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Roxy eventually got the group in her car to the airport. She exited and began to take some calls, informing people that her shop was closed until further notice.

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Awaking from the dream, in a sturpor of confusion, Greed was pleased to see the estate untouched. Although still rather anrgy at Jing, Greed decided to stay his hand. Attacking would be more trouble then it would be worth. After Roxy drove off, Greed closed the gates of the estate and locked them, then followed suit.
Ariving at Heathrow airport, he parked in the designated space and hoisted the backpack over his shoulder again, a little disappointed that he would need to leave the car after having just stolen it. As Roxy began making calls, Greed entered the airport and walked up to an information booth. "Hey. I was told the African government has a arranged a plane for the group of people from other planets. That would be us. So, where can we board?"

Ariving at Iverness Airport after some difficulties finding their way, Erica, Laguna and Maine had bought for a flight to N'Djamena. As they waited for the plane to arive, Erica looked around the airport, marveling at the sights the place had to offer, paticularly the planes landing and taking off. Maine stood by silently, with his head lowered, wishing he didn't need to deal with people in ways that didn't include murdering them and just taking what he wanted. However, when the flight arived, and the trio went to check in, they were denied, as none of them had a passport or vissum.

Heinrick slowly wandered through the forest, tail swaying and tongue lolling as it hunted for a meal. Claudio rode on top, at ease and chattering. "Anyway, the long fang showed up at this mansion we're looking for, and I want to visit it. Get a sense of what the first great hunt was like, you know?"

"They said to keep an eye out for you people. I'll call their security team over." - He did as he said he would, and soon enough a team of people in black suits came over. The leader extended his hand to shake Greed's.
"Greetings. Please follow me." - He said before turning back the way he came from, assuming that Greed and the rest would follow him.
As Erica, Maine and Laguna were being denied, the attendants phone rang. He excused himself and answered.
"Check-in desk nineteen, how may I help you? What? Are you sure?" - He glanced up at the three, and Maine answered with a low, short growl.
"If you say so, sir."
He hung up, and looked back up at the trio.
"It appears you are cleared for entry, and apparently you'll be contacted by security personnel when you arrive."

Laguna smiled at the attendant. "Thanks man." He went through.

Greed shook the head of security's hand, without much vigor, then followed after him when promted to do so. As he followed, Greed wondered if the plane the group would travel had the same class as Kendrik's private jet did, but didn't make mention of these thoughts.

Erica's eyes widened slightly, suprised that she, Laguna and Maine had been given the all-clear. "Truly? After first being denied? If I might inquire, why are we suddenly alowed passage?" she asked curiously.

Katherine nodded. "I know what you mean." she replied.

"The higher ups wouldn't say, but if I were to guess I would say it has something to do with that tower thing down there. This is one of the last flights there before the area will be closed off."
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Claudio nodded. "Its just, my peoples stories make the hunters out to be the strongest of their virtues. Even Etna the greedy was the best at being- what, you do know what I mean?" Claudio asked, turning to look at her.

"So, I hope I can bring my weapons on this flight." Greed idly commented as he followed the head of security.

"Especially odd that we aren't barred, then..." Erica mused aloud, then looked back to the attendant and smiled. Best not look a gift horse in the mouth. "But thank you none the less." Giving the attendand a slight bow, Erica headed on. When asked to hand over her satchel to security for scaning, the alarm would ring, as Erica carried a dagger and pair of iron scicors in the endless space. It also carried a few potions, all of which exceded regulations concerning bottled liquids.

"I think so." Katherine said. "When you live as long as I have, you gain an appreciation for history, and you see how much it means to people even after generations."

Laguna looked back at Erica as she set the alarm off. "Everything ok?"

Claudio smiled. "And you've probably seen how it was made more romantic then it really is, correct?"

Maine, Erica and Laguna were let through, despite the alarms ringing.

Katherine nodded. "Mostly. Some things remain just as grim as time passes." As she spoke, her expression became somber for a moment or two. After that, it returned to its normal, fairly passive, state.

Erica was slightly startled when the alarms went off, but upon having her satchel returned to her, she looked towards Laguna and shrugged. "It would seem that it is." she answered, sounding rather confused, but continuing on regardless. "I don't understand, however. That machine didn't make this noise when others passed through it..."

"I think that kind of alarm goes off when you carryssomething you're not allowed to have on a plane through it. But we were let through anyway. Seems someone really wants up where we're going..." Laguna said, trailing off at the end. "Not complaining though."

Claudio nodded, recalling his knowledge of history. He stiffened, nose turning up to catch a scent. Heinrick stiffened, fur bristling. "I believe dinner has just been found." he said, digging out his mask and slipping it on. The world turned to shades of infrared, and he looked to the left to spot a deer standing close to a hundred meters away, blending in well with the treeline.

"If that is indeed the case, I find it mildly unsettling that someone would go through such lengths to allow us passage. One way or the other, it speaksof ill fortunes." Erica commented as she walked through the gangway, heading into the plane. "Afterall, who would know of our itinerary, so soon after we decided it? Are we being watched constantly?" After a pause, Erica shook her head. "Perhaps I'm being too negative, and this is only coincidence."

"We're not from around here. I think someone's keeping an eye on us. Hopefully not to closely." Laguna walked up the gangway into the plane.

"Sooo..." Greed began as he walked up to the side of the head of security. "Can I bring my weapons, or what? "

Erica hummed as she followed Laguna, into the place itself. "Are these things always this... cramped?" she asked with a slightly lowered voice, looking around the place for empty seats.

Maine growled at the idea of being watched, looking around suspiciously.
Greed was told that he could keep his weaponry, and the group was eventually led to a large transport aircraft. There was a small section that had been converted to let the group travel in reasonable comfort.

"Yeah prettymuch." Eveutnally, Laguna found three empty seats, and waved Erica and Maine over.

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Entering the aircraft, Greed sat down on right righthand side of the plane, next to a window. This ain't half bad. Not as good as the last one, but hey. It'll do nicely.

Erica went to sit next to Laguna and shifted in the seat slightly, then twirled a lock of hair around the index finger of her left hand as she waited for the plane to take off.

As they were led to the aircraft, Roxy looked around as she noticed Rex. "Have fun over there, Kitty... General. Plus, these... ain't yours, right?" The man calmly grabbed the books she had and then walked off, waving behind his back. Roxy looked a little sad but waved in return.

She and Carmen then sat in the plane awaiting take off.

As the others were boarding their flights to Africa, Kara and Longstrike were both out at the Hammerhead, Kara inside stowing some items for a long flight while Longstrike scrubbed the front with some kind of abrasive paste, cursing darkly to himself as he worked.

Gold climbed into the plane. Slow, cramped, and more boring a ride then a flying pokemon. But I can disappear in Africa, never to be seen again. Gold wasn't sure if he was happy or sad about the idea.

Torrin wandered out of the hotel in his casual wear, and walked towards Longstrike. "Need some help?" he asked, listening to Longstrike's cursing.

"If you have any spare plates of nano-alloy, I'd greatly appreciate it." Longstrike grumbled, climbing out from under the burst cannon and standing up. "Your old pals with the horrible skin and gas problems did a number on the hull. Rusted it up, even punched through in a couple of places. Nothing that'll cause any serious problems for flying, but it just looks so... wrong. Like a big weeping scar on a pretty female's face. Just take a look at that!" He finished his sentence with his voice raised almost to a shout, pointing at a gash near the cannon housing where one of the plague bearers had been hanging and venting his annoyance at the dead daemon.

Torrin stared at the gash intently. "It is a shame indeed my friend." he said, trying to inject regret at the vehicles damage. "How is the machine spirit in her?"

Salvatore was waiting for the plane to take off. He had opted to follow behind the plane on his Hydreigon.

Longstrike glanced up incredulously at Torrin for a moment.

"How's the... oh. Right." He chuckled weakly. "Very good. Thanks, I appreciate the attempt to cheer me up."

Torrin looked down at the cut, mildly embarassed and wanting not to discuss his eccentric views. "Sure, no problem. So, any plans on where to go? Or are we just doing general maintenance."

"I'm just getting her back to looking like her old self, or as close as possible." Longstrike replied. "But as it happens, we do have a flight to take. O'Shovah got a transmission via Earth's satellite network this morning. They want assistance on a continent about 30 degrees South of here, near the equator, and asked specifically for extra-dimensionals. Said it was something of interest to us, and that only we could deal with it. O'Shovah took an interest, so we're heading there today. He's already gotten into contact with the organisation that provided transport for the AI project to get him over there, and we're going to fly ourselves." He got down on one knee and began rinsing off the abrasive paste from the hull. "By the way, Kara wanted you to drop in once you got up. She has something for you."

With a sigh, Greed laid his right elbow on the armrest and rested his head on his open palm. We good to go yet?

Erica shifted in her chair again, this time to reach her satchel. She retrieved a book with an oaker cover, the front of which was decorated with numerous small rings around its edges. At the center of the fron cover, there was a bird motif, its wings spread, and its left facing right. Flipping it open, she began reading.

Torrin nodded. "Best not keep her waiting then." he said, climbing into the hammerhead, and looking for Kara.

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