Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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Prometheus nodded as Nicole explained, offering his voice in support.

"She's right. We're not meant to be here, and I doubt they will let us leave nicely."

Chiron turned his head, still paddling. His voice picked up from it's sombre malaise, eager to educate.

"I'm glad you asked! This is actually Eridanos, the deepest of the five rivers, one that will eventually link up with Styx. By taking this path, we actually skip the boundary, and can drop straight into the fifth circle, if you know your Dante..."

The world had become dark and full of a thick, grey mist. Chiron lit a small lamp at the prow of the boat, and Prometheus cast a warm, radiance to those sitting near him.

Skeletal arms now began to reach into the boat, clawing and grasping. Chiron was unnerved, though it set the Titan on edge. He kicked at one of the arms, snapping it, and threw it back into the river.

Turning to Aria, he spoke.

"When we find the owner of said tongue, you'll need to act as translator; none of us here speak the language of the dead save you. Assuming you do, as a daughter of Freya."

Far in the distance, the mist began to part, revealing a stone city, lit by funeral pyres, and thousands of naked, dead spirits wandering in pain. Those nearest the shore spotted the boat, before running back quickly, in the manner of a messenger.

Three winged, screaming figures shot out from the city and into the mist-sky, hurtling towards the boat.

"I'm glad you asked! This is actually Eridanos, the deepest of the five rivers, one that will eventually link up with Styx. By taking this path, we actually skip the boundary, and can drop straight into the fifth circle, if you know your Dante..."

"Well, I did just sell my soul, better get used to where I will be living..." Steven said, before a thought caught his mind.

"Did it always have nine circles?" Steven asked, "I don't personally remember the part of Greek history that mentioned Hades has defined levels."

"When we find the owner of said tongue, you'll need to act as translator; none of us here speak the language of the dead save you. Assuming you do, as a daughter of Freya."

"I can, I can also see them if they linger on earth, which was confusing as hell when I was little and couldn't tell the difference between living and spirit" Aria said, snickering a little at some of her mistakes in fine tuning her power. "Not that I have to worry about seeing anyone I know, Mom an Dad wouldn't be in hell, nether would Gramma or Grampa, We'd need to go up to find them." she said as a trio of figures moved toward the boat from the city "That can't be good"

Andrew had expected the trip to hell to be... dramatic. Really, a boat on some water that had scratch noises on the underside, a warning about talking to people and eating stuff, and that was it? However, soon someone spotted them, and then some winged creatures flew towards the boat, shrieking. Andrew sighed, but it didn't surprise nor scare him.

Besides, no one else is reacting. And I can't do anything, even if I tried.

He awaited the others' reaction, that was pretty much all he could do either way. He found their whole trip down there a waste of time and an unnecessary danger. Yet again,the feeling of the whole thing just being some sort of stupid test hit him, but for now, he wouldn't voice his annoyance. Not anything to be gained from it, after all.

Prometheus answered Steven's question.

"Hades, Hel, Dis; they're just different names for the same place. 9 circles, 7 levels, 3 tiers; just different interpretations I'm guessing."

Spotting what Aria was referring to, he cursed.

"I wonder who set them free...last I heard they were under a tomb in Athens..."

Chiron pulled the boat closer to the shore, before spotting the three winged women.

"I suggest you lot make your way to the stone City, you'll find the souls there. Be quick! The Furies don't often stop to ask questions."

On either side of the river were dark plains of dirt stretching for miles, shrouded by mist on the horizon. The only notable feature was a stone city in the distance, and the thousands of souls that roamed the wasteland.

The Furies drew closer now, carrying ivory bows. One of them let loose an arrow, piercing the side of the boat with a thunk.

Remus mimicked Prometheus' reaction when skeletal digits began scratching at the boat, sweeping his hand at one and reducing the bones to dust. It was a rather rash thing to do considering how the others simply ignored it, but Remus was unsettled. There was something certainly ghastly about taking a boat through the underworld. The gruesome sights early hadn't sickened him, but the macabre atmosphere now was making him feel queasy. Frankly he was surprised the others weren't so frightened by the sights of death.

Hanging his head low throughout the ride, Remus peaked up when he heard a chorus of vicious howls ring through the air. He spotted a trio of winged figures flying in the group's direction. "That can't be good." he heard Aria say, echoing his own thoughts. Remus gripped his shotgun and brought it up to aim, waiting for the Furies to get closer before firing.

"I suggest you lot make your way to the stone City, you'll find the souls there. Be quick! The Furies don't often stop to ask questions." Even as Chiron brought them to the shore, Remus keep his gaze focused on the winged creatures. As an arrow sank into the boat's side he decided to waiting any longer would be too dangerous. He squeezed the trigger and fired a round at one of the Furies. Buckshot wasn't as good as birdshot for hunting flying beasts, but it would still tear them up if they got too close. With that he climbed out of the boat, landing on the dark dirt and gesturing for the others to follow. "Come on! Move fast unless you wanna get hit!"

Steven followed Remus' lead. While he was a good shot, hitting a flying creature with a pistol without tracer rounds while running was really difficult.

Being forced to eyeball the furies movement, Steven fired an entire clip as he ran, only one meeting it's mark and clipping a wing bone, forcing it to crash into the ground.


Vera watched as the Furies began to close. Drawing his sword, he got into a defensive stance, ready to protect people from the arrows as best he could - whether by smacking them away with his sword or blocking them with his armor.

"DON'T WASTE TIME TRYING TO FIGHT THEM!" Steven yelled, "JUST RUN!". Vera couldn't agree more. Fighting the Furies might have been possible under other circumstances, but in the land of the dead, who knew what the rules would be. Would they even be able to kill them?

"Agreed." she said, moving further from the shore. "Let's make haste"

They got to the shore, the furies drawing closer. An arrow hit the boat, and people started panicking, as they ran to this stone City they were supposed to get to.


It's not like I was planning on fighting. What would I even use?

Andrew left the boat, but couldn't help but take note of the arrow again, surprised the furies carried bows. A bow could be handy, if he had to fight. He was tired of sitting on the side-line without being able to do anything, so when one of the furies crashed to the ground, he took the chance to grab her bow and arrows, before continuing.

They were already chasing us, after all. So it's not like it'll get worse now. And I might as well have something to defend myself with should the need arise. More than this.

Andrew examined the bow as he ran, it was unusual compared to what he was used to, but it didn't look like it would be that hard for him to use. It had a certain weight to it, it seemed to be ivory, but he would be able to aim it. His specialty back then had been to ready the arrow and aim quickly, while being fairly precise. And he was sure he hadn't lost his touch just yet.

Aria sighed as she ran 'Again with things trying to kill us' she thought as she spun around to take a half aimed pot shot at the furies, she wasn't really trying to kill or even hit them, just distract them long em to delay them shooting at them "So what these guys deal eh? Anything about them that drunken loser could have used to turn them to his side?"

The buckshot threw the Fury off balance, before Steven's clip brought it to the ground. Robbed of both it's bow and it's flight, it began sprinting after the group, gaining on them, while the other two wheeled around in front of them. Aria's bolt further enraged the grounded one, scorching her claws.

They were tall, maybe 8 feet, extremely thin and gangly, with large black wings. On their hands were wicked claws that curved like scimitars; two out of three still held their bows, arrows knocked.

With arrows pointed straight at them, Prometheus stopped running and froze. If they hadn't shot them point blank, perhaps they weren't trying to kill them.

Prometheus whispered to Aria.

"I'd drop the apathy if I was you. Eternal torment isn't as fun as it looks."

The injured fury caught the group, leaping onto Steven, wrapping her legs around him, trying desperately to shred his back.

One of the furies screamed something incomprehensible; sounding something like a cross between a woman and a bird. Ignoring her, the Fury cut Steven deeply down the back, vengeance for injuring her. The other two snickered, barking another order, somewhat angry that she disobeyed.

Prometheus, unsure of what to do, tried to grip the fury from Steven, though it slashed at his hands, before changing targets to Remus and Aria.

"Ahriman won't miss these two!"

"I'm glad you asked! This is actually Eridanos, the deepest of the five rivers, one that will eventually link up with Styx. By taking this path, we actually skip the boundary, and can drop straight into the fifth circle, if you know your Dante..."

"Eriandos, I don't remember that one..." she muttered, if it meets up with the Styx though then that might be good, relatively speaking of course we are in the underworld. Fifth circle huh, its good to know Dante's fanfiction is just as relevant as actual ancient religion I suppose. Before she could comment or say more though the flying figures attacked, and some of them retaliated in kind, while making a hasty retreat.

"I suggest you lot make your way to the stone City, you'll find the souls there. Be quick! The Furies don't often stop to ask questions."

Oh shit, now we're up against vengeance dieties? And Steven just shot one, yeah I'm guessing the goddesses of revenge and persecuting aren't going to let that slide... They were running though, and that was something she was good at, if not for the bright glow she would unfurl her wings and take off, but in this situation that might be like painting a target on her forehead.

She was pulling ahead of the rest of the group when one grabbed Steven, shit shit shit, what do I do? No weapons, no way to fight without getting close... Prometheus managed to pull the one off of Steven, and it promptly charged at Remus and Aria, Remus at least she wasn't worried about getting hurt, if anyone stood a chance against an eight foot tall divine monster in close combat it was him. Still there had to be something she could do, wait! I need to stop forgetting about the blessings, now lets see if I can still manifest the wings invisibly, she concentrated, it was difficult to suppress the glow, but she could feel them unfurl from her back, strands of light collecting and then fading into a barely noticeable, faintly gold colored, blur. They felt larger than before, more full of strength, as though the feeling of victory from before had overcharged them, lets try not to waste that. A golden aura flew from her fingertips to Remus, granting him the blessing of victory and strength, she just hoped the Furies didn't take notice, she didn't feel like engaging them in aerial combat, especially not when only one of them was attacking. No sense pissing ALL of them off, things are bad enough as is.

Steven screamed as the claws cut into his back. Thankfully, Prometheus was able to get it off him.

The Fury ran after Remus an Aria. While hitting a flying target with a pistol was extremely difficult, hitting a target running straight away from you is easy.

Steven grabbed the pistol from the ground, brought it to bear against the Fury, and put a slug right into the monsters back.

Able hit the shore around the same time the others did, keeping a nervous eye on the horizon and the shadowy skies. His feet touched the ground just in time to feel the wind rustle as a bone arrow drove itself into the boatside, quivering as it settled in. It was a hasty bit of improvisation but Able snatched it up. It was just one arrow but it was better than nothing and he didn't want to be caught completly unprepared again.

He broke into a run sticking close to the rest of the group, gunshots were going off around him but he didn't turn to see where they were coming from. The city skyline on the horizon was their new goal and he was damn well going to reach it.And then it was on them. One of the creatures, some sick mixture of person and vulture had crashed to the ground... and it was pissed!

In the back of his mind Able heard someone call them furies and suddenly it all made sense. Not that there was any time to stop and marvel at them and the strange, shrieks and clicks they seemed to use to speak. All he could think of them as was animals, monsters. The wounded one had already made a point to attack Steven, trying to shred his back like a cat on a scratching post. Prometheus was able to drag it off, but that didn't slow it down and before they knew it the fury was spinning around and changing course.

Steven managed to plug it in the back, it's lank, lurching form offering a nice target. Able piled on, trying to do his part. He charged the fury lashing out with the arrow tip and kicking at the back of one of the fury's long legs. It was moving so fast but Able did his best to try and grab hold of it in the hope of holding it still long enough for the others to take it down.

Remus whipped his head around, running still, as he heard a feral noise coming from behind. He saw the Fury which he had fired upon moments ago attacking Steven, slashing at him with its claws. Although Prometheus managed to pry it away, the creature broke out of his grasp and sprinted in Remus' direction. At this he came to a halt and turned his full body around.

It was then that Remus felt a sudden burst of energy surge through his body. Saying the sensation was invigorating would be an understatement. He now felt titanic - invincible almost. Having previously been fleeing from the winged foes, Remus was now convinced to do the opposite and charge back at the Furies. The Fury headed towards him was staggered when Steven took a shot at it from the back and Able attempted to grapple it. Drawing his sword as rushed at the creature, Remus plunged the blade forward and drove it into the Fury's chest.

A hardy chuckle escaped Remus' mouth, as drew the blade out of the beast as quickly as it had entered. He eyes then turned to the remaining two Furies soaring above with bows drawn. He lifted his shotgun up and took aim, holding it with one arm as though it were a mere pistol. Normally Remus wouldn't have tried something so cocky, but he was feeling oddly amazing. As he lined the barrel with his target, he squeezed the gun's trigger and unloaded its remaining buckshot at one of the Furies. His arm barely even quivered from the recoil.

Aria blew the titan off entirely, and turned around to check on Steven, 'blinking' over to him as Remus and Able dealt with the grounded fury "Andrew! Steven needs your help!" she yelled to their 'medic', taking a look over at Remus in time to see him run the grounded Fury threw 'That's not gonna help anything ....' she thought, figuring they where already in the land of the dead, where was it gonna go.

Andrew watched as the fury attacked Steven, it angry after having having been shot. He gripped the bow, but the titan leading them dealt with it first. The slight moment after Prometheus had removed it from the close to middle-aged man's back, Andrew wondered if it was because of him. However, it soon became apparent that the creature was more bothered about the people who had attacked it, than the guy who had "borrowed" its bow and arrows.

From the blood, it seemed that Steven's injuries were dire, and as Andrew ran over in order to help him, Aria spoke.

Andrew! Steven needs your help!

"Yeah, I'm on my way," he answered, faking his polite tone and smile.

I know, you dumb bitch. Go do something useful, instead of bothering me.

If it was one thing Andrew couldn't stand, it was people pointing out the obvious like that, and doubting his ability to act according to his responsibilities. Especially when it was someone who spent most of the time bitching, upset over stupid things.

Damn teenagers. I didn't like them when I was their age, and I still don't like them. Whatever, not important.

When he reached Steven, he examined his wounds. The marks after the claws were deep, but easy enough to fix, and Steven were soon fine again. He remembered that the fury seemed to have slashed Prometheus too, and asked:

"Did you need to be healed too?"

As he asked, he poured some of his water over a few of the arrows, inflicting a poison-like plague on the water and the arrows, should he need to use them.

Shot, slashed and now impaled on Remus' sword, the fury let out a beastly squeal. As Remus drew the blade clean, it was clear that it was incapacitated; not dead, but no longer a threat. It sizzled slightly where Able had cut it with the arrow.

Remus' shot hit the fury hard, sending it staggering, dropping it's bow. The other sneered and loosed an arrow, and although Remus tried to dodge it, it slashed under his leg, tearing his calf muscle. Satisfied, the Fury leaped up into the air, readying another arrow, the other still dazed and shocked.

Prometheus spoke to Andrew.

"I'm fine, though I doubt they want to talk now, if they ever did. I think they were just emissaries...Anyhow, you've got the bow, you know what to do."

The titan rounded on Nicole, giving her a nod of approval.

"I'm sure Remus appreciates that. Will you be able to summon it again soon, or will we be without victory for a while?"

Steven tried to get up on his own, but screamed in pain. Thankfully, Andrew quickly reached him and patched up the wounds. Steven was then able to get to his feet.

"Thank you," Steven said, then noticed Andrew was pouring water on some stollen arrows. Steven was confused, but guessed what ever gift of medicine Andrew had may also work in reverse.

"Let's hope that works, these things can take a lot more punishment than the goats," Steven said as he indicated to the still alive Fury on the ground. He then noticed that Remus was on the ground, leg slashed. Steven knew enough first aid to know a cut to the leg can bleed out VERY quickly.

"Give me the poisoned bow," Steven said, "I can know how to use it by just touching it, your needed to heal. Take my gun."

Steven held out the colt to Andrew.

"I'm fine, though I doubt they want to talk now, if they ever did. I think they were just emissaries... Anyhow, you've got the bow,you know what to do."

Andrew nodded, and readied a poisoned arrow without hesitation. He was completely calm, he had no reason to be nervous or unsure, he had hit birds with arrows before, and those were smaller, faster, and not currently trying to hit them with arrows. His hands didn't shake under the weight of the bow, and his aim was excellent.

"Give me the poisoned bow. I can know how to use it by just touching it, your needed to heal. Take my gun."

If Andrew had replied, what he said would be condescending and offended. Did Steven really think it was that easy to use a bow? Didn't he think Andrew could do it better? Did he really think Andrew couldn't do both this and the healing? Andrew felt like speaking his mind. However, he emptied his mind of whatever the others said.

And then he fired. It barely hit the moving fury.

No good. Again.

He readied the bow again and fired, hitting this time. The arrow itself wouldn't do too much damage, but the poison would bring it down shortly.

Paralysis and pain, was the attributes of this "plague". He fired another arrow, at the other fury. Yet not a perfect hit, but good enough to bring the poison around in its body fast. His more than ten years of practice came back to him. And his talent guided those years.

Andrew smirked proudly, before changing that smile into a worried one, and checking on Remus. With the arrow still in, there was no problems, it stopped most of the bleeding. He slowly removed the arrow, fixing what had been damaged beforehand, barely noticing that he was starting to get tired.

Steven watched Andrew land shot after shot on the Furies.

"...I am sorry I doubted you," Steven said in amazement, "Remind me to not piss you off."

Steven saw that the Furies were hit by the arrows were slower, and easer to hit. Steven aimed, and shot one of them twice square in the chest, brining the already poisoned creature down. Did not want to give the creatures a chance to get desperate.

Remus growled when he felt an arrow tear through his leg. Although inhumanly strong and invigorated, the demigod still felt pain like any other would. And having an arrowhead embedded in one's flesh stung like a bitch. Remus fell onto his knee in reaction to the pain, yet his eyes were turned to the direction in which the projectile came rather than where it had landed. He saw the last unharmed Fury readying another shot. "No problem, I can handle this." the victorious energy flowing through his head convinced him. He wasn't certain how though. His shotgun was dry of shells and the Fury wasn't close enough to crush with his bare hands. "I could try hurling my sword at it..."

But before Remus could attempt that probably bad idea, the Fury was struck by an arrow itself. Cocking his head around, Remus spotted Andrew. He cracked a smile as the doctor approached him and began checking on his wound. "Aren't you full of surprises! I didn't expect you to be a marksman." He chuckled, then hissed a bit as the arrow was pulled out his calf. The pain quickly vanished though as Andrew worked his healing talents on the injury. "There was no need to heal me. I'm tough, I'd been fine without it." he said rather cockily. That surge of enthusiasm was really getting to him. "But you have my thanks anyways." Remus pulled himself up from the ground, ignoring the pain as he lifted his knee and resumed movement.

The furies fell surprisingly quickly, and with what amounted to minor injuries on their part, Steven seemed ok now and Remus was refusing aid, so it must not be that bad.

Aria, figuring the latest enemy was delt with, resumed the search for this person they where after, she might not know exactly what they where looking for, but she had a better idea then most of the group, and given her questions where being ignored now, she figured it be better to just resume the search and let the medic, whom was now on her shit list after that last glance at him when he spoke to her, she knew that fake smile all to well, let him do what ever he was doing.

"I'm sure Remus appreciates that. Will you be able to summon it again soon, or will we be without victory for a while?"

"I should be able to, but I think it gets weaker when I spread it around," she said, although given the energy she still felt she somehow doubted it would be much weaker in this case. They were doing a surprisingly good job of beating back the furies so far, but then that one had said that they weren't supposed to harm some of them so maybe they were going easy on them?

Regardless they needed to keep moving, Andrew was impressively good with his new bow, but they only had so many arrows and bullets. Besides that Andrew had already shown that he could only do so much healing, and having their medic burned out again would not be good.

She turned to Prometheus "Where to now?" she asked quickly, ready to run or fly as fast as she could.

The Furies broke and stumbled away, enraged, making headway away from the stone city. A crowd had gathered to look at the fight, looking on with sad and mournful eyes. They quickly dissipated as it finished, returning to melancholy lumbering around eternal plains.

Prometheus turned to Nicole and pointed to the city.

"The city of Dis, and if I'm not mistaken, new home of Ahriman. We just need to find the soul, get the information, and leave."

The city itself was a sombre reconstruction of Vienna; canals ran this way and that, carrying the perpetually drowning, all moaning for salvation. Prometheus had to remind himself that this was the halfway between Life and whatever lay afterwards.

"It's just a domain, they'll be okay eventually."

He spoke to himself, though loud enough for others to hear.

Making their way through the crowd, they came across a wide, stone courtyard in the center of the city. A fight had broken out between two people. A greying, emaciated old man, and a physically imposing Persian. The old man wore a black tunic, and held a staff in his hand. The Persian was dressed in glittering silver mail, not unlike Vera's, and carried a vicious mace.

The withered man swept the Persian off his feet with his staff, before smashing it crudely over his neck. Coughing, but unharmed, the warrior mashed his mace into the man's stomach. It was clear they had been fighting for some time, neither making any true progress.

Prometheus turned to the others.

"Well, there are the two kings of Hel at this current point in time. Both of them will know where the soul is..."

A soft voice spoke among the crowd, though only Aria could understand her. She was calling, softly and sadly, as if trying to remember. Her lips were drawn and grey; her hair so fine it looked as if it may crumble.

"Remus...Remus is that you...?"

Due to the crowed Aria hadn't gone far enough to matter, and Prometheus said the where in the city of Dis, that sounded vaguely familiar.

She kinda hung back a bit as they walked through the city, distancing her self from the group mostly due to her revalation about Andrew, she figured it was better then her just back handing him if he said something she didn't like. So she instead admired the architecture, which she found interesting.

The group made their way threw and to the city center, where they found two men fighting, one looking far more ready for a fight then the other, not that it seemed to matter much, the pair seemed pretty evenly matched from what she saw. "Well, there are the two kings of Hel at this current point in time. Both of them will know where the soul is..." Prometheus said, which answer one burning question she had, but raised another, but before she could comment, she heard a female voice, asking after Remus "Crap" and poked Prometheus in the side and motion him to lean in close for a second "There's a woman trying to talk to Remus, how you think we should handle it? I doubt ignoring her is the best thing, I've seen what spirits do when ignored" she whispered to him

This place is.... insane...

Able reveled in the horrific site of Dis. Faces and withered bodies were washed by in a constant flow in the rapids of the river, thier faces breaking the surface to wail at the sky as they gnashed their teeth and cried for help. Prometheus gave a lackluster explanation for it in an attempt to put the group at their ease. It didn't help Able.

The whole place seemed to just get bleaker and bleaker as they went on. It wasn't hellish, but being trapped there long enough could easily be seen that way. But there were buildings and houses, places could call their own; maybe even make their own little sanctuary among all the depression. Able wracked his brains trying to remember anything he could ablout the name Dis but dante and co had only gotten a quick wikipedia look over when Abe was going mythology crazy. The name rang a bell but wasn't it supposed to be a city in hell. But this place seemed more like a crappy limbo.

Though I guess Limbo is kind of crappy by definition.

The uneasy feeling that this might be waiting for him started scratching at Able's thoughts, the creeping cold of his own mortality putting able even more on edge. I need to try and get in good with Dad. If this was real then odds were Valhalla was too and it had to beat an eternity in this place.

Then again, if you look at it at the right angle then it kind of looks like nicer parts of Tottenham. Able thought, trying to joke to himself.

It was a strange thing but Able seemed to be getting used to the sudden arrivals of crazy monster things. There wasn't as many chances to dwell on them when they were trying to rip his face off, fight or flight tended to kick in and do all the thinking for him. At least that had been Able's experience of it so far. The wird places on the other hand, well they were something else. Able had never been a big fan of traveling and neither Dis or Gaia's fever dream of a garden were changing that. What if something like Steven's deal happened to him and he got stuck here? What if he could never see home again?

And to think, I thought moving out to uni was a daunting prospect.

That was when they came across a town square like area with a group of depressed looking rags all gathered around watching two figures going at each other in the middle. The two of them stood out in the bleak world of Dis like a pair of beacons. Not that they were very bright in their own right, just that they weren't a shabby shade of grey.

"Well, there are the two kings of Hel at this current point in time. Both of them will know where the soul is..."

Seriously, kings? This wasn't what Able imagined when he thought of the ultimate clash between deities. It looks like the weirdest piece of street theatre I've ever seen. Either way Able's money was on the one with the mace.

Vera watched the fight between the gods closely. He had no idea who the old man was, but he had a few guesses who the other was. The use of a mace suggested it was Mithra, but Mithra was a god of war and light - not exactly the kind of god who'd try to rule Hel. More likely, it was Asto Vidatu or Angra Mainyu; neither of them gods he particularly wanted to meet with.

Turning to the others with some concern, Vera asked "Anyone have any idea who the old man is?" As an addendum, she said "I'd personally rather not deal with any of the Persian gods of death if I don't have to."; which was true enough. She'd rather not deal with any god or gods, but you know what they say: when in Rome...

"The city of Dis, and if I'm not mistaken, new home of Ahriman. We just need to find the soul, get the information, and leave."

Andrew looked around in the city. It was unique, for sure, eerie and melancholic, even. People were fighting in the water to reach the surface, drowning and desperate. He didn't want to linger, it brought something out in him. Not fear, not at all, but it was some sort of emotion. This was death? Well, some sort of it. The fifth circle of hell, if Dante's divine comedy was to be believed as a source. Wrath. If this was real, where would he go? What sin was his?

The eight circle was fraud, if I remember correctly.

Fraud. Tricking people into trusting you, and believing you were someone you weren't. Would he spend his time there? As arrogant as he was, even Andrew knew he wasn't going to avoid death.

I'm saving people's lives. But that's not going to mean a damn thing, once my sins are weighted up. Why is it such a serious sin to want to just pretend I'm like everyone else? Why is it the eight circle, out of nine?

Yet again, he had to ask himself whether or not it was worth it. Keeping it so that people wouldn't loathe him, or avoid him... he was always the one making the efforts. He was always the one smiling, sounding nice, doing nice things. None of them were worth it. They were just useless trash, if judging by the way they spoke about honesty and sincerity, yet never followed up on it.

Why should I go to hell because of them? Do I have to suffer forever because of these people? Because of everyone not me?

Of course, not a single part of him blamed himself.

"It's just a domain, they'll be okay eventually."

Prometheus murmured. Andrew sighed, obviously relieved, but not for everyone else. More for himself.

"That's good," he muttered. "Eternity is too long."

They walked over to two men fighting, an old man and a Persian. Prometheus commented on it.

"Well, there are the two kings of Hel at this current point in time. Both of them will know where the soul is..."

Andrew looked at them again. These were the kings? Something told him it wasn't a good idea to interrupt their fight.

The Titans eyes widened as Aria whispered to him. He quickly pulled her aside, a medley of confusion and, strangely, anger on his face.

"What do you mean she's trying to talk to Remus? She shouldn't be able to speak! Someone gave her her it cool for a moment. For god's sake, don't tell Remus."

Prometheus stood tall and searched for this alleged woman. Unable to distinguish speech from the rabble, he turned back to Aria, keeping a close watch on Remus.

"Can you point her out when you see her, otherwise, don't acknowledge her. We can't have Remus distracted, nor can we take any passengers anywhere."

Back to the group, they watched on in interest as the Gods fought. Prometheus spoke coolly to Vera.

"I believe that's Dis Pater; or Hades, whatever name he likes to take today. What I don't understand is why they're fighting; why Ahriman is even down here. Do you know much about him?"

Both staff and mace clashed with a sudden burst of energy, sending both men sprawling. As the old man lifted himself off the ground, he caught Andrew's eye; sensed the life within him. His eyes widened as he began to see the semblance to his nephew Apollo. At the same time, Ahriman caught Vera's gaze, grinning, he spoke.

"Ah! Spawn of Verathragna! I was wondering when I would meet - !"

He was cut short by a swift staff to the face. The old man turned and cried out towards the group.

"By Zeus, help me!"

Off in the distance, only visible to Able, high in the sky, a small light burst into existence, sending a wave of calm over him. As quickly as it had appeared, it vanished back into the nether.

Aria made a very subtle gesture to the woman in question "Her" She said between Prometheus comments about the combatants, one of which said something in the groups direction, but was cut off the other, asked for help. Aria shrugged and sighed "So how we handling this?"

Steven frowned.

"Again?" Steven pulled out his pistol, "We should help the old man right? The man isn't Satan and he's really fighting Jesus or something like that?"

The fight went on and the two piled in on asking the group for help, or at least one of them did. Why was it none of these people were capable of solving their own problems? Steven was ready to leap into action by the looks of it pulling out yet another gun. Just how many weapons did he have?

Able had no idea what to do about all this. He didn't even know what was going on right now or why they were fighting, but making snap decisions with no information on what was happening. He looked back and fourth between the others for some kind of signal or a lead to follow when something caught his eye.

It was like a star in the night sky. The light was, entrancing, he could stare at it all day. A dumb little smile spread across his face and for a moment the wailing waterways around them almost sounded wavves lapping against the shore. It was funny he'd pretty much stopped hearing the ocean back home but now that he was away its absence was almost deafening. It didn't make him sad though, the light reached out to him and it's warmth felt homely enough. Then it was gone, bringing him back to the present and leaving behind its welcome calming effect.

Well maybe I can do something make sense of all this.

Abe stepped forward into the opening, he wasn't interested in the two gods yet though. He scanned the crowd, watching them. Looking at their body language, the looks in their eyes, seeing if there were any ticks or tells as they watched the fight. If years of hanging back in all things social (and his occational stint behind a bar) had taught him anything it was how to spot the things most people missed. He didn't know if the dead displayed anything like emotional ticks but there was only one way to find out and it wasn't like he had anything to lose right now.

"...Do you know much about him?" Prometheus asked in reference to the Persian god. Vera could only shake her head no. "The only god I'd met before this little adventure was Verathragna, so not much. I looked up some of the stories of the Zoroastrians after I found out who my father was though, so I know some of the myths. Suffice to say, he's not exactly well respected - he's supposed to be the root of all evil; the Zoroastrian version of Satan." she offered, a bit unsure how much of the information was true. After all, according to mythology, none of the other pantheons should even exist; or in the very least hate each other deeply.

That was when Ahriman spotted them. "Ah! Spawn of Verathragna! I was wondering when I would meet - !" he called out with a grin, before the old man - now identified as Hades - slammed his staff into the evil god's face. Vera couldn't help but cringe.

"So what do we want to do?" she asked to the group; hoping for some input.

"So what do we want to do?"

Etna wasn't really sure. She had been concentrating on the strange token anyway. Well, it was more of an attempt to block out of this weird stuff out. First her mother, then the underworld, and now clashing gods. What next? This venture into the land of the death was certainly a roller coaster ride of sorts. It was all too much at once. She hadn't even time to think over her mother's parting words. Which in her usual matter raised more questions than answers given. Etna concluded that it would be best to handle that particular issue when it cropped up again. Her thumb traced the angular shapes inscribed into the token. She at least knew some of the words by now. An answer in a world of questions.

With naught to do, she muttered them softy, "Oath by word..."

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