stood as a scrawny kid wearing a formal white button up and black slacks, white cotton gloves and no mask or shoes.

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" He put one hand on the coat, and the other on his stick. He channeled the mana from the coat into his stick, barely noticing the nosebleed as he was quickly overloaded. The coat seemed to lose it's color, becoming a dull grey, while the stick became a full fledged staff.

An imp grew on the now extended staff, a swirling chinese dragon went down to the very bottom, that ended in a sharp point. The imp glowed, and seemed angry. Rori dropped to his knees, apologizing repeatedly to the thing. His hair was unkempt and light pink, and he had clear stubble. His skin was pale, like he had never even seen the sun before. After awhile, he picked himself up and looked at the girl, shame clear on his face.


Tracing the source of the message, Viscus elected to check out who sent it later.
For now, he had an objective and he was going to see it though.
And by god, he wasn't going to let anything stand in his way.
Thus, the Machine marched on.

Batter's face twitched a little at the boy's reply, but he got up and left without a word. He joined David at the door and sighed, turning to the hallway. "So, the engine room. Where is it?"

"no idea lets find a map there's always at least one on each floor so what i think we do is we walk from one end of the ship to the another" he said before walking down the left side of the hallway "we'll go this way first" he said

As Batter and David made their way though the hallways of the Rising Dawn, they soon saw a rather advanced looking robot marching towards them.
[Unknown targets detected.
>Threat Assessment : Unable to verify : Weapons on Standby]
his dull mechanical voice said as he kept advancing on the duo.

"Warning : Remove yourself from the path of the Viscus Mark 1 Armoured Combat Unit."

"Hey guys" said Icarus he was using the com system in the Rising Dawn
"Turnout the captains quarters has a few little knick knacks stored away I found a small radar and I can see two things approaching, one should already be in the ship the other is away but approaching fast.
If your still looking for the engine room it on the bottom level, and if you encounter either of the weird things on the ship well find out what it wants before trying to attack, defend yourself if necessary but be cautious."
In the Distance
She was so close she could see the Rising Dawn
"SO this is where my little prince is hiding now, I wonder if he's alone, maybe I can get close to him already." She smiled
"I best be quiet about it perhaps I can employ one of my tricks, no it'd be best if he knows who I am first. Well mostly who I am, a few secrets wouldn't hurt."
with that she accelerated and entered the hangar, she dismounted the broom, then shrunk it down to the size of a charm and put it on her bracelet. she then untied her hair from a pony tail letting her long hair hang from her shoulders she then took out another charm it expanded into a large black disc with a flick of her wrist it turned into a pointed witch's hat she put it on. she made her way though the airship looking around.

spining his staff around before perparing himself "oh well i think we're encountered one, this metal machine man is telling us to remove ourselves from his path what do we do?" he said back over the intercom

Icarus was weighing options, on one hand if it was sentient the machine could be reasoned with, if it was brainless then it may be easier to take down.
"Try to communicate with it, It's invading our airship so it does have to explain itself. Let me know if it gets violent and I'll help you take it out." Icarus decided to create some black beetles they silently crawled around the ship they were made form his black lightning and thus if they found the robot and it was attacking it could short out the suit with it's electrical energy. He stayed by his sisters side, though oddly the second object seemed to have entered the ship he only hoped it wasn't backup for the machine.

"copy that" he said throgh the intercom and stepped forward to face the machine "you what are you doing on this ship!?" he said pointing his staff at Viscus

Batter got into his ready stance. He didn't know what this thing was; it was made of metal, that's for sure, but it didn't seem to give off any spectral energy. Nevertheless, he stood by David and glared at the robot, awaiting its reply.

OOC: I shall join in this escapade. . .

. . . after I get home from work later tonight.


"It is of no concern of yours. Please Step away from the path of the Viscus Mark 1 Armoured Combat Unit." Viscus repeated as he unfolded the Minigun from his left shoulder and let it spin.
"I do not desire conflict in this mission. Nor should you." He warned as he went to advance past them, calculating the odds of them either attacking or backing off.

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