We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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The woman looks at Clover with emotionless eyes but then shifts back at Roach.

"US? I am former Special Air Services, you dope!" Roach fired back, finding that getting up was difficult. The woman thought helped him back up.

Back at Remington Security Company (RSC) Jack approached The Queen as she was busy plotting for the future. "My Queen, I have been hearing some reports you might find interesting." he stated in a very business like tone. He had adopted the role of personal assistant quite well in a very short time, after hiring some people to run his bar while he was away, aiding the Queen in her efforts at world domination.

The Queen didn't acknowledge Jack very much, simply ordering him to speak. "Well...Some strange buildings simply known as 'Malls' have been popping up all over the world. Inside, it's been reported that you can find...anything. Anything you could possibly want is available for the taking...for free, it seems." he explained.

The Queen was silent for some time as she processed this information. "Send out a small recon team in civilian garb. I want these claims to be substantiated by people I know I can trust." she ordered. "Also, dictate a list of items and supplies that the team will specifically look for." she added, then went down a list of weapons, vehicles, and construction materials. When the list was done, Jack went away to organize a team and start the mission.

"Hmm. If this proves to be true, certain parts of my plan could become infinitely more...simple." The Queen thought out loud to herself, already feeling a well of excitement rise up in her.

OOC: @Rosh I thought Roach was U.S. Rangers, not British SAS?

"Well sorry, I don't know the slight differences in uniform between two nations! Wait if your former why hell are you wearing your uniform and have your guns!"

@Random: No, he was British SAS. Which is why i said he would feel right at home. bingo

"I am now a member of the Multi-national... Oh, hell, Why am I tell you anything like this?" Roach said, with the woman helping him up. "Thanks... Miss?"

"... Seikou."

"So do you two know each other from somewhere or something"

Roach raised an eyebrow at Clover. "Wha? No. I haven't seen this woman before." He looks over at Seikou. "No offense dear."

Seikou simply blinks.

"Okay than, I'm going to pick up burgers if you want any" He said going back to singing

Roach's stomach growls as he watches Clover sing. "...First I got set on fire and now this... Sure, whatever..." As he starts to leave, Seikou starts to follow.

"Miss? Any reason you following me?"

"... Because."

Roach facepalms, peaking out his eyes through the holes between his fingers. "Look I thank you for finding me and all, but I'm good now. You can be on your way." Seikou shakes her head.

"... Alright fine."

"She's totally in to you by the way. She's probably been following you for the past week"

Seikou looks over at Clover with unblinking stoic eyes before returning back to Roach. Roach on the other hand, shrugged.

"I honestly haven't a problem... But now, I am heading off to SAS HQ. Cheerio... whoever the hell you are." He started to leave with Seikou trailing behind.

"I'm Clover by the way. Played Batman in the Amazons attack movie... God that movie was terrible"

"Riiight then..." Roach nodded as he and Seikou hurried away.

"... He is a very strange man."

"So is the woman that is following a fully armed soldier."

"..." The two eventually reach the SAS HQ.


Well long story short, Roach finds out that the year is 2013, not 2016.

Yawning a bit, Roxy was walking around the mansion's grounds. Her shop was closed today and it looked nice out enough. As she had been doing since 3 months ago, the girl had on a white cat-eared beanie and wore her blonde hair down instead of in a big ass drill curl. As such, her hair reached down to her back and her bangs were a bit of a mess. She also kept her tail tucked in her pants as she walked, humming to herself and enjoying the sunshine.

Carmen was within her room in the mansion, taking a light snooze.

@Dot: Still in 'Merica I guess? (London is where my characters are)

Frustrated, Roach shakes his head at the SAS officers. Ultranationalists of Russia, the stuff that happened before... Hasn't happened yet.

Wait... if this is true then... Makarov... he ponders as he exits the SAS HQ with Seikou.

@Rosh: Naw, Roxy/Carmen are in England already. I'd assume this mansion's in the city's countryside or something.

Eventually, Roxy had decided to drive out into London for a bit. She checked by a few shelters she had helped and poked her head in to check on a few people before walking on her merry way.

Roach looks around as he spots Roxy, with a frown. "Is there an anime convention nearby..?" He scratches his head seeing that cat-girls ears. Not exactly complaining though.

Seikou continues to blankly look over everything.

@Rosh: Roxy's got a beanie over her head and ears, so the twitching makes it look like the ears are mechanical and stuff.

The beanie's ears twitched a bit as Roxy looked over toward Roach and put a hand to her chin. "...Uh... No, not that I've heard of... Are you and your girlfriend fans perhaps?"

Rex yawned a bit as he walked outside of the hotel he'd been staying in. With some information he'd found out from the police, he learned that Roxy had left and headed over to some place in England. Why? No effin' idea, but at least he knew she was alive. He stuck outside for a bit looking up toward the sky.

@Dot: Ah, so there are twitching in some cases. Eh well, whatever.

"She's not my girlfriend..." Roach pointed out as Seikou tilted her head. "I just saw the cat-ears and... yeah, never-mind." Clearing his throat, he then said. "Before you ask, I am a member of the SAS, I am not running around in full gear just for show."

Seikou muttered something, her voice as usual sounded monotone and low. "... No linker core. Hmm."

Clover was getting some burgers but coincidentally Goodington was in front of him "Yes I would like a burger... WITH ALL THE FRIES!" He than laughed manically
"It might take a while for me to add all of that up"
"I'll wait"
"... Have you been running out of plans lately. Cause I mean last week it was the turtle thing and now it's the fry thing. These schemes have just been getting weak man"
"Well I haven't had a lot of free time. I've been redecorating, I was thinking of changing my castle to a more futuristic look"
"I think British castle would really suit you better"
"Yeah... It's going to take a while for me to complete this scheme"
"Technically you haven't done anything illegal so I can't stop you"

" Oh! Sorry for jumping to conclusions then... The SAS? ...So some military organization for the government? Alright then. ...Wait, is some state of emergency I should be worried about...? I haven't been in this country for too long so... I wouldn't really know..." Roxy asked, getting a little more worried as she continued to talk. Her ears twitched a small bit as she barely picked up on Seikou's muttering, but not enough to make out that the woman had said.

Noah emerged from the hotel shortly after Rex. "What should we do next?" he asked.

Greed was out in front of the estate, laying on a beach chair he positioned in the sun. He was looking at recent news reports on a smartphone he had stolen in recent times, paticularly events surrounding England's new Prime Minister. Where's my country, Randall Flagg? I kept my end of the deal...

Rex looked over for a bit before leaning off the wall. "So I found out the girl I'm looking for's in some place called England. I'm going to find some kinda flight that'll take me over there. You comin' with, Noah?"

"The Special Air Services of the United Kingdom, our motto: 'Who Dares, Wins'." Roach gave a chuckle. "A-hey, relax. As far as I know, nothing bad is happening..." But this monolith that appeared several months ago... That might be worth investigating. Roach smiled at Roxy.

Seikou started to fiddle with a small round marble in her right hand, its color a dark cherry red.

Noah nodded. "I suppose I should. I'd quite like to look into those Spires, and the 'Ulairon' the Prime Minister mentioned..." he replied. He paused for a few seconds, deep in thought. "How do you plan on getting to England? If this Earth is anything like mine, you will require a passport, and I doubt that any ID from your universe will be valid here."

Rex blinked a bit before facepalming. "Ugh... Yeah, transport's probably different... Thanks for not letting me make a fool of myself. So how would you get a passport from your world?"

Roxy blinked a bit before nodding and smiling. "Alright, cool! ...By the way, since you're with a federal service... do you know what was up with that stuff with the Prime minister a while back? I mean... it wasn't planned obviously, but do you know anything??"

Roach gave a light sigh, trying to lie. He is really bad at doing so. "Sadly... No I haven't. I have been... Eheh... gone for some time. Recently been reinstated."

"...Liar." Seikou muttered as she continued to play with the marble.

"Well, you have to fill out an application and send it off with some other stuff, like a recent photo, then wait. Or, you can go to a forger. That would be faster, but illegal." Noah explained.

Roxy frowned a bit, being able to tell Roach was lying as well. "...If it's a government secret or something, at least tell me that to my face, alright?" She sighed a bit before looking toward Seikou and her marble. "Oh... what are your names by the way?"

Rex shrugged before leaning off the wall. "Do you have a problem with going illegal dude? Cause I want to get to England asap and just the sound of applications makes my skin crawl..."

"No, no, as far as I can tell, its nothing like that, the SAS and other government channels haven't a clue to what happened... Err." Roach sighed. He wasn't good for anything like making himself sound crazy, but being displaced three years in the past does sound like the grounds for 'crazy'.

"Ah, names. Right. Gary Sanderson. But I usually just go back my callsign, 'Roach'."

".... Seikou."

"You really don't speak much do you?" Seikou simply blinked.

Noah shook his head. "No problem whatsoever."

Rex smirked and nodded before turning to walk off. "Sweet, let's get going then. This is a pretty big city, so it shouldn't be that hard to find the shadier parts of town... even if half of it's been run through by zombies."

Roxy nodded and smiled at both Seikou and Roach. "Nice to meet you two. I'm Roxy." She gave them a little bow before adopting a confused anc curious look at what Roach had said. "And they didn't even know? ....That's worth investigating, isn't it?" ...After three months of waiting, this could be our 'bad guy'... It's obvious the first guy wasn't....

Carmen yawned as she emerged from the mansion in a simple red and black sundress. She looked over toward Greed and gave him a wave before looking at his smartphone curiously.

OOC: Guess I'll post the last part of our interlude then...

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