Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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"you got any of this Ryncol stuff then??" he said turning to look at Thialfi "from what i've heard, Norse gods are the closest you can get to immortal" he said downing another one

Thialfi was about to respond to Garrus, when the Magus spoke up. Thialfi nodded, and shrugged, downing the bottle.

"I'm Thialfi, servant of Thor, slayer of Hrungnir and the one who raced thought itself! More goddamn vodka!" Thialfi dug into his bag, and picked out a Golden Apple. He held it up to the light, to show everyone, as he placed a foot on the bar and the other on his stool.

"THIS is the secret of Norse immortality. Sure, we can die in battle... But I know that if I do, I'm going straight to Valhalla with all of my friends! I don't fear death, I embrace it with arms wide open!" Thialfi jumped off, behind the counter, looking for something strong.

"So, where do you guys come from? I might know a person from there."

Batter quietly downed his fourth shot. He was already starting to feel the buzz, but he remained silent anyway, watching the conversation with mild interest.

"Right now, I wish. Buuut, if we went to Chora's Den on the Citadel, or Afterlife on Omega, you could get as much as you could pay for." Garrus turned his head toward Thialfi and the golden apple, "Well let's see how that golden apple of yours handles a sniper round from 1000 meters away."

So, where do you guys come from? I might know a person from there."

"I'm assuming it's another dimension, but my home planet is Palaven. See, I was flying my gunship to go pick up a shipment of communications equipment when I saw a flash of light, and was dumped in the sky next to this ancient beast," He said while slapping his hand on the bar."

"I'm assuming it's another dimension, but my home planet is Palaven. See, I was flying my gunship to go pick up a shipment of communications equipment when I saw a flash of light, and was dumped in the sky next to this ancient beast,"

"Valhalla is a bit of a hub. I mostly just talk to humans, though... OH, I think I know a guy who talked about Palaven." Thialfi rubbed his chin, trying to remember.

"He was scaly, green, wore a lot of leather. Looked like a weirdo to me, but he mentioned a mission there. Now HE could tell a story, you almost felt he was right there, listing things off as he saw them..." Thialfi shrugged, and put away his apple. He took a bottle of something, and started drinking.

The Naga stopped the rest of the group. "Hang on... i though i heard something..." She said, listening to the silence. There was another roan and then a horrid shearing sound. "GRAB AHOLD OF SOMETHING!" May shouted at them, grabbing onto the side rails.

While viscus was disabling the defenses, he came across files on the trio of them, labeling them as "persons of interest" and a video feed on them. He tuned in just in time to watch the metal snap and the trio plummet.
He received another message.

"Clean out the upper labs of scientists, save for the head three, then worry about them."

It was a while before they woke up again, but when they did, they found themselves in what appeared to be the old labs.

"I... think we're in the old labs, you two..." She said, rubbing her head from the fall. Slithering around a bit, she looked up. "We must have fallen atleast... well... we fell for a few minutes... I guess we should try and find somewhere that's not... wet..." May commented, gesturing to the many puddles around them.

Athenus looked at them drinking. 'Garrus, i think Wrex and Grunt might have been the only two people in your universe that could out drink you. But here, you'll have a bit more difficult of a time with them, Atleast the Asguardian."


Garrus downed one more shot, "Thane Krios. Poor bastard, he was a good warrior, but Keplar's Syndrome pretty much put an end to that. If he wanted you dead, there wasn't much you could do about it, and then he prayed for forgiveness and bless the dead. Not sure if some of his targets were worth the breath, but I guess whatever made him sleep better at night."

He looked over towards Athenus, "I guess we'll find out then." Garrus then turned toward Athenus with a puzzled look, "How exactly do you know all of that about my universe."

The Guy

The guy kept falling, however he was in the darkness. Just before he hit the floor, he teleported through the shadow and reappeared; standing up in the spot that would have been a puddle of red. "I guess we have no choice but to start exploring around. I'm getting tired of these people toying with us."

Rori acted quickly, though he wasn't near anything to save himself. His moment of hesitation cost him, as he tried to dash over to grab a railing. He tried to cast but was distracted trying to not get hit by pipes. Eventually, he had had it, and cast feather fall on himself using his word of power.

He floated down, at a relatively peaceful pace. The spell ended about 6 feet above the ground, and Rori felt the shock in his ankles roll up his legs. He was also pretty doused in brown liquid, of origins no man should have to know. He found himself wishing he had made shoes.

"Old lab? Hm..." Rori slogged about, and stood up on a piece of old grey tile. He looked around, the place was in terrible condition.

"Are there any enemies around these parts? Or what?"


"Damn straight I can out drink you! By the way, this absinthe stuff... really weird tasting. Really good though. Anyone want a taste?" Thialfi put down the bottle, and sat down on the stool. He looked up at Garrus.

"Yeah, that one was the name. Pretty sure he could kill most of the peeople at the table if he put his mind to it." Thialfi shook his head, he didn't know if bringing up the fact he talked to a dead friend would help or hurt the guy, but he seemed to not care.


Viscus noted the strange amount of orders he was given since he became "Free"
Still, it involved killing so it wasn't all bad.
He opened the lift and began to descend to the top floors of the underground lab.
[Neurotoxin control's found : Activating Vents]
He watched as the green gas emitted from every vent in the upper levels and all the humans in the base coughing and dying as he listened to the Elevator Music.

The unknown source was rather bothered by the liberal use of gas, it also killing the scientists that it asked to spare...

May looked around a bit more. "No, i don't think there are enemies..." she said when she noticed a poster sitting above a rack of old rifles, all of the early M16's to be exact. There was also a tub of lemons, looking rather fresh, save for one fact...

"Mantis men?" the naga asked aloud, then picked up an M16 and a bunch of lemons. "what do you think they could mean?" she questioned.

"My name is Athenus, pleasure to meet you Garrus, and my grandfather followed and "studied" commander shepard's story extensively, prettymuch every step shep ever since working with that one specter who was killed by the other one... what was his name? sarus... SAREN!" she exclaimed. "Yeah, ever since that mission. And before you even begin to ask, i'm not related to the illusive man. But he... "taught" me allot about your universe." she said to him.

"Sorry if this is weird..."

Rori scrunched his nose in confusion, but picked up a lemon, and a rifle. He put a few enchantments on the rifle, changing it to a sleek black, now sporting hellfire ammo. He pulled the pin on a lemon, and when he heard the noise it was making, threw it. The explosion was lemony fresh.

"... This is actually going a long way towards brightening my day up." Rori chuckled a bit, and slung the rifle onto his back, holding his staff as a walking stick again. He placed his lemon grenade in his pocket, he'd enchant it but there was no possible way to improve it...


"~Anyway, this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist!~! <3
The Music came to a end as Viscus reached his destination, marching past a few dozen dying humans in the process.
[Shotgun Active] He droned before using the Shotty built into his arm to help "Put them out of their pain" on his way over to the source of the messages.
"You have called the Viscus Mark 1 here. I require to know Who you are and why you have done that.
You have called the Viscus Mark 1 here. I require to know Who you are and why you have done that.
You have called the Viscus Mark 1 here. I require to know Who you are and why you have done that.
You have called the Viscus Mark 1 here. I require to know Who you are and why you have done that.
You have called the Viscus Mark 1 here. I require to know Who you are and why you have done that."
He repeated over and over as he marched though the halls, killing anyone who wasn't already dead.

There was a massive VWOOOOSH as the cloud of lemony freshness was ignited by fire and created essentially a vacuum bomb/fireball, causing everyone to turn and look. "I think I like those..." May said, grabbing a few more grenades.

"it seems my service in here is done."

the last message said while viscous entered a room, a Vietnamese man in a priest outfit with a snub nose .44 in his hand. He looked up at visus, not effected by the nerve gas.
"It is done. My time here is at an end. Until further notice, you are at the reigns of Apertre science until an official or heir contacts you at a letter date. You will know it." He said then held out the gun, grip first.
"The top of my skull, down my spine please. I would like to look decent in the after life." He said to the robot.


"Command Confirmed. Terminating." Viscus responded before slapping the gun out of the man's hand and grabbing him by the collar of his outfit.
Charging one of his repulsors, he laid his hand on the man's back before firing a small burst with enough force to snap his spine.
Not bothering with the man any further, he threw him aside like a ragdoll before going up the computer.
"Register New CEO: Viscus. Access all data on Roxxon Energy Corporation." He ordered the computer, planning to use this lab to further his war with his creators.


"Weird? Girl, I don't think there is much that you can show me or say that will make me think your weird. Ya, the commander sure was a great soldier, knew how to lead a team straight through hell and back." Garrus downed one more vodka shot before getting up, "Alright fellas, I think twenty-three shots is my limit for now," he said while making his way to the door.

As he got to the threshold however, Garrus turned around and looked towards Athenus, "What galaxy are you from, and who is your grandfather?"

The Guy

The guy picked up a rifle in one hand, and rotated it around, "hmph, puny little toy." He then saw the lemony explosion. These people sure do love toying with us. Alright, I'll continue playing your game, but when I find you, I will personally see to it that your life is toyed in the most extreme manner and for eternity. The Guy slung a rifle over his shoulder and picked up a few lemonades.

"So who's leading us forward?"

"alright then see ya later" he said downing another and pouring it again and then downing that one "twenty-five, how about you guys?" he said to Thialfi and Batter

"4 bottles of absinthe and 7 shots. Still going strong!" Thialfi was lying on the ground, feeling quite out of his mind, his words slurring over each other.

"I love you guys so much. Thiiiiiiis much." Thialfi rolled onto his back, and spread his arms out as wide as he could, and passed out again.

"you can't pass out and still be in the game, it's cheating, oh and flicking lightweight" he said turning round to see Thialfi

"One more..." Batter was leaning forward, rubbing his forehead in one hand, and holding the empty shotglass in another.

by now David is 35th shot "i think i win don't you?" he says to Batter

Icarus awoke finally from his nap
"SO is the alien guy staying with us? also did someone draw on my face while I was asleep?"
He got up and headed to the canteen and found there was food he started fixing himself up a sandwich, he came back and started snacking on it
"SO anyone wanna go somewhere? I feel like adventuring." he said and taking several large bites and swallowing.

A scientist half dying managed to activate a special security measure
"Save the lab, we're under attack"
he coughed and the shadow of death passed over his heart.

Far off in the distance a series of complex coded signals were being sent.
The Aperture labs had a secret project one that had been diverting massive amounts of their resources.

The Project on had one name
Weapon Z

The weapon activated and a sequence of information was downloaded, primary directives, operating instructions, once his full persona was downloaded there was one more piece.
"Weapon Z are you ready to activate"
"Weapon Z upon activation, you shall be made self aware and autonomous are your ready for the psychological implications"
"Taking silence as compliance
Self awareness in 3
The final piece was inserted, the preserved chip from the original unit.
Weapon Z was then dropped down and he found himself, literally he realized himself that's what happens when a quantum program takes over your system.
"Someone is attacking Aperture how about we GO get them?" announced an assistant AI
"Who are you?"
"You may call me sheila< I am here to assist you."
"Ok what's the fastest way down to them"
"The best method would be to use the nearby shaft and use the acceleration gel once on their level"
Use what?"
"Acceleration gel, would you like the tutorial?"
"Uh sure"
The tutorial while useful took several minutes t compete once done he finally was able to drop down a ventilation shaft and head to the intruders very quickly.

Then a recording began to play in the bowels of aperture.

"Should we follow the line? it looks like this lower place has been abandoned for the longest of times. No harm in just checking things out, right guys?" May asked Guy and Rori. "worst out of it, we come across dead mantis men, right?"

"worst out of it, we come across dead mantis men, right?"

"Alive might be worse." Rori quickly switched out, he'd use the Hellfire Rifle for now. In the meantime, he made a quick summon, a floating eye familiar to keep overwatch on the group. Rori made a motion for Guy to take the lead.


"SO anyone wanna go somewhere? I feel like adventuring." he said and taking several large bites and swallowing.

Stumbling through the door, Garrus heard boy-angel say something about going on an adventure. "This is why I don't try to get completely wasted. If I did, then I wouldn't be able to do the fun stuff. Sure I'll go with you, uh. . . I'm not sure I caught your name. Besides, I need to work off the alcohol in my systems, rather not puke it up tomorrow morning.

The Guy

The guy watched Rori give him the signal to lead on. He unslung his rifle and then let it rest on his shoulder, "Guess someone needs to do it. And your dead mantis men, it's not exactly hard to resurrect a dead corpse." The guy followed the yellow line to a decrepit door and pushed on it. Expectedly, the door fell off its hinges and onto the floor. "Wasn't much for doors anyways."

"well seeing as i'm not wasted, i'm up for it" he said picking up his staff

Icarus nodded and headed to the helm
"Right then, lets get away from this little valley and find somewhere much more epic." he pulled several levers and the dawn began to ascend
"Now let's see if I can pilot this without it crashing horribly."
"Oh nothing" he said as the Ship began to move forward the engines warming up and accelerating at a moderate pace.

Adel : Color=Brown

As Icarus piloted the ship, every now and again he'd get a piece of advice thrown at him.
"Less Thrust on the Starboard side. Turn the Auto-pilot off or it'll just correct every turn you make. Signals." Adel deadpanned as a true backseat driver as the Angel finally saw him sitting on one of the iron beams on the roof with a white duffel bag on his back.
"Hey, Eyes on the sky, Captain before you park us up a tree!" He added as he leapt down and landed near him.
"Sup? You should really get better security around here. I could have been some Super-Villain hell bent on killing you and everyone you know! Name's Adel, Pleasure to meet ya."

"Well How am I supposed to know I never piloted this-" he stopped and turned around realizing someone had been behind him
"How long have you been standing there? second: security, how'd you get past all the guns not to mention we're over a thousand feet in the air"
Icarus looked at Adel something in his eye was bothering him.
"Batters a guy with a big stick who cares if your 'pure' personally I don't even know what that means, All I know is it probably hurts."
He did however take Adel's advice he rose very high in the air and seemed to get used to the controls, soon the dawn was crossing a vast ocean he did turn on auto pilot then and headed for the lounge
"Guess we better test if your good or bad"


"Exactly, and I STILL managed to get on. Therefore, you need better security." Adel joked as he followed the Angel Twin to the lounge.
"BTW, thanks for calling me a "Weird One". Good people skills, almost as good as your piloting." He added as he leapt up on one of the seats and threw his legs up on the table.
"So...just who am I talking to? Or are you going to be a dick and pretend to be all mysterious?"
Icarus just knew he wasn't going to like this guy...

"Im the Dark Angel Icarus" he responded curtly, Adel seemed to be rather smug, admittedly he was older but this guy seemed to like calling judgement early.
Anyways this is the crew of the Rising Dawn we're set to auto-Pilot and we'll be exploring the Jungle."
"This is Adel Pleas play nice, I'm going to see if I can learn anything about what's bugging my eye."


"Ohhhh...Dark Angel. Because normal Angels are too mainstream, eh?" Adel joked as he relaxed in the lounge.
"Yeah...Rising Dawn. Didn't think this place still existed. You know, my dad used to work on the ship, would never shut up about it. Still...Thought it'd be more..."Advanced" than this. Looks like Jabba the Hutt's barge or something..." He started, eyeing up the strange design of the ship as he opened up his Duffel Bag and got out a few things.
"Hey, where are the showers? Was a hellva a climb getting here..."

"hey there i'm David and this is Garrus WHOA JESUS!" he said to Adel before suddenly falls all over the place and hits the walls over and over again


"....I wish I could say that was the strangest greeting I've ever gotten..." Adel sighed as he got up and offered David a hand up.
"Name's Adel. Try not to forget it the next time you smash your head on something."

Adel was seriously getting his his nerves, which seemed to irritate his eye more, the corruption was currently sealed but it was still causing irritation.
"Look for a map" he told Adel, he found a book on angels and demons, he read through the book as the ship moved he was a bit curious until the Dawn began to shake a bit violently.
"Oh that ain't gonna be good, he ran to the helm And he began to asses the situation
h pilled out a mike
"Hey guys uh, we may wanna get out of this ship its not gonna crash but it is going to get stuck in some trees s we're gonna wanna move it."
Sadly he was a few seconds to late the Dawn was undamaged nut the residents were shook up and cast out in a violent fit luckily the soft underbrush of the jungle did prevent broken bones. They were in small groups and due to the height they were a separated by quite a distance, Icarus tried to fly but his wing clipped the side of the dawn and he spiraled out a much farther than the others he landed on soft moss, but unconscious claimed him.

She had been furious by her failure, However she managed to calm herself down by collecting several different types of venom form of the deadliest spiders, she was surprised to see on the horizon the dawn was approaching but then she noticed the speed at it's descent, squinting her eyes she could see the heroes being thrown out she could see one in particular with large wings, it was astounding she couldn't believe it, of all the places they could have went they came here? the winged dot spiraled down and crashed, not wanting to waste her chance she mounted her broom and followed him, she found him a few minutes later, he was knocked out from the fall but he was all alone.
She smiled, this was the perfect opportunity...

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