We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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That's all? Dull. For a time Greed said nothing further as he left the urban areas and headed into the countryside. "So, did that winged thing turn out to be something worth the time, or just another dead end?" he eventually asked.

Roxy simply shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not... The whole 'back home portal' might be on a delay, but it seems like this was a dead end... We'll just have to wait I guess."

Carmen nodded in return.

"If delay is the case, let 'em delay all they want. I'm in no hurry." Greed remarked as he drove up towards the esetate grounds. "'Cause this, beats anything I had back home, and Im not in a rush to say goodbye to it." he added, pulling up behind a tree and got out of the van.

Roxy looked a bit starry-eyed at the estate grounds and Carmen looked more than interested in it as well. "Woah~ ...Alright, let's get started then, huh?"

"Yep. There will be a few preperations to make before we start the big stuff, though." Greed answered Roxy as he send out Thresher once more. "Thresher, read my mind. You'll know what to do." he instructed Thresher. Turning towards Greed, the pokemon did as instructed, picking up that Greed wanted it to scan the area, starting close by and spreading outwards, looking for a fence. After telepathically it could do this, Thresher hovered to an open area and began its task.

Roxy nodded. "Alright... I'll follow your lead..."

Milly had been quietly following along with the rest as they made their way towards Greed's new estate. Having overheard Carmen's conversation to Greed, she gave Carmen a "Thank you." for alleviating her worry over the issue Greed had brought up. Spotting the grounds of Greed's new estate, She went completely wide-eyed. "Wow! Is that where we'll be living? It's so much bigger than my old house..."

Carmen looked back toward Milly and nodded. "Yes, quite grand isn't it? Well, we should get ourselves situated quickly, shouldn't we?"

Kazma looked about the outer construction of Greed's new place. It certainly was large. "Wonder if he robbed a bank to buy this place" Kazma laughed subtly.

Milly nodded and was about to head into the mansion before she heard Kazma speak up. "Oh! That reminds me." She walked over to Kazma and asked, "Can I have that lesson now, please? It's daylight, like you said it had to be." She looked up at the sky, moving the brim of her umbrella out of the way so she could do so.

"I just made some deals, if you must know." Greed remarked towards Kazma in a deadpan tone, crossing his arms.

"Sure, sure. Lets go find some place out of the way. Always best to teach where we won't be bothered". Kazma hefted up his backpack and marched out on the grass, they'red be somewhere nice around here for sure. "We'll be back for dinner, lets go Milly".

Milly nodded to Kazma, smiling slightly behind all the clothing covering up her face. She readjusted her umbrella to cover herself up, then followed after Kazma.

Carmen walked along with Milly and Kazma, standing out of the way so she could observe her training without being a hindrance.

Kazma stopped at a tree line. "Ohh, uh. Carman, by uh. This is a Master to student kind of thing, so I'll respectfully have to ask you to not follow. Nor spy". His eyes noted a seriousness that he took in this. He may not have done so with Roxy, but circumstances didn't afford much privacy in an urban area.

"Oh. How sad... Very well, I'll leave you two to your business." Carmen said, a small hint of disappointment in her voice as she turned to leave and went back to get herself set up in the mansion.

Milly waved Carmen off as she left. "Why does this have to be so secret?" She asked Kazma as she continued to follow him, stopping when he did.

"Who said anything about this being secret. Everyone knows we went off. Its just my ways, this is how I usually do things. Saves us from distraction". Kazma pushed through deeper into the country side estate with Milly in tow. After ten or so minutes of hiking they came to a small clearing. A small stream passed just out of the edge. "This will do nicely". Kazma set his bag down on a rock. "So, before we begin. Mind telling me whats with the get up". Kazma smiled abit but was facing away from the girl kicking out some sticks and stones from the clearing.

Deciding to let Thresher go about its business in peace, Greed entered the estate, intending to explore it more. Seeing Carmen, Greed approached her. "What do you think of the place? Pretty damn neat, huh?"

Gumi for the moment was looking around the mansion. "Well this place is fancy then a priest on Sunday..." she commented, somewhat struck by the place.

"I thought a General like you would of seen fancier places....but you can never be sure of what lies in the world..."

Gumi turned around confused by the voice. "Say wha...who's there?" As Gumi asked, Alice appeared in front of her with a grin. "We meet again, General Gumi Genkies....hehehe..." Alice said with a slightly chuckle as Gumi practicably jumped out of her skin. "Jeez!" Gumi said as she caught her breath and calmed down. "Well....isn't this a...nice reunion..." she said to Alice, rubbing the back of her head slightly. Of all the people why her...

"Oh, okay. That makes sense." Milly nodded and continued following Kazma. She stood out at the edge of the clearing, still in the shade of the treeline. She was taken by surprise by Kazma's question, and replied, "I... um... this is just what I like wearing. It's no big deal or anything."

Carmen looked over toward Greed with a large smile on her face. "Very much so, dear. We'll need to discuss rent of course. I'd hope it's not too extravagant, seeing as I need to cover for the child and myself."

Roxy ended up walking around as well until she saw Gumi and Alice. She was a little spooked by Alice's appearance as well before walking up to the duo and waving. "H-Hey, you two. Nice place, right?"

"Yeah, I'll have to take this up with the others too. There'll be no freeloading on my watch." Greed remarked as he slipped his hands in his pockets. "Anyway, how does 10 Pounds a week sound?"

Gumi nodded slightly nervously. "Yeah, this place is nice alright...I feel kinda spoiled being in here..." she answered Gumi with a slight chuckle.

Of course YOU would feel spoiled at a place like this... Alice thought before teleporting on the ceiling and putting her cane down to lean on. "it's alright I guess...." she replied to Roxy. Gumi gave a small sigh at Alice's reply.

Carmen put a hand to her chin for a few moments and subsequently nodded. "That sounds reasonable."

Roxy giggled a bit. "Don't worry, Gumi. I kinda feel the same way. I used to have a descent-sized room and place back home, but this place is... massive." Turning to Alice, she tilted her head a bit. "You say that as if you've seen better."

"Heh. Never let it be said that I'm not reasonable." Greed jokingly remarked, then, as an afterthought, added, "Reminds me. I should head down to the bank and exchange my current cash for Pounds soon."

Carmen nodded as well then asked "Maybe we should go off together then? I can prepay you for mine and Miss Mildred's rent for at least the next two months."

"i can agree with that!" Gumi said with a small smile.

Alice tilted her hat slightly. "A couple of times yes, then again I've seen so much in these worlds..." She replied to Roxy, then started to chuckle a little.

Roxy frowned a bit at Alice. "Well excuuuuse us for not being able to see new worlds like you can." She then turned to Gumi and smiled again. "There should be enough space for everyone to get their own room here... I think. But just remember that Greed won't let you stay here for free."

"Sure. Why not." Greed answered as he walked out of the grand hallway of the mansion. "Carmen 'n me are heading into town to exchange cash. We'll back later." he called out to Gummi and Roxy as he walked over to the car.

"Well that be fine by me, I can set up some equipment and try to make a report" Gumi said with a small smile. "Alrighty then, take care you two!" she said to Greed.

Alice smirked and chuckled before teleporting right in front of Roxy. "Oh no no no! it's fine by me, don't you worry...."

Carmen waved in response to Gumi as she followed Greed out.

"Later, you t-- Nya!!" Roxy jumped back a good meter as Alice warped in front of her all of a sudden. "Gah.... You're gonna give me a heart attack..."

Seeing Alice warp infront of Roxy, Greed shook his head. Entering the van once more, Greed started the engine, and once Carmen entered, drove away from the estate grounds. I should probably try and find the keys to the gates soon... Shrugging to himself, he kept on driving towards the city. After a while, he asked, "You know, I've been wondering. You're a demon, right?"

Alice just giggled maincally. "Well don't do that! it would be awfully selfish of you wouldn't it?" she said to Roxy, Gumi just palmfaced. "Alice, you think you could try to one down the teleporting....just a little...or wear a cowbell..." she asked, Alice smiled. "I suppose one can try to....don't blame me if It doesn't work..."

"Well I just find it odd for someone to wear a mask and carry an umbrella when the suns out. You never used to before so I figure I'd ask". The last large branch was kicked to the side, the clearing was now pretty free of debris. "I'm not the Trix rabbit Milly, I can assume somethings up. Why not tell me"?

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