Key of the Realm Watcher. ( Interest / Sign ups )

There is thought to be a single universe in existence. One which contains everything in existence. But that is just the thoughts of one race in one universe. Paltry to the mind breaking infinity of the truth. They're are a never ending amount of them coming in and out of existence, and many more serving out their life. It's an incomprehensible concept to entirely grasp, extremely few know the mechanisms by which it functions. One of those few though, is the Watcher. An all powerful being than must make sure this process continues for eternity. There are of course those that seek to destroy all this. But they are necessary for the balance of Yin and Yang, good and evil, light and darkness eternal. They've no care for it all, other than the pleasure the destruction brings them or ruling. Most though just seek conquest in their own realms.
The watcher would be considered the Paragon of Light, there is his opposite. Darkness The Eternal. This being has harnessed his powers afforded to him by his lesser to launch an all out assault upon the realm the Watcher resides in, the realm between all realms. It was a titanic match which teetered in favor of each side continually. In the end the universe was held and Darkness' forces cast back. They Key was stolen though by Darkoss, Darkness' son.

"What is the key? I'm trying to tell a story here whippersnapper. What? Fine! They key is the device which is needed to operate the Omni-universal engine. This engine creates all other universes and uses the ones that fizzle out as fuel to make the new ones. Without it I can't make new ones and in 120 billion years we'll be out of them, and the whole system comes crashing down. And we're not letting that happen for a third time! Now err, bring me the compendium of heroes! And some soft tacos.

"Uhhgh, worst job I've ever taken".

Plot: Well, The Key was stolen. Without it everything dies in a ridiculously long time, supposedly. So the key needs to be retrieved from the forces of evil. And it's going to take some heroes from across all universes to fight the forces of evil. And thats where we come in, the chosen of The Watcher. Destined to be the heroes the universes needs, but The Watcher probably could of chosen a better lot.

So there we have it. This will be a more lighthearted rp. But that doesn't mean nonsensical at all times and not that we can't have seriousness. Join to have fun, cause thats what were trying to do here.

Reserved for characters.


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