Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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Vera - remaining in wind form for the moment to preserve her power should it be needed - took her position near the Titan with some hesitation. For one, she had made her feelings - best described as "tolerated loathing" - about the Titan astoundingly clear. Though this hardly prevented the pseudo-god from occasionally having a good idea, it did cast a great deal of doubt on his decisions as far as she was concerned. In addition, he had yet to tell them who or what they were meeting, despite the evidence he knew the answer. While her inherent distrust of anything divine was a real and substantial reason for her doubt in the ancient god, his lack sharing information proved an even greater cause for distrust. Were it not for the fact the god were attempting peaceful contact - allowing her to avoid her thoughts on violent death for at least a few minutes - she wouldn't have even considered Prometheus's plan in the slightest.

Not that it mattered in the slightest. Stuck as she was in wind form for the time being, she could hardly voice her concerns. She was forced to fall in line and hope for the best. The only good news was she didn't have to listen to Prometheus's advice on kneeling and averting eyes; she had no knees or eyes.

"Okay, lead the way, and I'll follow. Please be careful, though, I don't know how much more healing I can do today. It'll be fine, though." Remus turned and smiled at Andrew after he spoke. There was something about the doctor's calm tone which made him feel more at ease. He seemed confident both in his leadership and the fact that things would turn out alright. Everything would be fine as long as everyone kept their cool and did whatever the situation required, something Remus was certain Andrew could managed. "Noted - if anymore Satyrs try to ram me, I'll dodge instead of catching them next time."

He twisted his head again to face Steven. It seemed the demigod had brought along a secondary gun, and was offering it to whoever wanted it. What luck for Remus. "I can take that off your hand. I'm a pretty decent shot." While more of a rifles and shotguns guy, he could handle any firearm with solid skill. Having a pistol on hand would make dealing with any nasties lurking in that cave far easier.

"Remus; your group needs to be 3/4 the way through. That way, if it goes south, you can jump in, "blind" her, and we all run for our lives." Remus nodded his head in compliance as Prometheus spoke his orders. Shortly after the titan revealed a bizarrely lit tunnel. "Ready?"

Remus took a breath to relax himself further. "D'accordo."

Aria just shrugged, Prometheus was hiding details, again, this was making her kinda glad she didn't have to be there for initial meeting. So she just waited for the que to move out.

"I want Dan and Able flanking Etna and Vera; myself in the middle. Understood?"

Dan's ears perked up at the mention of his name, and he took a position next to where he THOUGHT Vera was. Was he supposed to be able to see her? Could others? Dan didn't know, and wasn't about to say anything.

'Perhaps we should think about not dumb things? Like group tactics, and how immune to spears our enemy might be. Maybe think about what your friends here can do, or did you forget to pay attention to that?'


"Let's go. Let's hope it's cooler in there." Dan used his spear as a walking stick, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. He decided to space out again, lost in thought as he followed behind Vera.

"I am not entirely useless without a gun," Steven turned back to Dan, "I can do bad things if I can grab you."

Steven put the shotgun against a wall for a moment, took out his handgun, checked that the safety was on, and handed the handgun by the barrel to Remus.

"It's a colt 1911 chamber for .45 ACP," Steven said factually, "It has quite the kick but I imagine it won't be that serous of a problem for you."

Steven picked up the shotgun again, and continued to point it towards the ground as he walked forward.

"Guess you're stuck with me. It's Etna."

Hi. He nodded. So that was her name... and she was Irish! He hadn't noticed that before, she'd been almost as quiet as he had.

"My group; we will walk side-by-side into the chamber. When we get there, do as I do. Kneel when I kneel, stand when I stand. Avert your eyes when she speaks. I want Dan and Able flanking Etna and Vera; myself in the middle. Understood?"

Gotcha, so we're on ass-kissing duty, I can handle that.

The rock opened up in front of them like some scene out of a movie. "Ready?"

As I'll ever be. Abe thought as he moved into position next to Etna and stepped forward to to the ethereal light.

"Alright. In front of us, though you may not see it, is a cave. There's a short tunnel with a few bends that links it to the outside. My group are going to go through first, following the tunnel. Remus; your group needs to be 3/4 the way through. That way, if it goes south, you can jump in, "blind" her, and we all run for our lives."

A cave?

Andrew was not sure how he felt about caves. They were dark, and he had only been in one once, as a kid. He remembered not liking the echo inside it at all. Still, if anything it was only a light annoyance, and they had to keep an eye out for... apparently, it was the other group failing. Not like he wanted their job either, he'd never been good with averting his eyes or kneeling.

"Noted - if anymore Satyrs try to ram me, I'll dodge instead of catching them next time."

It's something. Means I might not have to take care of easily avoided injuries.

The cave they were to enter was... surprisingly light, Prometheus had revealed. That was probably a good thing. Andrew followed behind Steven and Remus. It didn't seem off that Aria was behind him again, she could use magic from afar, but it did strike him as odd that the fastest of them, Nicole, was the one closest to the entrance of the cave.

There is no reason for that, unless... of course.

It wasn't really a surprise, the son of Odin, who was the Norse god of wisdom, had acted like a horny 15 year-old together with Aria. It made it more obvious that most of the half-gods seemed to be fresh out of high school, but even then, he couldn't see the use in not using someone's skills if they could.

I guess that's how it is being in love. You turn into a moron.

He knew every crush was nothing more than hormones, so he guessed it was natural. Still, it never failed to amaze him what people could decide in the ruse. Even himself, although that had been a more mature thing, and a mistake he would never make twice. Andrew turned towards Nicole, just to see her expression. How would she feel if she found out? Or has she already realized? He guessed not. Or, she was just taking the ticket Remus had given her, the easy way out, happily?

Either way, keep my eyes at the front, look around, I guess. Follow behind, hopefully no one will have to do anything.

Day 2: Early Evening

Prometheus breathed deeply as he entered the tunnel with his group. Barely wide enough to fit them side-by-side, the walls were made of red ochre, rubbing off onto the clothes pressed against it. The light seemed to radiate from further down the tunnel; it was pale and warm, light some far away firelight.

The tunnel twisted and turned to an abrupt halt; ahead of the group was an iron door, with a young woman standing in front of it. Swathed in a blue robe, her hair was light ash, and her eyes dark as night. In one hand she held a strange lantern; the source of the light, emanating from a stained glass box. In the other she held a large key, danging from a brass hoop. Prometheus bowed deeply, nudging the others to follow suit. He stayed bowed as she spoke, a terrifying voice that seemed to come from within you than her.

"Prometheus the Trickster. She was expecting you...but who are your little friends here?"

Though she looked 20, her voice sounded far younger, as if that of an adolescent girl. Yet her eyes were old; clouded and dark, barriers to ageless knowledge. Prometheus spoke.

"Sons and Daughters of the Gods, my lady. We are sent to find Dionysus and return him. Zeus ordains it. She awaits us."

Prometheus stood tall, and looked the maiden in the eye. There seemed to be a battle of wills; a secret struggle, of whom apparently the lady lost. She made a small gesture of welcome, and the door behind her opened.

"Harm her, and you know the punishment."

The door opened wide into a spherical chamber; impossibly high and wide, hiding a lush forest within. Small rivers ran to and fro among a myriad of plants and animals. There was nobody else within the chamber save the 5. Prometheus walked them to the middle of the chamber, the russet grass padding their footsteps. He knelt and spoke loudly, as if waking some heavy sleeper.

"Gaia, mother of all, greatest ancestor. We seek your aid."

As Remus traveled down into the depths of the earth, Remus started to feel a lot better. Having a weapon on hand made him feel a tad more confident, and the tunnel lacked any signals of impeding danger. The strange light certainly set him off at first, but there was little evidence of an ambush in the waiting or areas from which one could be sprung. The single corridor they walked down was tight and solid. The risk of getting jumped from the flank or rear was non-existent. Still, Remus remained alert even in his calm. He observed the area careful as he followed the other group.

After seeing Prometheus and the others approach an iron door and talk to a woman, Remus raised his hand up at his group to order a halt. The other entered through the gate after a quick exchange of words. Even from the distance between them, Remus could hear the titan's heavy voice echoing through the tunnel. This was good. He couldn't properly understand what he had said, but the fact he could hear him was enough. Now he could rely on an obvious signal if their situation went sour.

He turned around to face his four companions. "We can chat, but it's best if we keep our voices down." he said, then continued. "The others have entered some chamber through an iron door. I can't see what's inside, but outside there's some sorcerous-looking maiden."

Able had to shuffle on at a weird angle for the first leg of their little cave journey to avoid constantly smacking his shoulder into the ruddy cave wall. One of the downsides of being on the edge of the line. Luckily the tunnel broadened out as they turned each corner until they were stood in front of the imposing door and its... well just wierd looking guard. Does she just stand there all day? What did she do to get that job? He was quickly snapped out of this line of thought though the moment the young woman spoke. he couldn't explain it but it was as if her voice set his ribcage to quivering. Able quickly ducked down to join his guide in a group bow and clenched his jaw, trying not to focus on the gatekeeper.

The huge doors swung onpen and the group walked on through. The sight was enough to take the breath away. It was the complete opposite to the world outside. Gone were the bleak colours and lifeless looking expanse and in it's place was a world of bright, lush, sounds and senses. Teeming with life and movement, the air buzzed with energy. Able followed the titan's lead and knelt down on the soft grass, even the ground felt welcoming.

"Gaia, mother of all, greatest ancestor. We seek your aid."

Gaia? Well I was way off with scary monster. Then again he'd yet to see Gaia herself.

Aria nodded and pulled out her phone [What do you thing is in there?] she typed up, showing the group [Still betting an Orocal, or seer of some kind] she typed up. She hoped things would go fine, she was really not interested in getting into another fight.

Nicole followed the others down the tunnel, not sure how useful she'd be, her wings wouldn't be much use in the cramped space though she could make them smaller if needed. Still she was mostly curious what the others were seeing, she didn't recognize the guard, and at the back it was even harder for her to see ahead than the others.

[Still betting an Orocal, or seer of some kind]

She nodded, then whispered "Yeah, wish I could hear whats going on in there though, I think I hear some running water but that's it." She was careful to keep her voice as quiet as possible, Remus said they ought to be able to whisper, and she hoped the guard lady wouldn't be able to hear them over the sounds from inside, or at least that she would mistake it for wind coming down through the tunnels.

"Yeah, wish I could hear whats going on in there though, I think I hear some running water but that's it."

Might have been better if we just kept quiet, but since the others have already spoken, I guess I might just as well do that.

"I'm guessing something stronger than that. Else we wouldn't have needed... this."

His voice was a whisper as well, and he took advantage of him being in the middle. "It's definitely some sort of goddess or something like that."

He had heard Prometheus say "she" a couple of times.

"Anyone wanna guess who?"

Not like I'd know, I don't know a lot of mythology. Perhaps I should read up a bit?

[I just hope it goes ok, not in the mode for another gory battle, besides, I don't think I have enough in me for another round like earlier] Aria typed up, slight annoyed by the possibility of another battle.

"Anyone wanna guess who?"

[Not even a wild guess, never studied mythology, never had a reason to :p] Aria typed up in reply to Andrew

"Gaia, mother of all, greatest ancestor. We seek your aid."

Steven stayed next to Remus.

"I think that was the mother Earth of Greek mythology," Stevne said, trying to remember his highschool history, "I think she mated with the sky to create the world or something... who knows how much of the myths are true or how accurate they are..."

Dan walked, changing position when the size of the cave demanded. He passed the time by simply scratching the wall with his spear, an irritating grinding noise to offset the sound of distant water droplets, that made with several sparks flying off the wall to create a minor well of light to add to the already bright ethereal one. He was promptly told to stop and quiet down every time, but he would eventually do so again and again.

When they came to the odd lady, Dan began paying attention again. He had a feeling she was a deity, she gave off the same power as his father. Though, there was an effort here, whereas Odin just had an aura about him. A commanding and gently one, he seemed to exude intelligence rather than barbarism. Even David had done that from time to time when he became irritated, though less powerful.

When he passed by the lady, he was sure to give a small nod, using his spear as a walking stick again. The inside was amazing, and beautiful. He had seen places like this, and they were always enjoyable, they made his traveling worth it. This place seemed almost untouched by man except the woman standing in the middle. Clearly Prometheus respected her enough to bow, and signaled everyone else to do so as well. He knelt down when prompted, with a small sigh of irritation. Though, when he knelt down, he noticed a small rabbit approach him hesitantly. Dan looked to the others, they were all kneeling and listening to the woman, Gaia. Dan discretely held out his hand, the rabbit approached closer.

"Hello, what's your name?" Dan whispered, ignoring the procession.

"I am Xanthopoulos, how and why can you speak to me?" The rabbit threw glances over his shoulder at Gaia as he spoke to Dan, and whispered almost quieter than him.

"Son of Odin, honestly one of my only powers."

"You sound disappointing." the rabbit stood up on two legs, and replied while feigning yawning.

"And you're a rabbit with a stupid name." Dan nearly growled, and the rabbit chuckled a bit.

"I like your style, I shall join you!" Dan smiled, and held out his hand. The rabbit quickly climbed onto his shoulder, and whispered for a hawk, who landed on his other.

"Who's this guy?"

"Adventurer, we're leaving this shit hole!"

"Whoo, this chump let us?"

"Er, he can-" "I can speak to animals." Dan replied, monotone with anger in his eyes, and a tad louder than the rest. He quickly covered his mouth, and bowed his head, the animals following suit.

"Anyone wanna guess who?"

"I'm sticking with my guess of oracle, although I still dunno why one would be out here," she thought for a second "Anyone know any Australian myths? Might be something from one of those."

She looked at Remus, Aria had already said she knew little mythology, and she wasn't sure if Andrew knew much either. All she could remember from school was something about a dreamtime, or something like that. I think I saw something about them in an endangered cultures vid my class watched, wish I could remember more.

A slow hum filled the air as a small gust erupted from the trees. It swirled, faster and faster, picking up leaves and bark, twisting and warping them together, in the figure of a woman. Forged from trees and earth, her hair was a matted knot of twigs, and her eyes bright auburn leaves. Stepping forward to face the group, she spoke slowly, as if trying to remember how to. Her voice was low and earthy, and oddly comforting.

" child? And who...who are they? Friends?"

She waved her tree-ish hand at the group, before taking another step forward. Each step left footprints of earth behind her, where fresh saplings began growing immediately. An aura of sheer power emanated from her. The streams and creeks had increased their flow, and could be heard tumbling over the many rocks and crevices. Prometheus spoke, still on his knees.

"When last we spoke you said you would help us find Dionysus, your grand-child. You feel the libations being poured; feel the tremors in the earth as the blood is spilled. Will you help us now?"

Prometheus got up from his knees and faced Gaia. She was 8, nearly 9 feet tall, and looked at Prometheus with motherly love. But her voice betrayed her disappointment; spiked with malevolence and disgust.

"You did not properly introduce your guests. I will help, after introductions."

She extended her arms in a welcoming embrace, and Prometheus stepped back so she could address the group. An odd smell hit his nose, but he scarcely noticed amidst the pollen of the grove.

"I am Gaia; Mother of earth; keeper of the grove. And what are your names?"

"I am Gaia; Mother of earth; keeper of the grove. And what are your names?"

Dan rose to his feet, the animals on his shoulders still looking down in embarrassment. She looked odd to Dan, but there was no mistaking that she was powerful, she seemed like more than a match for Odin in that respect. Dan found he took a liking to her almost immediately.

"My name is Dan, son of Odin, wanderer of the world. May I say this place is beautiful." Dan bowed deeply, and got back up, smiling. He tried to sound as polite as possible, but he figured he might've come off as a bit of a kiss ass.

'Oh well, she's a goddess, who'd blame me?'

"I am Gaia; Mother of earth; keeper of the grove. And what are your names?"

Oh crap. What do I do? What do I do? This is it, this is how it ends, killed by a tree woman. Of all the ways to go.

Power was radiating from Gaia in torrents. The world around her seemed to try and warp itself just so it might be more pleasing to her. She'd barely even moved but she had put the fear of - well, God - into Prometheus and it was contagious. What did you even say to a goddess?

Able followed Dan's lead and rose to his feet, keeping his eyes pointed at the ground, only looking up to sign out his name and a respectful greeting to her. Maybe she'd understand it (it wouldn't be the strangest thing to happen in the last two days. And if she doesn't... well I tried right, that's what counts... right?

"I am Gaia; Mother of earth; keeper of the grove. And what are your names?"

She followed the lead of the others - eyes at the ground, bowing, stating her name, her heritage, and a respective greeting to top things off. But even with that, she felt caught off guard. Like there was something else she had to do as well. Maybe it was due to the fact that she was standing next to a very tall tree woman whose power caused ripples in the world, even with just a step. Who spoke with an oddly comforting voice, but in it was spiked with other, more negative things as well.

"Etna, daughter of Badb, a student and a traveler." Were her words.

Prometheus waited in the darkness as the group introduced themselves. First impressions were important, and they were at their mercy. Though he couldn't slip out now, he wanted to talk to the door maiden before they left. Unfinished business and all that.

The peculiar smell from earlier intensified, setting him on edge. What was it? Where did it remind him of? His memory eluded him, though the smell didn't seem to remind him of any threats. He gave up and stayed content in waiting behind the group. It was a strange feeling laying eyes on Gaia after so many years. He wondered how much she knew of his imprisonment.

His mind drifted to the other group. Would they come if they screamed? Would the door maiden stop them? Too many variables. Luckily each team had a tactician. And they had already shown their prowess in combat. Satyrs are no easy kill...

"Anyone wanna guess who?" Remus shrugged. He couldn't be sure what was lurking in there without seeing it with his own eyes. Prometheus had said something about averting their eyes...maybe a gorgon? No, that wouldn't make any sense in the context. They had gone deep underground. Maybe this was a secret path to Hades? No, he recalled it being a three-headed dog that guarded that door and not some young woman. Whatever it was, it likely had a strong affinity with the Earth given the locale.

"I think that was the mother Earth of Greek mythology. I think she mated with the sky to create the world or something... who knows how much of the myths are true or how accurate they are..." Remus turned around in surprise at this. Apparently Steven had some far greater hearing than he did. "Gaia..." he muttering, thinking on the name. Remus was quite knowledgeable when it came to mythology. His mother used to read to him the old antiquity legends like bedtime stories when he was younger. And while most of them were about the Roman pantheon, most of the myths paralleled with those of the Greeks. "Yes, she coupled with the sky deity Caelus, or Uranus, and gave birth to the first titans as you know them." He met Nicole's look as she face him. "She's the ancestor of near every antiquity God."

"I am Gaia; Mother of earth; keeper of the grove. And what are your names?"

"Great, it's Mother Nature. And here I thought there might have been a GOOD reason Prometheus didn't say who we were meeting." Vera thought to herself, her annoyance with their Titan guide reaching new heights. Still, despite her general dislike for all divine beings, Vera tried to copy the others to the best of her ability. She pushed slightly on the floor with her wind to make something of a knee mark on the floor, then made some noise to indicate her existance.

"Veronica , Daughter of Verethragna" she thought, thinking maybe the divine being was in her head. She desperatly tried not to think about her contempt for the divine mother. Maybe it would work.

"Yes, she coupled with the sky deity Caelus, or Uranus, and gave birth to the first titans as you know them. She's the ancestor of near every antiquity God."

Gaia, huh. Why would someone like that hide in the middle of nowhere?

He had heard something about Gaia, but not nearly as much Steven and Remus appeared to have. Andrew would say he didn't care about who the others were talking to, but a part of him wanted to face this mother earth. He wondered if he would cover in fear or awe by the sight of her, he hadn't felt the urge to do so in front of Apollo, and not Prometheus either. Gods or no gods, all he could see them as beings to be vary of. Did the other half-gods feel the same? Or did they have more respects for them?

They probably do. And then there's that other thing I've been wondering about.

This was a question best asked aloud. In a whisper, of course. "Why would Gaia be the one Prometheus would go to? Isn't there someone else who would know where Dionysus is?"

Wouldn't there be someone or something less risky to talk to?

"She's the ancestor of near every antiquity God."

She nodded, she hadn't heard Steven when he'd spoken before and she was a bit surprised he had been able to hear Prometheus. She did know who Gaia was though isn't she like my grandmother or something? Great great great grandmother probably, damn it figures I'd be left to sit in the dark while the others get to chat up the Earth. I suppose I could try talking to the dirt but its not the same. Part of her wasn't sure she wanted to meet more of her relatives on her mom's side, that part was mostly overwhelmed by the feeling of 'Oh man a titan, AWESOME!'. She did think it was a little odd that she didn't get that feeling from Prometheus, but then he didn't really seem much like a titan to her Its the drinking isn't it? Well that and the driving, and the getting mauled by a goat, and probably a few other things.

"Why would Gaia be the one Prometheus would go to? Isn't there someone else who would know where Dionysus is?"

She shrugged, "I dunno, I remember a lot about Gaia, but nothing that really makes her an obvious choice. I guess if she's supposed to be the Earth it makes some sense she'd know where everything on it is," she whispered, all the whispering and muttering was starting to make her feel like she was part of some strange conspiracy.

Aria was silent was the three of the discussed Gaia, in that she was using her phone for something else. In some odd twist she actually had bars down in that hole, so she hit up Wikipedia by way of Google, looking up information about her biological mother, and found out exactly why she could do every thing she can do fairly quickly, as what Freya is a goddess was in the second or third line of the entry, though the list was surprisingly long, but then she decided that was kinda awesome.

Gaia nodded as they each introduced themselves. She was fascinated by them, and small vines seemed to weave in and over their feet, probing and feeling, trying to understand just what they were.

"Children of Gods. How...interesting...It is lovely indeed to meet all of you. Especially you, wind-being."
She waved her hand through the wind, giggling slightly. Something was strange and off about her actions and attitude. Something not quite right. Still, they needed her answer. Prometheus stepped forward.

"Where is Dionysus, Gaia?"

They were running out of time, and Gaia still had yet to answer his question. Fiercely she grew and screamed at him, her power shaking rocks from their walls.

"I'm getting to that you insolent brat!"

She stood there, 15 feet tall, ready to pounce, her bark-teeth bared. Then, she smiled sweetly and shrunk back down. This set Prometheus on edge. He looked over to the creeks and rambles, now gushing and overflowing.

They had turned purple. Into wine.

Oh god.

"As for Dionysus, there are so many libations poured to him, so many sacrifices, it's hard to distinguish time. But the most recent one was"

She pointed to her stomach, where a churning mass soon made itself out to be the island of Sicily. She laughed manically. Drunkenly.

Prometheus knelt once more, speaking slowly and surely.

"We thank you, mother of all. We shall let you rest now."

By now she was stumbling and slurring, wine oozing out of her footprints. She grew, and with a fury, she grabbed Able and Etna in one hand, squeezing tight.

"I am not finished with our guests! PROMETHEUS!"

She screamed and lashed with her other hand, Prometheus barely ducking, her hand crushing the stones it hit. He quickly ran to the tunnel and yelled.

"Need some help in here! Just blind her for Kronos sake! Hecate! Dionysus has poisoned Gaia!"

Without hearing their response, he raced back in and called out.

"Able! Wrap your arms around Etna to protect her. Etna! Calm her down with your mind-shit. Vera! Lead the group coming in; you're the tactician. For gods sake, don't kill her!"

Prometheus then ran back outside and grabbed Hecate, still stunned from the Prometheus last message. Placing her in a headlock, he yelled to the others.


"Need some help in here! Just blind her for Kronos sake! Hecate! Dionysus has poisoned Gaia!"

So it went to hell, didn't it?


Andrew still remained calm. He had known something could happen, so it wasn't a surprise. Even so, he could feel his heart beat faster, almost drumming in his ear. No fear, only excitement. It didn't feel like it was his excitement, it was the influence of the people around him, the sounds of their breaths and feet, as they hurried towards Prometheus voice, and further ahead.

I have to keep calm. How did Dionysus manage to poison Gaia? Or was that a lie? If it is poison, is there anything I could do? I do doubt it.

He thought this as he ran into the large chamber, but despite its unique appearance, his eyes were glued to the huge woman made of trees. She seemed crazy or angered, rather than poisoned, extremely hostile. However, what filled him wasn't fear, it wasn't any kind of respect or awe. He almost felt... pity. Pity and some sort of twisted pride. He couldn't help but stare at her, completely frozen, just taking in the sight, and... just everything. It took a second or two until he snapped out of it, but that was enough for him to curse out aloud, annoyed with himself.

"Damn it."

I have to keep moving.

The thing was, where was he supposed to be? Between them all, right? But if she had been poisoned, was there something he could do about that?

I'm not the tactican.

He reminded himself.

I have no reason to worry about that.

He then placed himself in the middle of the group or so, making sure he could reach most without wasting too much time. If someone got hurt, he had to be there and help them. Besides, he didn't really want to get close to Gaia either way, that could seriously backfire, and he liked staying alive.

"Need some help in here! Just blind her for Kronos sake! Hecate! Dionysus has poisoned Gaia!" Remus had remained so alert he had jumped into action the instant he heard Prometheus' voice. He threw himself out and cover and began sprinting down the tunnel with a frantic speed. "GO TIME!" he yelled, not turning around to properly address the group lest he lose his momentum. The faster he got past that iron door, the better chance of his companions inside escaping with their lives intact.

Remembering the gatekeeper, Remus switched the safety off his pistol and worried for a moment if he might need to fire on the woman. Yet Prometheus had relieved him of that concern when the titan grabbed Hecate and put her in a headlock. "GO GO GO" He followed that advice, continuing his run but keeping the grip on his gun tight. Soon Remus dashed past Promtheus with the others in tow and entered the end room.

Remus was unable to admire the natural beauty of Gaia's chamber as all his attention was focused on the drunken goddess herself. The mother of all Gods was more terrifying and grand than anything he had seen before, yet his fear was quickly swapped with rage. He scowled hard as he saw her gripping Able and Etna. "Let's get her attention!" he shouted to the shock team. He lifted his pistol and fired, the gun echoing through the cave as its bullets flew towards Gaia's shoulder. "LET GO OF THEM YOU BITCH!" he howled as loud as he could to catch her ear.

"Need some help in here! Just blind her for Kronos sake! Hecate! Dionysus has poisoned Gaia!"

"Oh for fucks sake ..." Aria groaned, as she got up and put her phone away. She darted down the hall with the others, she was probably the only one that didn't feel any sort of fear on the way down, probably due to her own ignorance of the mythology of the being they where facing.

When Aria entered the chamber she was taken aback by the sight of the massive tree woman, that combined with the presence she seemed to have Aria stood in awe for a few moments, before she noticed Able and Etna in her grip "Shit" she muttered "Plan? Some one one have a plan?" she asked, but was already coming up with one of her own if no one answered fast enough. though before anyone could answer, Remus started shooting at her "Not Helping...."

Dan was stunned at the goddess, but quickly snapped out of it, charging towards her with his spear. A few loud reports told him someone had fired, and he quickly ducked, feeling his shirt get grazed by a bullet.

"Fuck! Why did't you tell us?"

"Didn't ask?" The rabbit seemed to shrug, as the hawk flew away from the scene, only to be grabbed by a root, and was crushed with a squawk. Dan looked over his shoulder, roots and vines shot out at Remus and his group. Prometheus was gone already, with Hectate.

"WATCH OUT!!" Dan turned around, and quickly thrust his spear at the drunk Goddess several times, only for her to make holes in her body, making the bullets and spear pass through harmlessly. Gaia grinned maliciously, more roots shot out of her body, grabbing Dan's arm.

"GAHAH, FUCK!" Dan felt the root go through his shoulder, snapping bones and tendons. The root retracted, and Dan sank to the floor.

"Next?" The tree goddess swayed slightly, looking over the group. All so fascinating...

A few of the animals came out of the forest, red eyes and covered in purple wine. Dan got back to his feet, switching his spear hand. He limped back to the group, holding his hand out to the animals. They seemed to stay back, afraid to charge.

"I'll keep the animals at bay. Distract her for awhile, I think I have a plan."

Andrew watches as Remus shot at the goddess. It seemed to have no effect on her, something that didn't surprise Andrew. She was stronger than all of them, probably. Suddenly, roots shot out towards him, and he went down, his left arm being graced by a vine. He didn't have any kind of weapon, so all he could do was to move away from the vines and roots.


Bit too late.

He looked at his arm, it was barely bleeding, and it took no effort at all to heal it. Luckily, cuts were easy to fix. However, the very next moment, he saw Dan's shoulder being penetrated by a root, and knew what it meant. At best, there would only be a large wound, at worst, there would be several broken bones.


She was trying them, it seemed, hoping someone would jump on her next. Of course, it was the furthest thing from Andrew's mind. They were supposed to keep her distracted, right? Why had Dan put himself at such a risk? And would someone else do it with her challenge? Remus seemed a likely candidate, he seemed enraged by the hostages Gaia was holding. Of course, it wasn't as if Andrew didn't care about the hostages, one of them was his favorite person to mess with, and he wanted neither to die, but he didn't let emotions get to him.

Other people could really learn to stay calm.

When Dan was over in the area where neither Andrew nor Dan would be at immediate risk, he went over to the son of Odin, and looked at the wound, touching it with his hand.

I don't even know if I can fix this. I have to try, though, it looks like it's bad enough to kill him if I don't.

"I'll keep the animals at bay. Distract her for awhile, I think I have a plan."

"I'll take care of that wound, okay?" Andrew said, tone being a serious one, rather than a friendly. He put his hands on both sides of the wound, as to temporarily stop part of the bleeding, and started healing, making sure to remove all sorts of possible infection as he did. He first closed the skin, before restoring the bones and the tendons. It took a while, almost as long as it took Dan to work with his plan.

"Someone else better not get hurt," he muttered under his breath. "Because I really don't want to have to watch someone bleed out." Realizing that this wasn't very encouraging for Dan, who could hear him, he added: "I'll try my best, of course. Heck, I might be able to do more than I know myself."

Someone would have to carry me out afterwards, though.

Aria sighed as Remus's ammo did nothing, but when Dan got run through a look of fear crossed her face, 'Oh Gods no, don...' she thought, but was cut off when Dan picked him self up slowly, good he's alive still' her relief visible on her face.

So she put her own plan into motion. Aria put her hands together, concentrating for a moment, before pulling her hands apart and forming a beach ball sized ball of energy. While it looked impressive and one would be forgiven for thinking size equaled strength, and in most cases they would be right, just not this time. This ball was no more powerful then the one's she shot earlier that killed the satyr that was charging Able, but since this was a Goddess, she figured it would only annoy her at most in terms of damage done, and even then that wasn't the point.

Aria reared back and threw the ball "EYES DOWN NOW!!!" she yelled just before the ball exploded in a bright, but harmless flash of light.

The yelling started and Remus charged off into the chamber, followed by the others, Nicole sprang to her feet her wings expanding from her back. They were much smaller this time to fit in the tunnels but the light from them infused her with greater strength, which would no doubt help. She darted into the chamber and stood for a second in awe of its wonder so that's what a titan looks like, Prommy could take some lessons from her.

Then Remus started shooting, the sound snapped her out of the trance and she glanced around, she doubted she could do any damage to the titan, and it had already hurt Dan for trying. Then she saw Able and Etna gripped in the Titan's hand and a jolt of fear and anger went through her.

"Hey Grandma! Over here!" she yelled, waving, gotta distract her so they can free themselves, and so she can't hurt the others. "Had too much to drink old lady?" she taunted, taking off to the side with incredible speed, there's a your mom joke to be made here somewhere, now is not the time to think of it though.


She brought the tips of her wings over her face briefly, blocking out the blinding flash of light god I wonder how many more of those she can do before she's exhausted, she was already looking tired after earlier.

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