Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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"That building does not look like it has a spacious interior. Are you good to fight if there's no room to swing?"

"Well I could turn it round and stab, holding it two handed like so."
She demonstrated.

"I'd rather keep this weapon, I can vouch for its effectiveness. It's the only weapon that's been able to kill me and I'd rather not let it out of my sight again."

She paused letting the moment sink but there was something else she had to say.

"I won't take a token before you ask. I'm not one of them, and perpetual punishment tend not to warm one to divine beings. You of all people should understand."

"I think Vera is just tying up some family stuff."

"Ah, good, I was hoping she would"

"I'm glad you've done the same. You two are very, very similar."

"If I was older we could be mistake for sisters" Aria giggled "But really, I just glad she's nice, and that she was concerned, and more over wants to try and make up a little of the time we've lost" Aria said with a smile "I'd be lying if I said I didn't wanna skip the whole thing and just stay here with her and catch up more, but that's not really an option, sides I was raised better then that."

"So, of you Northern folk. Who is likely to have sided with Loki? Who can you - we, expect, in the depths of that building?" Prometheus asked, she could under stand why he asked her, but still seemed strange he'd ask her specifically, when there Norse gods them selves where about."I think some one has forgotten I had not found out about any of this after Zeus kidnapped us.." Aria said with an eye roll, but answered to her best anyway.

"Going off what I was about to read earlier? None of them. Loki, in the myths wasn't exactly liked by the Norse gods and goddesses. Having two kids that will be the keys in the end of the world didn't help much ether." Aria started, as she followed he to one of 'new people' "The biggest concern would be the Frost Giants, which he has ties to, and his grandchildren via Fenrir, as he had two pups before or maybe after, who knows, being confined, and they where not confined so it's possible they will be there to." Aria pause to think a moment "There's also the Goddess Hel, she is of Loki's line as well, but from what I read, she was held in higher regard among the Norse then Loki was. So it's possible she sided with him, but I don't think it's likely we'll see her."

"Also, I was thinking of changing my name. Freya told me the name she was going to give me, and I'm thinking about using it, but keeping the last name of the family who raised me." Aria said, to both of them, really just looking for an opinion on the idea.

When Andrew opened the door it became apparent that the god had not tried to make a fool out of him. There was no lack of people who needed help, most of them weren't even awake. He spotted Vera's father, as well as the goddess from before, they were both awake. While the goddess clearly grasped his attention the most, he did see that the Persian god was in a bad condition.

"Hey! I could use your help over here!"

The goddess called out. Before he replied, Vera entered, walking over to her father. Andrew decided that he'd help the goddess for the time being, and walked over to her, taking notice of the strange dream-catchers above the beds. He carefully took what she was wrapping her leg with out of her hands, and proceeding to do it himself, making sure that it was perfectly done. As he did, he spoke.

"What happened here? I assume this is more than just normal injuries, with the dream-catchers and the condition of people," he began. With Nicole's boost running through him, and having eaten, he felt that his powers had started returning. If he knew what was going on, some of the details, perhaps he could create a medicine to help. It had to be the same as with poison, after all, if he just had one of those water-mugs he could probably better it a little. His powers could create a weak medicine the very least, even at this level.

Aria appeared to get helped by her mother too, so she should be fine if I use my powers again.

Of course, there was the question of conserving strength, but really, he didn't think this was the time and place to even consider such a thing.

"And could you describe how it is? Does everyone suffer from the same thing? If so, please give me the details, symptoms, cause, so on." He then called out to Vera.

"Tell me how serious your father's condition is," he told her. "I'd let you two be alone, but I can't do that. I'll give you as much privacy as I can if you want that, but I need to know that he won't die if I do that."

He kept wrapping the goddess' leg, taking in the situation as he did, looking for items of use and details he might have overlooked before.

Steven still stayed silent, consentraiting on his work. He took the hot metal, slowly cutting off four small slices. He spun them together, forming one end into a four prong base. Once it was in the correct shape, he put it into some water to cool it off.

Taking the rest of the iron sheet, Steven started to mold it in the fire to a roughly spherical shape. He kept bending it, making a bowl like object. After molding it some more, adding small details, he grabbed the original piece from the bucket, putting one end into the fire. Once it was heated enough, he inserted the base into the bowl. Waiting till they pieces of metal were properly fused, Steven put the whole object into the water. It cooled, and Steven pulled it out.

It was a little metal tree, similar to one near his home.

Vera entered the building to the sounds of the injured and infirm, shield stowed on her back and out of the way. She'd thanked Prometheus as she'd left, but it seemed insufficient. There was another apology she'd need to make; she'd given Prometheus a great deal of trouble no doubt.

After leaving Prometheus, she'd spent a good deal of time pacing back and forth outside the second building, figuring out what to say. She'd had no real success. Eventually, she'd decided to just enter the building and say what she'd needed to say; playing it by ear so to speak. It was probably better that way anyway.

She wandered the second building for a a while, searching for her father. Many - if not most - of the people here were in bad shape; moaning in pain as their bodies failed them. Red and black blood - human and divine - seemed to abound in the place where life went in search of help but just as likely found death. The smell of medical chemicals was thick in the air; making everything seem both too clean and too dirty at the same time. It was not, in her opinion, a good place.

It took her a while to find her father among the injured. She breathed a sigh of relief that he was among the awake and therefore more likely to live, only to feel guilty for her good fortune a moment later. It felt wrong to feel anything but despair in such a place as this. For his part, Verathragna was injured - long cuts on his chest, his damaged armor removed, his body bloodied and bruised though far from defeated.

Upon seeing her, Verathragna pushed up from his makeshift bed with greater effort than he should have exerted, calling out "Vera! What are you doing here?!" wildly and fearfully, wrapping his arms around her. Vera still didn't know what to say as she returned the embrace more mechanically than she would have liked. Fortunately, she was given a quick reprieve by Andrew.

"Tell me how serious your father's condition is. I'd let you two be alone, but I can't do that. I'll give you as much privacy as I can if you want that, but I need to know that he won't die if I do that." Andrew called out from across the room to which Vera could only nod. She understood the need to keep an eye on the injured. She was somewhat surprised to see Andrew helping out; he should get some rest for the coming fight. However, she didn't say anything - it would only distract him from the good he was doing.

Returning her attention to her father, she helped him back into bed; it was better for him to rest. She half smiled and replied "Isn't it obvious? We're here because Zeus asked us to kill the drunken fool behind all this.", taking a seat on the edge of the bed. "And before you say anything, I'm not leaving. Dionysus has gone and made this personal. You can tell me to run if you want, but I'm not gonna listen anyway." She sat there for a few moments in silence, gathering her words. "Besides, that's not why I'm here" Why was it so hard to speak? She'd run, sword at the ready, to fight and kill the literal devil without a second thought, but speech... speech was hard.

"Dad..." he finally said, forcing herself to take the step that needed to be taken "-about what I said back at the pillar." She again paused, trying to find the right words. "I still haven't forgiven you for what you did to Mom. How you left her like that. How you left me. You weren't there when we needed you and heck, this might be the longest conversation we've had since I first met you." she continued, still struggling with words. "All you ever seem to do is blow into my life, make like everything is perfectly wonderful, then leave as fast as you came." she said, still building to her point. "You can be a selfish, annoying bastard..." she said, before adding "-but I'm not much different. I... don't think I ever gave you a chance."

Vera breathed a heavy sigh before continuing. "I wanted... want to hate you but... I can't. I want to scream and yell because of all the things about you and this and everything that piss me off but I also don't want to. I... want to get to know you and love you like my dad." she said; the words were coming easier now. "A friend just met her mom a few minutes ago. She wasn't gonna speak to her; afraid how things were gonna go. I told her to jump right in and do it anyway because it was the only way forward. I think that's what I want." she said, continuing. "So... can we start over? No mad gods and goddesses, no supernatural powers, no acting like a spoiled little brat and a spoiled old man. Just... slowly getting to know each other." she finished, not sure if her words made any sense at all.

Then she went silent, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"You one of the Morrigan's ilk, boy? Do you know which is left standing?"

"You're asking that to the wrong guy old man" the Celt grunted the anger in his tone quite clear in his voice "I know dick all about my Mother..." he trailed off biting into a newly peeled orange.

Unexpected company was not something Jonathan was a big fan, especially when he is eating. But the questions that this new comer was asking weren't just chat for the sake of it; he was asking questions about his mother and it was these sorts of questions that Jonathan was not a big fan of answering.

He was very close to launching over the table and hitting the man, but from the looks of him; he knew how to handle himself and even Jonathan knew that now wasn't the best time to spill blood. There appeared to be some serious players within the confines of the room and if Jonathan went off the handle bars and started causing trouble, he would in no doubt be in for a hell of a fight. It's not like that bothered the young Celt, in fact the prospect of locking horns with a God sounded like an interesting idea. But now wasn't the time for fighting, so Jonathan held back his anger and instead resorted to using his words rather than his fists.

"The question is" Jonathan spoke gazing towards the new comer "why would you want to know something like that?"

"Just get back to the village! You can't win!"

She was surprised by how the thing split under her blade, and nodded at Haoma's remark. The lightning bolt seemed to do more than her sword had, but she did't exactly have any of those on hand. She turned and flew back, keeping an eye on Haoma as she did so, and altering her course to bring her nearer to him. Still need to talk to him once he's back I suppose.

At least the shadow monster couldn't reach her while she was flying, or didn't seem to be able to at least. She pushed herself a little higher and faster just in case though.


As Nicole came within a hastily marked boundary, she felt the heat of lightning behind her. Catching a quick glimpse of the figure on the watchtower, he was easily recognizable as Zeus; the God that had roped them into this war, and had brought them to the blasted Front-line. He was draped in a heavy, grey robe, and a glittering golden wreath adorned his head.

Following Haoma, she returned to the building, the sound of more lightning and the peel of many bells hot on her heels. She found Haoma almost scrambling to the back of the building, eager to put himself as far from danger as possible. Li quickly ripped off a piece of his fruit and threw it to Nicole in thanks, giving her a small nod of gratitude; perhaps the most anyone could expect from the cantankerous old-God. With a small prod of his staff, he sent Haoma across the snow to where Andrew and Vera were, shouting after him.

"Coward! You're lucky it's not you out there!"

As the bells rang on, several of the patrons began to arm themselves, as Ares burst back in, covered in blood. His breathing was ragged, though he seemed relatively unscathed.

"They're coming! If the newcomers stand a chance, now is the time!"


The question seemed to sober Hachiman, the laugh lines at the corners of his mouth quickly disappearing. Hands clenching, he almost spat out an answer. Ganesh seemed to shift uncomfortably in his seat as the God spoke; Shiro had noted upon a clearly touchy subject.

"Most of the Kami have joined with Amaterasu, and are holed up, far away. I was hoping your father would be here to bolster our numbers, but I am sure you shall fill his shoes nonetheless."

As Haoma, Nicole and then Ares returned, Hachiman stood up and armed himself with a long, gilded Katana. The guard was an intricately carved set of dove wings, and it hung low from his side. Patting Ganesh on the back, he nodded towards Shiro.

"It seems it's time for us to go, Shiro. I wish you the best of luck in your descent of the prison."

With that, he took his place in a small group of people waiting at the door, all armed to the teeth. Ares was at their head, and seemed to be waiting, as the bells tolled on.


Venus grimaced as Andrew wrapped her leg, managing to stem the ichor from the wound, even if somewhat momentarily. Brushing the wound, he noticed that the flesh around it was beginning to decay and rot; as if a fast-acting necrosis was setting in. Venus spoke, trying to keep a brave face.

"We think it's a poison; they've covered most of their weapons in it. Knocks you out after a while, then..."

She motioned to those writhing in pain. One of the tall, female warriors had ceased to move completely, and was quite clearly dead.

"That happens. Haoma thinks it's something to do with the hallucinations, hence the ornaments. We're all at different stages; most people are out after five or so hours, dead in another four. I was hit on the boundary just two hours ago. Verathragna over there is the first one to make it through the nightmare alive."

As she spoke, Haoma burst in, somewhat frantically. He quickly cleared space on the floor and set down two weapons; an axe and a javelin, both dripping with a clear liquid. Dipping his little finger into it, he licked it and then spat, before checking the dream catchers; running his fingers over them and muttering to himself.

"Tastes like venom, acts like poison...feverish, dreaming, necrosis...animalistic? Oh god another one has died...."



Verathragna listened to his daughter, his face softening from it's warlike state. On the one hand, he was so desperately relieved to be offered another chance with his daughter; time to make up for his misgivings and to bond with her. It was all he had wanted for a very long time. Yet the reality of the circumstance pained him; there was a very strong possibility one of them wouldn't survive the day, and the chance to make amends would be lost.

Calling out to Andrew, he quickly dismissed his questions. This was a conversation that couldn't wait, and he sincerely hoped the doctor would understand.

"I'm fine, Andrew! Tend to those who can't stand!"

As the bells rang in, he kissed Vera on the forehead. Colour had begun to return to his face, an iron will almost showing through his eyes.

"I would trade all the victory in the world for a fresh start with you. You're my daughter, Vera; you deserve better than I have given. We'll move anywhere you want. No gods, none of this. Just you and me."

He stood, but the pain in his side increased, causing him to grit his teeth. The bells peeled on, and he reached for his armor. Sliding it over his head, he began to fasten the many clasps. Tying his hair back behind his head, he breathed deeply and embraced Vera.

"It would be nice to have a world to return to, Vera. That's what we're here for. As to what you're here for..."

Arming himself, he smiled. The God had seen that she had reclaimed the shield; a gesture that made a profound impact upon him, and stirred his spirit back to war.

"You'll have a much better chance if my old bones are next to you. I do apologize that this is our first father-daughter outing."

Joking, there were small tears in his eyes. The fear of losing her after such a revelation was almost unbearable. But inaction would simply doom them all.

"Are you ready?"



Hephaestus picked up the small tree and inspected it. His sons craftwork was impressive to say the least, and it made him proud to have Steven working alongside him. The memento of Steven's town, however, did cause Hepahaestus some pain to see; serving as a reminder to the condition that his son was born.

"It's a beautiful piece, Steven. Perhaps you'll return to the original one day. Or come and work with me; who knows..."

The sound of bells was dimmed by the roar of the workshop flames; however, both Steven and the forge God saw the figures moving over the walls of the Prison, and beginning to spill out onto the battlefield. Immediately, two chestnut brown warrior, covered in tattoos and sporting shaved-heads and sharp teeth came running to the forge. One of them spoke up, his accent sounding somewhat tribal.

"We need axes. Now."

Steven's father looked to his son with raised eyebrows.

"Are you up to the task, Steven? You may need to make yourself one as well; it's the belly of the dragon for you, so to speak."

His words sounded somewhat callous and nonchalant, but there was concern written on his face. He immediately began to heat the flames, awaiting Stevens answer.



The warrior shook his head, grabbing himself another plate of food, which he pushed between himself and Jon, offering the lad more to eat. Watching Jon closely, he had stopped eating altogether, and was now drumming his fingers on the table loudly. His answer was blunt and straightforward.

"Well, they're something of Aunts to me. Distant relations. And two of them have been killed over this fucking mess. I'd like to know whose names to carve into the corpses of those responsible."

As the bells were heard, he pulled up a long and heavy spear, planting the blade into the floor. As the others amassed near the doorway, he simply waited; he knew they weren't leaving until everything was ready.

"And there's my chance now. I assume you'll rack up quite the body count in that bloody building. You'll have to match me when you get out, Jon."

He stressed the last word, making sure the youth understood that the man was clearly aware of who he was. Content to sit back, he now continued to eat loudly, watching those armed line up at the door.



Prometheus nearly did a double take at Prails words. Not only had he no intention of offering them tokens if he could, he was in no position to do so himself. Speaking sternly to her, he made his point crystal clear.

"I wasn't going to ask, and I do understand. I myself have no intention of binding myself to causes that I don't quite understand. It has been a long time since I have been involved in the affairs of these people..."

Noting on her stance on her weapon, he shrugged. Though he doubted it's effectiveness, he left it to the shifting warrior; she could clearly handle herself.

"Suit yourself, but I would have some alternatives in mind. If only it separated into two..."

Turning to Aria, he smiled. He was genuinely warmed to see her reunited with her mother, and was happy to see her pleased. The two did look and act strikingly similar, and it caused him to wonder what her plans were if this war was to drag out. Given the current state of things, it looked as if this was concerning more than just a feud between two Greeks.

Patting her on the back, he spoke.

"You were raised well, young one. And I think that's a fine idea; though she is your mother, you can't simply ignore those who raised you."

Hearing the bells, he watched as people began massing at the door, clearly waiting for his group to get behind them. Standing up, he grabbed his spear and spoke to Ares, staring at the War God. The two had never gotten on in the past, though the time for past disagreements was not now.

"So we're going in while you clear the way? What is going on?"

Ares shook his head and pointed the spear at the Titan, coming dangerously close to his neck. There was very clear animosity between the two, and Ares appeared to be the more dominant. His voice was grave and serious.

"No. You can't follow them; we've tried entering ourselves, and he can sense us, every damn time. They go alone."

This news was no surprise to the Titan, though it was difficult for him to here. These had been his companions through bloodshed and strife, and it was incredibly difficult to accept that he would be leaving them in perhaps their most crucial time of need. Swallowing hard, he turned back to Aria, small tears in his eyes.

"Best get ready and get the others."

Prail took point with the others but try as she might she just couldn't shake what Prometheus had said. Stance swapping wasn't getting her anywhere. Her stomach was, not doing well, only one solution.

Finding the forge wasn't hard, the smoke stank up the place pretty badly. She walked passed loads of fighters all armed with weapons even she'd acknowledge were well made funny how she felt she know more about weapons than she normally did. She didn't like strangers at the best of times and when they were this over stocked with weapons it was even less preferable. But luckily she found Steven, she didn't recognise the guy he was with but they shared a similar scent so could make a good guess.

"Hello Steven.
Could you help me, I think I need a new weapon." She put her own weapon down "And this could do with a tune up. Your forge doesn't do wood does it?"

"No. You can't follow them; we've tried entering ourselves, and he can sense us, every damn time. They go alone."

Aria could tell Prometheus was dishearten he would not be joining them, but Ares, pointing the spear at him ruined the moment. "So, your telling me, that, with all the War deity, as well as all the Magic deity's, not one of you has figured out some kind of 'stealth' option, like I donno, something to mask your presence?" She said as she shoved the spear away from Prometheus "I'll let the others know, but first, I'm going to get a weapon to conserve energy." Replying to Prometheus before she left the building, but shooting Ares a very pointed look on the way out. She ended up following the girl with the spear to forge, and found Steven, and, judging by looks, his Father.

"Guess we're all having family reunions today aren't we?" She said as she walked up behind the girl "Anyway, We're moving out soon, also" looking around a bit "There an extra dagger or short sword about? with where we're going it be best to take a weapon and one of those I think would compliment my mobility best"

"It's a beautiful piece, Steven. Perhaps you'll return to the original one day. Or come and work with me; who knows..."

"I have my own shop, my own forge," Steven said, "The people of my town need me..."

Steven grabbed another piece of iron, trying to distract himself from the thoughts of what everyone must thinking about where he is, and how much he rather be there.

"Are you up to the task, Steven? You may need to make yourself one as well; it's the belly of the dragon for you, so to speak."

Steven simply nodded, placing some steel into a stack, holding it together as he put it into the flame.

"Why do the Gods still fight with bladed weapons?" Steven asked as pulled out the hot steel and started to hammer, partly because he wanted to know, and partly to distract from thoughts of home, "Men have long since abandoned the sword, finding many ways to kill from as quickly and as far away as possible. Many which surpass the destructiveness of anything I have ran into on this journey..."

If they want axes, Steven would give them axes. He put a long, thin piece of iron in the fire as well, splitting the stack of steel and wrapping it around the iron rod till they were fused. He pulled it out of the fire, and hammered it. When it started to cool, the axe to be went back to the fire.

Once Steven had hammered it into an axe like shape, he put the whole axe into a bucket of water. Once cool, he put the edge. He also sharpened the tip sticking out of the head.

The thomahawk like axe was fairly crude, and not very pretty, but it had a good amount of weight (being pure iron and steel) and was fairly sharp. Holding it, Steven could feel the optimal position to hold it. This one would be his own.

Steven moved to make another one...

"Hello Steven.
Could you help me, I think I need a new weapon. And this could do with a tune up. Your forge doesn't do wood does it?"

He turned to Prail.

"No," Steven said, "I doubt this forge was meant for wood, but let me see what I can do."

Taking several pieces of steel, all a half of a meter long, he placed it into the fire, holding them together. He alternated between hammering them together, and heating them. Soon, Steven had a strong, thin piece of steel, . Steven beat a curve, and a edge along most of it. Steven heated and attached two small pieces of metal, making a simple handgaurd. Once it had been cooled, he set to sharpen it on the wheel.

It was a simple, short one edged sword, with a good edge and a sharp point. Rather ugly, but would be effective. Steven handed it to Prail.

He took the spear, sharpening the blades on the wheel. It was a very odd weapon, Steven had no idea what he could do to it.

"I am not sure there is much else I can do with your spear," Steven said, "I don't have the tools..."

""Anyway, We're moving out soon, also, there an extra dagger or short sword about? with where we're going it be best to take a weapon and one of those I think would compliment my mobility best."

Steven look around, but only saw the axes his father had already created.

"No, but I can make you one, give me a minute.."

Steven grabbed another stack of steel, repeating the process for Prail's short sword. The result was a few centimeter's shorter than Prail's, but otherwise nearly identical. Still ugly, but effective little one edged blade.

"Are you ready?" her father said, to which she replied "I am.", a feigned smile upon her face. She didn't like the idea of the injured god making his way back to the battlefield, but she had no right to say otherwise. Instead, she put on a face of confidence bordering on the egotistical and said "assuming you can keep up old man." as a joke to lighten the mood.

"No, but I can make you one, give me a minute.." Steven said as he started working on a dagger for her, though it turned out to be more of a short sword, one of simple design "This well do nicely, thank you" Aria said, before leaving him to work.

Aria after a bit of poking around found Nicole and told her to get ready to move, shortly after, she found Andrew "Hey" she said walking up behind him. "We're getting ready to move out" she said as she looked around, seeing all the wounded "I'll, leave it up to you where you come or not, if you feel your needed here more, but Prometeus won't be joining us for the final leg so we'll be a person down."

"We're getting ready to move out"

Nicole nodded and followed her, she wouldn't be much use back in here, and she knew she couldn't let anyone else die. At least is seemed Zeus was fighting with the other gods, though she wasn't sure if he was doing more than holding up their defenses. Still if the legend about his fight with Typhon is true there shouldn't be reason to doubt his courage, I just hope he doesn't intend to do anything to the tokenless members of the group after all this is over.

She took a small bite out of the fruit she had been given, curious about its taste and effects. They were using it to heal people so hopefully it would do something for her tiredness, but if it healed injuries then they might need it later during the attack. This might be the end of it too, the last battle for us one way or the other. The thought was sobering, but she was determined not to lose, Dio had to be stopped and now they were finally going to do just that.

"Aria hold on, I got you something when I was with Apollo," she said, pulling out her gift for Aria from the bag and handing it to her "I remember you saying that you liked metal, so I figured I'd grab you some CDs."

"Aria hold on, I got you something when I was with Apollo," Nicole said, sounding like she was just remembering the gift. "I remember you saying that you liked metal, so I figured I'd grab you some CDs." Nicole handing her a few CDs, from European bands she'd never heard of, still it made her smile, it'd been a long time since anyone had gotten her a gift like this. Aria wrapped her arms around Nicole, hugging her "Thank you" she simply said. "By the way, I'd prefer if you stopped calling me 'Aria'. My real name is 'Runa', so I'd like you to use that instead."

"We think it's a poison; they've covered most of their weapons in it. Knocks you out after a while, then...That happens. Haoma thinks it's something to do with the hallucinations, hence the ornaments. We're all at different stages; most people are out after five or so hours, dead in another four. I was hit on the boundary just two hours ago. Verathragna over there is the first one to make it through the nightmare alive."

Andrew nodded, although the explaination only made it seem like there was less and less he could do.

Dreams, right? What can I do about dreams?

However, upon hearing the explaination of the illness itself, he took note of the different symptoms.

"Tastes like venom, acts like poison...feverish, dreaming, necrosis...animalistic? Oh god another one has died...."

Listening to the strange man speaking, as well as examining the poison on the weapons themselves, he found a jug of water, and created a medicine of sorts, to combat the symptoms, if ever so slightly. It could be absorbed through the skin, and although he felt tired from creating it, he just found some more to eat, and started working. He used what he could find, treating the wounded as he gave them a dose of the liquid medicine, smearing it on their skin, or, if there were open, unprotected wounds, he poured a small amount on the wound. Honestly, Andrew had no idea what sort of effect it would have, only that it would do some good. Still, if the main problem was what they saw when they were asleep, he couldn't do much more.

I wonder if I could have done more if I were stronger.

Probably. It was always that, wasn't it? If he was stronger, if he could do more, if he could use the ambrosia, could he definitely save someone? He glanced over at the goddess, she had been the first he'd given the medicine to, and, even if he was tending to the wounded, she was still present in his mind, he was always aware of her.

Should I use the ambrosia on her?

He couldn't, could he? His powers had started returning again, eating had helped a lot, but if he used the ambrosia again, he'd still be too tired to do much, even if he thought he knew enough to make sure he didn't pass out again.

I need to leave with the others, we might leave very soon.

Just as he thought that, Aria appeared, saying their departure was nearing.

"I'll, leave it up to you where you come or not, if you feel your needed here more, but Prometheus won't be joining us for the final leg so we'll be a person down."

"No, I'll join. I don't think there's much more I can do here, after all." He decided to finish up before he did and when he had given everyone in the room the medicine, he walked towards the other building to pick up his bow and arrows, as well as his jacket. He doubted a leather jacket would do much, but it still provided a small amount of protection against a sharp object. However, before he left, he noticed Nicole giving Aria her gift, and Aria hugging her in return.

Was it rude of me not to hug her, then?

A random thought, it probably wasn't... however, even so, he waited for Aria -had she said to call her Runa?- to finish her hug, and then he embraced Nicole, carefully making sure he didn't get any fresh blood on her. Her skin was cold compared to his, but he honestly didn't mind. He wouldn't admit it aloud, but he liked hugs, they were a way of portraying the emotions he wasn't willing to show otherwise. "I forgot to do that before," he muttered, and let go, leaving to get what he needed, wondering if he looked like a fool, but thinking that it should be okay since someone else had done it first.

"By the way, I'd prefer if you stopped calling me 'Aria'. My real name is 'Runa', so I'd like you to use that instead."

"Um, ok," Nicole said, somewhat surprised by the hug, she hugged Aria back briefly though "I guess Freya told you it then? I'll try not to screw up calling you by your old name too much."

Runa seemed an odd name to her, though it certainly sounded Norse, at least it seems like Ar-er-Runa got along well with her mom. I wonder how the others are doing... She was startled out of this train of thought though by Andrew suddenly deciding to follow Runa's lead and hug her.

"I forgot to do that before,"

Oh is this to thank me for the gift? Kind of weird to do it now... His embrace was strange as well, though she noticed that this seemed to be to keep blood off of her. She awkwardly patted him on the back before he let go and started to walk off.

"You don't have to thank me, we are friends after all," she said to Andrew, "I'm glad you like the gift though."

She paused unsure of what to say next, then remembered her sword, it had cleaved through the shadow monster easily enough but its edge was rather dull. I should get it sharpened, I bet Steven knows how to do that.

"Do either of you know where Steven is by the way? I should probably make sure this thing is sharp before we head out," she said, motioning to indicate her sword.

"I guess Freya told you it then? I'll try not to screw up calling you by your old name too much."

"Yup" Runa started, still smiling "She and I still have to have a decent sit down, but at least I know I won't dislike her." She said, behind the smile was a clear sense of relief at that she would be on good terms with Freya, though just watch as Andrew hugged Nicole as well, apparently she got every one gifts, that was rather awesome of her.

"Do either of you know where Steven is by the way? I should probably make sure this thing is sharp before we head out,"

Runa pointed toward the smoke cloud coming from little ways off "He's at the forge with his dad, helping him make axes, and generally bonding, I think" She wasn't to sure about the last bit as Stevens dad wasn't really talking when she was there. "By the way, ether of you seen Vera? I need to tell her its about time to head out as well."

"You don't have to thank me, we are friends after all. I'm glad you like the gift though."

Andrew stopped, and examined Nicole, surprised. Friends? He found himself unable to think of something to say, just looked at her, trying to read her expression. Friends. Were they really?

I can't see why she would lie.

Nicole had been friendly thus far, hadn't she? Even though she had gotten mad a couple of times, she had acted well towards him. Friends. It wasn't the first time someone had called him a friend. But that had only been what they thought they saw, who they thought he was. Not... not him. Just who he was pretending to be.

Is it... okay then?

What was okay?

To trust her?

Was she really his friend? She had given him a gift, and... yeah. Even him. Andrew was certainly a clever man, he was intelligent and learned. However, when it came to this, he had no instinct. Yes?


He smiled, warmly, his facial expression turning similar to what he had faked before, only real. "Yeah, but really. Thanks. For everything, for... for saying that. We are friends, I didn't realize it before now, but I do like you." Only her? She was the only one he knew for sure, but probably not.

"Do either of you know where Steven is by the way? I should probably make sure this thing is sharp before we head out,"

"He's at the forge with his dad, helping him make axes, and generally bonding, I think. By the way, ether of you seen Vera? I need to tell her its about time to head out as well."

Andrew glanced at Aria, his eyes growing colder than they had been when he was looking at Nicole. They weren't hostile, just not that friendly anymore. Aria/Runa clearly didn't like him, after all, that he was sure of. He pointed towards where Vera stood.

"There, she's also bonding with her father. I'm going to get ready, then I'll be wherever we're supposed to group up, which I assume is outside." With that, he went and picked up his stuff, heading outside to the forge himself. He didn't need anything, but there was a number of people from the group there now, it was as good as any place to meet up.

"Most of the Kami have joined with Amaterasu, and are holed up, far away. I was hoping your father would be here to bolster our numbers, but I am sure you shall fill his shoes nonetheless. As some of the others returned, Hachiman got up and armed himself with a sword. It seems it's time for us to go, Shiro. I wish you the best of luck in your descent of the prison.[/B]

Shiro nodded, bowing respectfully. "I await your return, Hachiman-san. As the God left, Shiro sat back, idly chewing on the sweet roll Ganesh gave him. He glanced around the room, wondering what everyone else was up to.

Shiro also couldn't forget what Hachiman had told him about his father's side of the family. They had all hidden away from the conflict, hopefully his father wasn't one of them. From what he could tell, they could use all the help they could get.

This was getting too heavy, so Shiro decided to try something else.

"So, Ganesh-san" he said, trying to make small talk, "How did you get involved with this war?"

"He's at the forge with his dad, helping him make axes, and generally bonding, I think"

"Ok thanks," Nicole replied, about to say more when Andrew spoke again.

"Yeah, but really. Thanks. For everything, for... for saying that. We are friends, I didn't realize it before now, but I do like you."

"Um, ok your welcome then," she said, somewhat confused by how Andrew was speaking. He has had friends before right? I don't think he's hitting on me at least... Andrew turned to answer Aria's question about Vera and his gaze became less friendly, Nicole found herself frowning.

"We're all friends Andrew, after a trip like this how could we not be?" she said, then sighed "I need to go get my sword sharpened, I'll see you in a bit."

With that she headed over to where Aria had indicated, finding Steven working the forge with Hephaestus. Guess I should give him his gift too. She dug the watch out of her bag, and held it at her side.

"Hey Steven, I got you something while I was off with Apollo," she said, holding the watch out "Wasn't sure what you'd want, so I figured I'd get you something mechanical."

She then held up the sword "By the way, think you could sharpen this thing up? It's kinda dull as is."

Andrew answered her question, albeit in a some what colder manner then how he'd addressed Nicole, she how ever ignored this, thanked him anyway and walked over to Vera.

"Ello" Runa said walking up to the pair "It's almost time to head out, so what ever final preparations you need to do, do em, I guess." She wanted to ask how it was going, but decided against it for now, instead she simply excused her self to go get something to eat before they set out, and went and did just that. she loaded up a plate with several different kinds of food and sat down, then saw one of the new people munching on fruit, and moved over there "Hello, I'm Runa, saw you in the RV earlier" she said, not sitting down, seeing this guy reminded her of the Asian boy she'd seen earlier, so she had one more person to find "Anyway, we'll be moving out soon." she said, then waved, and went to find the last member of the group.

"It's almost time to head out, so what ever final preparations you need to do, do em, I guess." Aria said, prompting a nod of thanks.

Returning her attention to her now armored dad she spoke again. "So, shall we meet up with the others? she asked before helping her father up and making their way toward where the group was gathering.


Ares looked at Aria with no small amount of distaste. He was already mildly unimpressed with those chosen for such a dire task, and her somewhat insulant questions were doing her no favors.

"We've tried every possibly combination of stealth and brute force to get ourselves in there. Unfortunately for us, no guise can hide any deity. He's simply too strong. Our heads are on the chopping block already; don't add insult to injury."


The Forge God watched as his son crafted and honed weapons, working up a sweat in his own forge no less. The weapons crafted were well-balanced and durable, if lacking decoration. As Steven tended to the needs of his group, Vulcan worked alongside him, churning out several javelins for the warriors that were sprawled outside, waiting. Speaking over the heavy clang of his hammer, he answered Steven.

"Power does not lie in the weapon of a deity; many stick to blades because that is what they are most familiar with, and because that is what they have used in the past. Not many Gods interfere with conflicts now, so there aren't many guns. Perhaps in a few hundred years, we will all turn in for an upgrade."

His tone rose at the little joke, though it seemed to be heavy with some melancholy. The God didn't acknowledge his sons lack of enthusiasm at the veiled offer to join him; he simply kept working. Though it was a lot to expect, Vulcan was surprised that his son simply wished to return to his home-town.

Perhaps this life is not for everyone...


As he distributed the healing salve, it only began to take effect as he left the building. Those asleep became less fitful and feverish; settling into quiet, natural slumber. Those awake had their pain dulled and the proficient bleeding eased; a few of them even picking up their weapons and heading back out, to where Ares was rallying. Haoma noted it's quick effect, and quickly scooped a few of the remaining trickles into a small vial, hiding it away in his jacket.


Verathragna leant slightly on his daughter as the two walked towards the rally point at the doorway. Those injured that Andrew had healed were there, though were caught in a small argument about their practicality as soldiers.

"You're far too weak, Sigurd."

"They killed Boan, Feridun. I'm going back out there."

Similar conversations could be heard as the mass of warriors began to grow impatient. Ares barred the door with his arms, baring his teeth to those who challenged his authority. As the pair walked in, the room fell quiet. Verathragna commanded respect as people parted before him, leading him straight to Ares. His deep voice stayed level as the two spoke.

"Ares. This is my daughter, Verathragna."

Ares looked Vera up and down before raising his eyebrows. A wild grin spread across his face, before firmly grasping both of their forearms. There seemed to be a mutual friendship between the two Gods.

"Daughter? That's a strong looking daughter you have there."

Winking, he looked over her sword and shield before commenting, somewhat eagerly. The bloodlust was evident in his voice.

"Hope you're ready, Persian. There'll be a lot of blood out there."



Ganesh stretched lazily, his bones cracking audibly. He seemed somewhat undisturbed by the growing numbers of armed comrades at the door. There seemed to be no sign of a weapon nearby for the God, though his elephant necklace did shimmer slightly.

"My father recommended me while he was...preoccupied. But really, I think I was sent to see if Kali has run off and joined this renegade."

Breathing out, he shrugged casually.

"Family, hey? Anyway, I think it best to stay behind me when we go out. Clear the way, so to speak."

With that, he helped himself to some more food, his stomach visibly growing with each bite.



The Titan stood near the door, next to Ares, his ear pressed against the wood. The sound of bells continued, though they were all clearly awaiting some signal, the twenty or so warriors gathered at the doorway. His own spear, stolen from Venus' child, leaned against his chest, the blade grazing his neck, as he tried desperately to hear anything at all.

Though distant, the Titan heard a deep boom from the prison, and the rumbling of hooves on the ground. Errant cries and yells filtered through the heavy wood, and the building shook slightly. Ares looked up, peaked like an animal that heard a branch snap, staring at Prometheus.

"You coming, old man?"

Tearing himself away from the wall, he curled his hand around the spear and smiled weakly. War had never been his forte, and he feared for the safety of the group, as well as the visions of death that were waiting out that door. Almost answering his fears, the sound of thunder shook the building hard, the flash of lightning evident through cracks in the door. Ares rallied those around him, hand on the door latch.

"Alrighty! We cover the youths going in, seal the entrance, and get the hell out of there. Otherwise, I'll see you all at our table in Hel!"

Opening the door, Ares leaped out, armed to the teeth. Snow was falling heavily under heavy black clouds, tinged with red. Hundreds of centaurs were flowing out of the gate, alongside colossal, pale men and women armed with heavy axes. The warriors followed him out, fanning out into a V shaped wedge. Prometheus trailed at the back, waiting for the group to follow him.

Andrew had thought about what Nicole said, but he didn't agree that they were all friends. Most certainly didn't regard him as a friend, so he didn't have much of a reason to think of them as friends. Still, she hadn't liked him changing his tone, although without realizing it, to Aria... Runa. Whichever of them, although he was more inclined to call her Aria, at least in his mind. Perhaps he would have to be more conscious of his tone, then, if only because Nicole didn't like the way he had spoken to Aria. If that was even it.

Not really important now.

People were gathering around Ares -that was what Thor had called the god- and while Andrew was surprised to see some of the people he had just tended to, he didn't really feel like telling them to go back in. Certainly, they needed to rest, but if they wanted to fight, so be it. In the end, it was their choices, and unlike many others, it was clear that they knew what was waiting. He kept examining the arrows and the bow, making sure both were without any sort of flaw. This, unlike the other fights, was one they had known would come, yet they had no idea what the outcome would be.

I'm not going to die.

Something like that seemed unreal to Andrew, at least. He knew that death was very possible, he was prepared for someone dying. But he wouldn't die. Of course not. It wasn't his time yet.

So he kept telling himself, at least. Ares kept addressing the people there, rousing them up for the fight, getting them ready. Andrew didn't really pay attention, he was lost in his own thoughts. Kirsten, his mother. Even Apollo. They were fine, right? He would get to see the first two soon, after this was over. It was a comforting thought, and glancing over at Nicole had the same effect, if he did die, somehow, at least he wouldn't die completely lonely.

Vicious thunder snapped him out of his thoughts, and Andrew felt himself shaking, frightened all of a sudden. He thought he had heard it earlier, when tending to people, but this made cold shivers run down his spine. It shouldn't make it much worse, but he suddenly dreaded going outside, and located Prometheus, getting closer to the Titan, instincts telling him that the guy had helped him walk through thunder and lightning one time. If he had wanted to seek comfort, the Titan wouldn't have been his choice, however, now he just needed someone lead on and force him to walk, even if just by being there.

"Daughter? That's a strong looking daughter you have there. Hope you're ready, Persian. There'll be a lot of blood out there." Ares said, winking.

Vera smirked at the god of war before replying "Stronger than you old man." and gripping the god's forearm back. If this was to be a final battle, there had to be something of a competition between the warriors. Purely for morale purposes of course. In truth however, Vera's stomach was churning and bubbling in the worst sort of way as her nerves got to her. The weight of it all was impossible to bear and the waiting made it far worse. She really just wanted to get the struggle between good and evil over as soon as possible. She didn't show any of this on her face - at least voluntarily; it would do little good to give the fear voice.

"Well, at least Ahraman won't be out there to fight." she muttered to herself, trying to think of the accomplishments on their quest over the catastrophes. Unfortunately, the faces of Remus and Able were still all too fresh.

It was during the wait that Nicole appeared; giving her a CD. Vera smiled and said. "Thanks. When this is all over, I'll be sure to make you a remix." She let the subtext that they were both gonna make it through this rest; it was going to be true; no immutable fact. She pulled Nicole into a hug in thanks.

Eventually, it came time to launch the attack. After a rousing tactical discussion, they burst from the building, running headlong into the enemies in wedge formation. The goal wasn't to destroy the army, just cut deep enough through that they could reach the prison. For her part, Vera used the shield to hold the wedge together as best possible and the sword to cut down any enemy who dared get in her way.

There was no time for hesitation, forethought, or mercy. There was only war.

Runa largely ignored Ares, she didn't buy thing 'we thought of everything' reply she'd gotten and his attempt to get the troops ready to go fell flat to her, she needed no such motivation. what she wanted, was an end to this, to go home, to get her life in order, and finally have that talk with her mother she's been aching for since the start of this.

She took a deep breath when the doors opened, got a nice firm grip on the dagger Steven had made her, and felt the pocket she had the lens she'd gotten from Vera's father, making sure it was still there after having gotten it before meting up with the others, as well as dropping off the CDs Nicole had gotten her. No sense taking those into a battle. She headed out with the others. "We're all coming back" She said to Prometheus, with the kind of confidence that was meant to put him at easy for not being able to join then past the entrance.

"Thanks Steven." She inspected her new blade, it was smaller than she was used to but her critical faculties when it came to swords only stretched so far. She touched the point *ow* well it was sharp at least. When her main weapon was done she took it and began checking much more intensively "I've not seen in this this good a condition for a long time. Certainly not since I found it in the museum." Best case she was with people who knew how to use a sword and could use their skills, it felt odd to her, the tiny blade at her hip unbalanced on the other side of her body, still if they got close it might be all she had, this wouldn't be a problem if her body had been different, I mean these teeth were barely good for anything and the claws don't get her started on those.

After the sword had finished being sharpened Nicole had moved quickly to return to the others, she knew this might be the last time she spoke to some of them, maybe all of them, though she wasn't about to sit back and let such a thing happen if she could stop it. She had taken the remaining gifts and handed them out, explaining quickly why she had thought they would like them. Vera in particular was thankful, hugging her.

"Thanks. When this is all over, I'll be sure to make you a remix."

She smiled and nodded, hugging her back. Nothing more felt like it needed to be said. They were going to get through this, every one of them. She wouldn't let anything else happen, not if she could help it.

Prometheus seemed saddened by his not being able to go with them, though Aria at least tried to cheer him up.

"We're all coming back"

"Damn right," she muttered, nodding in approval. This was it, the final battle, this decided whether they won or lost and she wasn't about to let them lose. She pushed away her exhaustion and fear, steeling herself as they moved out, she wasn't sure what they would find or what Dio was capable of but it didn't matter. We will stop him, we have to.

"Who's the best swordsman among us?" Prail asked as she joined with the other's as she made her way to the battle. She could feel it in the air on every sense, they were tense. The reassurances didn't ring true but the sentiment was appreciated. "Of course we'll make it back. Everyone stick together and cover each other. I think I could use a few pointer's actually, never really used one of these before?" She drew her blade making sure not to point it at anyone.


A cacophony of sound erupted as the small wedge of warriors was quickly engulfed in a sea of stampeding assailants. Within the first moment, the snow around them began to melt under wave after wave of hot blood. It was not a matter of skill against numbers; the Centaurs were both bloodthirsty and accurate, arrows and spears quickly finding their way into the outer-most of the warriors. Those dead and dying were left in the mottled snow, as the wedge slowly pushed on.

The half-Gods were in the center of the wedge, protected on all sides from the chaos, save the odd arrow or two. Between the shoulders of warriors, they could catch glimpses of deities; known and unknown; cutting a swathe straight through to the prison. Ares was at point; a furious whirlwind of anger, totally oblivious to the mounting number of wounds. Hachiman was nearby; careful and precise, he seemed to be as yet untouched by any weapon.

Vidarr had been drawn from the group in his rage; his battle-cry was wrought with the grief of his son, and though he felled beast after beast, he was quickly surrounded, and removed from the vision of all. A terrible clap of thunder was heard, and there erupted a bright and brilliant flash of light where he was last seen, that shot high into the air and hung amidst the cloud. It was as if the battle suddenly paused, before several members of the left flank rushed off to where the God had fallen. They were swiftly followed by several pale giants, of whom two were contending with a monstrous, dark Elephant, whose tusks were buried deep in both of them.

As the left flank broke away, the group of youths was quickly exposed to the onslaught. The wedge had made it close to the prison; Ares had already begun to kill off the guards near the iron gate; men and women whose fingers curled to talons, wielding vicious sickles. Verathragna flung himself between the group and the charging centaurs, yet even he could not stop so many; several made it past him, and now confronted the group.

Where the God cut two down, four more would spring up, and he was soon pressed against the group, his sword impaled in the chest of a still writhing centaur. A vicious swipe across his face had opened a large wound, and ichor poured forth. Above the din of battle, he shouted.

"Make for the gate! Now!"


Through the din of battle, a slender, blue woman flexed her four arms, before sprinting to below the light of Vidarr, beginning a vicious offensive against those few guarding it. Thunder clapped again, though this time accompanied by lightning, which struck near her, singing her hair. Shrieking, she redoubled her efforts, fighting harder, alongside the pale giants. The small group of defenders called out for help; yet those remaining in the wedge had to look away and fight on. The youths were their priority. Only Hachiman responded, taking a high-guard and charging through the fray, drawing up in single combat against the woman, who had armed herself with both flame and sword.


Prometheus drew up alongside Verathragna, slamming his spear home into a single centaur; a somewhat amateur effort compared to the impressive Persian. Not the fighting type, he gritted his teeth and tried as best he could to hold them at bay, taking a defensive stance and striking only as they leapt. Only his strength pulled him through, though that began to weaken as the battle took its toll, and it wasn't long before an arrow found itself to his thigh; striking straight through and tearing out the other side. The wound began to burn and smoulder, causing him to cry out.

Steadying himself against the Persian, he waved his spear ineffectively against the ever-closer enemies. There was no wild fear in the Titan, nor the fierce blood-lust that poured through the other warriors. Runa's words ran through his head.

We're all coming back.

More warriors fell to his right, near the point. Screaming in agony. It was hard to put his faith in her words. Though the youths had proven themselves time and again. They deserved a chance. Spearing another centaur, the body slid down the spear, gnashing teeth coming terrifyingly close.

I'm going to die.

Andrew didn't know what held his attention most as they continued onwards, the fighting and the centaurs and all the blood, or the thunder. However, one thing was clear, the lightning had him shaking, he probably wouldn't be moving if he hadn't been surrounded and forced to move. The fighting and the sounds sort of... dulled out, compared to the thunder. He saw the fighting, certainly, and he was wary of it, but that was it, really. There wasn't thoughts in his mind regarding it, he was just telling himself to keep moving, and that the lightning wasn't aimed at him.

I think it's even coming from the our temporarily allies.

It didn't help, telling himself something like that never did. He wanted to hide, really, go away. Even fighting Dio would probably be better than this, at least then he wouldn't be scared almost stiff like some moron, in the middle of a war.

I wonder if I could cure a phobia.

Could he? Probably not, since it was a mental condition. It wasn't as if he didn't know the whole: careful exposure to lightning and thunder, teaching your body that it's not dangerous by examining it from a safe distance and all that stuff. He couldn't ever forget that, Kirsten had told him so multiple times when she had noticed that he wasn't fond of it. However, this kind of exposure couldn't be good, he was more scared now than he had been before, but perhaps that was the situation around him.

Yet I don't seem to mind the fact that people are dying around me.

It wasn't as if he enjoyed it, it was certainly horrible. However, his mind and body didn't seem to have learned that, he was probably too selfish to really care.

I'm just... scared, though.

He didn't like that. Andrew didn't want to be here either. He noticed that Prometheus had been shot by an arrow, but he couldn't help him, they were moving, Prometheus were fighting, and he had to save what he had regained of his powers.

Prometheus better not die, though.

Of all the gods and warriors and everything there -apart from the demigods, or most of them anyways- the Titan was the one he wanted the most to survive.

And especially not get hit by lightning.

The sound of thunder still remained in his mind, the thunder now, and the thunder from back then. Andrew really had gotten worse, hadn't he?

"Make for the gate! Now!"

Who said that? Did he care who said that?

It was... Vera's dad, wasn't it?

Yes, he thought so. Andrew nodded, doubting the god would see the act, and went towards the gate, quickly, not even looking back to see if the others were following. They would be there, and even if they didn't, at least he'd be inside soon.

Also completely and utterly screwed.

Then again, who was to say they weren't already? Who knew if they could beat Dio, after all? Who knew if they would even be able to do anything called a fight, and not get tossed around. However, he wasn't going to die, he reminded himself.

I've got people I need to apologize to.

What was that about letting lose something of war? She only remembered half the quote but it felt like it was a good time for it. She strode out into the chaos, all around the bodies were writhing against each other covered in blood, but not in an erotic way or anything that would be disgusting. She knew the sight's sounds and smells well, it was no surprise, but the scale was something new out in the wilds it could be just you and you're prey miles apart hunting for days. But this was something else, something somehow more sinister. Worse was how closely packed the whole thing was.

Prail moved with purpose making sure not to get caught up in the fighting it wouldn't do any good to when she had a specific job.

She kept ahead but looked back frequently making sure to stay in sight of the other's. She wanted to make sure they made it, she honestly didn't know what combat experience the other's had but chances are this was going to be pushing everyone.
It was odd, she didn't know what it was exactly but she just felt ugh. Maybe it was time for something new again, she's older than she'd been before, could be her time. Though as long as she had the axe could they even do it?

Runa kept pace with every one else as the ran to their final destination. Her thoughts where a bit all over, not enough to distract her and put her in danger but her thoughts started to turn to what was 'next' beyond the final show down with Dio.

Mostly of what she would need to do once she was back in Texas, though she tried to not dwell on it, but it was hard not to think about what came next now that they where so close to ending this. Fortunately there was enough going on around her that needed her attention to remain alive that such thoughts where not as distracting as they could have been. Centaurs, arrows and other deadly thing flying through the air kept her focus where it needed to be.

Soon enough though, an opportunity to enter the fort presented it self and she made her way in with the others, and waited for the others not yet in to join those that where before moving on, now was defiantly not the time to wander off.

Nicole's wings formed invisibly behind her, she wasn't about to fly and make herself a target in all this but she had to be ready. All around her people, gods and monsters, were fighting and falling, she desperately wanted to reach out with her power to try and protect them, but it was too much. She needed to save her strength for what lay ahead, and forced herself to focus on their group. I won't let any sacrifices be in vain either.

"Make for the gate! Now!"

She nodded and pressed forward, staying near the front of the group. This was it, they couldn't fail now. Feeling the strength the bite of fruit had given her she pushed onwards, moving with the group towards the gate.

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