We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Roxy blinked a bit as Qual didn't snap or insult her. She then smiled a bit as nodded at Qual. "You wouldn't mind riding in my backpack right? ...Cause I can't really think of anywhere else to put you."

The police officer was still in earshot as the couple made it to the alleyway, due to his walk speed being slowed by the allure of the almighty donut shop next to him.

The couple was making a bunch of mushy goo-goo love talk, further inclining that they probably deserve the blood-sucking they were gonna get.

Gold glanced down at Qual. "Looks like you could stuff him in a cup holder."

Roxy hit a bit of a nerve as she mentioned Qual having to ride in a backpack, and Roxy could probably tell she had right after she finished her sentence. "How. Big. Is. It?" Qual groaned, punctuating each word.

Hearing Gold's comment however, spores and a small covering of fungus came under Qual's feet. "Get out of my sight now." Pointing right at Gold.

Roxy took her backpack off and showed it to Qual. It was filled with books, put that aside the backpack was rather large. Without the books, it would be pretty spacious. "...I think you won't have a problem in here. You know the reason why I've got to do this in the first place is that a walking talking mushroom would cause a lot of commotion in that city."

Noting what Qual had said and the tension between it and Greed, the catgirl sighed and held out her hands. "Guys.. it's late... let's not fight, okay?"

Gold watched Qual, before nodding. "Fair point. Forgive me sir. That comment was most certainly out of line. I shall now leave you alone, to discuss travel arrangements between the two of you. Good night." with that, Gold headed up to the mansion and his temp room. He quickly fell asleep, very tired.

OoC night all.

Milly continued to surveil the couple, acting once they were standing directly underneath the street lamp in front of the alleyway. Focusing on the point the couple occupied, Milly conjured a twenty-foot sphere of supernatural darkness originating on the point where they stood, which would engulf the streetlight, making it look like it had just gone out from the outside of the sphere. Inside the sphere however, both light and sound would be completely drowned out by the darkness. Having effectively blinded and deafened her prey, Milly climbed down off the building and entered the sphere, it giving her no trouble to see as she was in complete control of it.

The couple started to panic and clutch each other closely as the darkness suddenly fell on them. They started to move backward hoping they could find their way out of the darkness by blindly rushing out.

The officer looked over toward the light going out confused before going back to his dreams of wheel-shaped glazed pastries.

Qual stayed rather quiet for a minuted after Gold had left. Qual then glanced at the bag, Roxy could tell that it didn't like it at all. "F-fine..." It managed to spit out, although with a large amount of effort.

"I already know about that... I already told Greenie that before..." It said, although there was some anger in the words, it seemed somewhat suppressed.

Milly met the pair as they were trying to back away out of the sphere. She gave their clinging mass a push with a decent amount of her strength, trying to knock the both of them down to the ground and prevent their escape more than actually trying to hurt them. If successful, she'd pounce on whichever looked like the weaker of the two and bare her fangs to bite into their neck, while at the same time taking advantage of their embrace to hold the second one in place as well.

Roxy looked at Qual, sighing a bit. "Like I said, sorry. Maybe I can have you stand on the dashboard if you don't want to be in the backpack. I'll make sure to let you out when I can too. Alright?" She suggested, trying to not make Qual angry at her.

The couple was on full tilt so the push was more than effective in getting them to fall over.

Milly's fangs would then sink into the woman in the couple, her gaze into her lover's eye fading as he began to look horrified as well and tried to call out for help in vain.

"Alright..." Qual lamented. Qual wasn't quite angry with Roxy, as it was more heavily insulted with needing to be treated like a stuffed animal or a doll. 'What is this dashboard?' Qual questioned legitimately, never having been in a car before.

"You look tired... go to sleep. You're making me tired just looking at you." Qual said as it got another look at Roxy.

Roxy rubbed her eyes before nodding. "Really...? Alright... Night Qual."

The catgirl then headed up to bed.

Milly consumed enough blood from the woman to make her pass out, but not outright kill her. After doing so, she licked the wound to make it close up without a trace, then moved on to the man, grabbing him by the arm and twisting it to where his wrist was facing up towards her, then sinking her teeth in and consuming a similar amount of blood as she had taken from the woman.

"No! Wait!! Stop, plea--! AAGGH!!" The man winced as the girl twisted his arm and then bit down into it. He passed out just the same as the woman, except a little louder. The two were both knocked out on the sidewalk.

The officer had moved on, though he reported the suddenly outed streetlight to the proper channels. In the alleyway, Carmen was watching Milly work with a small smile on her face.

Milly licked the man's wound to close it up, then sighed pleasantly after having gotten her fill. Keeping the sphere of darkness up for a while longer, she dragged the two of them into the alleyway and laid them there. As she was dragging the unconscious couple into the alleyway, she got a start from finding that Carmen was watching her. "Miss Carmen! You spooked me!" Her sphere of darkness dissipated, as she no longer had much need to keep it going.

Carmen was licking a gray liquid off of her tail's tip as Milly jolted up. "Sorry about that, dear. I just finished up things on my end and wanted to see how you were doing. It's good to see you were able to handle things on your own. Now then... if you're ready to head back..."

The demoness cleaned off her tail before extending her hand toward Milly and carrying the girl where she wanted... be it to practice or back to the estate.

OoC: Night.

"Yes... Night." It said as it watched Roxy leave. It then looked to the bag that was on the ground and kicked it clear across the room. "Stupid damn bag..."

Gold woke, and wandered through the mansion.

Qual was examining various things in the kitchen, some of which where the fridge, microwave and coffee maker. It had never seen these before itself, but seemed to have a vague idea of their applications.

Otto got out of bed and left his room, though he was having quite a bit of dificulty moving, thanks to his injury. He decided to try and find a kitchen to find some food.

Gold eventually ended up in the kitchen. He shrugged, and opened the fridge, browsing through the selection.

Otto continued to stumble his way around, making quite a racket as his did so.

Qual would have felt Otto coming a long before he ever made it to the kitchen. However with his difficulty moving and Qual feeling a bit peckish, it looked around the kitchen and managed to find a rolling pin.

"Just keep your distance, I know what I'm doing." It said to Gold.

Testing its weight slightly, Qual then hopped down to where it felt Otto coming for the kitchen. As he entered the kitchen, Qual would have swung right for the knee that was ailing Otto, which would most likely make him buck over and fall to the ground in pain.

Roxy yawned as she woke up. She panicked as she noticed her backpack wasn't in her room. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw the backpack and the books still undamaged, although they were across the room. The catgirl moved around quickly to get the backpack back to her room and took out her Myth book and was reading it as she blindly stepped into the kitchen, subconsciously attracted by the noise of three people in it.

OOC: @Qual: Wow...what a dick...

Otto fell to the ground, growling in pain and cursing profusely in German.

Gold jumped back, eyes blazing blue. "HOLY SHIT DUDE! Why?!"

"Oh ya... that did it." Qual smirked as it licked its lips. "Go back to your fridge searching big guy!" It shouted to Gold.

It then walked over to the back of Otto, who had then been knocked prone. Putting a foot to Otto's spine, and with a brief jab of pain, then felt that he was having a harder time moving than he normally would, his joints going somewhat numb. His knee however was just as painful as ever.

"Now for breakfast." It said as fungus creeped to Otto's damaged knee. It took about a minute, but after a couple of punctures and the pain seemingly going away, Otto's knee was fully healed, if not better than before the bullet.

Wiping its mouth as the fungus crawled back to Qual, it grinned. "Best I've had in a while. You're welcome by the way. Although maybe having someone being the aggressor next time would be better?"

@FPS: Qual has boobs dude, Gold would think Qual is a chick if anything.

Roxy looked up from her book and hopped back in shock seeing Qual smack Otto in the knee. "W-W-What the hell!?!" She looked even more confused as Qual started doing its thing.

Gold at this point had pushed himself against the wall and had pulled his revolver out of his pokedex, aiming the gun at Qual. "WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS GOING ON?" he yelled, freaking out fairly well.

OoC @Zeph I think Gold would just be yelling for the sake of yelling. And Qual's a girl?! Thought she was a grumpy old man...

"He had a bad knee... I was hungry... Now he doesn't have a bad knee! Ask him yourself Twitchy..." Qual said disinterested in Gold.

Otto wouldn't have the movement issues when Qual had finished and moved away from him.

@FPS: It looked like a 3 foot tall chibi mushroomified version of Carmen.

"Sie verdammt kleine Hure! Ich hätte dich töten, du vile Geschöpf! Ich habe Kreaturen wie Sie für weniger umgebracht! (Otto be pissed.)" Otto growled as he got to his feet and prepared to beat Qual with the cane he had been using to walk with.

"Okay, hold up." Gold said, shifting aim to Otto. He would probably notice the revolver was quite large in the barrel. "Retaliation would just make this worse. Put the cane down."

OoC @Zeph Really?! Huh, and you think you know a person... Yeah, I kind of missed Qual's unveiling, apparently.

Qual backstepped as a fungal floor covering spread behind it, getting farther back than Otto could swing indefinitely. "I could damn well make that knee worse than it was you prick." It shouted back to Otto. "Hitting people with canes a sign of appreciation where you come from?!"

Roxy just sighed again as she saw Otto get back up. ...I'm not sure I understand... but it looks like whatever Qual did helped with Otto's knee... She went back to her book for the moment.

Otto was to angry to say anything, so he just stood in silence, eventually lowering his cane.

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