Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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A short time after Nicole brought up the tokens, Aria fell asleep. It was, or would have been, the kind of deep sleep one would wake up totally refreshed from, if she wasn't poisoned.

She never heard Prometheus's reply, but didn't need to. She's pretty much figured out that the gods where just using them, she'd thought as much the whole time if she was being totally honest. Her rest how ever remained undisturbed, untill the sound of the javelin hitting the RV brought her back around.

She followed one of the new people out, and Asian with a katana and gave him a pat on the back when he seemed a bit shocked by the sights around him. "You'll get used to it." she said, still feeling a little drained but nowhere near to the degree she was before. She fallowed Andrew past Thor, whom looked a bit different then she thought, but not much and into the building he directed them to.

"Those tokens are used for war, Nicole. The War. When the young or forgotten Gods challenge those in charge. We don't have any because this isn't a's just..."

"If it wasn't a war before then it is now," she replied sternly "Dio's already got other gods on his side, and has killed or attempted to kill others, so tell me what it is if not war."

Prometheus then addressed Steven, saying that a token would have kept him from having to sell his soul, she felt pangs of sadness for Steven and anger that it could have been prevented. Prail spoke up, something about Artemis that Nicole didn't understand, but Prometheus barked back at her. Yes this is bigger than one person's vendetta, Nicole thought although she didn't know why Prail held a vendetta against Artemis, that's exactly why we deserve to know what we're getting into.

She was about to speak up, and say just that but Prometheus slammed on the accelerator and the van took off. She tried to glance behind them, see what they were running from but it was too dark. As quickly as it had accelerated the van soon came to an abrupt stop, a figure outside urging everyone to leave the van and move into a building.

She grabbed her bag and followed the others, yelling at Prometheus could wait, it seemed they were in trouble now. A huge javelin striking the van only confirmed this, and quickened her movements as she left the van with the others and darted towards the building.

After she awoke, Vera spent several hours of the trip sifting through translations, trying to make sense of the books. It took a while to get the hang of it, but - as far as she could tell - the books were about some kind of "divine cycle" where new and forgotten gods rose up to replace the current gods. It spoke of it happening many times over the course of history, but dwelled upon the usurpation of Amun-Ra by Osirus an Isis.

The book described the events as "predictable", saying certain events occurred before each cycle. Eventually, she identified the signs as 1) the release of mythic monsters, 2) the death of those loyal, and 3) war that scars the land. "Well we're three for three I suppose" were her thoughts as she continued on.

Eventually, she found a passage about marks - symbols which identified the many sides of the conflict - the lack of which signaled neutrality in the events to unfold. She was about to dismiss the passage as known information based on the symbols they'd already seen when, at the bottom of an old piece of papyrus, she found one additional passage of significance. "The marks protect you from being assimilated into a deity without the same mark." This shook Vera a bit.

She drew the attention of the group, explaining her translations, before turning to Steven. "These marks... I think you may have one. The one mark you received from The Morrigan... If I'm right, then there's a good chance she may try to assimilate you; and soon. Be careful."

As they got closer to their destination, Vera chose to take warrior form so if the worst came to pass, she'd be ready. He reluctantly stowed the books away; hopefully their would be some kind of hint on how to stop the cycle within them. Whether there was or not however, their was a more important concern - that of the war going on outside their windows.

"Out of the van. Into the building to your left. Now." a god with a hammer - most likely Thor - said, drawing them to action. Normally, he'd not take a random deity at their word, but a javelin altered his decision. He got out of the RV, providing cover for the others with his armor and blade.

Steven barely managed to grip a wall as the van sped off.

"Slow down!" Steven yelled, "This RV isn't made for this, your going to kill us!"

Steven also barely avoided being thrown to the floor, "Where the hell-"

"Out of the van. Into the building to your left. Now."

He saw the hammer.



Steven slowly turned to the javelin embedded in the van. A very sharp, deadly spike a centimeter from his head.

Two centimeter's further, it would of impaled deep enough to smash through his skull. So close to death...

Steven fell down, crawling away from the spear.

It took a while, but the drive gave her a chance to think she wasn't going to sleep; she'd not actually been up that long before her journey. The good of the team was more important, for now what with the war and all.

Oddly for her the spear helped release tension, external battles were easier that internal ones after all you could kill your opponent and still win. She saw that not everyone took the spear so well; guess she was just more used to them.
"It's ok." She made to help Steven up if he needed or wanted it. "If that's the sort of junk they're throwing they're doomed." Collecting her own weapon she followed the others. "How long has it been since the last battle then?" She couldn't remember any but would she have noticed?

The sudden event of a javelin crashing through the wall of the RV quickly woke Jonathan up from his slumber and into a combat stance. The movement was instant, as experience of sleeping rough throughout Europe had taught him to prepare for anything or anyone, but to be honest a javelin was something he least expected.

"Jesus monkey balls Christ" he shouted violently rubbing the sleep and bits of dried blood that had begun to collect in his eyes "can't a man get some sleep in this fuck wagon!?"

Now fully awake and enraged, Jonathan glared at the lodged javelin and pulled it free, his strength making the task easy enough. Javelin in hand Jonathan then exited in the bus grunting as he went.

"Better return this to the fuckhead who threw it"

Once outside he quickly scanned the battlefield laid out in full view before him, he then turned his attention to the giant dickhead with the hammer which had ordered the group to move.

"Fuck you arse face, maybe if yeah got a haircut I wouldn't have mistaken you for a girl...O and this javelin" he spoke putting it out in front of him each hand grasping either side of it "do a little stunt like that again and me and you, are going to have a problem, you almost killed somebody you stupid fuck!"

Jonathan then snapped the javelin in two and threw it at the giant's feet "Thought I'd return this to yeah"

Giving Andrew a brief, grim smile, Prometheus nodded as the youth left the van. Contact with anyone he knew would undoubtedly place them in danger, if they weren't already; not to mention drawing unwanted attention to the group. While Thor hadn't swiftly killed them, that didn't exactly allude to where his allegiances lay.

Concentrating on Vera's words, he followed the group into the building. It was akin to something like a log cabin; though far longer and wider, with a low roof. The wood was all a rich brown, and the inside was lit by small lanterns and battery torches. The closest section of the building was populated with close set tables and chairs of mis-matching furniture, clearly pilfered from nearby buildings. Several men and women were sitting, various weapons by their sides; all of which were bladed. Some of them wore armour over modern shirts and jackets; others were bare chested and bloody. On the tables were cards and coins, drinks and fruits. The second half, marked by a taut rope, had a smattering of beds with blooded occupants. These wounded were being tended to by a tall, curvy, light-haired woman dressed in a tank-top and jeans, as well as an old and somewhat scraggly man, bent double and walking with a distinct iron cane. As they arrived he was serving the wounded slices of a strange fruit; he didn't even turn to acknowledge them.

"Dead or dying?!"

He sounded more cranky than anything. Prometheus set his weapons against the wall and spoke back.


The old man simply waved them away as he continued tending to the wounded. Thor was the last to enter, carrying the fragments of the javelin. Shoving them into the arms of Jon, he kept his voice to a dull roar.

"You keep your comments to yourself, or I will personally smear you across the wall. If you care to notice, that was thrown from the opposite side. From the prison. Not us."

Hanging his hammer from a holster on his belt, he stared at the newcomers, fiercely judging them. Looking to Prail, he judged by her questions she was the most apt in military matters. He handed the shards to her, pointing to the carved marks down it's shaft.

"This isn't junk. It cuts you, you burn. The last conflict was roughly four hours ago. Sometimes we try and break in, sometimes they come out en masse for a slaughter. But he can always sense us. Not you folk though. I assume you're who Zeus sent. The relief, as it seems."

As he spoke, the woman turned around and made eye contact with Aria. The youth instantly recognized her as Freya, intrinsically feeling her maternal presence. The Goddess, however, was called to another wounded by an agonizing scream, quickly laying hands on him and ignoring Aria.

Prometheus spoke to Vera as Thor finished, speaking in a hushed whisper. It had seemed she had struck some goldmine of information; some of which was wholly important.

"Steven is bound by magic, not a token. He can't be...assimilated...I don't think. The tokens are for war, world-ending wars..."

Nicole's words rang in his head.

It certainly is war now...

When Prometheus made it clear that he couldn't contact anyone, he felt... well. Sad. Andrew couldn't help but go quiet, following and taking in the situation at hand, but not caring enough to make note of anything. Now he truly felt alone, and unable to do a thing about that.

I don't like this.

He didn't like feeling sad, or really, anything at all. It was unnerving, almost. The sudden pain that arose in his chest, that he had gotten so good at ignoring.

Because it never truly left, right?

Of course not. Andrew would do anything to take his mind of that, and he got that, as they walked into the building. A purpose, something to do. There was a lot of wounded people, and he glanced around, wanting to help them, wondering where to start. He realized that he hadn't asked what happened to the monks, had they been helped?

I hope so.

They better have been. It was no use driving around, claiming that they were there to help people, and then just saving themselves. Andrew walked up to Thor, the other two seemed rather busy, and he knew that interrupting someone currently dealing with a patient was normally a bad idea. Then again, he didn't even know if he would be of any use, so he asked the god with the famous hammer.

"Do you need assistance in treating the wounded?" he asked. "I'm a doctor, and although I currently lack the energy needed for my healing abilities, I have the knowledge needed to give treat most wounds." His pride, his education and training. His job, and what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing. Had he really gotten to the point where he relied on his powers, and his powers only?

Of course not.

He did acknowledge that Aria was hurt too, but unlike a hospital where they could take samples, just examining her and giving her a bandage wouldn't do much. If he waited a while longer, rested a bit and ate a meal, then perhaps he'd be able to heal the poison in her. But for now, he could only treat the ones he could treat, if he was even allowed to do that.

Aria just leaned against a wall, listening to Thor as he spoke, until she briefly looked eyes with Freya, how ever she was called away to tend to some one else before she could say anything.

Aria pretty much stopped paying attention to the conversation, and got lost in an internal back and forth about what she should do. on the one hand, her mother was there and she did really want to talk to her, on the other, she was busy and didn't want to bother her. She could offer to help, but Aria her self wasn't in the best shape, and besides that, she didn't have the skills necessary to be of any use. That though bothered her more then the poison pumping in her system. Aria decided to just find a spot out of the way and just watch, not just Freya but the others as well, after all she was 'useless until some one needs some one shot'.

"Steven is bound by magic, not a token. He can't be...assimilated...I don't think. The tokens are for war, world-ending wars..." Prometheus said; a valid point, though not necessarily a true one.

"The book only mentioned "marks" - it didn't specify tokens. It's not safe to assume anything in this case." Vera offered, unwilling to dismiss the possible risk so quickly and offhandedly. "Still, I'll take a look at the book and see if I can confirm this one way or another." he said, exiting the conversation as gracefully as he could given the situation.

The others seemed to be dividing up until the attack was ready to go. Vera couldn't help but feel he was a bit out of his depth in that regard. He wasn't good at all of the pre-planning stuff and his powers were distinctly better in a fight than elsewhere. The best thing he could do was continue the translation.

Or was it...

Noticing Aria sitting in a corner, Vera couldn't help but feel a little worried. He made his way over to the group's resident pointy-hat, taking a seat unceremoniously next to her. It wasn't hard to see what she was thinking and feeling. Freya was here and Aria had made her lack of familial contact more than apparent the first day. As for feeling... well, Aria wasn't the only one who'd not been in contact with her divine family.

He waited a few minutes - mostly opening translation books and finding his pages. "So... not gonna talk to her?" Aria looked toward Vera then back to Freya "She's busy, best to not distract her while she trying to save some one's life" Aria replied, though it was clear she wasn't totally sold on that excuse her self.

Vera took a moment to take a deep breath and sigh. He glanced up at the ceiling, thinking what exactly he wanted to say through. Then he spoke. "I know I'm probably not the best person to say this, but I think you should anyway. I... I know I don't exactly get along with my dad - or pretty much any gods for that matter - but I'm glad I had a chance to meet him. And this... well, its pretty obvious we're about to walk into the final battle here. There's no telling who might be left alive at the end. Dionysus is trying to cause Ragnarok which hardly seems promising for the Norse gods. Even if its just saying hi or asking a question or two or even just seeing what she can do about the Dio's poison... I think... I know I'd regret it if I didn't take the chance when I had it."

It didn't feel right acting all sappy sentimental; particularly in warrior form so he added a final joke to lighten the mood. "Besides, she's a Nordic goddess of magic; I'm sure she can multitask."

Aria giggled briefly at Vera's joke but her expression just as quickly reverted "I know ... I just don't know what to say." Aria sighed and shook her head then slid down the wall and wrapped her arms around her knee "This is turning out way harder then I thought it'd be, and she knows I'm here to, so I feel like I should do something..."

Vera smiled. "I met my dad about a year before I graduated High School. I got up one morning and BAM, I had super powers. I walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and I had this ugly face on." he said, pointing at his the long grizzled beard. "talk about "before you put on makeup huh?"" he continued, smiling. "So I'm understandably confused and more than a little afraid. I run back to my bedroom and I see my dad - in similar warrior form - sitting on my bed, smiling his smug ass face off. I stared at him for what felt like an eternity, I open my mouth and you know what I say? I scream wildly and attack him with my sword." he said, laughing at the memory.

Vera couldn't help but feel a little off as he told the tale. Even a few weeks ago, he thought of the memory as something troublesome and annoying, and angering yet, at this moment, it all seemed so funny. Vera continued. "After I was done trying to kill him and he'd managed to explain who and what he was, I spent the next hour screaming at him. Asking why he wasn't there for my mom, why he wasn't there for my grandparents, why he wasn't there for me. He never did get around to answering me either. I just screamed and yelled and accused until I couldn't scream or yell or accuse anymore." he said, shaking his head remembering how angry he was and how dumb he felt now for being so angry.

"My point is this. You'll have to do extremely poorly to outdo my first meeting with my deity-dad." he finished. "I know its frightening, but this is the chance you've been looking for. Reach out your hand and grasp it. I know you can do it. You killed a ghost thing. You managed to go toe-to-toe with a demigod while injured. You kicked Loki's self-righteous ass and you've literally walked through hell to get here." he said, reaching out his own hand toward the ceiling in gesticulation and clenching it into a fist at its highest point. "You don't just deserve it. You've earned it."

"Besides, you're Texan. Don't ya'll just do what you want anyway?" he added, sticking his tongue out at her in jest.

Aria just looked at Vera for a moment, then the floor, the giggled again "Yeah, we do, other states go to remove the death penalty, we put in an express lane." She joked as she pushed her self back up, then had to steady her self as she had a momentary dizzy spell "Thanks Vera." she said, then, one mischievous grin later kissed 'him' on the lips "Just, thanks for having my back much as you have." she said then made her way over to her mother.

Aria, fidgeted for a moment, trying to think on what to say, then just shook her head, and decided 'semi coherent ramble' was better then nothing "Hello, I'm glad to see your ok, when Vidarr said the Serpent was free I got worried." Aria pause a moment, biting her lower lip a little "When this is all over, and assuming I survive, I'd like to sit down and have a talk with you. If that's alright."

Aria seemed to be back to her old self. She laughed, commented on Texas, and pushed herself to her feet. Vera felt good about himself; he hoped it worked out with Freya. Suddenly, he hoped everything worked out. After so many brushes with death and a conversation he'd never expected to have, Vera decided to resolve herself.

Looking around, it was clear even the gods knew pain and suffering. It was clear he'd been wrong all this time. "I'm done." he thought. "No more hate. I can't very well tell Aria to make peace with her mom and ignore my dad. When this is over..." he thought, letting the solution hang for the moment.

"Thanks Vera" Aria said, drawing him back from his thoughts. He smiled. "Any tim-" he started to say before he felt a pair of lips press against his own. They were soft and a little wet and entirely unexpected. A moment later they broke off. "Just, thanks for having my back much as you have." she said, mischievous grin on her face.

Vera didn't know what to say. All he could feel was his head; like the rest of his body had turned to wind. He breifly wondered if this was actually the case. What do you even say to that? What was the proper response? Was there even a proper response? Were there words? Was he supposed to do something? Too many thoughts pumped through his head for him to come up with anything good to say. Only two ideas popped to mind. Given the situation, there wasn't time to think so he did both. "Minx" he said in a half smile, than, placing his hand behind hers, he pulled her back in and returned the favor, albeit much more gruffly.

Then, he did what he needed to do and what she needed him to do; he let her go. She needed to speak with her mother and he needed to translate books. There was a war to fight which needed to take precedence. Besides; war was easier. He watched as she made her way across the room before breathing deeply and turning his attention to the books.

It took all of thirty seconds before he could start to feel his body again. In this time he came to one realization. "Gods damn it! How am I supposed to focus on books after that?!"

Ten Minutes Later:

It took some time before Vera had calmed enough to force herself to focus on a boring book; and even then, it was interspersed with questioning if that had really just happened. Still, he worked his way through the passage, one glyph at a time.

Fortunately, the more he translate, the more intriguing it got. While he couldn't quite get the full focus he'd had before, it managed to dra him in with more and more hints at secrets to come. Yet, with each answer, the book raised a dozen more questions of greater importance which it refused to answer.

In the end, the book held no more details of significance, save one intriguing fact and possible solution to the endless questions. The answer wasn't so much in the book, but in the title. "The Memories of Thoth" According to the book, all that was recorded was taken from the mind of the great god Thoth himself. If the book didn't have the answers, maybe the source would.

Writing down the translation, Vera made his way back to Prometheus. "What do you make of this?" he said, pointing at the passages about Thoth. "Think he can provide the answers we need?"

Steven calmed down a bit when the spear was ripped away from the wall. He took the offered hand and followed the others into the building. Still, he was on the edge of a panic, gripping the shotgun, constantly looking around. The amount of blood and death all around him wasn't helping matters.

"Wha...t is this place?" Steven managed to spit out.

"Wha...t is this place?"
"Far as I can tell it's their base of operations, and don't worry, either they missed deliberately in which case they don't want to kill us, or they were trying and they're incompetent." Prail looked back at Thor eye to eye not yielding, he looks a little like Woden, and not that she was suprised, made it easier to look at him.

"This isn't junk. It cuts you, you burn. The last conflict was roughly four hours ago. Sometimes we try and break in, sometimes they come out en masse for a slaughter. But he can always sense us. Not you folk though. I assume you're who Zeus sent. The relief, as it seems."

"Sorry I miss spoke, just I'm used to more substantial fare, a spear is well and good but that leaves an entire end you aren't using." She's stood the end of hers weapon by her side the axe making a sharp and rigid sort of flag.

"As for conflict, I meant when was the last divine war? I've read history fairly far back and there's no mention of the world ending. Isn't that the sort of thing people notice?" She left out for the time being she'd been alive multiple times this past millennium.

Nicole took a few moments to take in everything inside the building, injured people, gods most likely, lay about in places and Thor (at least she assumed it was Thor given the hammer) spoke of them making attacks and being attacked by some other group. Dio most likely, are we that close to his base of operations now? She wondered at what they would do next, attack Dio at his base? Who knew how many gods he had there, but they might not have a choice.

She glanced around at the others, catching a glimpse of Vera and Aria talking, then kissing. She was surprised by this but it wasn't any of her business, she was fairly certain Vera had told her in the past that her preferences varied somewhat by form though, so she couldn't help but wonder how her friend would feel when she changed back. She shrugged and looked around for the others, Andrew was offering to help as a doctor, too tired to use his powers from what he said.

"I don't have any training as a doctor, but if there's anything I can do to help let me know," she said, then turned to Andrew "I can give you a bit of a boost if you think it'd let you use your powers, not sure how much it would help though."

She hoped they would at least get a chance to rest before they tried any new plan, they were all too exhausted as it was. Also should give them the gifts I bought, but now isn't a good time for that.

"I can give you a bit of a boost if you think it'd let you use your powers, not sure how much it would help though."

Andrew looked at Nicole, surprised. He was about to decline, say that it wouldn't really do much good, when he realized how tired he really was.

Right. I didn't even sleep during the ride.

He had forgotten it, or more likely, outright ignored it. Now that he started thinking of it, however, he felt the effects, it was a wonder he could even stand at this point.

I have been pushing my limits a lot during this trip.

So had probably the others. However, right now he had to have something to run on. "It won't help much with my powers," he said. "However, I'm... kind of exhausted, so a boost just so that I can keep going would be nice." He examined her a little, trying to read her expression. Was there any kind of intention behind being helpful?

I don't think so.

Hesitant at first, but kind of happy she'd asked him, his expression softened into a smile. He then added; "Thank you."


After all, at least someone was paying attention to him. Perhaps... just perhaps, she didn't completely dislike him. Did that mean he wasn't completely alone?

I don't know.

Either way, he shouldn't draw conclusions. It might very well just be that he was the most able there when it came to helping others. Heck, that most likely was why.

She's probably tired too, though, and at least she wants to help others.

And, even if her intention was not aimed at Andrew as a person at all, at least it had made him feel better.


Thor looked down at Andrew and frowned. With an exasperated sigh, he turned and sat himself down in a chair, placing one large hand over an apple.

"I'm not in charge of the wounded. Speak to those two."

He pointed over to Freya and the old man, apple in hand. Taking a bite, he raised his eyebrows at Steven. Thor was exhausted, and wasn't relishing the string of questions. The clang of an anvil was heard from outside; behind the shed, and the roar of bellows soon followed.

"This is Van; the resting place of the World Eater. It was a prison town for a while. Now there's only us. And the Mad God."

Munching loudly on the apple, he looked Steven up and down. Another clang of the anvil made Thor almost cock his head, studying the fellow.

"You a relation of the Smithy? He's outside if you want to say hello. Or goodbye."

Twisting back to Prail, he grimaced. A few of the other patrons had turned their head to her, eyes fixed, hands ready at their weapons. They all carried a look of forlorn hatred; bitter memories boiled to the surface. Thor finished his apple and crushed the core into the table, until it was nothing but juice.

"A long time ago, when Odin took his throne. Same time as Zeus. Only one of them actually cares about holding it..."

The God failed to finish his sentence, standing upright and pointing his Hammer at a man surrounded by several drinks. His shock of black hair and clean-shaven face marked him apart from the Northern denizens, though he was not the only outsider. The man was dressed in a heavy leather jacket and dark jeans.

"Ares! We're on patrol. Come on."

The man clapped his hands and jumped to his feet, hoisting up a large spear and strapping a sword to his back. Grinning wildly, he excitedly followed Thor out the door and into the daylight, as more wounded were brought in from the back.



The Titans eyes widened as Thor spoke of the Smithy. It had been a long time since he had laid eyes on Hephaestus; Vulcan, whatever he was calling himself. Unsure of Steven's relationship with his father, Prometheus shrunk away from Steven, happy to deal with more important things. The fact he was on a frontline made him nervous; nothing good came from war, and rarely did anyone leave for the better.

Turning to Vera, he motioned at the translations, mentioning Thoth. The Titan looked off, trying to remember anything about the mysterious, missing God. Swallowing, Prometheus spoke slowly, careful to choose his words. The truth was of a delicate nature, and he wanted to be sure he told Vera only things he knew for sure.

"Well, if anyone knew anything, it would be Thoth. The God has libraries full of nearly all knowledge that abounds. I don't know if those libraries are literal or figurative...though. If it's the latter we may have a problem. Nobody has laid eyes on Thoth for millenia. Last I heard he holed himself up somewhere. Bastard probably knew..."

Clapping Vera on the shoulder, he smiled. Prometheus was past the point of caring about kisses between two people, and was simply glad to have some new information. All they had to do was survive.

"Good work. Maybe with that kind of thinking you can work out where he is. Later. You should rest up."

Turning to address his whole group, he spoke generally. The Titan already knew where they would be heading soon; perhaps everyone did, and nobody wished to address it. There was also the small point he had neglected to mention. They were going alone.

"You all need to rest. Eat. Gather whatever you need."

He then moved to a table of two people; one a slender, dark-skinned man with a peculiar Elephant necklace; the other, a tall, bald Japanese man, whose shadow was adorned with long, feathered wings. Prometheus began to question them about the recent events, speaking in a low but casual tone.



The Goddess turned her head as she pressed a damp, blooded cloth into a wounded woman's side. The cloth smelled strangely of fresh herbs, and Freya's fingertips glowed slightly as the woman cried out, wooden bite-stick in mouth. The wounded was long and pale skinned, with scars criss-crossing her from head-to-toe. Her hair had been cut short into a warriors wolf-tail, and her eyes were pale and near-empty.

The old man with the iron stick came over and pressed a piece of fruit into her mouth, past the bite-stick, as he pressed Freya's hand harder into the wound, reprimanding her.

"Don't mess about! Be hard and unforgiving; otherwise people die."

He turned quickly to point his cane at Nicole, singling her out. He almost yelled, his voice scratchy and low.

"If you want to help, fetch me Haoma! He's laying rest to those too far gone to be worth carrying."

He glared at her and pointed out the door. Freya tutted and pushed harder, the woman screaming, though the fruit glowing slightly as she swallowed, filling her body with soft, warm light. She collapsed into sleep, and Freya stood up, looking at her daughter. Her eyes were hard but loving; she touched her cheek with her hand.

"It's good to see you too. The head of the Serpent is far from here, for now. So I'm still in one piece."

Smiling, she quickly rushed to another wounded, screaming out in pain. Quickly rebinding a searing burn on his chest, she poured water over it, the water steaming before it even touched him. Again, the man with the iron cane laid him to rest, pulling out the last of the fruit before producing another from within his rags.

Turning back to Aria, she dropped the hard edge and pulled her in for an embrace. Hugging her, she patted her hair and spoke.

"Whatever you want to tell me, it should wait. The Titan is right, you need your rest. Have you eaten? You're filthy...and hurt! Here."

She reached over and wrenched a hunk out of the mans fruit, receiving a quick cane to the hand for it. Glaring at the man, she offered it to Aria, her hand rather red from the blow.

"Thank you."

Nicole nodded and unfolded her wings invisibly behind her, placing a small blessing on Andrew and then letting the wings fade away. Hopefully it was enough to help him keep going, she was rather tired herself so she didn't want to use too much of her strength.

"If you want to help, fetch me Haoma! He's laying rest to those too far gone to be worth carrying."

Haoma? who is that? She nodded though, she would just have to find the god that was attending to the dead or nearly dead. Have they really lost that many gods? I suppose a number of the losses are their servants, valkyries or something, but even so...

She turned back to Andrew "I better go then, you should try and get a token from one of the gods here, remind the others to do the same," she said, she hesitated then reached into her bag pulling out the CD's she had bought for him "Before I forget, I got you these as a gift, I remembered you saying you like classical music so I figured I'd get you some, though I dunno when you'll get a chance to listen to them..."

She handed him the stack of CDs, picked up the bag, and turned to head out in search of a god she didn't know anything about.

Aria was visibly relieve when Freya said the Serpent was gone for the time being, Dio would be bad enough with out having to worry about the giant snake, and watched as Freya tended to several wounded, wondering what else she could say when her mother turned and pulled Aria into the kinda hug she hadn't felt in years and Aria returned her mothers embrace, not noticing she'd started to cry a little.

"Whatever you want to tell me, it should wait. The Titan is right, you need your rest. Have you eaten? You're filthy...and hurt! Here." Freya said during and after the hug reaching for and pulling a chunk of the healing fruit she, and who she assumed was Odin where using to heal people, 'Odin' in turn whacking Freya on the hand, and earning a glare not just from Freya, but Aria as well. "Thank you." Aria said as she took the bit of fruit and ate it. "I know, but, I had to come say something" Aria said, the cut on her neck starting to heal up, and more importantly, that 'ill' feeling she'd been fighting faded from her. "Wow ... doesn't take much of that to fix some one up does it." Her original train of thought interrupted by just how well that little bit of fruit had worked.

"I'll go get a meal and rest in a minute, I ... I just really needed to see you is all." Aria said as she hugged her mother again "There's much I want to ask you" Aria forcing her self to let go so Freya could get back to work, "But I've taken enough of your time, there people that are still hurt, and I need to get ready for the battle with Dio" Aria said, clearly forcing her self to go. "Is there another god or goddess of magic around? I would like to see about widening my skill set a little before the battle. I mean I'd like to learn from you, but your needed here." Figuring this question would warrant an answer from one of them as it could help with the success of the up coming battle, though the temptation was to great."Also ... If it's not to much to ask, whats my real name? Or did I not have one yet before the 'thing' happened?"

Nicole gave him a quick boost, and he felt a lot better, although certainly not juiced up enough to use his powers. Then, finally, Thor replied, sounding more than a little sour, sighing as if Andrew had asked him about the obvious.

"I'm not in charge of the wounded. Speak to those two."

"Fair enough," Andrew replied, feeling slightly annoyed. He was about to approach the two when the old man addressed Nicole, and Nicole alone, telling her to go get some god with a strange name.

If he heard her, he clearly heard me asking Thor if there was anything I could do, right?

Was he being ignored on purpose? How should he react? Go ask?

If they don't want my help, I don't really have a reason to force them to take it.

However, more wounded were arriving, and he had a hard moment thinking. Shouldn't he clearly be helping these people? Had the old man assumed he would just act and help the first person he saw? This was different from being in an actual hospital, there wasn't as much injury, and as little order, as this situation had. If he was requested, someone would call his name or motion towards him, or something, anything, giving him enough of a direction to act.

If I had just been alone, I'd know to just start with the person who seems to be dying the fastest, and figure out what to do one person at a time.

But they probably didn't care for him to do anything here. Andrew knew he was an excellent doctor, and that he was more than able to help out, but they probably underestimated him, thought of him as nothing but just another clueless mortal. Should he really interfere if they were just going to tell him to leave either way?

Nothing, then? I do nothing?

However, before he decided something, Nicole gave him a boost, and spoke again.

"I better go then, you should try and get a token from one of the gods here, remind the others to do the same,"

He nodded, although his mind was a little absent. Andrew didn't know if she had the right idea -was pledging themselves to either side really what they should do- but he'd think about it at least. Right now, however, wasn't the right time, no one seemed eager to give out a token. Not to mention, if the tokens were that important... wasn't better to not let anyone know they didn't have any? As he thought about it, Nicole handed him something, a couple of CDs. classical music, actually. His preferred genre. Surprised, he looked at her.

"Before I forget, I got you these as a gift, I remembered you saying you like classical music so I figured I'd get you some, though I dunno when you'll get a chance to listen to them..."

"Oh." He felt a lot lighter, all of a sudden, as if something heavy had been removed from his mind. Together with the boost, it made him... well. Better. "Thank you," he heard himself saying, without thinking or hesitating. His tone was more earnest than before, and refreshingly friendly. He really was thankful, a gift was... well, a gift. Proof of that someone cared enough to take the time to pick something out for you.

"Thank you so much." Part of him felt as if he'd pull her in for a hug if she hadn't had to leave, but Andrew just pocketed the CDs into his leather jacket, carefully, making sure they were placed so that it didn't hinder his ability to move. He then, feeling less hesitant, looked around again at the wounded people.

I don't doubt they do need my help, even if they don't admit it.

Besides, he couldn't really rest now, with the boost Nicole had given him. As he removed the leather jacket -wouldn't do much good to treat people wearing that- and put it somewhere it wouldn't be in the way, he heard Prometheus tell them that they should rest.

Yes, there's that too. Fighting again, right? Perhaps actually fighting Dio this time.

At least, if the mad god really was here, like Thor had said. However, Andrew had already made up his mind, with more than a little help from Nicole. He'd do the resting when he wasn't running on her's boost anymore. Heading over to where food could be found, he grabbed some, eating it in far less time than was recommended. Andrew then located the bandages and such, grabbing what he needed before getting to work, speaking to the old man as he did.

"If I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm sorry. However, unless you've got clear directions to give, I'm just going to help whoever I can," Andrew said, sounding as confident as he could. Perhaps he was trespassing, doing things that messed up their plans, but unless they had planned for all these people to get wounded, that was rather unlikely. Besides, he was feeling that much more confident, a different kind of confidence as his usual one, but definitely not a bad one.

Shiro barely noticed the friendly pat on his shoulder, though the gesture was appreciated. He blinked and looked around, seeing other people - who were most likely other gods - sitting at a table. Thor mentioned something about this place being a prison town and a smithy before going off to patrol with a guy he called Ares.

"You all need to rest. Eat. Gather whatever you need."

Well, he couldn't argue with that. Shiro began poking around for some food, eventually finding some bread and some metat and cheese. Even as he fixed himself a rough sandwich, Shiro couldn't help but keep peering back at where Promethus was talking with the other gods and wondering what they were talking about.

"You a relation of the Smithy? He's outside if you want to say hello. Or goodbye."

Steven turned to Thor, but said nothing.

"He's here?" Steven thought, "Could he..."

Steven got up, and headed out where Thor had indicated. There, Steven saw him. The forge god, who gave Steven his powers and the ugly face. The god who had taken advantage of his mother, and took away his father. The man Steven technically owed his existence to, but also the current hell he was in. Yet, it was the one being who can help...

Steven grabbed Hephaestus' shirt, turned the forge god to look straight in his eyes. Steven tried desperately to maintain a look of anger and determination.

"F-father," Steven said, voice starting to crack, "G-get me out of here!"

Steven broke down and cried into his father's shoulder.

Having slept on the bus, Vera made her way out to find something to eat. There was little else to do until it came time for the fighting to start.

Eventually, he managed to find something which - though of dubious origin - seemed edible. He made his way to a distant table, desiring some time for self-reflection. He ate quickly, but remained at the table; thinking through what he knew of fighting gods. Rather, what he knew of fighting Dionysus. As he thought, he slowly sharpened his blade. It required no work, so perfect the blade was, but he needed something to do with his hands else he feared they'd shake uncontrollably.

Could they really hope to win against the monstrous power of the god AND his newest divine minions? Vera shook his head; it didn't matter if they stood a chance or not, they simply had to win.

He continued to sharpen the blade, wishing the battle were upon them for the oppressive waiting was more than he could stand.


Nicole stepped outside the small building and into the beginnings of heavy snowfall. To her left were the other, similarly built houses, with flickers of movements inside them. To her right, the RV and the forest, obscuring the road that brought her here. In front of her was roughly 500 metres of snow, surrounding the concrete prison. Piles of bodies were strewn across it, marking it red, black and brown. She swore a few of them were moving.

A short, nimble man was weaving his way through the bodies, bending over her and there, all the while being pelted with arrows and javelins. Narrowly dodging each just in time, he saw Nicole approach and gave a quick, friendly wave. This brief moment of stillness allowed a dark shape to leap from the ramparts of the prison, and began charging ferociously towards him.

Agile, the man leapt sideways and out of the way, leaving the dark shadow carried forward towards Nicole. Shrouded in writhing shadows, the shape underneath it was not unlike some sort of jungle cat, though with wild teeth and black pits for eyes.



The forge god turned around, setting aside his large hammer and the shaft of red hot steel he was shaping. The man was dressed in in a simple white t-shirt and brown pants, with heavy boots with thousands of metal ringlets. He walked with a distinct limp, and his face was characteristically and heavily burnt in large patches. His hair was wild and greasy, though he had attempted to tuck it behind his ears. He was clearly Steven's father; the likeness was uncanny.

Slowly and somewhat unsurely patting Steven's back, he pulled him away and stood him up tall. Handing him a spare hammer, he laid out the steel and offered for Steven to start working.

"It's good to see you, Steven. Stem your tears and put all thought of this war from your mind. Make something."

His voice was deep and smooth, and he spoke with a mixture of insight and lethargy. Working the bellows, he continued to speak, smiling at Steven.

"We're not made for war, you and I. So you'll stress yourself in circles trying your hand at it."

The fire beneath the steel heated, though Steven barely felt it. Hephaestus took on a lighter tone, still smiling.

"Make something. Make anything. I promise you'll feel better. I'll not have my own son weeping at my forge."



As Andrew confronted the old man, he froze. Turning on his cane, he grinned wildly as Andrew finished, tapping his cane on the ground. He suddenly exploded into a flurry of movement, pointing fingers seemingly at random.

"Ha! That's the kind of attitude we need! Not like all of you, waiting for permission, waiting it out. You want to win a war? Think like him!"

Grabbing Andrew's wrist, he lead him to the back door and pointed across the small, snow-bound gap to the next building. Giving him a swift tap on the back with his cane, Andrew was sent reeling out into the snow, sheltered from the ever-present prison by the building behind him.

Calling out from the warmth of the house, the old man spoke gleefully.

"There are many in there who need your help! Good luck!"



Freya turned and tussled the girls hair as she munched on the fruit, happy to see it's effects take place. She spoke as she began swapping the jugs of water beside each bed with fresh ones, obviously rushed and busy. It was clear in her words that she lamented not having more time to spend with her daughter.

"The fruit is incredible. Li really is a miracle worker. We all owe our lives to him; and are thankful he chose our side. A lot of people have been making a lot of offers..."

Dropping a jug in her haste, she cursed. The whole room seemed to swivel and stare, before returning to the dull murmur. Taking a deep breath, she began sweeping up the shards, continuing to swear loudly as she did. It reminded Aria of herself sometimes.

Setting aside the broom, she took Aria into one last embrace.

"I was going to name you Runa. But I never had the chance, formally. But go by what you like; it's who you are that matters. I've had several names myself!"

With that, she crossed over the threshold to the first half of the building, and began walking from table to table, grabbing any food she saw and downing an impressive amount of alcohol.


Prometheus saw Shiro looking over at him and invited him to take his place, standing up. The Titan needed to speak with Vera, and an opportunity was unlikely to present itself later. He called out to Shiro across the room, hoping to introduce him to the strange folk at the table.

"Shiro! Come over here; Hachiman has made mention of your father! Don't pass up a chance to learn a thing or two!"

Not waiting for an answer, the Titan strode away from the table and over to Vera. Setting himself down beside him, he lit a hand-rolled cigarette he had pilfered from one of the patrons. It smelt of pine-needles.

"I think you need to make peace with your father, Vera. From what I heard you didn't leave on the friendliest of terms. It's not my place to say, but I would regret it if I didn't try..."

Exhaling, he pricked his finger on the edge of her blade. A small droplet of black ichor appeared, with a distinct red tinge. Nothing more was said; he just hung around to offer any kind of support he could.

"Shiro! Come over here; Hachiman has made mention of your father! Don't pass up a chance to learn a thing or two!"

Swallowing the last bite of his sandwich, Shiro walked over the the table, slightly nervous at having to actually talk to a god (or two). Taking a death breath, he bowed respectfully.

"Um.. konnichiwa Hachiman-Sama, er... Elephant-sama (Sorry, I don't know your name). My name is Shiro Yamamoto, son of Susanoo. It is very nice to make your acquaintance." He kept his eyes to the floor, hoping he hadn't offended either of them. That was the last thing he needed...

Aria could see a mix of things on her mothers face as she replied, there was joy, but sadness as well. With the way Freya had acted since her arrival, she figured Freya was happy to see her, but sad she didn't have the time to devote to her, and that seemed to be that case. Though when Freya dropped a jar she was swapping out and cussed over it breaking, Aria couldn't help but snicker. 'Like mother, like daughter it seems.'

Freya took Aria in one final hug "I was going to name you Runa. But I never had the chance, formally. But go by what you like; it's who you are that matters. I've had several names myself!" she said, then left to go get some food, and ale. Aria could only snicker to her self as she watched her mother enjoy her break. "Well, there's no denying who's daughter I am, is there." Aria said to Vera and Prometheus, a smile on her face, and looking much better over all then when she went in.

Food would actually be good, and sleep and a wash for that matter. Prail has a choice to make, not a difficult choice though. Food it was, it didn't like she could get outside to hunt so best she just find something. Salad would be nice; she didn't eat meat that she hadn't killed for herself.

She could call home, but that was a conversation she'd rather have when she didn't have to lie about being safe.

It was weird, felt like a lot longer than the movement of the sun made it look like and still she barely knew anyone. She sat eating what food she'd been able to find, not talking with anyone she knew her father wouldn't be here, he'd retired long ago and unless anyone else wanted the power over his list he'd probably stay out of the conflict.

She didn't feel comfortable about the tags either. She wasn't jumping to the allegiance of any god the current arrangement was just about stopping people she cared about getting hurt, that was all.
Someone mentioned Art earlier, Prail knew this would

Happen someday but for now she needed to wait, and there were other important things to do. Revenge could wait until her family we're safe.

Sitting alone with her thoughts didn't make for the best company. Maybe sleep would help she'd be done soon. Though she figured she'd not heard the end of it, she was well aware of the differences between her and the others.

A foundling wasn't the same as someone born divine and she'd not even been human most of the time. They couldn't be unaware of her circumstances, still on the Brightside she had significant more experience dying than anyone else, not to mention she has the only weapon that had ever killed her by her side now.

"I think you need to make peace with your father, Vera. From what I heard you didn't leave on the friendliest of terms. It's not my place to say, but I would regret it if I didn't try..." Prometheus said.

Vera didn't really wanna hear it, but then she'd lost the right to comment on it after what she'd said to Aria. Still, it was annoying. They're entire relationship didn't exist "on the friendliest of terms." On the other hand, hypocrisy thy name is Vera. She hated the way the so called gods treated others all the time; how they thought themselves better when they did nothing. Yet, here she was; surrounded by gods healing the sick and injured, thinking herself above them.

Still, she said nothing. What could she say? What should she do? She continued to work at the blade as she thought; cleaning the blood off the sword before the coming battle stained it crimson red. She really had no idea what to do. "Well, there's no denying who's daughter I am, is there." a voice said drawing her from her thoughts.

There stood Aria, smiling wildly. Apparently things had gone well. "I guess things went well then?" Vera said, smiling right back. "Told you it would." she added, sticking her tongue out.

"And you're right; no denying anything.-" Vera said, standing up; "-Guess I should stop trying." She started to make her way toward her father - wherever he was. She made it a few steps before turning around once more. "Prometheus; mind if I take that shield back?" she asked.

Nicole had barely moved away from the tent when she saw the man, darting among the bodies under a hail of projectiles. The man paused to look up at her, giving a friendly wave. Is that Haoma? If not hopefully he knows where Haoma is, how am I going to get out there though? I doubt my ability can make that many things miss at once... There was little time to worry about that though, a shadowed black panther made a strike at the man she assumed to be Haoma, who dodged leaving the beast charging at her.

Almost on reflex her wings extended behind her, whatever the thing that was charging her was it was big, and likely too powerful for her to match it. She drew the sword and shifted the bag behind her so that it wouldn't get in the way as much, assuming a fighting stance as it charged. Her wings were invisible behind her and spread wide, tensed and preparing to dart off into the air as it jumped at her. She would swing downward with the sword as she did so, focusing her power on the blade to ensure it struck true.

"Ha! That's the kind of attitude we need! Not like all of you, waiting for permission, waiting it out. You want to win a war? Think like him!"

Andrew wasn't completely sure if he trusted what the god said, moving around like that and pointing at people. Not to mention, he seemed amused at this whole thing, even as he grabbed Andrew's wrist and lead him to the back door. Andrew would have tried to get the god in form of an old man to let go, but for now he figured he'd see where it was going. Would be preferable not to insult the god, and all that. Upon opening the door, the man pointed to the next building.

He then pushed Andrew out, causing him to fall head-first into the snow. It was cold, and as he stood up, he turned to look at the god with the cane.

What just happened?

"There are many in there who need your help! Good luck!"

I... why?

Andrew was speechless, was the god throwing him out because he had gotten ahead of himself? Or was there really people that needed to be saved over there? If there was, he couldn't just ignore this. However, if this was just a prank or some sort of insult, he would look like a fool.

I can't ignore the possible hurt people. And I can't see how this guy would waste his time showing me to the door when there's patients around.

So, there had to be something. If not...well, foolish as he would look, at least he could always return. He just nodded as a reply to the old man, unsure, and started walking over to the next building. Unsure of what he might find, he leaned close to the door, listening for any suspicious sounds before he opened it and entered, eyes scanning the room in case there was anything special of note there.

"You all need to rest. Eat. Gather whatever you need."

"As long as I get to kill something I don't mind waiting" Jonathan grunted "...although to be fair I could murder a bag oranges" with that said the Celt then turned his attention to finding something in the way of fruit to eat. It didn't take long and within a matter of minutes Jonathan was sitting at a table munching on an assortment of apples and oranges.

I guess things went well then? Told you it would." Vera replied, and stuck his tongue out.

Aria was gonna make a 'careful, or I'll put that thing to use' crack, but after her less serious kiss was returned with a real one, she didn't. Aria did like Vera a lot, and gender wasn't an issue since Aria figured out a long time a go she liked boys and girls, and even if she did have a preference Vera had it covered anyway. It would simply be to far to soon if the joke was misinterpreted like before.

"And you're right; no denying anything.-" Vera said as she stood up, Aria picked up a shift in tone as she spoke "-Guess I should stop trying." he continued, then turned to go somewhere, though stopped briefly "Prometheus; mind if I take that shield back?"

Aria was rather confused "Did I miss something? Whats with the shift in tone here?"

Steven silently took the hammer. The fire was at the perfect temperature. This felt better, this felt right.

Pulling up his sleeves, Steven grabbed a piece of iron and held it into the fire. He pulled it out, hammering the metal, trying to make it as thin as possible.

It needed to be thin for what Steven was going to create...


Hachiman raised his eyebrows and smiled, nodding towards his friend. A short, quiet chuckle escaped him, though he retained his composure and dignity. The same could not be said for the source of raucous laughter from across the room; a large and imposing bald woman, fitted with a crossbow.

Leaning over to who he now referred to as Elephant-Sama, joking, he motioned for Shiro to sit and join them.

"He has his fathers manners, no? It's a pleasure to meet you, Shiro! It is good to see another Kami. Is your father here as well?"

The man with the Elephant Necklace handed Shiro a small sweet-roll with a wink, his eyes darting to see if anyone caught him.

"It's a fine sword you carry, Shiro. I hope it brings you out of this. And you may call me Ganesh..."

He threw Hachiman a rather menacing glare.

"Not Elephant-Sama. I have yet to learn Japanese!"



The Titan nodded and joked to Vera.

"Hey, it's not like it was keeping me out of trouble anyway."

Prometheus shrugged and handed back the shield, still scarred from the smouldering bolt from Teshub. He pointed to the back door, where Andrew had just left. As Vera crossed the snow and into the second building, she saw Verathragna sitting on the edge of a makeshift bed. His side was wrapped in a thick linen, but black ichor continued to leak out of it. The God was a mess; literally. His hair was stuck plastered in strands on his face, his bare chest deeply bruised. He was awake and aware, however; more than can be said for the others, moaning around him. His silver armour was by his side, the greaves and pleats still stuck to him. A black scabbard was by his feet, with the curved handle of a scimitar protruding from it.

Seeing Vera, he almost jumped, though was quickly reminded of his injury. Pulling his daughter close, his eyes were wild and fearful.

"Vera! What are you doing here?!"



The blade ripped straight through the creature, shearing it in half. Those halves, however, twisted and screeched until they were two, smaller yet identical beasts. Turning and circling Nicole, they made the odd leap and growl, trying to shepherd her back towards the Prison. Haoma stood frozen, watching the events unfold, his hands twitching. Swallowing hard, he called out to Nicole, forsaking the beasts lack of attention.

"Just get back to the village! You can't win!"

One of the creatures began sprinting at Haoma, who in turn tucked tail and ran back towards the buildings, his small satchel billowing behind him. As soon as he got within 100 feet, a fierce bolt of lightning erupted in the middle of the creature, cast forth by a figure on a small watch-tower, sending it writhing into oblivion.



Andrew entered the building to see literally dozens of wounded, most of whom were unconsciously moaning and writhing. It looked to him like a bad fever, though there were a few conscious figures among them; Verathragna he recognized, as well as Venus; the goddess had her left leg propped up and was furiously wrapping it, her hands covered in red blood. Above all the beds were dreamcatchers; woven from makeshift material and hanging still above the wounded.

Venus called out to Andrew, her voice tilted with pain. Despite her ragged condition, her beauty still captivated, though she didn't even attempt to bind Andrew. She was clearly preoccupied.

"Hey! I could use your help over here!"



Hephaestus watched as his son worked the forge, eventually joining him, continuing to forge countless javelins and axes, each honed to a fine edge. They worked in mutual silence, though the God kept looking back to check on him; providing him with a familiar and secure workspace.

Inspecting the flattened metal, the Forge God beamed and clapped Steven on the back. Running his fingers along it's edge, he whistled low.

"That's a fine piece of iron you've made. What are you using it for?"



As Jon sat and began devouring his way through food, a blonde, shirtless man sat opposite him, bringing with him a similar platter. His body was covered in twisting, blue tattoos, and his moustache was braided into two ropes that hung low over his face. Eyes keen blue, he matched Jon bite for bite, pausing only to ask a question.

"You one of the Morrigan's ilk, boy? Do you know which is left standing?"

His voice was heavily accented with Jon's homeland, and the man simply continued eating, waiting for Jon.



Looking down at Aria, he began speaking, though his eyes scanned the room for food.

"I think Vera is just tying up some family stuff. I'm glad you've done the same. You two are very, very similar."

He motioned to Freya, before looking back at Aria. The Old Magic that coursed through her veins was still somewhat unfamiliar to Prometheus, and he probed, looking to see if it had any wisdom with it. Any information was helpful; any edge they could get was crucial.

"So, of you Northern folk. Who is likely to have sided with Loki? Who can you - we, expect, in the depths of that building?"

Pulling aside Prail, he looked at her halberd and shook his head.

"That building does not look like it has a spacious interior. Are you good to fight if there's no room to swing?"

Still completely unsure of Prail, she had turned out to be an exceptional warrior, if somewhat...untamed. But she was loyal enough, and had risked her neck for the collective well-being of the group. The Titan did not retain the fierce prejudices some of his family may still keep.

"He has his fathers manners, no? It's a pleasure to meet you, Shiro! It is good to see another Kami. Is your father here as well?"

Shiro sat down, the man with the elephant necklace passing him a sweet roll as he did, which he took gratefully.

"It's a fine sword you carry, Shiro. I hope it brings you out of this. And you may call me Ganesh... Not Elephant-Sama. I have yet to learn Japanese!"

"Right, sorry, Ganesh-sama. And no, Hachiman-sama, my father is not here. Do you know if any other Kami are here?"

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