We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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O'Shovah stared at Torrin for a moment, before beginning to pace back and forth slowly in front of him.

"If you wish to join us, you will be subjected to testing, as well as a degree of re-education." He said, speaking as though he were giving instructions in a job interview. "You will learn of the Greater Good, and be relieved of the dogma and superstitions of your Empire. Once educated and tested, you will be assigned to a Gue'Vesa auxiliary cadre in the Fire Caste, or if you are found to be unsuitable to fight- psychologically unstable, or deficient either physically or mentally- you will be assigned to whatever Caste best suits you. If you can provide valuable information on our enemies, or on the Daemons as you say, then we can certainly use it. In return for your service of the Greater Good, you will be allowed a place to live on one of our Sept' worlds, will be accepted in Tau society, and counter-productive superstitions aside, will be permitted to keep practicing your faith in the privacy of your home or among insulated congregations, if you choose to do so."

Longstrike glanced up where Nanami was pointing.
"Your planet has multiple moons?" He asked with interest. "Yes, many worlds do. They were formed long ago, in great collisions of planetary bodies from the sky, that threw huge amounts of rock out into space." Tapping the beacon, he explained what he meant.

"Somewhere out there, HUUUGE distances away, there may be a version of the planet where I was born. It's early in the life of that planet, long before my race was born, but this message will take a very, very long time to get there. It isn't likely, but maybe by the time it reaches T'au, there'll be someone there to hear it."

Seeing Roxy and Gumi waving to her, Milly walked over to where they were standing, giving them a half-hearted wave in return. "What are we gonna do now?" She asked Roxy as she walked up. Hearing Gumi's response, she looked up at the sky for a moment, located the moon, then glanced back down at Gumi with a puzzled look on her face.

Roxy looked toward Milly and simply said. "What you want to. ...I actually got an offer to go to some place called England. We could go there if you want, or we could stay here. Either way, I said I'd help you find your parents, and I'm going to stick to that."

Carmen continued to observe on the balcony before beginning to make her way back down to the ground floor.

Torrin stood to attention. "That all sounds quite enjoyable sir. It would be nice to gain a broader understanding of the galaxy. And my knowledge stores would be open for anything you or anyone you wish to learn would know."

Suddenly and without warning a man sprang up out of a trashcan, flinging paper and wrappers about. He had a goatee, short dreadlocks and black sunglasses. He was wearing a white pimp suit with a silver tie and gold vest, everything else was white, from the shoes to the top hat. In his hand he held a gold pimp cane with a working golden microphone (circa 1950's) at the end. In the other hand he had a massive silver chalice.
He held the chalice up as if to a toast.

O'Shovah came to a halt directly in front of Torrin, facing him.

"Very well. We have yet to find out how we are to return to our time and version of this galaxy, and in the time that we are stranded here, consider yourself under observation." He turned his head to focus on Kara as well.

"Now. As I was coming out here I saw La'Sha'ng setting up the long range comms beacon as he said he would. Tell him that he may transmit all he likes, but that if he has connected it to the particle accelerator for the railgun to boost the power I will be... displeased. Be quick about it." Kara saluted again and turned to leave.

Listening to Longstrikes tale, she tried to follow along. As he talked about the moons forming, she balled her hands up in a fist, and then slowly brought them together like they hit each other.

She also looked at the beacon as he tapped it. She tried to follow it, but the concept wasn't something she was familiar with at all. Communicating long distances mostly involved her people yelling which did travel long distances. She did manage to pick off the word 'Huge' and 'born' however. With her understanding of these words, she stretched her hands out wide "Hhhhuuugggge." She then paused for a moment, before saying "Wwwwhhhaattt... Bbboorrnn..?" In a questioning tone, not connecting the meaning of the word.

The giant crab looked over rather startled by the random man in the trash can, apparently not smelling the guy because of the other garbage in there or something.

"Well..." Milly adopted a contemplative expression as her head lolled to one side. "I don't think my parents would have stayed around here with all the monsters that were around..." She paused as her head lolled to the opposite side. "I guess we could look for them where you want to go..." She decided upon. She was startled completely out of her thoughtful expression by a man popping out of a nearby garbage can. "W-Who's that man talking to?" Milly nervously asked Roxy.

Torrin nodded, turning to follow Kara. "I shall perform as best I can sir." he said, before following Kara.

He looked at Milly and Roxy and chuckled
"Hehehe I musta grabbed de wrong can. Whats cooking good looking? Andre Sweet at your serivices. Or as Im known on the street...."
He gave a low bow, then spoke into the microphone, which suddenly auto-tuned his voice.

Roxy nodded a bit. "Alright... but we're gonna end up taking a plane there. Have you ever been flying before?" She also jumped a bit at the man popping up out of the trashcan and even more so at his use of AutoTune. "...Nya? The hell?"

Carmen eventually walked outside, but a bit after the man had suddenly popped out. She gave him a quizzical look as she stepped outside. ...Humans are really interesting...

Farsight moved with grace he had never bothered with before, the battlesuit making so little sound that Torrin might not have paid any attention to it. The first thing that he would definitely pay attention to was his path been blocked by Farsight's large Dawn Blade as he extended it from the side to stop him, the shimmering edge almost as long as Torrin was tall and wider than his chest. Kara kept going, not having seen Farsight seperate Torrin from her.

Longstrike frowned as he considered how to explain it.

"Yeah, born. You know... hatched from an egg? Or however it happens with your species?" He brought his hands together in a single ball then split them apart to simulate an egg cracking open. He then mimed a bird's flapping wings with his hands, letting out an abrupt laugh at himself for doing so, as the miming felt like something a child would do.

Torrin stopped, and didn't move, although his eyes widened and he held up both hands. He held his tongue, waiting for Kara to be out of ear shot.

Milly gave the trash-can-man a, intrigued look, feeling more curious than threatened by him after the initial shock of his entrance wore off. "Why were you in that trash can? Were you sleeping in there?" She asked. Turning back to Roxy, she shook her head at her. "No. Is it a big deal?"

"Hey! Where am I anyhow?"
He looked around quizzically. Then spoke into the microphone again.
"This ain't the pimps and hoe's ball unless its really gone down, and not in a good way if you catch my drift..."

"I have fought many Gue'La during my career in the Fire Caste, Torrin O'Wynn. I do not know how many died on my orders. I do know that many died by my blade and plasma rifle, face to face. Some were cowards. Others brave, even heroic men. It does not matter what thoughts were coing through their head when I bore down on them. What does matter is how they responded. Most fought back with every shot, every ounce of strength they had. Not all, but most." Farsight moved to stand in front of Torrin and stare him in the face.

"Not a single one of them underwent the same transformation that you did on the day Ui'Kara was wounded by the Astartes, or anything like it. Nor could they draw mysterious weapons out of thin air. Who are you to have such an ability in battle, I wonder? And what is the cause of it?"

Roxy shook her head in response, smiling a bit. "No, it'll be fine. I was just wondering."

Turning back to Sweet n' Low, she tilted her head a bit. "...Yeah, you're in Dallas right now. Uh... I'm not sure, but I didn't see anything like... that around here." The catgirl replied, noting when the man said 'pimps and hoes'

Carmen eventually stood by Milly, keeping her hand to her chin for the moment. That device alters voices? I could make use of that...

Nanami watched Longstrike's gestures closely. She slowly started to nod her head as he went. "Bbboorrnn... Hhaattccchhheedd..." It wasn't clear if she'd actually made the right connection or not however, but when he laughed at himself miming, she felt the need to do likewise.

Her body however wasn't used to doing such an action on land, and thus resulted in a coughing fit for her. She recovered quickly though.

"Well, I was supposed to come up out of a trashcan as a surprise entrance to the annual Pimps and Hoes Ball. But I must have dumped myself off in the wrong can hehehe but it would be more fun to dump myself off in the right can hehehe "
He smiled, clearly trying to come off as player-ish as possible.

Torrin watched O'Shovah carefully, and thought on how he would speak. Slowly, words slipped into his mouth, words he didn't think but nonetheless felt. "Have you fought Daemons, O'Shovah? They are cruel, merciless, and more evil then anything I have ever encountered. When you fight them, when they get in so close that you can see the individual scales in their body or feel the warp creep from their mind to yours, you learn something. You learn to fight as hard as you can, or die there, bleeding and broken and left for their cultists to torture you until another daemon finds your body and uses it to enter the material world. I can't explain how I can get so strong in times like that, only that when things are at their most dire, I find reserves in me I shouldn't have. It scares me senseless every time I touch it, but it helps myself and my allies survive when nothing else could save us. I know that might disturb you, but all that I ask is that you give me a chance to demonstrate that these powers can be used for your greater good." after Torrin was finished speaking, his mind blank, unsure of what he'd just said, only hoping it had come out well.

Marvelous. I always was good at speech writing.
Think that will work?
If it doesn't, then we might need to get ready for a fight. Damn, I hate these warpdead...

Milly asked Roxy, "Miss Roxy, what's a 'Pimps and Hoes Ball'?" She was too focused on the strange man who emerged from the garbage to notice Carmen walking up and standing next to her.

O'Shovah stared at Torrin, motionless, for what felt like hours. Finally, he slowly drew the Dawn Blade back from Torrin's face, the unknown metal glinting ominously as it rose.

"As has been said. Consider yourself under observation." He said simply, the mechanically amplified voice sounding no different than it had before and yet leaving no doubt as to what would happen if Torrin failed to prove himself worthy. With that, he stepped back and allowed Torrin to pass and catch up to Kara.

Longstrike looked concerned as Nanami coughed, but when it passed he simply smiled.
"I think you get the idea. Anyway, I'd better get this comms array packed up again. Can't have O'Shovah finding out that I have it linked up to the railgun's particle accelerator to amp up the voltage." He winked conspiratorially at her.

Roxy scratched the back of her head a bit as Milly spoke to her. "Uh... It's a place.. where... uh..." The catgirl began to blush as she tried to find someway to word it before Carmen bluntly interrupted. "It's where a bunch of men celebrate their dominion over poor women."

Torrin nodded, and bowed. He then ran after Kara, feeling more fearful for himself then he ever had when working with a so called member of the group.

"Hello there." He turned to Carmen. "My name is Sweet, and Im not judging you based on gratuitous sterotypes" He responded in a sarcastic tone, setting down the chalice and picking at his nails with file.

Kara heard Torrin approach and called back to him without turning around.
"Did you stop to admire the flower gardens on the way?" She asked, laughing. "That went really well!" As Torrin caught up to her she turned to face him, beaming openly.
"Congratulations Torrin. It's not official, but by the end of our time here, you'll be a Gue'Vesa!"

OOC: I'm guessing no one caught my little joke with the comms array. :/

Breathing a little as if she still wasn't used to dealing with these outbursts of her body on land, she looked at Longstrike like he had two heads, mostly due to his use of many scientific terms. She couldn't quite figure out what it all meant, but he sounded in trouble if he didn't get what he needed to do done.

"BBbbaaadd ffine?" She said, looking from him to the contraption. "Wwhhat ccan II..?" She said pointing to the device, offering to help if she could, although really unless lifting was needed she couldn't help with much else.

Torrin grinned, although Kara might notice it wasn't the strongest he'd put out. "Well, it'll be nice to get some of that kit if nothing else." he nodded several times, before the smile grew bigger. "Don't suppose I'd be lucky enough to get assigned to your squad?"

Carmen tilted her head a bit. "Indeed you're not, Mr. Sweet. However, you're speaking of a mature subject in front of a young girl. That says a few things about you. And seeing as a ball is only for the elites in a certain field, do you or do you not fit the stereotype?" The demoness said as she motioned to Milly standing in front of her.

"That just sounds mean." Milly mused aloud to herself as she gave Sweet a less-than-entirely-pleasant glance.

Kazma exited the hotel looking for Milly. She was with afew others next to a dude in white standing in a trash can. He shaunted over and cracked a smile. "Already have the scum in the trash. I always miss the fun".

"Don't look too excited about it." Kara snorted, flicking Torrin on the chestplate with the back of her hand. When his smile grew more sincere, she smiled too.
"Hmm... yeah, it'd be worth trying to get that arranged. I wouldn't mind having you around once we get back into the normal routine. You know, uh, you're pretty handy in a firefight."

Longstrike shook his head and grinned.

"Nah, I've got it. Thanks though." He said as he began to disassemble the device.

OOC: Test tomorrow. Got to come off soon.

Torrin smiled even more at Kara's poking and joking, and laughed. "Oh really Ui'Kara. You value me in a firefight, eh? Good to know. You're quite useful in a firefight yourself, when you aren't getting used as a knife rack by a crazed Astartes. So, about 99% of the time, I suppose. Lets just hope you don't need me up close, eh?"

"Well if you insist, allow me to enlighten you as to my purview of opperations. All my girls work for me by choice. Im part of the Pimps for Improvment of Metropolitan and Projects Soceity, or the PIMPS for short. We object to trafficking of human beings, and instead, stand for the philosophy of the well treated working girl . That said Why yes, I do fit that stereotype..." He flashed a wide grin. Then knelt down to Milly.
"Let me extend my most heartfelt apology for my behavoir ma'am" His tone, while still very much himself, had a ring of honesty to it.

Kara laughed with Torrin, before motioning towards the Hammerhead.

"Aun forbid! We'd both be screwed! Come on. Let's go and make sure Longstrike isn't going to blow us all up messing around with that comms array." She began to lead the way.

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