We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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"Okay! I'd like that!" Milly chimed in happily to Carmen. She already knows, so I can ask her for blood!... I wonder what her's tastes like?... She turned to Roxy and asked, "That won't be a problem, will it? We can get help from both her and Kazma!" She gave the cat-girl an expectant look as she waited for her reply.

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Roxy shrugged and nodded, noting how happy Milly seemed to look. "That sounds good to me." She then got up and began to look around for Kazma amongst the others.

Carmen nodded toward Milly, smiling a bit as well. "Look forward to it, dear~!"

Yuki chuckled a bit. "If it comes to it, then alright..."

"Wunderbar." Otto said with a grin.

Seeing that Roxy had exited the car, Nanami was feeling a bit caged in the car. She'd been fine with someone else in the thing, but with no one inside, she was starting to want the door opened at least.

She grabbed one of the buttons, but only the window rolled down, which startled her. She shortly realized she'd done that, and continued pressing the button.

Yuki sighed a bit as she noticed that no one was moving at the moment, so she summoned a clone and got off the roof. "Alright, get on the clone's back. We're heading over there now."

"I will!" Milly enthusiastically replied to Carmen with her own smile. She was about to follow after Roxy, but heard the windows of the car rolling down. Turning around, she saw Nanami fiddling around with the car door and gave the scene a curious glance. "Whatcha doin'?" She asked, pondering why Nanami could want the window open.

"...Okay." Otto said and did so.

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Nanami looked up from fumbling with the door controls as Milly addressed her. "Mmmillly..." She said in her normal raspy voice. Thinking for a moment, she didn't know any words to help her out of there. She eventually thought of a way to explain it. Nanami pointed at the door itself, then swung her hand out of the window much the same way the door had first opened. "Pppplleassse." She said to Milly, she could probably smash her way out, if not the crab totally could, but she didn't want to break it for Roxy.

Milly hummed to herself and scratched her chin as she pondered the gesture Nanami was making. "Oh! I think I got it!" She declared, then opened the car door closest to Nanami from the outside. "...That was it, right?" She asked, a slight bit of doubt showing through her tone.

The Yuki clone then took Otto on the piggyback ride of his life as he and Yuki ended up getting to the bounty shop.

Eventually, Roxy found Kazma and explained the situation to him, hoping he'd agree to help teach Milly some self-defense.
Once that was done with, Roxy got back in the car and started to drive the stragglers off back to the hotel.

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Seeing that the door was open, the knight slid to the side so she could easily step out. She then spun around a little so she could stick her feet out, seemingly bunched up in the car's floor. She sighed as she spread the webbed toes as much as she could, to Milly they would almost look like flippers. She then looked at Milly and gave her quite a few nods. "Eh..." She seemed to say, trying to think of a word to thank Milly, but didn't know it.

Before Roxy came back to drive everyone to a hotel, Milly observed Nanami climbing out of the car. She gave her feet a curious glance and thought, So that's why she looks awkward when she walks... Those must be annoying when she isn't swimming... Hearing Nanami speak, her attention was torn away from the mer-folk's feet. "Um... do you mean 'Thank you'?" She asked.

Hearing Milly say 'thank you' she couldn't remember hearing that word before. She decided to go for it. "Ttthhannkk yyouu." She said, giving a bow to her.

Nanami had noticed that Milly was looking at her feet, although she didn't say anything about it. She had plenty of experience with people looking at her funny, she wasn't going to lecture a little kid about it.

Unless a particular kid vampire said anything, they would all head for a hotel when Roxy got who she was looking for.

Oh, I guess that must have been right. "You're welcome." Milly replied to Nanami, giving her a girlish curtsy, though it wasn't a proper one as she wasn't wearing anything along the lines of a skirt or a dress. Seeing Roxy come back with Kazma, she hopped in the car so they could go find a hotel for the night.

The night after the fight, Milly was out and about in the hotel, looking for Kazma to bug him for the lessons Roxy said he would likely give her.

Nanami and the crab were snoozing inside the parking lot of the hotel as usual. Nanami had removed her plate armour the last two nights, trying to sleep off the injuries from the other day, now just in her scale armour, and her helmet. She was having trouble sleeping, lying sprawled out on top of the crab.

Kazma was splayed out on his bed. His head and ears hung off the edge and his jacket was poorly tossed onto a chair, threatening to tumble to the floor. The goggles that seemed glued to his head and gloves were on the desk and his sneakers by the door. The small bedside clock radio was pumping out some tunes and everything was just a state of bliss for him. He needed some of this me time he'd been enjoying all afternoon.

Having looked throughout most of the hotel, Milly then decided to try looking for Kazma in the room she had seen him going into earlier. I hope I'm not bothering him... She gently rapt on the door to Kazma's room with her knuckles, though with her much-greater-than-average strength it still came out rather loud.

A loud knocking at the door broke the peace, his ears twitched in reaction. Exhaling a sigh he rolled over and off the bed. A few tabs of a button lowered the volume down. Kazma peeped through the doors eye glass. It was Milly. He opened the door, "Milly? Whats happinin"? He gave a half cocked smile and leaned against the door frame.

Milly's nervous feelings about disturbing Kazma visibly faded when she saw he greeted her with a smile. She explained her reasoning for visiting Kazma's room, "Well, Miss Roxy was saying the other day that you might be able to teach me how to fight. Could you please? I want to be able to do things on my own."

Not able to sleep, Nanami slowly crawled off the crab, not wanting to wake the poor thing. She was heading for the entrance of the parking lot to see the night sky. Something about that big glowy thing up there seemed so foreign and new, and yet so familiar. She was about three steps away from the crab when it stirred. She told it to go back to sleep.

The crab protested as it got up on its feet as it walked over to her, which earned it a sigh from the knight. The crab could be so stubborn sometimes, but she liked that about it, and she knew it meant well. The two got to the entrance to the parking lot shortly after. Without much of her armour, the crab had no trouble carrying her, although she preferred the practice.

As they lay out there, they looked at the small amount of white specs that they could see, and even half big glowy thing.

"Well sure. I taught her some stuff, I'm sure I could teach you. You'll owe me a favor though, well, more you'd just need to tag along and have fun. Sound good"? Kazma still had that grin on his face.

"Okay! I can do that!" Milly cheerily declared to Kazma, smiling back at him. "Let's go outside! It's always so much nicer at night. No having to deal with the harsh sun." She made her way outside, expecting Kazma to follow behind her as she went.

Kazma called out to her. "Milly". He was happy to see her so sure fire happy, but there was an issue. "I'm not just going to go now. It's dark out, we do not train in the dark. You want to be able to see clearly where you are. And I am Master, I say when we train. Tomorrow morning, early". Kazma stood idly to take any objections, but he was just ready to lay back down and mellow out.

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As they looked at the stars, which they thought were just interesting dots in the sky, Nanami felt the wind catch some of her bodies fins. Instinctively they fanned out as much as possible to the stimulus, Nanami looked down at herself. All of the fins in question were a light grey at the base and slowly lost its colour as it got to the edge, having at the very edges a clear appearance to them. There was a section along her forearm, her spine, hips and a couple on her legs. There was also two dorsal fins just below her shoulder blades. Other than the fins on her spine that seemed to have dark blue scales at the base, and functionally much like regular fish fins, the fins seemed to have a much thicker skin to it, and had bone underneath to fan it out. Although her full plate had all these covered and some won't even show up in the plate, the scale mail didn't cover them.

She was a little lost as she just looked them over, when she heard someone coming. She curled them back so they weren't very obvious, but still somewhat visible.

Seeing it was Milly she gave a small wave to the girl if Milly saw her, but wouldn't otherwise, keeping to herself for the moment.

Milly would hopefully not notice them, or just go back to protest to Kazma or whatever little girls do, and Nanami would go back to the parking lot.

Milly stopped in her tracks and sighed. Without turning around, she replied to Kazma, "Oh. Okay then." Her tone of voice clearly indicated disappointment, but she didn't raise any sort of objections. She let Kazma return to his room, then went to her own room and laid down on the bed.

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The Meta
Anyone paying attention to news relating to technology would hear of an announcement made by a British company, relating to new developments in artificial intelligence. The technology, it was rumoured, would be announced at a conference in Japan in one week.

Makoto saw Sarah's face, and noticed she looked worried. "Something up?"

Sarah put the supplies in the boot of the car, then took the pump out. When she got back in, the catgirl turned to Makoto and said, "Yeah... this guy came up to me and offered me a job. He said he works for a company that is looking into this interdimensional stuff. And, he said it has happened before."

"Really? Well..." Makoto thought. "Well, we were gonna investigate this stuff anyway. Might as well join up. Plus we get cash and somewhere to stay."

Sarah thought for a few seconds, then responded. "I guess you're right." She started to drive away, following the I-10 until she approached Balmorhea. She turned off the interstate, and down the road towards the inn.
"He said we should stay here tonight if we're going to work with him."

Today was the day. Randal Flagg had won by a landside and was due to take his place in 10 Downing Street.
All the while kendrik his his self-confidence between a humble smile and the odd wave as he began his first day in office.

For the most part he had spent it bored by trivial matters, with piles of responsibilities lumped onto him. Kendrik nodded and pretended to care, accepting bits of paper of each one of his cabinet.

He stopped and looked at those around him before flinging the papers behind him. The other ministers looked at each-other in confusion.

"Gentlemen....friends." The Prime Minister begun. "It has been a long road to this hallowed office and I have great visions for this country." He gestured at the scattered papers. "This is not it. I plan to re-work British Parliament from the ground up, weed the garden so to speak." He flicked his hands and chains of darkness ensnared the ploticions at the desk as Kendrik stood up.

"you know of my energy project? The promise of renewable and exportable energy. Lets go see it, it will be a day for all of history to remember." With that kendrik waved his hand once more, dominating the minds of the cabinet ministers and the chains slipped away.

Kendrik himself sat down once more. "Good, we will proceed tommorow. I want full press coverage both national and international. Tommorow is when the world wake up to a nightmare."


Hold on a sec, gotta sort something out.

Makoto nodded. "Right. I could use a place to lay down anyway."

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