We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Torrin nodded, following in her wake. "Right away sarge."

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Carmen simply nodded in response. "Very well, then." How convenient...

Roxy just scratched her head a bit. "Alright... since we've got that in order... we should try and get going to the airport. Don't want to make our contact wait too much longer."

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Nanami nodded to Longstrike, apparently the crab was quite enamored with the Mr. Sweet man. The knight told the crab to give Longstrike some room to work. The crab tilting up to look to her, then started to move towards the other group. This earned it a quick snap from the knight. She'd said something quite quickly and sternly to the crab, and all her fins had flaring quite a bit, and the white colour of the fins was briefly took on a hue of red, although this colour quickly faded.

Instead of heading for the group, they went to the parking lot they had been sleeping in. Shortly after Nanami came walking out in her full plate armour, walking on her own feet as she didn't want to stress the crab too much just yet.

Climbing out of the trash can, Sweet dusted himself off, his suit remained surprisingly clean.
"Well, now that prejudices have been set aside...where are we headed anyhow?" He said, caring little for the sense of intrusion.
He grabbed up his chalice as well before seeing the crab.
"Would you believe me if I said you were only the second craziest of crabs I've ever seen? hahaha"

"To an airport to get to someplace called England... Someone I know set stuff up over there... though I wasn't expecting to bring so many people along with me." Roxy said as she turned to head into the hotel to ask for directions. Afterward, she'd hop into the car and wait for people to enter so she could drive off.

Nanami the knight looked to the strangle, then back to the others in the group, then back to the strange man. Her crab followed close behind her. Neither were exactly sure what the man was doing to make his voice sound so strange, but Mr. Sweet would notice that it made both of them a little uneasy.

"Hhello... wwhhat yyoourr nnaame..?" She said to the man, her voice sounding raspy and like someone how'd only recently been learning english.

"The name is Sweet n' Low. What, do I address you as? And for that matter, what about the crab?"

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"Sswweeeettt Nnnn' Lllooowww.... Nnnaannaaammii..." She repeated, then put her webbed hand to her chest. She then looked back the the crab, realizing it didn't have a name in English yet.

"Oh, um, apology accepted." Milly replied to Sweet, still not quite sure what to think of the man at the moment. Hearing Kazma, she glanced over and said to him, "He just sorta burst out of that trashcan. I'm wondering if he slept in there." She turned to face Roxy and nodded along with her suggestion.

Shaking his head, "Well thats just disturbing". Kazma headed over to Roxy's car and poked his head through the passanger window. "Roxy, there is a flaw to your plan, you need a passport to travel between countries. Which we don't have".

Carmen giggled from behind Kazma and produced a valid passport from a puff of black smoke. "Oh, don't worry about that dear. Leave it to me." Hearing Carmen, Roxy simply shrugged and nodded. "...If she's got it, I'm not gonna doubt her. Plus, I'd like to get moving ASAP."

"It is my pleasure Nanami. Please don't be intimidated, Im only trying to amuse and bemuse"
He looked around, "Anybody know where to get some fake papers?" He asked, thinking about passports.
Suddenly Carmen produced one from thin air. He raised his chalice in salute to her. "Cheers"

"Your one interesting, odd, and probably mischievous person you know that". He plucked the papers from her hand, and took a glance at the info. The letters rearranged to match everything needed. Magic sure had its uses. "Alright, leme go grab my stuff and I'll be good to go".

Even though Sweet said for them to not be anxious about the electronic voice thing, they still didn't seem to like it at all.

They would be able to follow after Roxy to the airport when they did.

Carmen simply giggled and curtsied toward Sweet and Kazma. "Magic has its uses, my dears. Now then..." She entered the car and waited for Roxy to drive off. She motioned to Sweet to enter in as well. "Come on now. The less time we waste the better."

"Ooooh!" Milly cooed in amazement upon seeing Carmen produce a passport out of nothing. Her expression became one displaying dejection as she said, "But I can't do that. Does that mean I have to stay here?"

Carmen looked over toward Roxy and shook her head. "No dear. I'll be able to create one for you and the others as well. We shouldn't have much problem getting onto the flight." Thank goodness that that man taught me about those flying contraptions...

"I only have one question. How do we get the crab onto the flight? It ain't exactly a poodle.... " He turned to Nanami and the crab. "No offense." Sweet said adjusting himself in the car seat and checking his appearance in the reflection of the window.

Kazma came bolting out of the hotel. He had a backpack strung over his shoulder, filled with a few things he'd picked up during his free time. He hoped in the car and set the bag down on his lap. "Ready to go when you are captain".

"Oh. Okay." Milly replied to Carmen, seemingly cheered up by her response. "Um... Maybe we can find a plane big enough for it to fit in?" She suggested as she glanced over at Nanami's noble steed.

Both Roxy and Carmen looked at the crab and tilted their heads. "...I don't even..."
"Leave that to me as well..."
Roxy looked over a little shocked. "How are you...?"
"Like I said, leave it to me. People will find their cargo missing... but it should be possible to cloak our big friend and get him inside there. I've read that these large planes can hold quite a good volume of objects..."

The succubus nodded along with Milly.

"....Well.... I guess we're settled then..."

Nanami had gotten onto the crab as it looked like people were getting ready to leave, she looked down at Sweet. They gave him a bit of a shrugging gesture.

"Well I do have my own plane...." Sweet chipped in, but it might take some time to get ready. Its at the airport, but some repairs are being done.

Roxy began to drive off, going slowly at first so the crab could follow before going back to a decent speed. Carmen turned back to Sweet and raised an eyebrow. "Well, we may want to take that then. ...When will your plane be available?"

"Okay then." Milly shrugged to Carmen and Sweet and climbed into the car before it took off.

Sweet looked at his watch. "Maybe a few hours. My pit crew is usually pretty tight on schedule"

Carmen smirked and nodded. "Well, I suppose that more than beats having to deal with the lines... We'll wait for your plane's repairs to complete before flying off. Roxy, dear~. You heard that, yes?"

"Yeah, yeah... I got it." The catgirl continued to drive, eventually getting to the airport after a decent period of time.

Hey Greed... Can you hear me...? Roxy tried to telegraph to the Metagross.

Sweet looked out the window, seeing the private jet pulling out of the hangar. "There is MY BABY The car can just pull out onto the airstrip. My people will take care of it."

Still bussy with their practice session outside the estate, Thresher stopped what it was doing when it picked up Roxy's on thoughts that were directed towards Greed, having been monitoring her thoughts the entire time, awaiting just that. Thresher turned towards Greed and relayed what Roxy asked. "How'd you pick up on that?" Greed asked Thresher. After explaining what id did, Greed raised an eyebrow. "Huh. Neat. Anyway, tell her I hear loud 'n clear." Thresher then did just that.

The car drove up onto the strip as instructed and Roxy and Carmen both emerged. "Classy, I must say... Now where are we headed, Madam Cat?"

"I think he said Heathrow airport in England..." Roxy said, before thinking on it a bit and then nodding, more sure of herself this time.

Hearing the reply back, Roxy smiled a bit. Sweet, I'm headed over to the airport right now. There are a lot of people coming along with me though...

"A lot of people are coming?" Greed repeated after hearing what Thresher relayed. "Ugh... Ask her just how many more people are we talking about here?"

Hmm... About 6. I don't think they'd all be into the whole gang thing though, so you don't need to worry all that much about it. Roxy mentally replied.

"Six?" Greed repeated again, then rubbed his forehead with his left index finger. "Okay... Uhh. Say that I'll try to find some transport tha could fit them all, but that she shouldn't get her hopes up there." Greed said to Thresher. "And while you're at it, ask who's coming, exactly."

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