Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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Shiro felt his heart sink as he entered the room.; There were so many people imprisoned in here, and for what? For being caught up in a war of the gods?

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. In the grand scheme of thing, we are all on the same side. We all want what is best. So turn around. Return to what normality you can salvage, let things play out as they were meant to. For I am not moving from this door."

Shiro's eyes narrowed. "I don't think so. There's too much at stake for us to ever let the fallen god do whatever he pleases. Sorry, no dice."

The building seemed to shake, but Shiro still clutched his sword tightly, ready for whatever would come.

"Is that explanation enough?"

Nicole ignored this for the moment and focused on cutting Jon down, she made her wings small to fit in the tunnel and hovered as best she could by him. She cut carefully with her sword, trying not to hit Jon in the process. At least this time they didn't see to be trapping him in visions. Or maybe they aren't the source of the visions to begin with... She shook the thought from her head and focused on the task at hand.

Others argued against Anansi, Steven venting his usual tirade of how the gods were obsolete, right keep thinking that Steven, we get it. Shiro on the other hand voiced something more fitting to her thoughts. Dio threw things out of balance to begin with, why should we trust him to put things right afterwards? Why should gods need to die, how does that create balance? All it seems to have done so far is upset things.

"My name is Anansi, though soon to be Nyame. The world is sick, Andrew; the death and rebirth of my kind has been halted. Our interactions with humanity have stemmed to a trickle. Dionysus takes the lives of a few, to prevent the future death of many. The power he wields is simply to dispose of a tyrant; it will then be redistributed as it should be, and the world will return to normal."

Andrew remained calm, even as the spider climbed onto his shoulder, and the other spoke. However, he didn't lower his bow, even after the... god, most likely, had finished speaking. He'd be lying if he said he didn't understand the idea and goal behind it, nature had a tricky balance, which had to be kept. In one way, it was the same as a plague, people would die, but in the end, it was in order to maintain the balance of the world, and that was certainly important.

However, Andrew couldn't agree with this. Not without knowing more, having enough information to be able to deduce which was the better option. Support the side who wanted things to stay the same, never change? In one way, that would certainly be the safer option. Defeat the enemy, hope they were valued enough to not get killed after, hopefully, managing that. It took no thoughts, nothing else than a slight sense of moral, to follow the trail of dead bodies, and they could happily continue to be Zeus' puppets.

What about supporting Dionysus? No, that wouldn't work. Too many things he couldn't be sure of. Even if this was for the greater good, even if it was worth sacrificing a small percentage for, who was to say it would stop there? How many people was really needed? Not to mention their fate after all of this. If they walked back out, they would be traitors. They had no protection, Zeus had at no point promised to keep them alive, to keep their loved ones alive... that was why they couldn't leave. Andrew wouldn't do that, even if he understood the need.

"The lives of a few? All those who drank themselves to death, all those monks in that church, all those people on the AIRPLANE? This is what you call a few people? You expect us to believe that a God so drunk on power would simply stop this blatant slaughter? You want to know why humanity doesn't talk to, pray to you, or believe in any of you anymore? Humanity no longer needs the gods! The power of scientific knowledge has created a better fed, healthier, and safer world than anything any God provided. There were barely 500 million humans when any of you got worshiped. Now there are 7 billion of us."

Not only did Steven's argument bite its own tail when he first claimed that the number of sacrificed were far from "a few", then ended his whole rant on stating that there was 7 billion humans in the world, but Andrew couldn't help but disagree with most of his points.

There are a lot more religious people in the world than non-religious.

he commented in his mind.

And you are vastly overestimating the strength of humans.

Andrew valued the technology and development, he was going to be a surgeon, so why wouldn't he? He knew very well how much humans had developed over time. However, he also had held something completely different in his hands, wielded a tool more effective than any scalpel or highly advanced equipment he had used. He had done things no doctor in the world could do, with nothing but his own hands and demigod heritage, as well as a small dose of ambrosia. It certainly hurt his pride to admit it, that his skills alone hadn't been enough during this trip. Not sufficient.

"Don't be arrogant, Steven," Andrew told him, coldly. "The last thing we need is you underestimating gods."

He then went silent again, listening to the Asian speak.

"I don't think so. There's too much at stake for us to ever let the fallen god do whatever he pleases. Sorry, no dice."

"That's an issue too," Andrew said. "We've got no way turn around and leave without risking both our own, and our loved ones' deaths. I suppose you meant for us to be part of the sacrifice as well?"

Prail was beyond reason or argument, not the vocal kind. The pools stank and she could hear the spiders drawing in the creature before who would probably be more fascinating if Prail had any time to notice the creature beyond seeing it as prey.

She keeps out of the pools, making quick work of the walkways and jumping nimbly over the gaps even vaulting using her weapon. A past she didn't have was recounted and debated about argued around her.

Prail honestly doesn't care about all of this, her weapons twirl catching the slight light. She's closer than before, glaring at her opponent. A final pounce and she'd be on him, ignoring the shaking of the building.
Like a shot she springs forward swinging her axe as she flew to the silhouette.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. In the grand scheme of thing, we are all on the same side. We all want what is best. So turn around. Return to what normality you can salvage, let things play out as they were meant to. For I am not moving from this door."

"Yeah, no" Runa started "If you won't move, then you can die. Cause I'm done being jerked around by asshole like you and your cryptic bullshit." then without another word from her, opened fire on the spider creature with three normal sized and colored energy bolts aimed at where she though was the creatures center mass. Even if it dodged and fled into the darkness, she had a back up plan for that two.

"Technology?! I safeguarded your kind on the harsh savannah for an age, yet it was man that dropped the Atomic Bomb, man that burnt his brothers and sisters alive in hate! How dare you forsake us!"

The shadow seemed to grow in size, the voice full of hate. The words seemed almost spat out, in disgust.

Nicole cut clean through the web, dropping Jon into her arms and sending them both tumbling to the ground. Albeit landing somewhat awkwardly, they were little more than scuffed, and were on their feet as Prail leaped towards the silhouette. As she swung her halberd, she felt little resistance as it swept clean through the shadows. Stepping forward into the light, the silhouette revealed itself as nothing more than a pile of spiders; hundreds upon hundreds, linked leg-to-leg in a rough, misshapen human shape. Her weapon had cut clean through several spiders in the midsection, though they were quickly ejected and replaced; the place was quickly revealed to be swarming with all manner of arachnids.

A dark, wrathful voice greeted them from the shadows, seeming to come from all corners of the room.

"So be it. I will accord you the burials you deserve -"

His reply was cut short as Aria's energy blasted the silhouette into two. A roar of pain, accompanied by the screeching of spiders filled the room, before the two halves surged toward her, like two waves of spiders, careful to bridge the water. As they closed in on her, a shadowy figure ran behind the group, followed by a large screen of webs, separating the group from Nicole and Jon.

Turning, with his back to the screen, he faced the two half-gods, his hands coated in the same web that sent them into the dream state earlier. Adopting a fighting stance, there was no smile or joy on his face. Simple determination and disappointment made him look almost human. Almost.

"Technology?! I safeguarded your kind on the harsh savannah for an age, yet it was man that dropped the Atomic Bomb, man that burnt his brothers and sisters alive in hate! How dare you forsake us!"

Andrew should have fired his bow when he heard that, but he hesitated. Did he really want to give up on doing this without wasting strength? Did he even want to do this, considering that he was agreeing with their cause, if not their methods? Before he got the time to contemplate this, Nicole flew to get the angry guy, Prail attacked the silhouette physically, and Aria fired off a couple of her magic bolts, all at around the same time. What followed was a mixture of failure and half-successes. Nicole took what seemed to be a nasty fall, while Prail's attack did little but reveal the silhouette to be made out of spiders, a lot of them, as well as making the god decide to give up on them.

"So be it. I will accord you the burials you deserve -"

The god had said, but mid-sentence, Aria -Andrew decided that he had no real reason to call her Runa- had hit the spiders, this time with a lot more effect. However, the damage was already done, and the group was separated from Nicole -and that other guy- spiders and webs hindering them in joining the two demigods, as well as getting closer to what seemed to be the current "main body" of spiders. Andrew examined the webs, and quickly decided that the current poison wouldn't do much good to hurt their foe, especially not since the it might not even make it through the webs. And, even if his arrow did make it through the webs, all he would have done was to make a tiny hole in the webs, as well as possibly hit someone inside. Deciding to put it back and thinking of a different plan, he went through the details of why this happened in his head. It didn't take a genius to figure out that it was their lack of agreement.

If the rest of us had been prepared for attacking, then perhaps it would have worked.

Had he made a mistake trying to talk his way out of it? No... Andrew didn't believe so, to him, that was the most logical way of doing it, not attacking or judging before one actually had the knowledge needed to do so. However, the mistake he had made, if he had made any at all, was probably to trust in that the others were aware of this fact. Relying on the others to understand things the way he understood them. Because of that, and his general hesitation to attack for once, the group hadn't done the same things.

I'm not a leader, I am very well aware of that. But I think the burden of ensuring that we all acted the same, that we all attacked, laid on me this time.

He wasn't standing idle while thinking, rather trying to examine the situation further, though it wasn't before now he got to squishing the spider on his shoulder, examining it in his hand. His general thought was that he should have just thrown it on the floor and squished it with his foot, and that he now had spider all over his hand, but he started wondering if he could infect the spiders, create a plague of sorts. He began to toy around with the idea, shaping it in hi head, working out the details. A normal kind of plague wouldn't work too well, too long to create, and too long to take effect, not to mention, could he even do that?

Now is really not the time to find out.

However, another thought hit him, and he got an arrow -thought certainly not the one with poison on- and opened a large cut, cutting a vein so that it would bleed more proficiently. It hurt, and part of him wondered why the hell he was doing that to himself, but he gathered up a reasonable amount of blood in his hands, before closing the cut, and creating a poison with a somewhat different symptom, one that would benefit its spread. Due to the nature of a spider's circulatory system -and these seemed to be rather normal spider- as well as the difference between spider and human blood, he could create, or thought he could, a poison that caused a reaction with the blood, creating a poisonous gas that would cause the body to expand, kill the spider, and finally cause the body to burst so that it could spread further. It would work a couple of times before becoming too weak to cause a reaction and simply kill the spiders. The components it reacted to was different from what was in the human body, and the poison was too weak to actually hurt them, so if it actually worked, it wouldn't harm any of the others.

If it doesn't work, it won't be able to spread.

Well, at least he had made sure it would kill the ones that were hit, and that was as good as he could have done with a normal poison. He spread the blood over the spiders nearby, they could still move for the time being as it would take a short while for it to have an effect, and Andrew then stood back, watching, feeling slightly dizzy from the blood loss, as well as the strange use of powers.

For the time being, all I can do is watch. As much as I would urge the others to act in a way that I find preferable, in the end, it's not my responsibility, nor even remotely among my many strengths.

Vera did what she could to attack the spiders yet her weapon was remarkably unsuited for the task. Rather, she used her shield to kill far more at a time while using her sword to pick off those who made there way over the edge of the shield. She could only hope they weren't venomous.

They probably were.

Being mostly useless against the spider, she moved closer to the now identified spider god, striking at him with her sword.

Nicole pushed herself up, careful to avoid hitting Jon with the sword, he seemed unhurt by his brief captivity in the webs. She couldn't even say he'd become more or less angry as a result of it. In the meantime Aria had begun attacking Anansi and Andrew was focusing on dealing with the spiders. What should I do? I'm not sure I can fly across the water safely, it reminds me of the river we went on in the underworld...

Still, she had plenty of power if not a good way to apply it yet, she focused on the spider god keeping an eye out for any attacks he might launch, ready to use her power to try and make them fail. I'm not going to let him hurt any of us.

"Maybe I shouldn't of said that," Steven thought as the god grew in size.

Although, that turn out not to be entirely accurate, it was a mass of spider. He wasn't sure if the god was the spiders, or just controlling them all. In any case, he knew the shotgun would be of almost no use.

Andrew seemed to poisoning the spiders, but the guy was already looking woozy. He wasn't sure the guy had enough blood to kill them all.

He put the shotgun down, and started to reach for his ax. Still, they still could be over run and die from a constant stream of poisonous bites.

" burnt his brothers and sisters alive in hate!



He ripped off part of his sleeve, ripped it in two, and threw it on the ground. He rubbed the ax hard against the shotgun's barrel, creating sparks and setting the bit of cloth on fire.

Taking both of the burning sleeves into his hands, Steven turn around and started to burn the webs between the group and the two the spider God targeted.

"Technology?! I safeguarded your kind on the harsh savannah for an age, yet it was man that dropped the Atomic Bomb, man that burnt his brothers and sisters alive in hate! How dare you forsake us!"

"Oh yes, because humans totally weren't violent and waging war after pointless war and committing atrocities to their fellow man while under the rule of the gods ... oh wait ...." Runa fired back as she fired a larger pair of shots into the charging mounds of spiders. "So what if humanity has grown to the point of wiping it self out. Only a select few foolish groups in the whole of the world still seek to gain and use nuclear weapons, while the rest of is keenly aware that those weapons should not be used again." Runa added before teleporting behind the god, her dagger speeding toward his neck, aiming to end this before they waste to much more time and energy on him.

As the spiders began swarming over them, Shiro began slashing away while trying his damned hardest to ignore the spider god's rantings. He slashed and slashed at the swarming arachnids, but there seemed to be end to them.

"BURN THE SPIDERS! BURN THE WEBS! JUST BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SET ON FIRE!" Steven's voice rang out, and Shiro knew what he must do. He concentrated, and a storm cloud appeared overhead, dark and rumbling as it shot off lighting bolts to chase the spiders off.

Not much, but it would have to do.

Andrew's plague took root in the mass of spiders, causing those behind the surging waves to curl up and die in large swathes. Though it continued to spread, the wave continued to grow in size and speed, and reached the group just as Aria let loose a volley. Without the numbers to replace the gaping holes, the waves were forced to merge into one.

Shiro's storm-cloud rumbled loudly as flashes of lightning lit up the room. Striking randomly, the lightning hit the remaining spiders, collapsing the wave and sending them skittering at the groups feet. With their collective form shattered, they now began to climb the legs of any they found, sinking their fangs into any exposed flesh. While most had little effect other than pain, the spiders refused to let go after biting.

In the flashes of Shiro's lightning, the brief illumination revealed that the pool of black water was somewhat transparent, and beneath the shimmering surface was a hazy image of the fog-ridden city of Dis.

Steven successfully cleared a small gap in the barrier separating Nicole and Jon, and was promptly followed by Vera, slashing at the shadowy figure. As Anansi turned to confront Vera's warrior form, he caught Aria as she warped. Meeting her with an expression of surprise, it swiftly turned to glee as he grabbed her wrist with his webbed hand, before letting go and engaging Vera in combat.

As Vera struck, Anansi ducked and swerved, striking as she followed through. Though his open palm had very little effect on her armour, it was nonetheless infuriating; he seemed to simply watch and observe her, trying to work out her pattern, becoming faster and more adept at dodging.


The web on Runa's arm quickly spread over her body, sinking into her skin, twisting around her bones and rendering her a prisoner in her own body. The same feeling from the earlier visions returned; impulsive thoughts came and went without her control. The group were no longer her allies; she only saw their failings, their shortcomings. Runa's mind, her body, her power; was subject to Anansi's will. She could only watch as her arms were raised, and a volley of aether bolts were launched at Nicole and Jon.

Nicole managed to move the shot, throwing the possessed Runa off balance, and sending the volley into the wall above them. Retaining control only over her voice, Runa could feel the power of another volley building, as Anansi became more and more familiar with controlling her body, his will dominating hers.

Bug bites were nothing new or that big of a deal, Prail did a pretty good job of moving to keep them shaken up so the bites were kept to a minimum. The trouble is her weapon was good at killing big things. Though thinking about it if she turns the axe flat. With an overhead swing she slams the axe flat faced into the ground. Her aim was pretty bad not taking the time to adjust for balance causing her to hit off target. Luckily for now there were enough bugs that she could still kill when she missed.

But the numbers weren't thinning out as much as she'd have liked. She heard fire mentioned, that was best avoided. Strong stomps kept a few of the bigger ones at bay.

At least she had a lot of anger to let out after missing. Speaking of which Prail saw the other's fighting Anansi, well Prail wasn't going to let a fight go on without her. Another leap with downward swing threw Prail at her new target. The vertical slash was powerful and a direct hit would be pretty deadly but unfortunately easy to dodge but hopefully Anansi wasn't paying attention to her.

Steven yelped as the spiders started to bite him. He tried to shake them off, swatting at some on the ground. He decided to set his pants on fire, since the fire wouldn't be able to hurt him, the spider's poison would. He hoped the battle would be over while he still had some clothing left.

He saw the spider god fighting Vera. Hoping not to get stabbed, Steven went "behind" the creature (hoping it couldn't see in all directions) sticking both burning hands forward, attempting to stick them in it's back.

Runa wasn't quite sure what to think of what was happening at first, her arm raised on its on and more bewildering, fired. The it clicked what was going on, "Oh you mother fucker..." She growled at the spider creature as Nicole redirected her first shot.

Runa regain trying to regain control over what was rightfully hers, her own body "Stupid. Body Snatching. Asshole." she grumbled as nothing was doing what she was telling it to do, despite mentally clawing to get control back over her everything. The she felt a second charge growing 'Crap!' "Nicole, I need you or, some one, to keep my palms pointed away from any thing important, that spider bastard has control of my body and powers." she said as she kept trying to get her body to respond to her commands.

"Nicole, I need you or, some one, to keep my palms pointed away from any thing important, that spider bastard has control of my body and powers."

Nicole immediately redirected her full focus to Aria, she had only barely managed to deflect the first shot in time before, but concentrating more on her would hopefully make it easier. She had seen what Aria's blasts after all, and wasn't about to let them be turned against the group. Its easier to direct than the lightning at least, she thought, pushing back the strain she felt from deflecting the first, still how long can I keep this up for?

Hopefully she wouldn't have to though, some of the others were already attacking Anansi. Wish I could help, but I need to focus on this.

Andrew felt a sting of pride as he watched his plague work, though the feeling quickly got replaced by inescapable fear. Suddenly there was roars of thunder, and flashes of lightning, inside. He froze completely, certainly being fed up with this phobia of his, but unable to escape it. Andrew stepped back, away from the centre of the lightning, as he watched the flashes reveal that the water was more connected to the world of the dead than he had previously thought.

That's not... why is the underworld seen in the water? Why is there lightning inside?

If Andrew had spotted it correctly, it was because of the Asian that had joined them, however, he didn't care. Andrew could see the use of it, really, he could feel the few spiders that got past his boots and jeans bite his leg, but that didn't matter either. He just wanted it to stop.

So damn pathetic. I don't want to show weakness in front of anyone... apart from Kirsten.

Even so, the fear drove him away from the battle-scene. From the corner of his eye, he could see Aria suddenly firing a bolt towards Nicole and the angry guy, but the bolt changed direction, very suddenly. Aria asked Nicole to keep her palms pointed away from anyone else, was she being controlled? He couldn't see any threads outside her body, but he didn't think she would try to harm anyone if not.

I have to... do something.

Andrew looked towards Aria, he couldn't let Nicole get hurt, but he didn't want to go closer to the lightning.

Not this again. I shouldn't be afraid.

He was, more afraid than he had been earlier, his phobia having gotten worsened from the episode with Teshub. Andrew tried to think of Kirsten again, but his mind wouldn't settle down, going from wanting to escape, making sure he survived so that he could see her, and not wanting to be afraid anymore.

Finally, he forced himself to walk towards Aria, covering his ears so he could shut the thunder out, making it slightly less horrible. Shaking, he then grabbed her hands, and tried to heal whatever was up with her, at the same time as he dragged her back with him, roughly and quickly. Back to safety, like the last time time. Not knowing if she was still controlled or not, he spoke, voice making it clear that he didn't like the situation, but forced so that he at least didn't sound as afraid as he was.

"Are you being controlled now?" he asked, though he didn't look at Aria. If she saw his eyes, she would notice that he was frightened, after all. A lightning-bolt struck particularly close, and he lost his cool. He simply held her hands, as he himself sat down, shaking. Curling up, knees close to his chest, he pointed her hands away, in case she still was controlled, and held them, tightly.

As the spiders began to swarm, Shiro started slashing away with his sword, lashing out with his blade and the occasional Kaze no Ken. Meanwhile the storm cloud kept firing off lighting bolts, seemingly without his control.

He kept moving backwards, trying to gain some distance between him and the spiders. As he did, he could see one of their number curled up in a fetal position, causing his stomach to sink as he realized what the problem was.

Shiro took a deep breath and hurried over to his side, aware of the other girl he was holding hands with.

"Need any help?" He asked, suddenly very self-conscious.

Anansi was playing with her. Each strike she made was a miss and - while her armor absorbed the blows - he struck back with accuracy. Worse, each strike taught the enemy pseudo-god more of her rhythm and patterns. All in all, it meant she needed to change tactics and quickly.

Not that she had much of a plan at this point. However, seeing Steven getting into position gave her what she needed. Vera began making precise jabs with her blade trying to push him back toward Steven. It was a pretty good plan assuming Steven had a plan of his own. Vera hoped Anansi would buy it.

When Anansi was closer to Steven, she struck. Bringing her blade up and behind her for a heavy blow, she pivoted her opposite wrist so the front of her shield was perpendicular with her arm. All at once, she dropped her sword arm. "Thanks for the shield dad" she thought as her fist shot forward, punching with all her might and hoping to connect her shield with the spider god's ugly face.

Prail leaped with a vertical slash, the blade gleaming as another bolt of lightning was released. The gleam of the weapon gave Anansi the time he needed, though not time enough; as he ducked away, the weapon carved a slice from his arm. Thrown from the attack, he backed straight into Steven's flaming hands; scorching his back, and causing masses of the spiders to curl and die. There were no yelps of pain or pleas for mercy; while Anansi was revealed to be physically weaker than first anticipated, his will was unbroken, his mind still focused.

As a spider sunk it's fangs into Nicole, her concentration on Aria was broken, giving the God complete control once more. Tapping into her divine blood, Aria and Andrew both vanished, reappearing in the center of Shiro's storm, on a gangplank from the second level. The thunder was deafening, the lightning blinding; the cloud itself drenched their clothes.

Turning to keep fighting, Anansi raised his hand to catch Vera's sword. Yet, as it dropped away, the God was left defenseless as the divine-wrought shield delivered a crushing blow. His nose crushed in, Anansi crumpled. The spiders quickly either died or fled; leavings hundreds of corpses scattered across the room.

The God just lay down, his fingers moving slightly, signs of life still evident. His grip on Aria ebbed away, though a sick and uncomfortable feeling lingered. In a hoarse whisper, he almost laughed.

"Well, I guess you can tell him I did my best."

Another loud crack from beyond the unguarded door, followed by another flash of blue light.

Andrew never got a reply from Aria, though the person who was the most likely to be responsible for the storm noticed the two of them, and went over.

"Need any help?"

Andrew was about to shut him out, tell him to go away, as he didn't need anyone's help, or so he told himself. Truthfully, he just didn't want to show just how scared he was to more people than he had to. However, he never got the chance to speak, because suddenly, he felt a strange sensation, and then he wasn't in his safe corner anymore. Instead, both he and Aria was somewhere else, higher up, in the middle of the thunderstorm. His heartbeats increased, his heart feeling like it was about to jump out of his chest, he was trembling violently, and he let go of Aria, quickly, in order to cover his ears. He could hear the thunder even then, and the lights were so bright that it felt like every lightning bolt struck right next to him.


He had to move, but he couldn't. His body was paralysed, and even though he tried to shut his eyes, they still filled up with tears. His breathing was going too fast, panicky. He felt that he was grasping for air, yet couldn't get as much as he needed. So, his powers hadn't been enough to help Aria? Or had they, and she had simply done this on purpose, as a mean-spirited prank?

I don't know, I don't care, I... Kirsten... mom... Nicole.

He had to get to Nicole, she was the only one here who'd protect him. Yet, he still couldn't move. He couldn't even... he couldn't even raise his voice, just barely mutter her name.


Runa was about to respond when the Asian kid in their group came over to check on them,which is when she felt the Spider god grab hold again and teleport them to the center of the storm in the room. Andrew, who had been acting strangely now just curled up and covered his ears, with how he was acting just a bit ago and now this, she doubted it was a sudden bout of cowardice. She was going to ask what was going on with him, but the roar of the thunder and crakc of the lightning killed that idea

For a few moments all she could do was stand there, and get soaking wet, then she felt it, the 'restraints' lifting and she was able to move again, so she did. she took about three steps quickly forward, grabbed Andrew and teleported them both back to where they had been before, then just sat down, partly cause teleporting some one with her was not something she was used to doing, and partly cause she felt ill, something she blame that spider bastard for. She took a few breaths "Hey" She said, giving Andrew a nudge to get his attention "You ok? you don't look so good"

It took a short while for Andrew to realize it, but suddenly he noticed that he wasn't in the middle of storm anymore, opening his teary eyes, only to see Aria sitting close to him. Part of him wanted to ignore her, she had brought him down, but that was probably just for convenience' sake. Besides, he still found it hard breathing, and his head felt heavy, the fact that he wasn't so close the storm now helped, but only slightly. He kept his eyes open, but looked down, at his own feet.


Aria asked, nudging him. Andrew looked up when he realized she was addressing him. She was soaked, heck, he was, though he hadn't noticed that before.

"You ok? you don't look so good"

Andrew didn't realize she was asking him at first, assuming she was talking to someone behind him. However, even he, in this dreadful state, knew that 1. he was sitting in a corner, and 2. it was clearly directed at him, regardless of if Aria liked him or not. Andrew shook his head at her question, then forced words out.

"No... not really. I'm... h-having a panic attack, I-I think." He certainly didn't like admitting it, but he was so scared, and truthfully, even if it was someone he didn't trust, like most people here, he wanted someone to embrace him, protect him. His eyes didn't meet hers as he spoke, and he was still shaking, visibly. "I--I have an irrational fear of... of lighting. I..." he stopped, trying to dry his eyes, then continued. "I know you d-don't like me, but... could you get N-nicole?"

The slash was satisfying helped get some of her anger out, but there was a lot more to workout.

She walked over to the fallen foe. Former fallen foe, grunting as she jabbed for the neck. There was no pretence to brutality or style. She didn't particularly care for the monster but a quick kill was her definition of polite. She didn't bother looking back took no pride in finishing it off.

The glow was her next point of call she didn't bother talking with the others the door was unguarded. She'd step in but beforehand she might as well make an entrance thrusting her spear straight into one side of the door.

Vera averted her eyes as Prail made her strike on the spider god. While she was no fan of gods in general - even with her now tempered opinions - and despite the god's actions, she felt a pang of sorrow for him. He wasn't like the others they'd fought. He was an idealist. She may not have agreed with him, but in another life they might have been allies and friends. She whispered a prayer for the fallen god than made her way around the room, searching for survivors.

Nicole's focus shattered as the spider sunk its fangs into her "Aah!" she yelled, grabbing it and throwing it to the ground. The bite stung something fierce, but she didn't feel poisoned, even so she stomped on the spider repeatedly until it was mush.

A lot happened during all this, her lapse in concentration allowed the spider god to send Aria and Andrew into Shiro's storm, though Aria got them out again quickly; Prail and Vera assaulted the spider god, overwhelming him and executing him once he was rendered unconscious. She felt a worrisome pang of satisfaction at the god's death, no it doesn't matter what he put us through, death is never something to be proud of.

The battle ended for now though there was more to deal with, Andrew was having a panic attack and she heard him ask for her. What can I do to help though? This is just like the storm before I suppose, I didn't really help with that... Nevertheless she flew quickly over to him, bending down to check that he was alright.

"You ok Andrew? The fights over for now," she said, trying to sound comforting "you can relax."

"No... not really. I'm... h-having a panic attack, I-I think. I--I have an irrational fear of... of lighting. I..."

Shiro swallowed hard, cursing himself for not thinking about that. "Look, if it helps, I think I can turn off the storm cloud. Would that help?" He hoped it would, though he didn't know if it even work.

Well, there's a technique I'll have to be careful about... he thought to himself.

"You ok Andrew? The fights over for now. You can relax."

Nicole said, having flown over. Andrew reached out for her and pulled her closer, embracing her. "I--I know. I can't help it. I know I'm not allowed to be this weak, it's... pathetic. Not for others. But for me." He felt himself calming down, slightly, though the sound of thunder still made him very frightened.

Hopefully, it'll be over soon.

He kept holding onto Nicole, though he muttered something more. "I'm sorry, for what it's worth. I'd... I'd handle it myself, but I don't think I can."

"Look, if it helps, I think I can turn off the storm cloud. Would that help?"

Andrew nodded, not feeling hostile, or feeling the need to protect himself now. It was fine. Nicole was there, he had a friend. "Yeah, that would help. Thanks." It was a sincere thanks, he didn't blame anyone, he simply wanted it to be over.

Steven saw the god's back go up like a christmas tree. However, the fire wasn't spreading fast enough, and the God still was fighting. He prepared to punch the god again, only to have Vera slam her shield into the thing.

"Well, I guess you can tell him I did my best."

Prail slashed into the god. To much of his surprise, Vera flinched at that.

Steven noticed he was still on on fire. He threw down the now smoldering rags and patted down the fire on his pants.

Well, knee high burnt shorts.

He walked back and grabbed the shotgun.

"Sweet...bollucks" Jonathan groaned as he rose from the floor rubbing his head.

Of all the things that could possible happen in a high octane fight with a spindly spider god, Jonathan goes and gets himself knocked out. In any other situation he would have been pretty pissed off, after all he didn't even get to kill anything. But at this point his anger was beginning to wind down and even he had to admit it was quite funny: running in like a blood thirsty lunatic, getting strung up and then falling on his head.

The fact of falling on his head didn't even bother Jonathan that much as he began to look around at the aftermath of the fight. Although from the looks of things the archer one was freaking out must be allergic to thunder he thought a smile coming to his face as he cracked the internal joke.

However, jokes aside the fight wasn't over and there was still something that needed killed.

"Get that pussy up" Jonathan grunted gesturing at Andrew "there still might be something stalking about and he's no use to anyone if he's lying there messing himself" he then stomped off towards the door intent on joining Prail in her assault.

"O and Jap" he spoke looking back at Shiro "If you can fire lighting from your arse, I'll be pretty impressed" Jonathan then chuckled and continued on his way.

"I'm sorry, for what it's worth. I'd... I'd handle it myself, but I don't think I can."

"It's alright, everyone is afraid of something," she replied, helping him stand up "You managed to push through it anyways though, that's what counts."

"there still might be something stalking about and he's no use to anyone if he's lying there messing himself"

She shot Jonathan a glare, all he'd managed to do so far was yell and get himself caught in a web, yet here he was insulting others. She shook her head and pushed the thoughts away though, he had a point, they still had a job to do. A fight to win. Hopefully it'll involve fewer spiders now though, and fewer visions.

She just rolled her eyes at Johns remark. "Take a minute if you need to, No one seems to be hurt so no need to worry about that" Runa said to Andrew as she pushed her self back up, her tone much more sympathetic then he'd have expected. She still felt a bit ill but they didn't have time for that, she'd just push through it and deal with it later if it was still an issue.

Runa just walked toward the door the spider creature was guarding, figuring Dio was close and wanting this to be over.

Prail thrust her spear at the door, though there was no resistance; the heavy, bolted door swung wide open. A closer inspection revealed that the whole door was covered in faintly glowing etches and sigils; the bolt especially seemed to brim with power. The lock had been broken in and fragmented, rendering the door useless. A voice from within called out in a rather friendly tone.

"Come in! Doors unlocked. Figured he wouldn't last too long."

Beyond the door was a simple, circular room, bathed in moonlight from a long shaft above. Inside was a smattering of bodies and books; all with their necks slit and pages crumpled respectively. Two figures were the only movement within; one, a tattooed, wild man chained to the pillar, teeth snarling. The other, Dionysus, humming as he worked a chisel against the chains, occasionally dipping it in a nearby bucket.

As the door swung open, the chained man strained against the chains, howling, his breath ragged. Dionysus didn't stop working, and as he broke another link, a deep rumble emanated from the pillar, rocking the building. Keeping himself out of range from the mans jaws, he tutted.

"Not long now, friend. Do try and calm down, you're making this slow going."

Steven walked through the door. Seeing the wine God, he shouldered his shotgun.

"Concentrate all your attacks on his chest," Steven said to the others, "Keep blasting at a single point, overwhelming the divine defenses worked on that physcho god with the mace. Keep him from that tattooed man, whatever he is doing. Don't get in a melee with him if you can. Be defensive if you are forced to fight at a close range."

He remembered how Dio had completely ignored the shotgun rounds. Maybe the God will be hurt by good old buckshot once the defenses have been weakened.

Instead, Steven took aim and blasted the bucket.

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