Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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'Have fun with that!' Able waved after Dan, hoping he hadn't crossed a line or anything. He'd never... given council before. Or been called wise. Maybe I should start writing like an ancient viking... cus that'll get me all the girls.

With his time as poolside sage over he leaned back and watched the race for a while. The sight of Nicole in a one piece made a nice change of pace comapared to the monsterous things that had been the norm over the last few days. Enjoy it while it lasts, before the next thing tries to kill us. He thought, closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of the sun on his face.

Dan smiled meekly in return. Good of her to admit she was just as inexperienced. He felt the the god king of smoothness, and decided to press his luck a bit more with another peck, followed by another long kiss.

"Same here, Aria." He stared into her eyes, it seemed odd to think of her as the same being who cut satyrs in half, and blinded a goddess with her light. He decided he loved them both equally, and stretched his grin out wider. He hugged her, and finally stepped away, face completely red. He hoped she felt better, he certainly did afterall. He supposed this meant they were seeing eachother now?

"Er, sorry if I got a little clingy there. To go from talking to no one to dating seems... off. But wonderful." His face evened out in color again, and his eye showed absolute adoration. He felt the greatest he ever had.

Prometheus waved over to Able, then signing with his hands.

"How are you this fine morning? Ready for the flight?"

Watching Dan and Aria made him feel increasingly uncomfortable. Forming such a dangerous and unstable emotional relationship at a crucial moment may have terrible consequences. What if they get distracted? What if they can't be split apart. What if one of them dies?

God help us if one of them dies.

The Titan's booming voice brought him out of his relaxation. Able looked at the movements of his hands, he could get what he was aiming for but the movements were mostly gibberish and the parts he recognised probably didn't mean what Prometheus hoped they meant. Good thing he was still talking when he did it.

[As I'll ever be.] He made a quick motion of his native sign language, repeating it. [Thanks for trying but me no speak Americano.] He would probably have to learn at some point by the looks of things though. Either that or find a wizard who could make him talk.

Don't even think that Abe, don't even bother.

As the race past its halfway point and neared the end, Remus decided to increase his pace. Nicole had been laps ahead of him almost the whole time and he needed to give himself a boost now more than ever. He put even more strength into his arms, the limbs propelling him forward in an enhanced speed and splashing much water with every stroke. He made certain to stroke particularly hard when passing by Nicole to splash her. "Getting tired yet?" As he approached the end of a lap, Remus made his turn much faster than before. He amaturely mimicked the way Nicole twisted herself about when she made a turn, and to some extent succeeded. He was still going to lose speed on the turns, but not nearly as much as before.

Prometheus laughed heartily at Able's joke. He would have to pick up Able's dialect; he liked being able to sign to him. Dusting off his knees, Prometheus stood up and announced to the group.

"Meet me in the guys room when you lot are ready. Need to head off in about an hour; we have flights to catch."

Prometheus moved from the pool area to the mens room, briskly packing his bag, and slipping into some hiking boots. With a sigh of relief, he was glad they would be moving soon. This wait was relaxing, but too much set him on edge.

"Getting tired yet?"

She almost didn't hear him or even notice the splash, but that was the sort of remark she found hard to ignore not even a little she thought, it wasn't quite true she was certainly feeling the effort, her muscles burning a little, but she pushed through it, she was so close to the end now. Remus seemed to be speeding up somewhat, even mimicking her turns good this will be a bit closer then and she pushed herself harder for the final stretch. 297... 298... 299... 300! She twisted and stretched out to touch the wall for her final stroke, letting her momentum carry her into the wall. She leaned against it, grinning broadly and breathing somewhat heavily as she waited for Remus to finish. To his credit he reached the wall soon after her.

"Nice race, good to see those muscles aren't just for show," she said, still grinning that was the most fun I've had in a while, I bet if this was the ocean he'd have the upper hand though "I can give you some pointers for next time if you want, make things more interesting."

She kicked off the wall slowly, lazily swimming backstroke to cool down from the race, letting her now tired muscles relax. I should grab some food soon, starting to feel pretty hungry from all that.

"How are you feeling? You haven't said much of late..." the voice of Prometheus said, catching her by surprise. Vera turned her head slowly to see the Titan sitting not far from her. In a very serious tone he added "Killing doesn't make you a bad person, Vera. Don't focus on it."

"But not caring that I killed does." she thought to herself sarcastically. She was half tempted to say it aloud, but bit her tongue. As tempting as being able to vent was, the last thing she wanted was to start this kind of conversation with a god - the source of her troubles. Still, the temptation was there and difficult to resist. She thought about it for a long moment, before resolving to start the conversation; at least it was something to do and perhaps she'd get some useful information out of him in the process.

As Vera started to open her mouth to speak, Prometheus called out to Able and the chance was gone. "Probably for the best" she thought to herself before returning to her sky-gazing. A few minutes later she got up and made her way inside to change and pack for the flight.

Andrew had been lying on his bed the whole time, when someone entered. It had been a while since that happened, so he sat up, slowly, to see who it was. It was Prometheus, who was putting some boots on. It made Andrew wonder how long he had been just lying there. Had he had a wrist-watch or a phone, he would have been able to see that it had been more than half an hour. Still, he felt a bit dizzy, very possibly due to the stuffy air in the room, and because he had been concentrating for so long.

I should get some air.

Andrew exited the room without addressing Prometheus apart from the usual friendly smile. He could see from the nearby-window that most of the others seemed to be either in the pool, or around it. Etna didn't seem to be there. Not that he cared either way, right now he still felt like being alone for a moment. Just for the sake of clearing his head. As he walked to the entrance, he spotted Aria and Dan, sitting by a table. They were both red, confessing their undying love to each other, even kissing. They seemed like two 14 year old kids.

Good to see that removing and giving up your own eye didn't do any good, Dan.

He went on his way, they seemed as if they would start undressing each other and have really awkward sex on the spot. Aria seemed like the type who would try something like that just because there were someone to watch. She had walked into a room full of boys, naked, on purpose. So she might be into that too. Andrew sighed as he went outside the door, and went in the opposite direction of the pool, to avoid the others.

He walked over to the shade, and found a bench. There were no one there, and he sat down, sitting in a position that didn't harm the broken ribs. Seeing Aria and Dan acting like that, had reminded Andrew of how human the other demigods were. Emotional, sentimental, with a crippled judgement and a lack of simple sense.

Unlike me.

Kirsten had several times said he had the traits of a sociopath. As a psychologist, she had judge him like she judged anyone else. However, Andrew didn't like her judgement, it made it seem as if he was the one there was something wrong with, and not the other way around. Besides, Kirsten had also tried to psychoanalyze him for months, and then looked through his stuff, she was a crazy bitch.

There's nothing wrong with me. Them, however...

He was disappointed, honestly. Andrew had hoped the demigods were different. That the gods were different, but so far, he still was the odd one out. He still had to smile, and act friendly. Get them to trust him, so he could help them. It was annoying, and tiresome. How would they react if they could read his mind?

Probably would leave me behind.

But for what it was worth, they needed him. Two people would have died the day before, if he hadn't been there. If his powers hadn't happened to be healing. But no one would thank him, if they had found out he wasn't feeling sick when watching something die, or large wounds, at the thought of mass-suicide. And, for what it was worth, he did want to save them, for no one to get killed. But he wouldn't cry if one of them did, or feel sad, not naturally. He'd have to, though.

Why do I have to do make all the effort?

That was what Etna was for. She was the person who he would shed his mask for, if only for a short moment. Play with her, toy with her mind, because she hadn't fallen for his fake smile. Besides, she wasn't bad at the game herself, although what she hid was something different, something emotional. Although Andrew lacked the empathy to tell what.

In the end, everyone is hiding. Some are just better at it than others. Some hide more than others too. I guess I'm hiding my superiority, the fact that I'm better than the rest, in order to fit into society. Because people fear what is different, be it better or worse.

He shrugged. Andrew had forgotten how easily he got sick of repeating what he already knew to himself. He then went to check on the others by the pool. Apparently, there had been a race, and from the sound of it, Nicole had won. Andrew had put his mask on from the moment he could be spotted by anyone else.

"You must be tired," he said to the two in the pool. "Any of you feel like you might have stretched something? I'm just checking, in case you got a bit too competitive and forgot yourself."

She rifled through the bag and finally found her phone again. Why was it always took so long to find it? Probably because the inside of the bag was a chaotic mix of her everyday things, which stank of mint. Etna paused, placing the phone alongside a wet hairbrush on her bed. Afterwards, she searched through the bag again and found the source of the smell - chewing gum. Seeing as Prometheus hadn't provided any toothpaste or toothbrushes, she placed a piece of week-old gum in her mouth. Better than walking around with morning-breath anyway.

As she began to chew, she dumped the hairbrush back in the black bag, sat on the bed and began to fiddle with her phone. She was surprised that it hadn't died yet. Then again, it was a new phone, a new model, one of the good ones apparently. The only thing that bothered her about it was the fact that it was a touch screen phone. Typing out the final quarter of a paper on that thing was going to be fun. Well, at least she had some extra research material for it now.

She lent back and quietly groaned. She hated waiting. From what they had been told, there was a god on the loose. Just waiting here wouldn't help anything. Etna understood that even demigods had their limits and because of the need for a low profile, they couldn't exactly zoom everywhere via storm clouds. Not like she wanted to experience that ever again. Still, the lack of urgency in an urgent situation bothered her. 'All I can do is... wait, I guess.' She sighed as she continued to wait for this lull to be over.

"Nice race, good to see those muscles aren't just for show. I can give you some pointers for next time if you want, make things more interesting." Remus returned Nicole's grin with one of his own after finishing his final lap. He had lost, predictably, but still seemed to have done well enough to impress her. "I wouldn't mind that." he said, swimming lazily across from her. "Then we could have a real rematch. Next time in a larger pool, and how about instead of three-hundred we go for three-thousand!" he ended with a chuckle.

"You must be tired. Any of you feel like you might have stretched something? I'm just checking, in case you got a bit too competitive and forgot yourself." Remus turned his head to face the speaker, who was revealed to be Andrew. He cracked a smile at the doctor, pleased to see him again. "I'm feeling fine, but Nicole might have stressed her little girly muscles a bit too much." he said in a teasing, looking over to Nicole then back to Andrew. "No need to worry about us. How are you doing yourself Andrew? I remember you almost got crushed by a boulder thanks to that drunken bitch back in the cave. You didn't get hurt too bad, did you?" He was genuinely concerned about Andrew. He liked the doctor, and while Andrew appeared to be doing well enough to be up and about, he was still slammed by a falling rock.

"No need to worry about us. How are you doing yourself Andrew? I remember you almost got crushed by a boulder thanks to that drunken bitch back in the cave. You didn't get hurt too bad, did you?"

He was surprised someone apart from Prometheus asked about that. So far, people seemed to have been more worried about themselves, and their own state of mind. "I'm fine," Andrew said reassuringly. "I have a few broken ribs, which I can't fix yet, but I survived, so I'm not about to complain."

Are you trying to make me trust you? Or are you honestly concerned?

Andrew had only done the former himself, so he had no way of telling between the two. Besides, he wasn't about to trust anyone either way. "So there's no need to worry, although I do appreciate the concern. Thanks." Andrew always felt awkward at this point. As if he was supposed to say something more. Something not just responsible and friendly, like a joke or some more information about how he was feeling or doing. Andrew usually solved it by asking a question.

"So, looking forward to the plane-trip? To get back to Sicily?" He asked, not realizing that Remus would probably rather keep his mind of that.

"Then we could have a real rematch. Next time in a larger pool, and how about instead of three-hundred we go for three-thousand!

"Ha, you'd just lose ten times as badly," she said, he wouldn't he might do a lot better then. "We'll have to make our next race more interesting, place a bet on it or something."

"I'm feeling fine, but Nicole might have stressed her little girly muscles a bit too much."

"Hey!" she said with mock offense, splashing water at Remus "I kicked your ass with these girly muscles," she grinned at him and made her way over to the edge of the pool and pulled herself out.

"I'm going to go get something to eat," she said, before walking quickly inside. She considered grabbing a towel but it was warm enough out that she didn't mind air drying plus I might swim around a little more once I've eaten, just to relax. She grabbed a plate and some leftovers from Prometheus's feast, it was a bit cold now but still good, and she walked back outside sitting at the edge of the pool with her feet in the water as she ate.

Aria smiled after Dan finally let go, she did feel a little better but still couldn't shake the feeling there was something 'not real' about all this, but decided to ignore that feeling for now and just hugged Dan. She figured even if it was 'fake' it was better then nothing for now.

"Come on, lets get going" She said after letting go of him and heading out of the lobby, and back to the boys room cause she heard Prometheus say something about leaving."Hey. It time to go?" she asked as Prometheus finished putting his boots on.

"Hey! I kicked your ass with these girly muscles," Remus chuckled as Nicole splashed at him, watching her as she got out of the pool and went to grab a bite. He quickly turned his attention back to Andrew. "So, looking forward to the plane-trip? To get back to Sicily?" His smile slowly vanished and he nodded solemnly. "Yes. Although it's less of a pleasant feeling and more of an anxious one." Remus felt his head filling with worries once again. "I mean, you saw what Dio did to Gaia back there. Who knows what...atrocities he could have committed in Sicily." With these thoughts biting away at his mind, Remus started feeling agitated. His face appeared visibly stressed and his fingers subconsciously formed into a fist. "I swear, if he did anything..." He didn't finished that sentence, as he recognized his stress and instead let a heavy breath out. "I'd rather not think much on it. Not now. Not until I'm there myself and can make sure things are safe."

Remus smile disappeared, and as he spoke about how he was worried, Andrew realized what he done wrong.

Oh. Right.

"I'd rather not think much on it. Not now. Not until I'm there myself and can make sure things are safe."

"Yeah, I understand. I was thoughtless when I asked, I'm sorry," Andrew gave an apologetic smile. "As soon as we get there, we can do something about it, at least."

If it's not too late.

"Uncertainty is a double-edged blade, isn't it? It allows for both doubt and hope," he thought out aloud. It wasn't particularly helpful, just a thought. He decided that it was better if he just left. "Well, either way we have to get going soon, and I still need to go pack. See you later, yeah?" Andrew then walked inside, and went upstairs. He didn't have much to pack, but he had noticed that it was harder to have a conversation with someone. More forced, as everyone had gotten introduced and given some info about himself. Andrew couldn't talk about recent events, as it might strike a nerve, but he couldn't talk emotions either. Nor did he want to start speaking about his past, but at some point of time, that would be needed.

I don't like this idleness.

Andrew finished packing, packing water wouldn't work, as the airports didn't let you bring water through the customs, so he ended up just packing clothes and such. He also gave Prometheus the morphine and syringe, so that it could be brought in his belongings. After he was finished, he went to see if he could find Etna in the girls room. He knocked on the door, and after making sure no one was naked in there, he opened it, finding both Etna and Vera.

"Hello you two," he said. He hadn't talked to Vera since the bar, so there might actually be things for him to ask her about. "You doing well?"

"Come on, lets get going"

Dan gave an awkward half wave as she left, calling after her, "Tell Prometheus I'm ready too, it'll just be a minute!" He waited until she left to go back to his bed, and get his backpack. Spear, check, maps, check. One thing he had to make sure of...

He pulled everything out, and pulled out a journal. A possession of his brothers and his, he opened it up to look again. It was a series of crayon and marker ticks, each one a different color and boldness. Below each tick, a musical note. He remembered how his brother was around azure, it made a small sound he couldn't describe, but liked. It was intact, he couldn't believe he had forgotten it in his fight against Gaia and the satyrs. Though, he did have his own life on the line then...

He sighed, and put it back, under the fake covering. He suppose he wanted a little time away from Aria, to let her gather her thoughts. He certainly needed to do similar, at least.

He sat cross legged, deep in thought as ideas and memories swirled in his own head. He didn't know whether Mimir had actually given him a power boost, but he knew he could summon small things for a short time. This meant little in the grand scheme of things, and not worth losing the eye. He'd need to learn how to even the playing field in combat against greater enemies, if he were caught alone. His lack of depth perception would serve only to hinder him, though now that he was away from others, he felt less clouded, more focused.

He decided the thinking was a waste right now, a flight to make and such. Though, he had the semblance of an idea he'd have to try if he got into combat again... 'Why do I think I won't?' Dan rolled his eyes and left to find Prometheus.

Prometheus collapsed on the couch as he waited for the others. He looked over at Aria and nodded.

"It certainly is, when everyone gets here. Do you have anything you need hidden in my pack by the way?"

He drummed his fingers impatiently on the couch; the small break from travel had sharpened his mind, and he now questioned why they had taken such a long reprieve.

We need to keep moving.

He lit up a cigarette, ignoring the no smoking policy of the motel. What were they going to do, arrest him?

"I'd rather not think much on it. Not now. Not until I'm there myself and can make sure things are safe."

Nicole hadn't heard the question, but it was easy enough to assume what Andrew had asked. She wasn't sure if she should say anything to Remus, he had good reason to worry and she wasn't sure if anything she could say would cheer him up. He's handling it pretty well really, I could tell him that worrying doesn't solve anything but he knows that already. She still felt like she should say something though changing the topic might be a good idea.

"So Remus, think of any bets we could make next time we race?" she asked, before taking a bite of her food being careful not to drop any into the pool.

"Yeah, I understand. I was thoughtless when I asked, I'm sorry. As soon as we get there, we can do something about it, at least." A slight smile returned to Remus' face. Andrew's words had managed to ease his worries yet again. "Don't worry about, it's fine. And I'm sure we will." As the doctor took off to get ready, Remus was left to ponder to himself. Thankfully he didn't have much time for his anxious thoughts when Nicole spoke to him.

"So Remus, think of any bets we could make next time we race?" Remus turned his head, smiled a bit more broadly and made his way over to her. "Bets you say? Well I'm not very much one for gambling, but..." he thought for a moment and then smirked. "Maybe something akin to a dare? Whoever wins gets to make the loser do something they want?"

Able quietly followed the orders of the titan (how else would he do it?)and followed him to the boy's room. The others quickly gathered there as well. Dan and Aria seemed to have patched things up already.

That's nice at least.

The whole thing with these two seemed to be going crazy fast to him but what did Able know? It wasn't like he'd ever been in serious relationship before. Assuming this thing they have going on is serious. Who's to say how people were supposed to act when they're on a magical quest from the gods? The books he'd read always painted a different picture to the one he was in.

I should probably stop thinking about it.

"Maybe something akin to a dare? Whoever wins gets to make the loser do something they want?"

"Depends on what that thing is, what did you have in mind?" she replied, happy to see that he was cheered up. A dare of sorts had been what she'd had in mind, and what she usually did things like loser pays for pizza, or has to do something silly.

She considered what she might make him do if she won, hmmm, might be better to hear his idea first. Can't be anything too humiliating of course, hmmm I need to think about this. She remembered some people back home liked to make them pull a prank of some sort, whereas others were content with just making them run or swim a few extra laps. She was fond of making them run as it made them better competition for the next time, although free food was always nice too. Eh, both of those seem kinda boring for a race like this, I'll wait to see what he suggests.

"It certainly is, when everyone gets here. Do you have anything you need hidden in my pack by the way?"

Steven pulled out his Colt and a few clips of ammo and put it on the table, then grabbing the shotgun plus shells and doing the same.

"I hope that will fit correct?" Steven said to the Titan.

"Depends on what that thing is, what did you have in mind?" Remus pulled up out of the pool and sat across from Nicole. His feet swished about in the water as he thought. He could think of several dares for Nicole, some more appropriate than others, but wasn't certain which he thought would be most suitable for their future race. Eventually he turned to her with a smirk. "Not quite sure. Something embarrassing, to be certain. Perhaps even shameful." he chuckled a bit. "Why? What do you have in mind for me?" He didn't feel like saying his own ideas until she shared hers.

"Why? What do you have in mind for me?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure, still need to think about it," she said, thinking up some options that could be fun "Right now I'm thinking... you give me a piggyback ride anywhere I want to go for a day," she grinned, it seemed appropriately silly and besides she knew he was strong enough to do so. Can already picture it 'Onward steed!' hehe.

She finished her food and stood up pulling her legs out of the pool should probably head inside soon, still a tiny bit hungry I hope they serve food on the plane. She looked down at him as she untied her hair, it would dry faster if it was loose.

"So that's my current thought, whats yours?" she said embarrassing or shameful, might be a bit much but lets hear what he has in mind.

"Fine," She muttered in response and lent forward, getting back to the business at hand. She took the messenger back and put it before getting up and leaving the room. As she walked down the corridor, she stretched a bit. Until she smelt cigarette smoke, until she heard the chatter of guns being unloaded. She guessed it would be better if they had some firearms, but the sight of the killing machines brought home the reality of the situation. A rampaging god on the loose... And here was Prometheus, smoking. 'Nice to see there's no rush,' She thought. 'A crazy god, mass suicides... no rush at all.' She then did what she came here to do. With a curt "Hey.", she tried to get the Titan's attention and when on to ask, "When are we going anyway?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure, still need to think about it. Right now I'm thinking... you give me a piggyback ride anywhere I want to go for a day," Remus laughed openly at that. He probably wouldn't mind that one much. It wouldn't much uncomfortable or tiring, considering his inhuman strength. "So that's my current thought, whats yours?" Remus pondered once again. While he had several ideas, he was still unsure about which one he liked best. Or if he even wanted to tell Nicole what he had in mind. " know, unless you can persuade me otherwise, I think I'll keep my dare a secret." he said, smirking. "No need to going spoiling a good potential surprise."

"No need to going spoiling a good potential surprise."

"Awwww," she said feigning a pout, before snapping back to her usual grinning self "Fine, but if I don't like it then I won't do it, although you'll have to work pretty hard to win."

She was feeling rather curious about it now, but she could wait until the race not going to let him win of course, but if I win then I'll see if he'll tell me. Although she knew she could beat him in a foot race she knew that another swimming race would depend on the environment, the ocean and he would have the advantage, a pool and she would, although if he took her pointers it would be pretty close.

"We should head inside now, the others are all getting set to head out I think," she said, turning to walk inside, she would have to get changed out of her suit of course but that didn't take long.

Aria shrugged "I got nothin that won't make it through customs" she said as she sat down and waited, just running a final check on her bag to make sure everything was there. She found she over looked the shoes she was wearing yesterday and went to fetch those as well, the rearranged her pack to get them in.

"You doing well?" Andrew said, approaching her. Truthfully, the answer was no, but she wasn't going to say that. Instead she tried not to scowl - an effort that mostly succeeded - and answered. "Mixed. And you?" she replied, hoping to get the conversation going - at least it would be a distraction from the self-destructive thoughts.

Vera took another swig of water while she waited for Andre to reply.

Dan walked towards Prometheus, giving a small wave. He stayed in the back, debating something in his head. He chose to ask, handing his spear over. It was in the three pieces, held together by a black bungie cord like thing. It was clear he made the thing himself.

"I'll take Sleipnir, if you don't mind? He's faster, and I doubt a kid with a bag full of maps and less eyes than normal could get by easily. I'll just go and bye an eyepatch, maybe book us a room somewhere?" He flashed a look towards Remus, and looked back to Prometheus with a look that said 'And maybe make sure things are normal?'

Etna had barely answered before leaving the room. Not really a surprise. While he had expected Vera to be annoyed and answer the same way, she tried to not seem that annoyed.

"Mixed. And you?"

Andrew shrugged. He didn't smile that much at the moment, since Vera might react badly to that. However, he still sounded like a very likable person. "Broken ribs considered, I'm fine. I'm not really looking forward to the trip, though, it's going to take a couple of hours to get to Sicily."

What should I ask her about? She seems annoyed.

He wasn't sure he wanted to talk about anything like that. But if he didn't know what was bothering her, any other question was a minefield. She could be homesick, so talking about home was a no. If she was bothered about the earlier events, or the future, then most if not all of the topics he could come up with could make her mad. At least one didn't need a lot of empathy to spot annoyance and anger, that generally went well.

"So, what is bothering you? If you don't want to talk about it, that's perfectly fine. But keeping things inside never really works. Believe me, I'd know, I used to do that all the time when I was younger. I still do, sometimes."

Actually, it works pretty well.

"It's up to you, of course. I'm not pressuring you. But it might be good to air your thoughts, rather than spending several hours on the plane, thinking about it."

Prometheus heard Dans proposition and considered, running his hands through his freshly cleaned hair. Still holding back his hair, he looked up at Dan, with an apologetic shrug.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Anything could be waiting for us there, and you're not much good dead. You do look out of place, but it's not worth the risk. Besides. You can keep Aria company."

Prometheus flashed him a knowing grin and stood up, stretching. The bus would stop outside the motel soon, and he wanted everyone ready. He kicked the bag of tickets towards the group.

"In there is your relative passports and plane tickets; all guaranteed to work, courtesy of the Goddess of thresholds. Fitting, seeing as we'll be crossing many fairly soon."

He looked at the spear and gave an impressed nod, before stowing it away in his pack. Shrugging on the backpack, he turned on the TV waiting for the others. The first channel was international news.

Another mass suicide in Italy leaves investigators at a loss for words...

Prometheus quickly turned it off and took the batteries out of the remote. Giving the room a sheepish look, he walked downstairs to the bus stop to wait patiently.

"We should head inside now, the others are all getting set to head out I think," Remus nodded and pulled himself out of the pool. He entered the guys' room and made a quick change, exchange his wet boxers for a dry pair and slipping his black suit back on. As he walked down the halls of the hotel, he began whistling. His race with Nicole and the chat that followed had put him in a damned good mood. He flashed a smile as entered the lobby where most of the other demigods were standing about. "So, we heading off soon?" he asked.

Nicole entered the girls room, spotting Vera chatting with Andrew man V and I haven't talked much at all since this started, I wonder why. Nodding at them she grabbed her backpack and went into the bathroom to change, using one of the towels to finish drying her legs. She finished changing and walked into the lobby where the others were. Remus had changed back into his suit in spite of the wine and blood stains on it, she wasn't sure that was a terribly wise choice of attire. She shrugged if Prometheus doesn't care then it probably doesn't matter, although he's not here right now, guess he can comment on it when he gets back, it does smell though. She found a place to stand and wait for the group to head out.

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