We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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OOC: @Hussmann You'll quickly find that things are a bit slow here during the day. Things pick up in the evening around 7 to 8 and then rapidly get busy from there until 5 or 6 in the morning. I'm speaking in terms of UK time, so that would be about... 2 or 3 in the afternoon until around midnight for you, I think? That's generally speaking of course. In a few hours we'll be getting a move on. The imminent timeskip kind of complicates things for you to jump in, but don't be discouraged. It won't take long for this to happen, and in the meantime you should join the OOC chatgroup, where you'll see that we're all rational, friendly people and not at all frantic lunatics almost entirely removed from reality.:P

Also noticed that you're an airsoft player. I approve of this. :D

Sarah nodded, then got out of the car. She led Makoto up to the front desk, then paid for a room with two beds, for one night.

@Random_berk Thanks, and yes I do the occasional airsoft.
Also, I've completely forgotten code for Italics and colors. My characters only real possesion will by the Gold pimp cane Zimos has in Saints Row 3, Whenever he talks into the micro phone it auto tunes him and I thought using text to distinguish it would help.

this is a test
so is this

Hows about both?

Got it, thanks

@Hussman Is that your guy in the centreground of your avatar? Behind the bin? If you can manage it, it might be an idea to crop the rest of the image and bring him forward so he can be seen better. Not essential, of course, just as an aesthetic thing.

Makoto followed Sarah up, then sat on a bed. After a moment in scilence, she pulled a portable game player out of her tail to pass the time.

@Random_berk unfortunately I dont have the software available to me right now to fix it up any better. However, if any sketch artists on the page want to give a shot at making a full sized pick that would be great, the full sized pic is here: http://mlkshk.com/r/G497
and the man is inside the trashcan.
Also, I wanna imbed a video... any help? Im rusty at Escapist forums..

OOC: @Husmann

Shit. Uh... quote my post, it'll show the code.

Ah, that is one very blurry image. I'll do the cropping, but don't think I can improve the resolution.

Having read through the possible commands, Greed walked outside the estate and brought out the Metagross, who, with a grunt, turned to Greed. "Alright, firsts things first. Your name is now Thresher." The Metagross, now named Thresher, bended through its frontlegs,as if it was nodding. "Alright, with that out of the way, I want you to contact that girl. Tell her, that searching for hideout in Dallas is no longer necessary, because I got ourself set up nicely in a place called England." Greed informed Thresher. "Then ask her if she can catch a flight to Heathrow airport, and if so, how soon." Threshes grumbled and did as told, contacting Roxy and relaying Greed's message.

Roxy was looking around the city before noticing the message that had been mentally received. Uh... I'll have to find the airport in the first place... but it shouldn't be hard for me to get over there... I've still got enough money. The other thing is I'm gonna end up bringing Carmen and Milly over with me. That won't be a problem, will it?

With that, she did a 180 and started heading back to the hotel.

At the site where the team had set up shop for the night, Longstrike was sitting outside the Hammerhead fiddling with a large device fixed to the ground. It looked like a very large version of the drone control pylon mounted on the hull of the tank, approximately the length of a man. Looking quite relaxed, Longstrike appeared to be talking to himself in leisurely but completely incomprehensible gibberish (at least to anyone other than Kara and Farsight).

Thresher look towards Greed as it relayed Roxy's message. Leaning against the wall of the estete next to the steps leading up to the door, Greed crossed his arms and thought for a moment. "Tell her that the airport can be found by continuously going south from the hotel we were at. And that bringing them won't be a problem, as long as they don't get in our way." Thresher, again, relayed the message back to Roxy.

Laguna walked back to the Hammerhead, having stepped away to look around for a bit. He saw Longstrike working on the tank and walked over. "Heya. The tank ok?"

Roxy made her back to the hotel, smiling a bit to herself. Alright, great! I'll try to find a flight when I can... She telegraphed back to Greed before thinking to herself. ...Then again, Milly might be against leaving here in the first place... and I did promise her I'd help her try to find her parents... And I made that promise before I said I'd join up with Greed... Damn it.

Nanami and the crab had been looking up at the sky for quite a while, admiring the night sky, when they heard Longstrike muttering to himself as he worked on his thingy. They listened in on his muttering for a while, but determined he was speaking something other than what the people here spoke. Given how different he was, it was probably his own language.

The crab decided it had had enough looking at the stars and got up to look and see what Longstrike was up to, Nanami still riding on the crab since she was only wearing her scale mail instead of the full plate she would normally wear in the day. Nanami protested a little to the crab, but she didn't have her spear with her, and the walk back to the parking lot might be long enough for her to need it.

When they got to Longstrike, the crab waved at the alien rather spirited, while Nanami was a little less keen. "Hhelllo Llloonngsstrrikke." She said, her face still covered by her helmet although most of her fins were exposed. They however other than the ones on her hips seemed to be pulled back as much as possible, trying not to be seen.

Seeing Laguna there too, they both gave him a wave as well with the same mannerisms.

Longstrike held up a hand asking for silence for a moment as he continued to speak. After a few seconds he stopped and grinned.
"Yeah, there was a bit of scorching at the front, but it just needed a good polish. Since we aren't doing much at the moment I decided I'd try sending a message." Seeing Nanami and the crab approach he waved back, one brow raising slightly at the sight of Nanami's scale armour and fins splayed in the breeze.

"There's something you don't see often. Hello Nanami. Doing some moonbathing?"

Torrin was asleep in the hammerhead, snoring lightly. His hands were wrapped around his rifle, and someone watching him might notice an unhappy look on his face as he dreamt.

Laguna waved at Nanami and the crab as they approached. "Hey guys." He looked at Longstrike. "A message? Trying to see if there's any other Tau out there?"

Nanami looked a little distant, not exactly holding the same confidence that she would normally, which was evident in her mannerisms, although she did try to answer Longstrike. She said some things in her own language as she tried to describe what had happened.

She shook her head no, then let out a forced yawn, then shook her head again. She then pointed to her eyes, and then up at the moon itself.

Thresher turned to Greed as it relayed Roxy's message to him. Due to its massive weight, the pokemon left deep footprints in the soft soil. "Tell her that I'll contact her within half an hour to see if everything's going as it should." After Thresher relayed the message to Roxy, Greed began getting a feel for what Thresher could do, giving it the commands as stated on the paper, and seeing what would happen.

"Oh no, there'll be no Tau here. Not for thousands of years at least." Longstrike replied. "I did try sending a broadcast out after I met up with Kara and O'Shovah, but there was no response. Now this machine..." He patted the device. "This is capable of sending a broadcast over a wide area of the planet, or a tightbeam over thousands of light years, so that's what I'm doing. If it exists in this galaxy, T'au is approximately 37,000 light years away. Coicidentally, if I have the time right then the period of Earth's history that we're in is about the same amount of time before the primitive Tau were first developing basic electronics. So if they're out there, I'm sending them a greeting." He watched Nanami as she spoke, and seemed to pick up on her listlessness.

"Something wrong?"

"Um... won't that cause a time paradox or something?" Laguna said. "I dunno much about this stuff, but it sounds kinda weird." Laguna looked at Nanami. "You ok?"

Eventually, Roxy made her way back to the hotel and yawned as she exited the car. She gave a small wave to the group assembled in the parking lot.

Carmen was seated on the roof of the hotel, looking up at the moon and momentarily back to the mark on her hand. Well... I'll just bide my time then.

Nanami hesitated for a moment, then shook her head. "III aam ffinee." She said to Longstrike, which although raspy as usual, seemed to actually sound half decent. Longstrike wouldn't pick up on as many, but he could tell she still felt off.

OoC: Kinda realizing this now, but Nanami's body composition is like this, since even under the scale mail you should see this.
-She has a slightly thinner frame than regular people, although due to statement two looks about regular
-Visibly muscular even under the scale mail
-Flat as a board
-So in essence looks like a dude in a lot of ways, only her hips are a little wider than they should in that case.

Otto stood outside the bounty shop, fiddling with his vest.

Torrin sat up suddenly, rubbing his head and wondering. He looked around the Hammerhead, wondering what he could do to pass the time.

Yuki was yawning a bit as she turned toward Otto. "Alright then. I'm guessing you're not really familiar with interdimensional jumping and stuff right?"

Otto shook his head. He took out a book and pen and started to jot down notes.

OOC: @Berk You still here?

Yuki nodded a bit as Otto brought out his book. "Well, some general rules of thumb are to not try and introduce new tech into places that would have them at all. Like trying to teach a caveman how to make steel or something.

Uh, two: Go for your mark and spend the least amount of time as possible in the other dimension. And three, don't be a dickwad and try to take over/destroy the dimension you get jumped to. So, basically common sense and you're good. Anything else you wanna ask?"

Longstrike stopped to consider this for a moment.

"Hmm... nah, doubt it. Anyway, the odds of the signal reaching them when they can detect it are astronomical. I was just passing the time." Turning his attention to Nanami, he frowned.

"You sure about that?"

Kara strolled towards the Hammerhead and those around it. Waving at Laguna, Nanami and Longstrike, she climbed up into the side hatch and poked her head inside.

"Ah, the hibernating U'ait awakens!" She exclaimed on seeing Torrin in a mischievous, teasing voice.

Meanwhile, Salvatore had purchased an abandoned factory in an undisclosed location. Coming up with the money was no issue, due to the multiverse bank Salvatore had been able to use the vast fortune he had acquired through pokemon battling. The reason he had chosen this particular factory was due to it having the largest warehouse he could find. He and his pokemon got to work clearing it out, to make sure they had the biggest space possible for what they had planned.

Torrin looked up at Kara, and pulled himself off the floor. "Care to give a translation, or should I just assume you meant bear?"

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