The Lottery – A manhunt game, open for all (Started, Jump in at your will)

The Lottery - A manhunt game

The Lottery helps you get by. The little money you get every time they roll the dice and you don't get picked is a most welcomed source of cash. The crowded city houses nearly forty million people, and more than half participate in the Lottery. Only a handful wins the Lottery every week, and those are the ones whose Lotus turns dark. When the device on the palm of your hand (courtesy of the Lottery organizers) goes dark, that's when you know you won, and the manhunt game begins for your life.

Winning the Lottery means you are marked for death. A group of filthy rich man-hunters are dispatched to end you in any way they want. The sponsors of the Lottery pay each participant their money at the end of the week, but also get to participate in the finest sport of all. Captains of industry, Rich manipulators, Fat landowners, Crafty Occultists, Strange Alchemists and those with the money to buy one round of the game all have a shot at the hunt. Armed with their weapon and method of choice, they hunt down their prey without any recourse or fear of the law. In the city, they are the law. The city is their hunting grounds, and you are their prey.

The smog filled dense air floats in the lower areas of the city. Many people live in poverty and sustain themselves by scrapping trash from the higher echelons of the city where the richer folk live or by risking their lives in the factories by the riverside. Different drugs and potions are made down below, most of which are unsafe to swallow in any way due to poor equipment and materials or the stuff getting diluted to increase profits. Magic is a scarce thing in the slums of the city, and is taught in a few universities in the city, some of them are the finest in the continent. The rabble is restricted access to much of the rich neighborhoods in the city by a large security force armed to the teeth.

In this world you create, everything is possible. You are restricted only to the environments you can envision inside of the city. You are restricted to the magic you can envision, and to the potions you can create with your imagination. Anything else is up to you and your imagination - and the imagination of others. Your restrictions bind you in a role - of the hunter, or the hunted, and to each their own goal. For the hunter, it is a simple task of finding your prey - but for the hunted, it is a widely different story. You can accept your fate and finish your last arrangements before death, or even kill yourself to deny the bastards the satisfaction of blowing your brains out. Or, heavens forbid, you could fight back.

Character Sheet (put it in your first post, make it short)
Race, Gender, Age:
Notable qualities: (Are you a student of witchcraft? Can you make a mean blinding powder-potion? Are you a good runner, or do you know the slums like the back of your hand?)
Personality: (In a nutshell)
Remember that you will die during the game. You can always jump in as either a prey or a hunter, but you can't auto-kill other player characters unless they have absolutely no way of escaping. You can play more than one character at a time, and even hunt yourself.
Have fun!


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