We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Salvatore chuckled as he walked off. Once in the forest he had his Aggron and Alakazam work together to clear an area and set up a few makeshift shelters out of wood. Two of the shelters contained a sleeping mat. Afterwards Alakazam projected a field of sight distortion around Salvatore, allowing him to be virtually invisible as he changed out of his suit and into some sleeping clothes. Recalling Aggron and Alakazam he picked a shelter and went to sleep. If anyone had exceptionally high awareness they might notice the faintest hint of a shadow above Salvatore's shelter, but it could easily be explained as shadows from the branches above.

The sleeping mat he did not take was of fairly high quality, since it was a backup for the one Salvatore usually used and had not been used yet.

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Kyoshiro smiles at the merfolk and crab. "Well... You look okay... Guess I'll just go on and find myself-"
"Where do you think you're going? You're coming with me. I still have to turn in your bounty, remember?" Yuya says as she grabs Kyoshiro.

"What? But what about all that has-" He started to protest.
"Don't care. You've got a bounty. You're coming with me." Yuya said pulling him along with her to Salvatore's camp.

Once inside a place to sleep, Yuya tied Kyoshiro's hands and feet and held onto his sword so he wouldn't be able to escape. Yuya herself slept on one of the sleeping mats. Kyoshiro slept in a corner far from anyway out.

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Seeing that no one seemed to care, Roxy had Milly, the other catgirl and Kazma follow the others to the camp site for them to sleep. She stayed up a little longer as she found her way up onto a rooftop near the area the merknight appeared in, not wanting to crowd the camp more and wanting a little time to herself to do something.

She dug into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a small device, which eventually showed a hologram of a woman with a fedora. "Hello Ms. Blue! How's it going!?" The hologram called cheerily.

"...It went well today. I got into my first... fight and things went alright. Nobody got hurt.. except for one person... but then again, they were trying to kill us so... " Roxy trailed off, looking a little conflicted.

The hologram nodded and smiled lightly, sympathetic to the catgirl's position. "Good to hear you're in one piece. Hopefully, you won't need to do that more. Stay safe and in touch, Ms. Blue. Remember, I'm counting on you to keep looking for that person. Ending transmission."

Roxy nodded before eventually finding a cardboard box on the roof and transforming herself into a yellow cat to sleep inside it. ...I'm not gonna let them down...

OoC: Night.

As the group seemed to disperse, the two moved over to the dead merfolk, the crab looked up to the armoured one kneeling above it. After a few moments, the armoured one seemed to start to recite something, but a couple of times it seemed like the recitement was stopped, unable to say a syllable, each time bringing a hand to the base of the neck. The crab did notice this. When finished, the two left the body.

The two not knowing anything about the world above the waves, didn't know where they were nor much about any environment that they were in. Following after Kyoshiro seemed to be the best idea, as he seemed to be the most helpful.

The crab finding a 'soft' place to sleep, although it seemed strong, it dozed off rather quickly. The merfolk on the other hand kept watch. Later, the two swapped.

Graigor was in a dusty basement, where he spent his nights. His face only illuminated by a computer screen. He may have gotten rid of the police involvement for now but the public had caught on. All he could do was count the views of the video and counts the hours until Kendrik arrived.


Graigor was right about Kendrik. The Chancellor of the ex-checker of the United kingdom, MP Randall Flagg, had taken a holiday and was now flying to america.....specifically Dallas, Texas.

OOC: @Ven Been reading some Stephen King, eh? :P

The Meta observed Roxy from a different rooftop, staying out of sight as best as possible. He heard the conversation, as his AI had intercepted and recorded it.

Torrin woke with a start, reaching for his weapon before registering he was safe. Sighing, he took out his half depleted ammo packs and sat them outcin the sun to slowly recharge.

The unnamed girl watched as her new companions headed back into the wooded area, and set up camp. She looked up at the sun, still high in the sky, then shrugged. She approached a police officer to explain what had happened since her arrival. Had he not just seen the fight with the undead sea creatures, the cop would likely have believe the girl was crazy. Thankfully, he took the girl's statement without question, then began asking the other bystanders what they had seen.

News crews began to arrive in the area. Some stopped at the crossroads to report on the zombie fish, and a few continued on to Eisenhower Drive to report on the cop killings. One of the reporters managed to get his hands on the home video of the events, which was now being posted on various forums and video-sharing sites, gathering views and spawning reply videos.

The chief of police was writing his speech for the upcoming press conference. He knew these unusual events would be fodder for conspiracy theorists, and that they would only be encouraged by the lack of details and vague answers in this speech. Unfortunately, this wasn't due to a cover-up, but simply because nobody in the Dallas Police Department knew what was going on. Everyone not directly involved believed it was a counter-terrorism exercise, but there were no records of any being planned, and the dispatchers told a completely different story. It didn't help that the men who had been on the ground were all lying in the morgue.
The chief opened up his browser window, and stared at the video. It was low-resolution, but it still caught many important details, all of which were backed up by the dashboard camera footage. And now, it was in the hands of the media.
Who are these people? How are they involved? Do they know what's going on?
The chief sighed.

Behind a pallet of concrete slabs, Ui'Kara stirred and then looked up. Lying with her back against the slabs and her rifle propped beside her with one arm wrapped loosely around it, she yawned, and then suddenly jerked fully awake as she realised that she had fallen asleep on her assignment. Silently cursing her lapse in vigilance she pushed herself to her feet as quietly as possible and peered around the side of the pallet. Quickly drawing back, she breathed a sigh of relief as she spotted her quarry right where she had left him, but was all too aware of the easy opportunity to capture him that she had missed while she was asleep.

Forgt it, it doesn't matter. She consoled herself. Better to observe him for a while and make sure he's worth taking in than to grab him now and get nothing out of it.

Torrin pulled out one of the apples he'd taken from the house and munched on it, savoring its juices. After polishing off the apple, he stood and began walking back to the city, looking for a person to talk to. His rifle hung on his back, and his laspistol was in a thigh holster.

Watching as Torrin finished his breakfast and began to move, Ui'Kara quickly checked that all her wargear was in place before setting off after him, staying low and keeping her distance to avoid drawing his attention.

Could do with some food myself. She thought with a grimace, tensing her abdominal muscles to limit any untimely rumbling as hunter cadres were taught to do on long missions that required absolute stealth.

As Torrin and Ui'Kara headed towards the city, they would almost immediately come across the TV cameras, police cars and civilians being interviewed by both.

Torrin approached the snafu of people, and asked one of the nearest "Could you please point me to the nearest Arb- Police station?"

As Torrin approached the milling crowd, the Fire Warrior shrank back against the nearest wall she could find, trying to keep a low profile. She had her long pulse rifle slung on her back, but she could draw her pulse pistol quickly enough if she had to. Much as she loathed the idea of shooting one of the unarmed civilians, she knew that if she was spotted, the entire crowd would become just as hostile to the presence of what they percieved as an alien as the Guardsman or the law enforcers would. If she had to put one down to keep the rest from finding her, she would. At least if she stayed hidden, she could only be found if they stumbled right over her, in which case a swift blow to the head would leave them unconscious long enough for her to make good her escape.

The Meta silently approached the Fire Warrior, her electronics making her easy to detect to him. He took up behind a house to the side of her, taking a glance at Torrin and the crowd before returning his focus to Ui'Kara.

As Torrin approached, people began pointing and shouting. Two police officers turned to look at him, then drew their handguns.
"Put your hands behind your head, and interlock your fingers!" one ordered as they both approached, cautiously. A third police officer began herding the crowd away.

"Oh fuck. Very well officer." Torrin said, following their orders.

The officer kept his gun aimed at Torrin while the other disarmed him. Once Torrin's weapons had been taken away, his hands were moved down to his lower back, palms out, and placed in handcuffs. The two officers led Torrin to their car one informing him of his rights.

Ui'Kara groaned as Torrin immediately got himself arrested.

Great. What good are you to us in an Imperial detainment facility? Quickly she glanced behind her to make sure that she could make good her escape down the back of the house, not seeing the Meta in his own hiding place. Satisfied that she could switch positions quick enough she took her pulse rifle from her back and aimed carefully at an officer's back. For a moment she held him in her sights, then swapped it to the police car just in front of him and began firing as fast as the gun's semi auto mechanism would allow. A wing mirror shattered, the windows were blown out, tires popped and the whole vehicle rocked as neat holes were hammered the whole way through its chassis. At least one shot cracked the engine block. The racket from the vehicle was loud enough to be heard by the whole crowd. Ui'Kara topped off her distraction by putting a few rounds into the tarmac at one of the officer's feet, then hurriedly withdrew and rushed down the side of the building.

Torrin began smiling once they told him he had rights at all. "Very well officer, I submit to any investigations or questions you have."
He winced ehen the shots hammered the police vehicle. "Unholy Fracking Warp!" he shouted.

As Ui'Kara rushed towards the corner, the Meta turned it and punched her in the face with a rock-hard fist.

Ui'Kara's helmet took the blow without giving way, but her world turned upside down as she was wrenched off her feet and thrown heavily to the ground. For a moment she lay there senselessly gasping and sucking in convulsive breaths , her visual feed scrambled and grainy as she tried to think through the concussion.

The crowd began panicking as soon as the shots were fired. One of officers arresting Torrin led him to the second police car. The other three on the scene drew their guns, took cover and aimed in the general area the shots had come from.
"Shots fired, backup needed." one of them radioed.

Torrin allowed himself to be guided into the car, although he was looking for where the shots had been fired. "I suggest one of you use my gun! Might actually survive the fight if its that chaos marine."

The Meta heard the radio transmission from the officer and snarled. He grabbed Ui'Kara by the throat and quickly half carried, half dragged, her back towards the construction site she had been at earlier, although the Meta did not know she had been there. He tried to stay out of sight, but the officers may have seen a glimt of golden light now and then.

As Ui'Kara's vision began to clear, the Astartes that she had seen the previous night blurred into focus. She screamed in panic at being trapped under the superhuman killer and immediately went for her pulse pistol, drawing and firing up at the Meta in an attempt to strike the weak flexible joints in his armour.

OOC: @Kirke Careful here. Fire Warriors are not as OP as the bigger units in 40K, but their guns make up for it. They're well capable of taking down a Space Marine, and could probably do the same to the Meta if she gets in some good hits.

I'm just going to run and get some food. Back in a bit.

The first two shots hit the Meta in the arm, and he roared in pain and anger as he threw Ui'Kara into the nearest house. He threw her with enough speed to go straight through the first wall, and possibly partially through the second, depending on the material.

The officer with Torrin climbed into the driver's seat and quickly drove away to the police station. He didn't respond to Torrin's comment, however the officer who had disarmed Torrin, who was still at the scene, glanced at the two unusual weapons.

The occupants of the house yelled in fright as Ui'Kara suddenly burst through the wall. The three police officers turned to the building.
"Someone grab that pistol." one officer said as he picked up Torrin's rifle. One of the other officers complied, and the trio slowly approached the house.

Torrin patted his hands together as he rode in the car, looking out the window. "So... Your city sure is pretty. Never seen anything quite like it."

Ui'Kara struggled to her feet, coughing as she tried to catch her breath. Fortunately her armour protected her during the impact and she was able to stand, drawing her pulse rifle as she leaned against the wall. Training it on the hole left by her impact she prepared to fire, ignoring the occupants of the house.

The Meta drew his grenade launcher and backed away from the house. He made sure to stay out of Ui'Kara's line of sight as he took aim. He fired six grenades, firing two at the same spot before aiming at a different spot. The first grenade of each pair blew a hole in the wall, and the second exploded once it hit something inside.

Ui'Kara stumbled as the first grenade went off against the wall.

"Shit!" She cursed and began to run towards the back of the house as the second and third grenades came in, sprinting from the first room into the kitchen. Spotting a window overlooking the back garden she dived gracefully into it, smashing through as the Meta's second salvo of grenades were exploding.

OoC: @Random: Isn't the Meta in the back garden? Seeing as he was by the back of the house...

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