We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Gumi walked out the hotel, Sniper slung over her shoulder. "Well, at least them demon things are gone..." she muttered as she looked up to the sky.

Alice pretty much fell out of the car as she opened the door to get out. "Agh, my fucking head..." she muttered, getting herself sturdy using her cane. Hmm, that bump has done something to me... Alice thought on it before having a small flashback.

"Stupid beast girl..." She muttered, then flashstepped away form the car and near the hotel.

Otto stopped writing part way through Yuki's explanation. "Ziss will require travel to other...dimensions?" he asked, seeming a bit concerned by that.

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Kara shrugged.
"Big scaly beast about two tor'leks long- that's about your height- with four eyes, serrated claws and long teeth. Likes to sleep in warm caves for months on end when it gets cold. Has a taste for Kroot and even more so for Tau? Is that something like a bear?" She asked, leaning against the side of the hatchway.

Laguna shrugged. "K then. I was just thinking out loud."

Torrin shuddered at the description. "Maybe if the furry bear had a child with a Tyranid..." he pulled off his helmet, rubbing the stubble of his hair. He slipped the helmet back on. "So... Daemon's handled. What now?"

Yuki nodded a bit. "Usually, if you're really concerned about the cash. But odds are that there are a few local ones that won't require you to jump dimensions. Since you're not looking to make a total killing off of this stuff, so you probably won't need to worry about it. ...May want to find a side profession here though."

Carmen was still on the roof, looking up toward the sky.

As Gumi emerged, Roxy looked over and waved toward her. "Hey! What's up, Gumi?"

"Side profession? Also, what exactly will I be payed with? Certainly not any form of currency I am familiar with." Otto asked Yuki next, going back to writing.

Kara considered this for a moment, then smiled.
"Well, from what I've been hearing, people seem to be suggesting that the task we had to complete is done. Why don't we go and have a talk with O'Shovah about taking you back to the Enclave with us when we figure out how to get back there?"

"No worries." Longstrike replied to Laguna before getting to his feet.
"So, the ugliest, scariest thing this side of home sweet home is dead. What happens now?"

"Oh Howdy there Roxy" Gumi said with a smile. "Oh not a lot, still trying to think how were going to all get home is all, not really worried but I'd like to tell the squad if I could" She explained.

Alice flashstepped onto a balcony of the hotel and watch group quietly.

"Well, I'm pretty sure the bounty shop pays out in the currency of the dimension you're currently in. If you need to jump dimensions, all you need to do is find a multiverse bank and exchange your currency there. And side profession, meaning something to make more money on the side with, another job. Maybe a freelance writer or a journalist, something like that. Just a suggestion anyway." Yuki explained calmly.

Roxy's smile waned a bit. "Oh right... I was expecting some portal to open up since we dealt with that big demon thing... Well, maybe it's on some delay? ...What do you think you're gonna do in the meantime?"

Carmen eventually flew down to where Alice was observing people and stood to the side of the girl. "Well, this was interesting. Wasn't it, dear?"

Nanami noted Longstrike's frown, and him asking her again. She nods at Longstrike, her toes curling inwards as she lean a little to him. "III aammm fffiinne... ttthhhhaannnkkk yyoou." She stated. Seemingly a bit agitated to have been asked twice the same question, her fins extended a little in response.

Torrin nodded. "after you, I suppose. You know the commander far better then I do, but hopefully I'll manage to not completely cock up in front of the Tau. "

"Uh... well, we aren't getting transported home, so I dunno. I guess we're stuck here for the moment." Laguna put his hand to his chin. "I'd just take in the sights until something came up."

Otto nodded, though his head was starting to spin at the implications of all this.

Kara stepped back and dropped gracefully to the ground, turning and leading Torrin to Farsight.
"I don't know about that." She said as she walked. "I've fought under his command in the past, but I've never seen his face. He takes aloof to a new level. I'd be surprised if anyone could say they really know him."

Longstrike looked surprised when Nanami's fins flicked out.
"What, what's that about? You'll have to forgive me, I'm not exactly fluent in Gue'Por body language." To LAguna he simply nodded, not sure what else they could do for the present time.

"I'll just try to get threw to someone and make a report, but what about you?" Gumi asked Roxy.

Alice looked up slightly at Carmen, then looked back at group. "I guess, there a....interesting...bunch to watch..." She replied with a small smile.

"Never leaves his suit? I bet the theorists just love him... still, he does seem to worry about you. Sat defending the hotel for days, protecting you." Torrin said, following after Kara.

Roxy shrugged a bit. "I'm... not really sure myself. There are a few things I'm thinking of... but I need to make sure I can keep Milly with me regardless."

Carmen smirked a bit as she continued to look on them. "Interesting indeed, dear. Though I'm certain you have other things to do other than observe. ...Perhaps maybe mutilate...?"

Yuki nodded a bit as she placed her hand on the door of the shop. "Last chance to ask me anything, playboy. I'll help you out with a few hits 'till you get used to it."

"Well, thank you very much for all the information, Miss. Yukino." Otto said with a smile.

"Maybe. I think it's more likely that he was just following the Kauyon though. Knowing that the hotel was a target for Fishbowl, he'd lie in wait and strike from above, eliminating him quickly and efficiently as the war strategy dictates." Kara replied. "I've only fought under him in one campaign, and only spoke to him once before we came here. He's the General of the entire Enclave and I'm just a sergeant. A Gue'Vesa at that. Not the sort to merit a General's protection in the field."

Gumi nodded to Roxy. "Well I don't suppose you'd mind if I'd tag along? might as well stick with people we can trust, safety in numbers and all" she said to Roxy. "Actually, were is the little scamp now? still sleeping away?"

Alice chuckled a little. "So far there is only one I want to hurt..." she said to Carmen with an evil grin. But SO many more I want to catch... she lent against her cane slightly. "What of you Demon, are your goals for control, blood or souls?"

"Fair enough. Don't know much about how the chain of command works yet. Suppose I'll learn as I go along."

Nanami stopped for a moment as she looked down at a glance at her one arm realizing that the fin across her forearms had relaxed, and was quite visible. She curled them back, nearly flush to her arm. Nanami let out a sigh, and then looked to the machine that Longstrike had been working on. "Wwwhhaat iisss tthat..?" She managed to say, pointing to the beacon.

Roxy looked up in the hotel, smiling a bit. "Pretty sure she is. Kazma offered to help teach her martial arts. If she keeps learning from him and Carmen, she probably won't need me around... after we find her parents." The catgirl seemed a bit happy to say this. Right... we'll both get better together. She beamed at Gumi for a moment. "Actually, I'd love you coming along with us! In fact, I could use some more tips on how to shoot better, and you're probably the best person to ask about that. If it's alright with you of course."

Carmen let out an exaggerated sigh. "And here I thought I had you figured out." She looked back up to the moon and smiled again. "My goals? ...I guess you could say they're a combination of all three. But it's not time just yet for me to act on them. I'll see what the world has to offer for the time being."

Yuki looked over and nodded. "No problem, Otto. Now then, since it's ladies first anyway..." She opened the door and entered the bounty shop. "Yoo~!"

Otto promptly followed Yuki.

Kara nodded and smiled, clapping a hand on Torrin's shoulder.
"That's the plan!" She replied enthusiastically as they reached the rear of the building. Rounding the corner, Farsight came into view. On its knees as they approached, the battlesuit rose smoothly to its hooves and turned to face them, the damage that the Meta had done in the fight apparently repaired.

"You requested a meeting, Ui'Kara?" He asked, his sonorous voice unnervingly loud in the silence of the night. Kara nodded, her smile gone now, and saluted to the Commander with a rap of her closed fist against her large shoulder guard.

"Yes, Shas'O. I wanted to bring this human, Torrin O'Wynn for an audience with you. He wishes to defect from the Imperium and serve the Greater Good with our Empire." On hearing this, the battlesuit's inscrutable face turned to Torrin.

"I see. Have you anything to say for yourself, Gue'La?"


Longstrike glanced at the beacon.

"Oh, that? Just... seeing if I can say hello to the people back home." He replied, smiling. "Do you know about other planets, Nanami? Stars, solar systems and such things?"

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Gumi shook her head and smiled. "That's just fine by me Boss, as a general I'm sure I got one or two things I can teach ya" she said to Roxy. "Kamza? you mean the little bunny guy? well that's great, she can kick ass and we can help find her parents. all in all that's a pretty sweet team we got going on!" she added with a small chuckle.

Alice grinned. "No matter what type or what dimension, demon's motives never change..." she said then looked at Carmen. "As long as you don't try to strike me, then I have no problem with your actions....there being amusing to watch...hehehe..."

Growing bored of laying in bed and burning moonlight, Milly hopped off her bed. After adjusting her ill-fitting and ill-shape clothes, she wandered outside the hotel to see what she could do to occupy her attention while she could easily be out and about outside.

Torrin nodded sheepishly, before taking a deep breath. "I can offer you information on how the imperial guard operates against Tyranids, Orks, and the Daemons, as well as any knowledge you might want of fighting those forces from a personal perspective. I can also tell you as much as I can about imperial technology, though I doubt you have much interest in that." Torrin looked down at his feet, before returning his gaze to look up at O'Shovah's eyes. "I want to be free of the imperium Sir. I'm tired of being used up and forced through death trap after death trap simply to keep my generals grinning. I know there would be risks fighting with the Tau, but you at least won't lob me at a horde of 'gaunts to slow them down. Or at least, you won't do it without reason."

Roxy looked over toward Gumi, smiling widely. "Yeah, guess we've got a pretty good group with us. Even Carmen's coming with us. And thanks a lot, Gumi. I'll be looking forward to learning under you." Seeing Milly emerge, Roxy waved over toward the girl.

Carmen winked at Alice, a mischievous smirk no on her lips. "It's the reason we're named what we're named. As long as you don't get in my way, I'll have no problem with you, dear. I'll assume that you're the same way with whatever you're planning."

Nanami thought about what Longstream had said, but she was fairly primitive, not really had even thought about other worlds let alone space. If she'd found waters with similar properties as her home, she'd think she'd be able to find them here. However there was one thing that was different about this world, something she'd felt quite a few times that seemed to be missing. She pointed up the the sky, specifically at the moon, and even made a D shape with her hands to specify the half moon. "Tthhaat... um..." She then seemed to be counting between two or three with her fingers, knowing that something like another one of the glowy things were missing, but not how many.

Looking at the device again, she repeated. "Hhello... hhhoooommme..?"

"Just leave some for me, then were on good terms" Alice replied with a slight manic laugh. "Mostly, leave the fox thing....I want to smack her back at least one..."

"Well aren't we just one happy little family now?" Gumi said with a smile, then waved at Milly. "Morning litte'n!" she said to her with a smile.

"The fox? Very well. Though she's not here at the moment. And I don't plan on killing anyone in this group unless absolutely necessary. So we're fine there as well. ...Why the interest in keeping them alive?" Carmen asked, raising an eyebrow a bit.

Alice chuckled a little bit. "Oh no reason, I like to observe them is all..." she said to Carmen.

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