We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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A scream came from the other occupant of the building the Meta had appeared in.

Torrin dropped his Lasgun at the yell, wondering if the Psyker was from the imperium or A servant of Chaos like The heretic arbiters.
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Graigor nodded at Torrin before turning his attention to the man in the suit. "Stand. Down."

He heard the scream and relised he just couldn't keep hidden casting this many spells. "Listen, stop drawing so much attention to yourselves and stop starting shit. This is your one free pass." While talking he implanted the idea that a succesful counter-terrorist excersize had been completed to the police force with a final spell before dropping the barriers. "I exposed myself too much for your sakes."

He reaches into a pocket and produces a strange blue rune. "Find me when you all calm down." He dropped the rune onto the floor and pushed his hood further over his eyes. He then started to walk away.

As he walked away he flicked his hand and knocked the car aside with a blast of kinetic energy.

"That is regretable but it'll be alot worse if you all keep drawing attention to yourselves. Have him redeem himself or something....I expected more than this...."

So long in hiding and this is what he gets? He shook his head as he kept on walking.

From behind the car the suited man called out to Graigor "That man murdered an officer in cold blood, and you expect me to do nothing?" As he said this he summoned another creature from a different orb. It was a strange, humanoid creature with a long mustache and was holding two spoons.

The Alakazam began to glow, and the car Torrin was hiding behind was lifted into the air, hovering briefly before slamming down in Torrin's direction. Regardless of whether or not it would hit, the Alakazam turned back to look at Graigor.

The Aggron shuffled back over to the suited man.

The hobo was simply amazed by the sheer chaos he saw. "What. The. Fuck? I swear I'm not drunk right now! What hell am I seeing?! WHAT THE HELL!!!!" He shouted, he shouted loud. He would be on the brink of insanity if he's not already insane.
Then he saw a half-empty wine bottle. "Meh, could of been worse." He picked the bottle and drank from it, seeming to adapt to the craziness around him.

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The Meta crushed the man's throat, then threw him at the other occupant. As he/she was getting back up, the Meta slowly approached. From the street, no sound was heard about the fate of this unlucky soul.

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Kazma abandoned his plans to intervene for the moment. It seemed the one guy trying to stop the fighting probably knew what the hell was going on. He ran over to @:Graigor and swung him around by his shirt. "What the hell is going on and where am I"!

Unbeknownst to the group, in a nearby house, a young man had been filming the encounter after the girl had arrived in a flash of light. The resolution wasn't the best, and the footage was rather shaky, but that wouldn't matter. It had caught the shots from Torrin and the Fire Warrior, the Aggron and Alakazam being brought out, cars being lifted telekinetically...
The video would be viral by nightfall.

In the shadows under a car, the girl peeked out.
I... I think it's over.

Graigor looked at the man from beneath his hood. "I have to leave but I can tell you that fate may have just been kind enough to this world or cruel enough to damn it even further." He fixed a stare at King Kazma before moving to continue on walking.

nevermind x2

As the human psyker lowered his barriers and began to walk away, the Fire Warrior took her position at the window again and readied her pulse rifle again, having recovered from her near miss with the ricochet. She pushed the long barrel out the and took aim again, centering the Guardsman's face in her viewfinder. For a moment, his image wavered in the small screen of the telescopic module, perfectly vulnerable. Then the Fire Warrior groaned quietly and pulled back. Now that the chaos had subsided, dropping the murdering servant of the Gue'la Emperor would do nothing but reveal her position. She turned to the door and guickly scuttled down the ladder, before hunkering down with her rifle cradled to her chest and moving out from behind the suburban domicile.

"...vah... all Shas'l... port in. Repeat, this... Kais Mont'yr. Transmitting my....ition to all allied units. Rep..."

The Fire Warrior jumped at the sudden transmission and instantly responded in an urgent whisper.

"This is Gue'vesa'Ui Sa'Cea Kara. Who's out there? Can you hear me?"

There was no response. The Fire Warrior cursed, then checked the navpoint that had pinged up on her HUD. Staying low, she began to move.


Unbeknownst to the group, in a nearby house, a young man had been filming the encounter after the girl had arrived in a flash of light. The resolution wasn't the best, and the footage was rather shaky, but that wouldn't matter. It had caught the shots from Torrin and the Fire Warrior, the Aggron and Porygon-Z being brought out, cars being lifted telekinetically...
The video would be viral by nightfall.

In the shadows under a car, the girl peeked out.
I... I think it's over.

OOC: @Trilby its a pay 'n' spray. The police of Dallas will think they just performed admirably in a counter-terrorist excersize, a formal statement is to be issued tommorow by the DA, detailing the horrific accident that led to the death of two police officers. Everything was done to ensure the safety of those around them and it is unfortunate that such a tragedy would have occured.

Graigor is a master telkinetic and telepathic mage. He can influence what mooks think, just not player characters, at a high level. This is a one off, another stunt like that and Cross will have him down.


'Well that does bugger all to answer my questions'. King Kazma stood idly while Graigor walked away into the night.

OOC: @furioso I should explain that the memories of the situation were destroyed and replaced by conjured memories. It would take a Telepath with equal knowledge and ability to reverse the memory wipe. Graigor means business. He'll stop at nothing to stop Kendrik, which means staying hidden. If he has to tear Porygon Z apart to do so, he will. This is my warning for the safety of the Porygon.

Two ambulances entered the cul-de-sac. The paramedics collected the bodies. Meanwhile, the thoroughly confused SWAT officers returned, not sure why they had even left.

Torrin stumbled away from the car, hoping to the emperor that the Porygon wouldn't crush him. "the two heretic Arbiters should still be alive! I just need to tend to them, get them healthy enough to ask questions. Crush me and they'll surely die."
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The hobo spotted the girl under the car. He walked towards with a wine bottle in head. "Sup?" The drunken hobo said.

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When Graigor's mind wave washed past Alakazam it released a wave of its own psychic energy, which would implant new memories into the police of what really happened... or at least that was Alakazam's intention. The police would remember both Graigors implanted memories and the memories of what really happened, overlapping each other in a confusing mess of conflicting memories.

The Meta looked out the window, his AI scanning the targets down on the street for advanced electronics.
OoC: If your character has any high-tech computer stuff, tell me now please.

OoC: Ok, where is everyone?

OOC: Thats even better @Furi Its still a fuck up by any standard but its one that wont have the law coming down on everyone so fast.
@Kirke None whatsoever

Im off all, ill be back tommorow.

OoC: I'm changing Porygon-Z to an Alakazam for reasons, it doesnt change anything that happened before

OOC: @Kirke 22: The Fire Warrior is all hi-tech. She's moving away, trying to stay out of sight.

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OoC: @Gear: The Meta is in a villa next to the street where the fire-fight was, looking out the window.
@Random: Is it okay if I say that she's on the other side of the road compared to the Meta? Maybe in the back yard of a house there?

Back in an alleyway near Kazma, a small dark purple portal opened up and out from it stepped a guy and a girl as it closed behind them.

The girl was a blonde, with a large drill hair side ponytail. She wore a simple black leather jacket over a white tee with a light blue pawprint logo in the center of the chest, leaving a small bit of her midriff visible. She also wore white leather pants with a black studded belt. In addition, she had two blond cat ears sticking out of her head and a small yellow tail sticking out of her pants. The tails swished in erratic ways, showing that it wasn't some toy.

The guy aside of her had on a beanie and large headphones, wearing a mostly black hoodie and a white shirt under it along with ripped up black jeans. A large silver chain was wrapped his right arm.

The duo walked out, the girl looking extremely nervous aside of the man, who seemed to observe the scene with apathy. "Looks like you missed out on the fun, eh?"
"...D-Don't joke around like that..."

The man sighed at the girl's nervousness before tapping Kazma on the back. "Yo, dude. Mind telling me where we are right now?"

I'm getting sick of this shit Ash thought to himself as he ran the other direction. The faster I get away from it, the better.

All of a sudden, a bright light enveloped Ash as he was instantly transported back to where he was. He was shot out and flew directly into King Kazma.

OOC: @Kirke Yeah, no problem.

The Meta would see a head with a number of advanced electronics in it, underneath a car.

"I have no idea what's going on, where I am other than some place called Dallas, and I don't know WHO I am." the girl replied, shuffling out from under the car. "Can you answer any of those questions?"

@Random: Your character seems to be far enough away from the street tto be removed from what just happened. Mind if I plop Laguna down there?

The thoroughly wrapped up girl tentatively peeked her head out of the trash bin she was hiding in once she heard all the commotion outside die down. Once she heard nothing else, she climbed out completely, taking along with her an umbrella. She opened up the umbrella and held it over herself. Walking out into the street, she spotted the rune Graigor dropped on the ground. She approached it and curiously picked it up, cooing at the blue glow it gave off before sticking it in one of her pockets.

The Meta's scan would pick up nothing in the way of electronics on the girl's person.

OOC: @Gearhead Yeah, sure. Though I'm intending her to not become involved with the group or reveal her identity until I can RP without study guilt. And bear in mind that to her, this is a hostile planet populated by a prejudiced, fascist race. As far as she's concerned, Laguna is an SS officer and she has the Star of David tattooed on her forehead.

Ash looked at the boy and the girl. 'Good evening.' He smiled, still dripping with multi-colored blood.

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