We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Carmen 'hmmm'd' a bit before nodding and smiling at Milly. "Then I'll help you with finding a meal. I'm like you in that sense, where I also need to feed on people from time to time or bad things happen to me. I also understand how difficult not getting caught can be. ...Actually, I wonder if you'd be able to feed on me... "

Milly smiled widely at Carmen. "You will? And you are? I hadn't met anyone that was actually like me anymore... Thank you!" She nearly cheered at Carmen. She then sat up straight and lolled her head to one side as she thought. "Well, until a couple of weeks ago I never fed on anything that wasn't human... but Miss Yukino let me have some of her blood a few times. And it was better than any other blood I had before! So I think your blood would work too."

Carmen smirked a bit and nodded. "I suppose that does make sense. That fox is quite the oddity... Perhaps we should find other supernatural things for you to feed on..." Regarding what the girl had said first, she simply smiled warmly. "No need to thank me. Since I'm going to be teaching you, I'm going to help you out the best I can. All I ask in return is that you take what I teach you to heart and try your best at each lesson... which we're going to have late at night, of course. You can do that for me, right dear?"

Milly started to unconsciously licked her lips at Carmen's aloud musings. "I like that idea!" I wonder what other things would taste like?... She nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! I can do that! I will do that!"

Carmen simply chuckled as she noticed Milly licking her lips and her enthusiasm. "Perfect. I'm sure you're going to learn a lot from me... and I'm going to enjoy teaching you as weel. Now, to start off... let's find out how my blood tastes, shall we?"

The woman moved her hair to expose her neck and leaned toward Milly. "Oh. Let me formally introduce myself: My name is Carmen St.Luna and I'm going to be your tutor. What's your name, miss?"

"It's Mildred. Mildred Carlisle. But I just like Milly." Milly beamed at Carmen before baring her fangs and sinking them into Carmen's neck. After consuming a pint of Carmen's blood, going by her usual amount as she didn't want to accidentally make Carmen anemic, she withdrew her teeth and licked the wound to make it close. She sighed and leaned back in her chair, looking up at the ceiling with half-closed eyes. "Your blood tastes so goood~ Miss St.Luna." She sang, staring up and smiling at nothing.

"Alright then, Milly. I'm glad to hear that my blood's adequate for your tastes. Now then, once it gets to be late night, we'll get started with your lessons... preferably close quarters to build off what you learned from that bunny man today..." Carmen mused a bit as she saw that Milly was in her own little world.

My blood's akin to a drug for her...? Well.... we'll see how this goes. This girl may have made getting sucked out to this dimension worth it... A small smile curled on the demoness' lips as she rubbed her bite wound.

OoC: And time to get to bed.

Date: May 27, 2013
Location: England

Kendrick stood in front of the construction site of his Fae Spire, a five-story tall, 10-foot wide, four-sided monolith, dotted with four glowing runes, one on each of its faces. In front of him stands a collection of journalists and on-lookers, a veritable sea of people with cameras at the ready for what was previously publicized to be a world-changing announcement.

"This is your penance, your salvation. The world will unite as one beneath me for none can stand before what is coming." Kendrick gestures to spire in the distance.

"This is not just an energy source, it is a tether. With it I will right the wrongs of this world." The Prime Minister wheels around, his trench-coat billowing in the wind.

His voice echoes into the distance, his outstretched hand hangs in the open.
Instead of the grand entrance of an ancient creature as he had expected, Kendrick's fanfare is met with a series of four explosions being set off simultaneously along the faces of the spire. Kendrik's face slowly falls and his arm falls limp at his side as his mouth hangs agape as the Spire begins to collapse.

Meanwhile, in a secure location...

Raspy, raucous laughter rang out in a dark room lit only by a television screen broadcasting the unplanned demolition of Kendrick's Spire. A figure sits in a chair facing the screen, his mood in opposition to what the journalists covering the event were trying to describe as a tragedy. "Oh man, that feels good. The schmuck couldn't have given us a better cue if he was trying." The laughter starts up once again.

Nanami and the crab had gotten to the estate a short while ago, having taken a far longer time getting out of the airport than the others.

They now lay in a lower section of the estate's outer edge, underneath the shade of a large deciduous tree. The crab was facing towards the outskirts of the property, plucking some of the long grasses and plant life that was sticking through the boundary. It would try some, often tossing it away, but some of the grasses it seemed to like, and munched on them. Nanami was lying down on the grass as well, but leaning on the crab's back side, looking more into the property. Both seemed to still have the dew of the morning on them, the droplets seemingly not wanting to let up in the shade, even though the surrounding grass had been dry for several hours already.

If there was a fountain on the property, Nanami would be looking at it rather vacantly, seemingly deep in thought. Otherwise she'd be looking at a pool of water in her hand, she'd formed from the dew.

Gumi was strolling around and waved at Nanami and the crab. "Evening guys!" she said with a small smile.

Nanami lay there still somewhat entraced in what she was thinking, but snapped out of it a little as the crab stirred as it waved to Gumi, then went back to eating a giant dandelion. Nanami looking up to the gun toting sniper, then propped herself up a bit more. "Hhello Ggummi." She said, her voice still raspy as usual did sound pretty good when you thought how long she'd been talking for. Nanami sounded like she had something on her mind though.

Gumi smiled. "Good to hear your speaking has improved" she said to Nanami, then tilted herh ead. "Is Yall alright? you sound a bit down..."

Nanami looked to Gumi, then looked at the water that had pooled in her hand. She patted the ground in front of her, wishing for Gumi to take a seat. "Pplleeaasse?"

"Mkay then..." Gumi replied, and put her sniper on her lap before sitting down. "So tell me what's on your mind, I'll see if I can't help yall at all" she said to Nanami.

Nanami side as she tried to put her thoughts into something she could explain to Gumi the problem.

She eventually raised one finger to Gumi.

First she pointed to her spear, specifically the metal blade of it. She pointed specifically at the metal several times to emphasize 'metal'. She then raised her hand up in the air, waving it a little like it was flying, and even made some engine like sounds by humming. She placed her hand to her chest. She then placed her palms together and placed them to the side of her head, even tilting her head like she was sleeping. And finally she pointed with both hands to her eyes, and then waved them outwards like they had seen something.

Roxy and Carmen had come down in time to see Nanami pantomiming. Roxy tilted her head as Carmen seemed to nod a bit. "So you saw something while you were asleep? Go ahead, dear. What did you see?"

Nanami nodded, and thought for a moment before continuing.

"IIII ssseeee mmooooommmm... Mmmooommm" She said, then in the second sentence she pointed to the water in her hand. "Wwwaaattteerrr." Then stretched her arms out quite wide.

"Nnnaannaammi, hhoowww yyou arre, mmmoooommm." She said, she place a hand across her chest again.

"Mmmoooommm wwhhat iis tthaat?" She pointed behind the three like something was behind them. She then let out a low screech, not enough to hurt anyone's ears, but with her arms raised like a monster, there wasn't much of a guess for what the 'that' could be.

"Mmmoooommm, wwaaatter.... tthaat, wwaatter..." She then patted her chest. "Nnnanammii, wwwateerr."

Roxy continued to tilt her head, seeming even more confused while Carmen simply let out a sigh. "I see. Your dream showed you something foreboding... and now you wish to return to the... what is is called again...?"

The catgirl looked a little sad as Carmen explained. "The ocean... I guess that makes sense for the two of you. ...I'll miss you guys. "

Nanami nodded slowly, she then looked to the estate, and then back to the three. She sighed as she tried to think of the last part of her little problem.

Nanami placed a hand to her chest to start first, "Nnaanammi". She then grabbed her spear, bringing it into a defensive pose.

She then said her name a second time, and firmed her pose. "Mmmillly, Guummi, Rrooxxy, Caarrmmen, EEEEMMiily, Sssall..." she listed off as she got a bit quiet.

"Nnnaanamii wwaatterr... bbbaadd *defensive position pose* Mmmiilly, Ggummi, Rrooxxyy, Caarmeen, EMMiilly, Llloongsstrrike..." She said.

The crab had gotten up and turned around, now looking at all the others, it nodded and looked a little concerned. It wasn't exactly she was saying that they were weak, but that if she wasn't there, she would be concerned for them.

Carmen smiled a bit at the gesture before shaking her head. "You don't need to worry about us, dear. We'll be fine on our own. Thank you for the concern though." ...How arrogant to think that I need your protection...

Nanami got up from her sitting position she'd had with Gumi, the crab sidestepping so it was behind her. "Guummi... Rrroooxxy... Ccaarrmmmenn... Ttthhaaannk yyouu." She said, taking a deeper bow than she would normally have done. "Fffiinne. Nnnanaammi wwaatterr... Yyou." She then pointed to everyone there. *Defensive stance pose*

"Yyyoou *defensive stance pose* Mmmiillly."

The crab understanding that time was of the essence, picked up Nanami, she stood up on the crab, waited for the others to say their goodbyes.

Roxy noted the pose and nodded resolutely at Nanami before waving goodbye.. "Leave it to me, Nanami. You be careful out there too, okay?"

Carmen nodded as she waved along with the others. "Understood, dear. Take care."


Nanami nodded with much vigor to Roxy. "Nnnaannaaammi... ffinne. Ttthhannk yyoou."

Nanami and the crab both waved at the group standing around them one last time before they charged off.

'I'm coming..., mom.'


In a lonely alleyway, Gary Sanderson 'Roach' of Task Force 141 wakes up in a bed as he felt his body on fire.

"... Please be calm"

"I who's a... what?" His vision clears as he sees a young 24 year old woman crouching besides him.

"Ach... my head and..." he reaches around his body, finding that all his equipment, assault rifle and all. "... Wait... This is... London! But how in the? But the..? What the fuck is going on?"

"... Please calm down." the woman replied as she extended a hand down to Roach.

Clover was walking along the sidewalk he was singing this song

He looked over at Roach "Now what is U.S Military officer doing here with all of his guns. You know England has a very strict no gun policy"

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