We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Carmen smirked a bit as she made it to the front of the line and waited for her cash to be transferred into pounds. Oooh... I know a lot about refills.... "I see, by 'fuel', you mean..." She leaned in a little closer and lowered her voice. "...souls, don't you?"

Sweet walked through a door and looked around. "Man this place is TIIIGHHHHHTTTTTTTT Haaaaaa..." He did a little spin around and fell down onto the couch.
"What did I miss?"

"Let's assume I do. This wouldn't really the best place to talk about that." Greed answered, also leaning in closer, but then moving away to the distance that had been between Carmen and himself. "Would it?"

Carmen quickly took back her money as it was converted and handed Greed 320 pounds. "There, that will cover roughly four months of mine and the child's rent. And yes, you're right... this isn't really the place for this conversation, unless you wish to make it so."

As Sweet was walking through, Roxy was admiring the house as well, her room already picked out for herself. She gave Sweet a wave as she noticed him walk in. "You didn't miss much of anything. Everyone was just adjusting to this big house. Oh, and Greed said that he's charging rent for everyone at 10 pounds a week. I don't think that money will be a problem for you though, right, Mr. Sweet? ....Or Mr. Low...? Uh..." The catgirl scratched her head a bit trying to figure which name to call the jolly pimp in front of her.

"honey.." He said, idly twirling his cane. "You can call me whatever you like."
He laughed a little.
"A player could get used to this place... Where are you from anyways? Where you reside?"

"Much appreciated." Greed answered as he took the money and retrieved his wallet which he bought back in Dallas. After stuffing the bills in it, Greed walked up to the counter himself and had his own Dollar bills exchanged. "And, best not. " After a short pause, he asked, "Say, do you demons not eat at all, or do you just not need to, per se?"

Roxy smiled a bit as she nodded. "Okay then, Mr. Sweet. And where I'm from... Uh... I live in this place called Fierro City. It's really big, really crowded, ... and really violent. But it's the only place I've grown up in, so I love it despite all the stuff that happens there. What about you?"

Carmen shook her head as she caused her bag of pounds to disappear in a puff of black smoke as the two exited the bank. "We don't need to as long as we keep consuming energy. Though a favorite for consumption for either necessity or fun is liquor. Most demons love alcohol and I'm a massive proof of that. Let's just say don't let me into a human bar and offer to pay my tab. You'll hate yourself and me by the end of the night. The succubus ended with a small giggle.

"It was my honor. We'll train again tomorrow if you want. Now though, we need to eat"! Kazma marched along with Milly back to the estate. He was still worried about Milly, something was wrong, but he'd respect her wishes and maybe when the time was right she'd tell him.

Taking a swig from his chalice, he answered.
Girl, I roll from a little place called Steelport, with the Third Street Saints. I know, I know, you have probably heard of us. Celebrities, no big fuss. And let me just say, all the rumors are true, we throw THE BEST Parties in the world."

Greed laughed as he followed Carmen out of the bank, stuffing the now-overfull wallet back in his right pocket. "Hah. Did you forget who you're talking to, babe? I'm the embodiment of greed. I don't pay for anyone. At least, not unless it's made worth my while." he remarked as he walked over to the van, stopping outside it. "That said, seeing as you can eat, how 'bout we have ourselves some dinner?"

Milly nodded to Kazma at first as she continued to follow him, but once he brought up food, started to shake her head. "I'm not hungry. You should just get some food yourself." I haven't had any blood in a few days... Miss Yukino's has been keeping me going longer than normal, but it feels like I need more soon... As she and Kazma made it back to the estate, she gave Roxy a wave as she saw her.

Carmen raised an eyebrow before smirking and nodding. "Well, normally I'd decline since you're housing me in such a fine estate, but if you insist, then I'm all for it, dear."

Roxy waved back at Milly before turning to Sweet. "Actually, I've never heard of the 3rd Street Saints. Though I'm not about to disagree with you on parties... seeing as you seem to be a walking one yourself."

"That's what I like to hear. The fact that I'm not paying for your part's still there though. just so we're clear on that." Greed remarked as he unlocked the van and got in, sticking the keys in the ignition and starting the engine. "What's the housing got to do with it, though?"

Sweet grinned. "Why thank you ma'am. I pride myself on being of the utmost quality master of ceremonies, party starters and in some cases..." he chuckled. " ending the party when necessary . And while I normally only like hair on a women's head, and dont take this the wrong way, You Fiiiiinnnnnneeeee "

Carmen chuckled again. "I just assumed you were going to pay for me since I was going to be eye candy, but I was going to refuse on those grounds. But seeing as you're making me pay, I honestly don't have a reason to refuse, do I other than me wanting to save my money... which I might."

Roxy noted what Sweet had said and looked around on her body, seeming worried. No fur on her... minus the tail and ears of course. "Uh.... Thanks." Wait... is he hitting on me? And I got worried for a second... I got my fur waxed off before I left. It shouldn't grow back for a long while.

"Oh, you're eye candy, alright, but that'd be a bonus in this case, not the main reason. The main reason is that I'm hungry." Greed remarked as he drove out of the parking lot of the bank. "If you want to save money though, don't let me stop you."

Sweet noted her response. "Relax babe, Im not here for that. I make a strict policy of not mixing pleasure and business. Although, haha... You could say pleasure is my business " Then he shook his head and waved his hand. "But but but you catch my drift... also, do me a solid and remind me of that pleasure is my business line later.... I MIGHT NEED IT. hehe.. you know what I'm sayin?"

Roxy nodded again, seeming less confused. "Yeah, I got ya. We're in a pretty high scale area, you should be able to do business well here."

Carmen leaned back in her seat for a bit. "Then you'll be kind enough to drop me off at the estate? I actually have something urgent I need to speak to the child about."

" I know I just kinda jumped in.... " He asked. "But what exactly are we doing in merry old England?"

"Ahh, a shame. But alright." Greed answered with a small shrug as he began driving back to the estate. "So, picking up on an earlier conversation. When you said "consume energe", did you mean souls?"

Roxy looked outside for the moment. "We're more or less just killing time here. We beat the bad guy and we're supposed to get a way to get back to our homes since we beat him. It's either on some delay or there's still something we need to do in this dimension that we don't know about yet. But yeah, just relaxing after dealing with all those zombies, in all honesty... To put it lightly, after all that crap, we deserve it."

Seeing Milly, Roxy waved at her again.

Carmen nodded. "Yes, I did. I assumed we were on the same page, but apparently not."

Greed chuckled. "If we weren't, I'd just would've said no back there, wouldn't I? Yeah, by "getting a refill", I meant absorbing souls, alright. Never actually done it before, though."

Carmen 'hmmm'd' a bit in response. "I don't suppose you'd tell me the process you'd have to go through?"

"Nope. That's sort of a trade secret. If you wanna know, you'll have to earn it."

"Ah. A shame then. I'll leave you your secrets, dear." Carmen looked out as the estate began to come into view.

"Why the interest?" Greed asked as he drove onto the estate grounds.

"Simple curiosity, dear. Seeing as I'm also aiming for the same thing. It's just not at the forefront of my mind at the moment." Carmen replied as she exited the car once they stopped. She began to make her way into the house.

Milly glared at Sweet for a short time from behind her sunglasses before walking over closer and standing next to Roxy. When Carmen came in, she waved to her. "Hello." She pleasantly greeted everyone around her at the moment.

Greed waved to Carmen as she got out of the car, then closed the door of the passengers side and began driving back towards the suburbs. I should probably keep an eye on her. Might become a bit of a problem in the long run... Thresher, can you hear me? Greed waited for a while, but there was no responce from Thresher, as it wasn't monitoring Greed's thoughts. Guess not. Ah well. Thing for another time. First, food.

OoC: And I'm off.

As Carmen walked in, she waved toward Milly. "Hello, dear. You and I need to discuss things in private. Madam Kitty, Mister Sweet, please excuse my sudden appearance." The succubus gave Sweet and Roxy a curtsy before motioning for the little girl to follow her.

"Huh? Oh, um, okay." Milly followed after Carmen, waving to Roxy and Sweet as she went. While she tried to not seem notably eager in following after Carmen, there was a definite spring in her step that could be seen if someone was paying attention.

As Milly followed, Carmen eventually walked up two flights of stairs and walked into an empty bedroom. Afterward, she drew all the curtains and motioned for Milly to follow again before closing and locking the door behind the girl. As she did, she focused on creating a barrier on the door, which would keep all possible noise from escaping, in case people tried to eavesdrop.

Afterward, she turned to Milly and smiled. "Alright... Let's make things clear. You need to feed on blood, yes?"

With the curtains being drawn and no longer needing to worry about the sun, Milly pulled off the various bits of clothing around her face. "Um... Yes. That's true." She began, keeping her voice down as she didn't know about Carmen's barrier and didn't want anyone to overhear. "I, um, don't know what happens if I don't... but I know it wouldn't be anything good."

Carmen nodded, smiling faintly. "Right. Seeing as I'm going to teach you, I'm not about to let you go hungry. How were you planning on obtaining your blood? And don't be afraid to speak up, I have a barrier up that will completely nullify any sound coming out of this room."

"Oh, okay then." Milly replied, raising her voice. She glanced around the room and found a chair and sat down in it. "Well, I, uh... didn't really have a plan for that... I was just thinking I'd do what I did for a while before, go out when it was night and find someone whose blood I could drink without anyone seeing me. But... that isn't always easy to do..."

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