Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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Remus cursed as his bullets phased through Gaia uselessly. It was certainly foolish on him to assume the mother of Gods would be affected by a few measly gunshots. He also noticed that one of the shots almost hit Dan. "Remus you idiot! Stop acting on instinct and think for a moment!" he said to himself. He stopped firing just in time to hear Dan shout out a warning. "WATCH OUT!!"

He saw roots rushing out from the ground and propelling themselves towards his group. While tempted at first to simply grapple the wood with his bare hands, Remus remembered what Andrew had said about his limiting healing capacity and instead aimed to avoid the roots. He narrowly weaved away from one as it speared itself into the dirt next to him, and turned around just in time to see Dan get brutally incapacitated by Gaia.

"Vaffanculo!" At first he thought Dan had been outright slain by the skewering root, but it turned out the son of Odin was made of some tough stuff. Remus was also relieved to see Andrew coming to Dan's aid. "Keeping his cool even in a situation like this..." he noticed. He was glad to have somebody as useful as the doctor around.

Suddenly he heard Aria's voice cry out. "EYES DOWN NOW!!!" Remus ducked his face down as the demigoddess unleashed a blast of flashing light at Gaia. "Now that's more useful than a gun." Remus decided to use this opportunity while Gaia was likely stunned to bark out a few orders. "Steven! Keep Andrew safe while he tends to Dan! Aria, keep lighting her up as best you can! Nicole, I'll run a distraction and you can try and get Able and Etna out of her-" But then he realized Nicole wasn't standing with them anymore.

"Hey Grandma! Over here! Had too much to drink old lady?" Remus paused and bit his lip briefly. "Cazzo." he uttered. Looks like it was going to be the other way around then. Remus sprinted out of cover and ran along the side of Gaia opposite of where Nicole was. He needed a sound opportunity to strike if he hoped to get the two of them out of her grasp.

"I'll try my best, of course. Heck, I might be able to do more than I know myself."

"Thank you doctor, you have quickly become my second favorite." Dan got up a bit, testing his arm. A bit of a dull ache, but he could use it again. Just in time to get a lot of the animals under his leadership, or control depending on how you looked at it.


"Wha-?" Xan managed to leap in front of Dan's eyes, to save him from permanent blindness. Gaia did likewise, with roots instead of rabbits. Her smile only lessened when she heard the scream-y angel. She quickly sent a roots after her throat, before feeling something akin to a bee sting from below. A wolf had bit onto her waist, and was holding on for dear life.

She quickly felt more animals attacking her, from all directions. Her swats managed to produce a dead animal with each and every strike, but she was clearly losing it.

"Now, go for the eyes, anyone!" Dan yelled, keeping most his mind on the task of keeping the animals from slipping up and attacking his colleagues. Xan had stayed by, and huddled up near Aria. He couldn't fight, but he could be adorable!

Gaia stumbled, enraged by the blinding light. She released Able and Etna, flinging them violently into a shallow pool of wine. The top of the cave shook violently, dripping wine, and Gaia swayed drunkenly.

"Fools! All of you fools! I am earth, I am rock. You are flesh!"

She unleashed a vicious torrents of vines towards Dan and Andrew, trapping them both, pinning them to the ground. Yet the blinding light had seared through, affecting her vision, and she swiped violently, trying desperately to hit someone. Prometheus was thrown into the chamber by a blast of magic, followed promptly by an enraged Hecate. He quickly got up and grappled her back into the tunnel, screaming over his shoulder.

"Blind her and lets go for fucks sake! She can't leave the chamber!"

Steven also took aim at Gaia's shoulders and blasted it. The buckshot only slightly emmedded itself in the giant tree thing, so for the next two shots he loaded up on slugs.


Steven put his arm up to block the light.

"Steven! Keep Andrew safe while he tends to Dan!"

Steven looked to see Dan standing over Andrew and the branch headed straight towards them both. A blast from the slug blasted the limb apart.

Steven ran inbetween Gaia and the two, blasting another limb as it slashed forward. In a fluid motion, Steven's thumb pushed the release lever, grabbed two shells from his pocket, and stuffed them in before the spent slugs had hit the ground, all barely in time to blast away another tree limb.

A series of vines sprang up and tied themselves around Dan and Andrew.

"COME ON!" Steven said as he pulled out his knife, slicing away at the vines around Andrew, since he would be more likely be able to help get Dan out than vice versa.

Gaia, enraged at Nicole's taunts, lunged wildly, only just missing her with a low sweep of her arm. But Nicole was now trapped against the rock face, Gaia too furious to care about the others. She felt her vines being slashed and shot, but didn't care. All her rage was focused on this one, puny girl.

"Daughter of Nike, where is your fierce mother now? Where is your victory!?"

She brought her monstrous leg up, ready to crush her.


Prometheus threw Hecate with a mighty roar, sent her screaming down the tunnel, and out into the daylight. Quick as a flash she threw magic at him; small pulses in the air, but devastatingly painful, Prometheus barely ducking and weaving.

"Listen to me! It's Dionysus!"

Hecate hissed and threw a particularly large pulse, crippling Prometheus, sending him to his knees just within the mouth of the cave.

She quickly ran up to the Titan and charged her hand, holding it next to his temple, eyes seething.

"You won't die. But you'll deeply regret defiling the chamber of the mother."

Prometheus quickly shot out his hand and grabbed her wrist, pointing her palm up, sending the pulse straight into the ceiling. It rocked and rumbled, but held together. The last thing Hecate saw was Prometheus' bloody fist soaring towards her face.

He laid her down next to the van, away from sight, and began binding her with his belt.

Remus smiled internally as he saw things beginning to turn in their favour. Dan had managed to manipulate some of the chamber's animals into attacking Gaia, and Aria's light had managed to dazzle her to the point where he was stumbling more akin to a confused drunk than a terrifying titan. She had bound Andrew and Dan with some of her vines, but luckily Steve was already coming to their rescue. He tore away at the earthly tendrils with knife like they were made of butter. And best of all Etna and Able had been released from Gaia's grasp.

Yet as quickly as the battle had started to go well, Remus spotted something that made his nerves spike. Gaia had swiped at Nicole as she flew by and knocked her onto the ground. "Daughter of Nike, where is your fierce mother now? Where is your victory!?" The mother of Gods taunted her as she prepared to stomp down on the fallen angel. Without a second thought, Remus bolted across the field towards Gaia. His feet were moving with such ferocity they cause the ground they stepped on to be torn up, tossing dirt and grass into the air as he ran by. His mind and body both were focusing their strength on a single task now. As he closed in on his target, Remus roared furiously as he threw a fist and slammed it against Gaia's leg.

Aria took a few deep breaths after her attack 'Not gonna be able to do that many more times she noticed the bunny, and smiled at it as she was catching her breath. 'Good, she dropped them ... aw fuck ...' she thought as the Titan's focus shifted to Nicole, Remus was already on his way to helping her. She also noticed Dan and Andrew cleaning roots off them selves with Stevens help which was good.

With one hand on her left knee she started pooling what she had left into something more dangerous "So you made of stone and Earth, so what." She said pushing her self back up right, as well as trying to hide the fear that was running rampant through her "I got something better from my Mom, MAGIC" she said as she launched a similarly size ball as the last time, only this time it wasn't a 'flash bang', and promptly feel to her knees, her energy totally expended, if no one came to get her, she figured she was dead.

Vera watched the fight from the air, taking stock of the situation as best she could. Things were not going well; not in the slightest. Gaia was a true goddess, not some simple little goat-men; they couldn't beat her head on, no matter how much demi-god power they brought to bear. Worse, she was the Titan goddess of nature; nearly everything fell into her domain of control, most notably all but two of her forms. Though she wanted to remain above the fight, guiding it from a distance as needed, this didn't seem possible. It was when Nicole was attacked however her hand was forced; she'd need to use that form to be of any real use.

She was about to jump in front of Nicole, when Remus stepped in and stopped the need. If Remus couldn't hold Mother Nature at bay, then there would be nothing she could add of substance. She briefly considered helping protect Dan and Andrew, but Steven seemed to have it covered. The others seemed to be okay, so she was going to remain above for a short while longer, when Aria made her move.

"I got something better from my Mom, MAGIC" She called out before sending a ball of magical energy at the Titan, hoping to turn her into steamed vegetables by the amount of power in it. Vera couldn't believe Aria was capable of that much output. When Aria fell to her knees however, Vera realized the truth. "That was all she had!". Her decision made, she burst down to the weakened sorceress and transformed.

From the wind, her new body formed. Muscled, armored, and with a massive golden blade, Vera stood in front of the mage; ready to see what her glowing magic blade could do against the divine mother herself. Bringing her blade to bear, she took a defensive stance and said "Sag mazhab!"; thoroughly enjoying the insult. A moment later she (now he) realized insulting the goddess was likely not the smartest move, but oddly didn't care. At least it gave Remus a chance to grab Nicole and escape.


Aria felt a gust of wind blow against her and saw what looked to be a man form from thin air, he looked like a great warrior and had a glowing blade. Aria, was confused, and for a short time wonder who it was, then exhaustion claimed her and she simply feel over and blacked out, her hat falling off her head as she hit the ground.

Oh my-

Able felt the wind get knocked out of him as he and Etna were scooped up in Gaia's hand together like a pair of toys. The two of them were knocked together a shaken about in Gaia's drunken fury. Able's hands struggled for something to grasp at between paniced breaths. He between the baleful glare of the looming monster and the scrambling figures under her. Over Gaia's howling he heard Prometheus barking orders.

"Able! Wrap your arms around Etna to protect her..."

What? How do I- His thoughts were cut short once again as Gaia's grip tightened. Able's body instinctivly fought out against the the crushing force, his 'power' more than paying for itself. Then he noticed Etna, who's gift wasn't so situationally handy. Oh god, she'll be crushed!

Able tried to squirm himself over so he was parallel to Etna and reached his arms out to either side of her and bracd himself. He was broader than Etna and if he could just hold out long enough he could bare the brunt of gaia's strength. He could do that much. Suddenly a gunshot rang through the air and he flinched, in his hurry he'd turned himself around so his back was to most of the action, making it all sound a lot worse. Able didn't know if his skin could take a bullet as well as a knife and he'd rather not find out.

"EYES DOWN NOW!!!" He heard. Abe clenched his eyes shut and, continuing in his role as meat shield, did his best to block out the light that was trying to fight through his eyelids for Etna. And then he was free... and flying through the air. Able opened his eyes only to see the world spinning in a blur of colour before he violently hit the ground with a splash. He lay there for a second, face down as his brain caught up with what happened and the protests of his lungs. He sprang up, dizzy and coughing up wine. He staggared over to Etna and helped her to her feet and the two of them were left to catch up with the chaos.

Gaia had chosen some new targets and was thrashing around in the way that only a mad tree woman could. Able jogged back into the fray looking around frantically for anywhere he might be needed. When he saw Gaia raise her foot like a lumbering giant, ready to crush Nicole like a bug. Oh no. Remus had already bolted into action and was testing his strength against mother nature. Able pulled Nicole free of the struggle.

GET OUT! He menatally screamed at her, pushing her towards the exit and swatting away a vine that was trying to tangle itself up in his legs.

Almost as soon as she spoke, Aria passed into unconsciousness. "Her power really is drained." she thought to herself. glancing around, Steven, Dan, and Andrew were hardly in the best position, Remus and Able were with Nicole and Etna, who all seemed to be of the opinion that running was the best plan of action.

Vera couldn't agree more. With their escape route secured, Vera turned on her heel, dropped to her knee, scooped Aria up under her arm, and bolted for the exit. Fortunately, thanks in no small part to her sports playing, Vera could run fast.

Very fast.

It worked! Gaia turned at her and swung blindly with an arm, she dived under it dodging it easily, well at least it only hit her wings shredding them into tatters of light. Of course the the sheer force of the arm travelling through the air also left it accompanied by an unexpected gust of wind that flung her sliding across the ground into a wall, somewhat dazed but unharmed. The monstrous deity raised one leg in an effort to crush her ok I can dodge this and dart between her legs, then a lot of things happened very quickly..

"Daughter of Nike, where is your fierce mother now? Where is your victory!?"

The first was Remus springing into the raised leg smashing it aside and staggering Gaia, followed shortly by Aria blasting the drunken titan in the back of the head with magic, and immediately collapsing damn I was fine! she shook her head to clear the daze Ok maybe not fine but still! Fortunately a warrior appeared alongside Aria and grabbed her, taking her to safety before Gaia could turn that way.

Able ran up next to her, grabbing her and swatting at the encroaching vines, she grabbed onto him as well wings reforming behind her as she lept forward towards the exit dragging him after her, the chamber was wide enough to use them more properly and they formed in their full size this time propelling them both forward towards the exit.

"Remus get yourself out of there!" she yelled as she darted past, trying to get a better grip on Able as she did so. They hit the exit and her wings dissappated once more into ribbons of light as the tumbled out of the chamber Prom said she couldn't leave, lets hope he's right.

She glanced back and forth between Able and Remus "Are you ok? And thanks for the help," she said to Able, feeling somewhat bad that she had needed it I would have been fine, well maybe. Dammit Remus get out of there!

"Thank you doctor, you have quickly become my second favorite."

Well, I did just save your life.

Andrew stood up in order to see how everyone else was doing, while Dan seemed to be sending a bunch of animals to attack Gaia. Etna and Able was released by Gaia, and Andrew figured it was probably best if he went to check on them, and help them. He hadn't forgotten that they were supposed to get outside, not kill Gaia. However, a large branch was sent towards them, about to pin them to the ground. He couldn't react in time to do anything, but someone shot the branch, stopping it from hitting them. Looking around, Andrew noticed it was Steven.

Well, that was close.

One could say his calmness by now far exceeded that of someone used to stress, and he supposed they would be correct. He made sure Dan was okay, before starting to move towards the former hostages.

"Daughter of Nike, where is your fierce mother now? Where is your victory!?"

Andrew didn't turn to see what was going on. Nicole was obviously in trouble, but he couldn't help her out of it. Everyone else would be a better person for the job, and he didn't doubt Remus would run to her rescue. Able and were already up, but Able then ran over to Gaia, leaving Etna alone. Andrew ran over to her, and looked her over.

"You're okay, right? Hit your head or anything?" He asked her. Although he wasn't stressed, that still didn't mean he bothered to focus on keeping a smile on his face. Not even for the purpose of teasing Etna. His tone was ice-cold, actually, enough to make one shiver. After all, this kinda tone would probably work best when it came to getting a stubborn woman to follow him outside without making a racket.

"The focus is to get out of here, so if you're ready, we'll run outside."

Dan hacked and slashed at his cage, he hated the feeling, hated everything about this. They were barely holding their own here, how were they to defeat one who can corrupt a goddess this powerful?!

"Thanks." He barely remembered to say, as he sprang up from the mostly cut tangle of vines, as he sprinted over to Aria. He had noticed her brilliant attack, but was more concerned with Aria's safety. He nearly tripped over himself as he saw a knight arise in front of her, armored heavily and carrying a giant golden sword.

'Who-?' He stopped, Aria had passed out, either from exhaustion, or this new guy was an enemy... He would be optimistic, for now. He was about to put his spear against the back of his neck, before stopping himself.

'Could it be Vera?' Dan sighed, and when he looked up he had run off with her.

"Fuck." Dan barely saw him run out of the chamber. He followed suit, though he was not nearly as fast, despite a lack of goddamn heavy armor. He was highly disappointed in the job physics was doing today. He sped up a bit, feeling the burn in his lungs as he thought he was catching up. The rabbit, Xan was keeping pace with Dan, and pounced on the back of his leg, causing him to trip.

"Goddamnit, why?!" The rabbit didn't speak, but pointed in the direction of Gaia. Dan realized he had just run from the battle. There was only disappointment as he picked himself up, panting heavily, using his spear to balance on.

"... Let's just go catch up." Xan nodded, sitting on his shoulder now. They walked the rest of the way out of the cave.

Prometheus finished binding Hecate as the first of the group came out. Vera, as a golden Persian warrior, carrying the battle-drained Aria. Prometheus ran up to them, holding his arms out to take Aria. Doubtless they would need Vera back in there to help get everyone out.

"What's going on? Here, I'll take her. Where are the others?!"

Prometheus spied Dan behind her, walking slowly out. He held out his arms expectantly to take Aria from Vera.

"Dan! What happened! Where are the others?!"


Gaia stumbled and staggered, ragged from the beating she was taking. Her grove was a mess of broken trees and upheaved rocks; and littered with the tired bodies of demi-Gods. They were still fighting hard, though had begun their retreat. Gaia saw the Persian run off with the girl, followed by the son of Odin.

"Cowards! Turn and face your death!"

A matte of vines sprung up infront of the doorway; thick and impassable, and needed to be removed for their successful escape. Her bark-skin had begun to peel and splinter; her body breaking apart. But still she raged, now digging rocks from the ground and flinging them in every direction. She howled and screamed like a monster, settling her eyes on Andrew, she charged towards him.

Steven managed to cut out Dan quickly, the vines posing little resistance.


"Your welcome, now help me get Andrew out of these..."


Steven watched as Dan bolted out of the room for no clear reason.


"Cowards! Turn and face your death!"

Steven turned to see the very weathered Gaia running straight at Andrew. Without thinking, Steven grabbed the shotgun, pointed it at the tree monster, and fired both slugs straight into her face.

Gaia screamed in fury, stopping short of Andrew and turning to face Steven. The slugs had blown chunks off her face, but seemed merely to anger her further.

Torn between so many targets, she was more a wild animal than a combatant; kicking and screaming in every direction. A loose boulder struck Andrew in the side, cracking a few ribs and putting him in tremendous pain.

The attack had blasted off pieces of Gaia's face, although she wasn't dead. The horrible cracking sound when the boulder hit also made it clear she was still very deadly.

Even as Steven tried to load his shotgun again in the moment of confusion, he knew the next time he wouldn't have such a pause.

Taking her alive increasingly did not seem like an option anymore. Steven dodged her wild attacks and stuffed the loaded shotgun into the hole in her face, then fired.

Chaos ensued and Etna just... froze up. Gaia... She was rabid. The others had chosen to run away. The annoying Andrew had chosen to run towards her. Possibly just to look good in front of everyone else. "Just a little shaken up." Was all she could mumble. At least he had dropped the pretense. Etna didn't want to think about it anymore. The others had fought against a very powerful being and she just stood there. She wiped her forehead, surprised the amount of sweat. Now what were Prometheus' orders? She frowned as she tried to remember. Everything had gone into a daze once the fight had started. Etna looked at Gaia. She clearly wasn't in her right mind.

She kicked out and a rumbling noise could be heard. Bits of rock fell down and one hit Andrew. He flinched. Etna sighed. They had to get out of here, but it would be no use if an angry Gaia decided that a cave-in was a good idea. Etna took a deep breath, closed and opened her eyes and thought of the calming sea, a forest filled with songbirds and a field of wildflowers. She directed the feeling of calm towards Gaia. That done, she got on with getting out of there, having the 'joy' of carrying Andrew out of there. If he didn't want to get hit, then he shouldn't have acted the hero. Etna placed his arm on her shoulder and began to advance towards the exit.

It hurt like hell, and Andrew groaned. His side felt as if it was about to explode, and he felt it. He noticed blood on his hands, but that was Dan's, from before. However, it was clear that he had broken several ribs, 2, possibly 3. And he couldn't gather enough energy or whatever his healing ran on, to fix them.


His hands were usually always steady. Now, they were shaking because of the pain. He had seen Gaia run towards him, and he hadn't been scared. He still wasn't, but he felt as if he was about to pass out from the pain. Quickly, he used the syringe and the bottle of morphine, giving himself a big, but far from deadly dose. It wouldn't start working for a while, but it might help him survive. He got to his feet, and, surprisingly enough, Etna had chosen to come help him. Andrew leaned on her, but only as much as he had to.

"I'm sorry about before," he muttered. "Thanks." It wasn't completely sincere, but at long as she didn't just leave him there, that was something, right? He went through his education in his mind, remembering what he knew about broken ribs.

Try to move as little as possible, don't take full breaths, breathe slowly, and so on. I know it like the backside of my hand.

They moved over to the exit, and Andrew put his hands on the vines covering it. He didn't know if it would work or not, but he didn't have any choice. Using almost all of his remaining energy, he poisoned them, hoping it would kill them, or at least weaken them enough for them to get through. He knew Steven and Remus was fighting Gaia, but there was nothing he could do, and he didn't think Etna could help them out either. Then again, her power was strange, she might already have done so. The only way he could do something, was if he managed to get rid of the vines, and get the others out, or those on the outside in. He turned to look at Gaia.

Pitiful. I wonder how Dionysus' "poison" managed to get mother earth like this? Hopefully, these two people have enough sense to get that we can't kill her. It would probably upset the balance of the world, or something.

He shouldn't be thinking that. He should be hoping she burned in Hell for breaking his ribs like that. But he didn't.

Remus feared that he might be forced to have a contest of strength with Mother Earth, but soon his fist was relieved of the weight pushing down onto it. Aria had staggered Gaia with a blast of sorcery. As he took another blow at the titan's leg to make her stumble away from Nicole, Remus saw some hulking golden warrior approach. "Sag mazhab!" At first he wondered if the being was Mars coming down personally to help his own son, yet realized the warrior didn't look anything like the God and seemed to be speaking something arabic-sounding.

Able managed to pull Nicole out to safety, which relieved him quite a bit. Yet he was still mad. Forming his fingers into fists once again, Remus was content to lay down a barrage of savage blows on Gaia. Before he could do so however, a voice called out to him. "Remus get yourself out of there!" He paused for a moment and blinked, suddenly shaken out of his rage by Nicole. He looked around and realized all the other demigods, aside from Steve, were making a run for the exit. "As you point in sticking around for a pointless battle..."

Remus sprinted towards the exit. As he did, he witnessed Andrew getting by a boulder hurled by Gaia. Although panicked at first he saw Etna quickly pick the injured demigod up and drag him to safety. "Let's hope he didn't get too badly hurt..." Having a wounded doctor wouldn't be helpful for anyone. Remus then noticed Steven continuing to pepper Gaia with rounds from his shotgun. "Ceasefire!" he shouted. "We can't kill her, just cover the others and get out!"

As he approached the exit he found it covered with vines. He growled, annoyed, yet realized that they would only prove to be an inconvenience with his strength. He saw Nicole was already tearing at them. "May I?" Remus stretched his hands out and ripped apart the ensnaring vines, smashing up chunks with his fists and letting them scatter onto the ground like wet cardboard. Had something weakened the vines? Even with his inhuman strength, they seemed bizarrely easy to tear off.

Gaia lifted her hand to scatter those tearing at her vines, but paused. A small reprieve from her drunken state caused her to throw herself away from the group, calmed momentarily by powerful magic. She crashed upon the middle of the grove, and cried out.

"Go! Go! Tell Prometheus I'm sorry!" With that said, she quickly feel prey to her previous fury. Yet in her moment of clarity she released the vines, opening the door, and all other vines that crept around the room.

With a drunken roar she stood again, and stumbled back towards the group, malevolent and furious as hell.

Able's head spun around as Nicole scooped him up, light triling from her back as she hurried them both into the air and out of the cavern. He'd seen her spread them in the fight with the satyrs but up close was something else. The light was pure and bright he had to shield his eyes from it. He could only imagine what they must have looked like right now but it felt incredible. All of Nicole's power was set loose, for that brief moment when they took flight, everything felt possible. Like there was no challenge too great, that there was nothing they couldn't overcome.

Nicole dropped him off just beyond the doorway that lead to Gaia's grove and not a moment too soon as a wall of vines sprang up to sew it shut behind them. The two of them scrambled back to try and rip them down and clear a path for the others still trapped inside. The wall didn't last long as Remus made short work of the organic obstacle.

"Go! Go! Tell Prometheus I'm sorry!"

Able had given up trying to make any sense from what was happening around him but he knew a chance when he saw it. The psychotic ent had paused in her attack, giving the others a brief opportunity to run like hell. Able Pressed himself against one of the metal doors just in case it decided to swing shut before the others could make their escape. He couldn't tell you if it was his father's brand of bravery coming out in him like it had in the fight that kept him there, or if it was fear at the sight of what was charging at them that had him rooted to the spot. Either way he didn't dare take his eyes off the others still in the grove and the thing that was howling for their blood.

Get out! Hurry... please hurry...

Able seemed to be fine, although the others in the chamber were still in trouble, especially when the wall of vines appeared over the entrance. She quickly tried to pull at them with her hands, to little effect dammit I forgot the knife, however Remus seemed to have a similar idea and tore into the wall with ease. She couldn't see much through the wall but it seemed like Andrew was hurt, Etna was helping him, and Steven was pelting the Titan ineffectually with gunshots, accomplishing little other than distracting her from the others.

"Go! Go! Tell Prometheus I'm sorry!"

Gaia had a moment of clarity and released the door, though it was short lived and she flew back into a rage, Able pressed himself against the iron door to keep it open in case it decided to slam shut, good idea we need to get everyone out of there and she shoved against the same door only need to keep one of them open.

"Come on, get out of there, run!" she yelled after them they know that already, Prom even told us to do that! God if they get killed... the last thought worried her they won't die, they helped me now I'm helping them, so I can't let them die.

Steven saw Gaia run back, screaming to get away from them. Not knowing why nor caring, Steven turned tail and run through the now open door.

"CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT!" Steven yelled, thinking everyone was out of the room.

"Go! Go! Tell Prometheus I'm sorry!"

Andrew had walked with Etna past the doors when the vines had cleared up. It seemed the others were planning on closing the door, but since neither him nor Etna would be much of a help, he just continued walking. Remus was probably right behind them, and Steven yelling showed that he at least was safe. That was everyone, right?

She calmed her down, huh. For only a slight moment. Confusion, then calmness.

"Say, Etna, would your power happen to be manipulate people's states of mind?" If so, messing with her might not be such a bright idea. He murmured it, in order to make sure only she heard.

That's... bothersome, in that case. And a bit risky.

However, she had probably saved their lives, so he wasn't about to yell it out if that was the case. She might not have any problem with people knowing, or perhaps she did. Besides, she already disliked him, probably even more now. "You don't have to help me anymore," he told Etna. He let go of her, he didn't completely trust in that she didn't have some secret plan which included dropping him suddenly or something.

He whimpered as he took a step without her support. The morphine would probably start working soon, and it wouldn't be a second too early. It was hard to breath, every breath, no matter how short it was, was followed by an intense pain, and he found himself on the verge of tears due to this pain already before he had let go of Etna.

How long... was this tunnel? I hope it's short. Very, very, very short. The morphine better kick in soon, or I'm going to lie down. And not crawl into a little ball, because that would be painful as hell. Fuck, where did that boulder come from? The car trip is going to be horrible. At least there's the morphine, though...

His mind went from one topic to another, as it finally realized he was away from Gaia. Regardless if Etna was still following or not, Andrew went through the tunnels and outside, lying down when he was close enough.

"The... rest... are closing the door," he told Prometheus. His voice was clearly showing that he wasn't feeling well, so he pulled himself together. "I got a few ribs broken, but everyone else should be fine. Gaia had a moment of clarity... she told us to tell you she was sorry."

Etna remained silent. This was enough without a constant back and forth of words laced with hostility. So what if he knew? So what if the others knew? This wasn't a social club anyway. She was just glad that it worked, that she had messed with the mind of a god and that succeeded. Shame about the cardigan though. A few drops of blood stained the black fabric. Sighing, she took it off and walked on out of there. "You owe me a cardigan." She bluntly stated to Andrew. She would apologise to Prometheus later for freezing up like that. Such things required delicately after all and she didn't want an injured Andrew taking the chance to twist the knife about it. She sighed again and leaned on the wall. Was there to be another road trip after this? Well, that would be 'fun'.

"You owe me a cardigan."

What the heck is a cardigan?

Andrew was still lying on the ground, and he didn't have any reason or desire to sit up at all.

"Why do I owe you a cardigan?" he asked. He kept the tone he had spoken to Prometheus in, if only layered with a layer of real confusion. "Did I ruin it?" He looked at the black sweater she was carrying. It seemed he had gotten a bit of blood on it.

That's not even my blood... Figures, though. I guess this is payment for her saving my life? That's heartless.

It hurt too much for him to protest out loud, so he just sighed. "How much? I can't promise I can afford it, I'm mostly spending my money paying my rent and loans."

Have some pity, you Irish witch. If you really want the money, I guess you'll just use your powers on me to make me give them up.

"Besides, my clothes are ruined too."

"...Besides, my clothes are ruined too."

It was the starving student angle. How typical. She had been there, done that and got the proverbial t-shirt. Right now, she just wanted a shower and a comfy bed. But no, she was here, in the middle of nowhere. Then again, would-haves and could-beens didn't matter, not in the end. Right now she had to deal with annoying Andrew.

"So what? I wouldn't be surprised if everyone's are." She shrugged, "It only cost about 15, anyway."

Prometheus ran to Andrew and Etna, his eyes wild.

"Will someone tell me exactly what happened?!"

He counted the demi-gods that came through the door. There was Nicole, Vera, Dan, Steven, Andrew, Etna and Aria. Where was Remus? Looking down at Andrew, it was clear he was hurt. Broken ribs are going to be a problem. Calming himself down, he smiled at him.

"Do you think you need a hospital? Or will you be able to fix it after some rest; we can bind it so it doesn't move around and cause you hurt, no?"

His attention then turned to Etna, the dark-haired girl. He had yet had a chance to talk to her.

"Are you alright? Last thing I saw of you, Gaia had you in her grasp."

It was well and truly dark, yet the moon was full, so vision wasn't an issue at this point. Though washed of colour, nobody seemed dead or dying. Save Remus.

"Where is Remus?"

"Go! Go! Tell Prometheus I'm sorry!"

Remus was surprised by Gaia's sudden change of heart. The vines which had been tearing at quickly vanished, allowing the door they previously ensnared to be opened. Afterwards he saw several of the other demigods exit the chamber - including Steven, Etna and Andrew. Able and Nicole also stepped through the door, but pressed themselves against the iron to keep it open. Realizing he was the last demigod in the chamber, Remus took a brief to turn around and perform the umbrella gesture with his arms. "Crazy drunken bitch!"

He then followed the other demigods and darted himself through the door. He looked up, seeing Etna and Andrew exchanging a few words, then turned his attention back to the gate where Nicole and Able stood. "Are both of you okay? You didn't get hurt, did you?" Although it wasn't the wounds of others he should have been so concerned about. With Remus' adrenaline now going away, he could feel a growing pain emerging from his right hand. He must have swung too hard when he hit Gaia's descending leg, probably even snapped something internally.

"Where is Remus?" Remus waved his hand. "Right here. Ouch." He immediatly pulled his hand back down as it began stinging something awful.

"So what? I wouldn't be surprised if everyone's are. It only cost about 15, anyway."

"You do know I only have dollars on me, right?"

15? How much is that again? Let's see... around... 25 dollars?

He smirked, for some reason he was in the mood for teasing her more now. "I'll pay for a dinner, then. Later. Nothing fancy, but enough to cover that cardigan."

At least I can use this to bother her more. I had almost decided to leave her alone since she saved my life, but never mind that. This will be fun.

He knew she would protest. Who wanted dinner, when they needed clothes? But he didn't care, she wouldn't act nice either way. He chuckled, feeling a bit numb all together. And oddly optimistic, almost happy. Well. It seemed the effects of the morphine had started to settle in, that was the euphoria part of it, he figured.

"That should be enough, right? Since I only have 20 dollars in my wallet and my debit card. Might have to wait a few days, fractured ribs and all that. Do you want to see? It doesn't look as painful as it is, I can promise you that. Almost regret I went over to snap you out of whatever that was."

Of course, I doubt you'd care. That's how this work.

"You don't have to say anything, I'm fine with just a smile." Despite saying that, he closed his eyes. They would probably move on soon, wherever they were going, so he decided to take as much time as he could, and just lie there. He was exhausted, after all, but the pain made it impossible to relax, even now when it was beginning to lessen.

"Do you think you need a hospital? Or will you be able to fix it after some rest; we can bind it so it doesn't move around and cause you hurt, no?"

"I have 20 mg of morphine in my body. I don't want to have to explain why I had it on me in the first place," he muttered. He was being careless, but he could always make up some explanation later. Telling them he had intended to see what an overdose would do to a patient was not the thing he wanted to tell them. Besides, it had only been a thought for a short moment.

Long enough to steal it.

"I'd rather skip any kind of hospital at the moment."

Remus was the last one out, taunting Gaia before moving through the door, with no reason left to ensure the door stayed open Nicole stepped off of it. She looked back at the raving goddess and couldn't help but feel pity, such an awe inspiring being reduced to this...

"Are both of you okay? You didn't get hurt, did you?"

She nodded and then turned to see if Able was unharmed as well, she smiled slightly as tragic as Gaia was in her current state they had still managed to survive an encounter with a titan, no small feat, and she had been able to help just by running.

Some of the others seemed hurt, mostly Andrew man I hope he can heal himself, otherwise we might be in trouble. Remus also seemed to have hurt his hand I hope it isn't more than a sprain, I didn't ask for anyone to come rescue me, really hope Able and Aria aren't hurt either...

"...That should be enough, right? Since I only have 20 dollars in my wallet and my debit card. Might have to wait a few days, fractured ribs and all that. Do you want to see? It doesn't look as painful as it is, I can promise you that. Almost regret I went over to snap you out of whatever that was."

Etna threw the cardigan at him in response, "Don't bother." That particular remark was directed both at his offer of dinner and his heroic act. She thought on it. He didn't need to be there. He didn't need to get hurt. Was he expecting something in return for that? Like she would give him anything anyway. Andrew at least could stop with the guilt-tripping. She wasn't the one who decided to rush into the heart of a cave with a raging earth deity.

"You don't have to say anything, I'm fine with just a smile."

'What?' The sentences that Andrew spewed later gave Etna the idea that it was just the morphine affecting him. It would be interesting to see what would happen if she messed with his mind while he was in that sort of state. Nevertheless, she decided against it. Etna didn't need to give Andrew more ammunition. Why was she even bothering with responding in the first place? She didn't know. Etna definitely knew one thing though.

She spat it out, "I definitely regret carrying you out of that cave, then."

Prometheus nodded at Andrew, before clasping his forearm in the Greek custom.

As Remus came through the tunnel, Prometheus gave a sigh of relief. It seemed they were all alive. He returned to Hecate and picked her up, opened the van, and through her in the back. Dusting his hands off, he turned to the group.

"I'm glad everyone is relatively okay.I suggest you take a moment, collect your thoughts, then get in the van when you're ready to leave. Mind the witch in the back."

Turning to Remus and Nicole, he asked.

"You two seem the most coherent, and I dont want to talk to a persian warrior right now. What happened?"

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