We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Milly sat quietly in the back seat of the car. She had an air of mixed excitement and anxiety, as she had heard about airplanes, but never ridden on one before.

The all female crew of Sweet's private jet Was ready to greet them on the strip. Once safely aboard they settled into their seats. "May I get you any drinks?" The stewardess asked.
"Bourbon and sweet tea for me, sugar" Sweet winked at her.

We've got Carmen, Milly, that knight and her crab... though they'll probably just head to the ocean or something, a pimp who's jet we're using, and that bunny guy Kazma. Roxy responded back.

Carmen seemed a bit happy at the service. "One of your finest wines, dear. Thank you~."

Roxy simply waved the stewardess off. "I'm good thanks..."

Reaching the plane, the two looked rather astonished at the metal whale. Never seen such a thing.

If they could actually get the crab onto the plane, the knight would refuse to part with it. Somewhat because they didn't know Sweet well enough, and just because they wouldn't have split up anyways.

Depending on how the cargo hold was, it might not be heated. Either way, they could survive either condition. If it wasn't protected from the cold, they would both go into a hibernating like sleep.

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"Picked up another new arival, have they? Jeez. If more people keep showing up, Blake definitely wasn't the guy we were after, then." Greed said to himself, then shook his head. "Ask if she know what the estimated time of arival is."

Milly followed Roxy into the air-craft and sat down next to her. When the stewardess asked her for a drink order, she hesitated for a moment before answering, "Um, I don't want anything either." She turned her attention to Roxy and asked, "So, is this going to be scary?"

"Ready whenever you are." Sweet Nodded to Carmen

Carmen nodded then turned to Roxy who then informed the pilot of the destination in Heathrow, England. She then turned back to Sweet and took a small sip of her wine. "I apologize for my prejudice before, sir."

Uh... the pilot said a few hours... Roxy replied back to Greed.

Turning to Milly, Roxy shook her head. "No, it should be fine. But I understand, I was really jittery the first time I got on a plane too."

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Sweet tipped his hat to her. "ain't nothing but a thang, girl. s'all good"

"Well I don't withdraw what I say Sweet, your in a scummy profession. But your doing it pretty classy I'll say". Kazma took a seat and settled in. One of Sweets stewardesses asked if he'd like a drink, but passed on the luxury for now. It was gona be a long flight to jolly old England.

Milly nodded back to Roxy, though she still seemed a little nervous. She stuck close to Roxy as the plane was taking off, but after getting a glimpse out the window she marveled at the sight of the few sources of light that still functioned in Dallas seeming to get further and further away.

"Alright. Tell her I'll contact her when I arive, and to wait around if they arive before me." After Thresher relayed the message to Roxy, it and Greed resumed their practice session, stopping after half an hour. "Time to call it a day. You've earned a break anyway." With that, Greed recalled Thresher and clipped the pokeball on his belt. Leaving the estate grounds, Greed began following the road back towards the urban area, stopping when a decent distance away from the estate, and laying down on the road. Hope this won't take too long... It took some time, but eventually, Greed could hear the sound of an engine approaching. Seeing Greed lay on the road, the driver pulled over to check if Greed was alright, where upon Greed shot to his feet and deliver a hard, but non-lethal blow to the driver's temple, knocking him onconscious. After dragging the man to the side of the road, Greed entered his vehicle, an unassuming white van. Turning the van around, Greed began driving back to the airport.

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"You take the good with the bad as far as professional reputation. I believe the kids these days say "Shiz happens" He looked at Kazma. A stewardess brought his drink and sat down next to him. He put an arm around her. "So what is your story?"

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"What do you want to know"? Kazma gestured with a hand and was vocalized with an off laugh to it. He grinned to the pimp.

I guess Im just curious as to your interest in all of this. He replied. I feel like I might have seen you somewhere, maybe something online.

As the sun started to become visible to the jet, both from the time that was passing and the moving across time-zones, Milly quickly covered up her face, as it was the only part of her that was exposed, then slowly drifted off into a torpor in her seat.

"May sound unbelievable, but I'm from a digital world called OZ. And not Kansas OZ. I highly doubt you've ever seen me. Most of us were pulled in from other dimensions or some nonsense, as I assume you'd figure a guy whos a rabbit wouldn't be from around here. As for my interest, same as the others. I want to go back. Thats my claim, King Kazma's the name".

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After a while of driving, Greed arived at Heathrow airport. Parking at an empty space, Greed rolled down the window and tossed the pokeball out of it, this bringing out Thresher. "Alright, Thresher. Tell Kitten we've arived." Thresher grumbled and did just that.

As the plane rolled onto the strip in England, Roxy had fallen asleep half way through the long trip. The Metagross' message caused her to wake up. She groggily rubbed her eyes as she looked out. ...Awesome... We just pulled up... We'll be there in a few... And let me wake up a little, alright...?

In the office building of the factory Salvatore had bought, Salvatore set up a computer room and had set up a mini library with any and all literature he could find on the subject of Alchemy. He put his Alakazam to work on reading through them all and searching online, a task relatively simple to Alakazam, whose mind was superior to a supercomputer. Salvatore meanwhile worked on other things.

"Tell her I'll be waiting at the entrance of the airport. And tell her goodmorning." Greed chuckled to himself as Thresher relayed the message. Once done, Thresher turned to Greed and telepathically said it was done, where upon Greed picked up the pokeball, recalled Thresher, and clipped the ball on his belt. Locking the van, Greed entered the airport and tried to buy some food, annoyed to find Dollars weren't accepted in the UK. Walking back to the entrance, he waited for the rest.

Guh.... I really hate this jetlag stuff. Roxy moaned in her mind before walking off and having the group follow along with her. Carmen whistled nonchalantly as she followed along.

Greed continued to wait by the entrance, leaning against a lamppost. He absent-mindedly tapped his foot while he waited.

As the group eventually made it to the front, Roxy waved toward Greed as she approached. "Hey. Hope we didn't keep you waiting too long."

Looking up, Greed smiled slightly and gave a lazy wave in return. "Heya, Kitten. It didn't take too long, no." he remarked as he moved away from the lamppost. "Heh... Just wait 'till you see what I managed to get. You won't believe your eyes."

Roxy tilted her head a bit as Carmen and Milly stepped aside her. "I hope you wont mind me tagging along, dear."

"...Alright, let's see it then..."

Greed looked curiously at Carmen for a moment, then shrugged and headed back towards the van. "Why should you want to do that, babe? Don't you have anything better to do?"

"Oddly enough, I don't dear. Since you're taking the little one and the cat with you, I must come along. I'm tutoring them both." Carmen replied with a smile as the trio followed Greed.

"Riiight. Well, I don't have a problem with it." Not gonna say no to some eye candy. Greed answered as he reached the van and unlocked its doors, entering it and starting the engine. "Just don't expect anything for free. You and the kid will have to pay the rent, and pay for your own food."

They all slipped into the van while Carmen simply smirked. "I can cover both the child and my own expenses... so you have nothing to fret over. And if my method of payment isn't adequate, we can surely talk over another more appropriate one." Since I'll only be drinking alcohol and this child won't be eating at all...

"No doubt." Greed answered as he began driving away from the airport. "So, what will you be tutoring?"

"I'll be tutoring the cat in close quarters combat exclusively. As for the child, she and I will have to discuss that in private."

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