We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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OoC: Actually, since @Random is super busy right now I won't tie up his characters, I'm retconning me kidnapping Torrin.

The suited man kept going, towards a forest if there was one.

"I don't know! I'm just a hobo!" The said with a frown. "But I know Dallas is on Texas, and Texas is on America, and America is on Earth, and Earth is on the solar system, and our solar system is on the Milky-way, and the Milkyway is on the universe, and the universe is on the great Hobo God's beard!" He explained to the girl.

"Eeep!" The girl immediately ducked behind the man as soon as Ash spoke to the two of them. The man scratched the back of his head lightly before turning to Ash and giving him a small wave, completely unaffected by the sight of the multi-colored liquid dripping off of him.

"'Sup dude. You know where we are right now?"

Meta's scan would show that the man had a few electronics on him and the girl had a single one on her. None of them were all that high-tech.

The Meta fixed his vision on a car in the street, and thought for a moment or two. Then he took a few steps back before running forward and jumping out the window, which shattered in a brilliant explosion of glass. In the air, he took the weapon from his back and launched a pair of grenades, that would explode on impact at the car. He landed in the middle of the road and walked towards the busted up remains of the car.

Torrin fought the Porygon's grip for a moment until he passed out from a combination of lack of food, sleep, ebbing adrenaline, and the blood rushing to his head.
OoC @Berk its not looking alright, but I barely know anything. I need to take a break for a bit. Might be on in an hour or two.

The girl sighed.
"That... tells me nothing, really. But, thank you."
She walked over to Rex.
"We're in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, on Earth, which is apparently located within a homeless deity's facial hair."
She turned her head towards the sound of shattering glass, then yelped as the Meta crushed a paramedic and slid up to the car she had just been hiding under.

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When the Meta smashed his way out of the house, the Fire Warrior immediately dropped into cover behind a fence and steadied herself, before peering out through the slats.

"Is that... an Astartes?" She whispered to herself. "He must be here stop that Guardsman... but why is a Space Marine doing the work of the law enforcers? What's going on here?"

'You are in the city of Dallas, in the state of Texas, in the country of America, on the contintent of North America, on the planet Earth.' At that moment, The Meta's grenades exploded and Ash was rocked forward. 'What the hell?!' He looked towards the commotion. 'What does that idiot think he's doing?'

OoC: Is it just me, or is captcha getting more difficult?

Kazma looked back on the duo with one eye. They seemed a harmless bunch compared to the others. "I'm trying to figure that out myself. Some city, and there seems to be a whole lot of strange people and creatures trying to off one another".

OoC: @FPS, sorry, I'm all jumbled and confused today, I retconned both Porygon-Z and carrying off Torrin, but we can say that Alakazam (who is replacing Porygon-Z) just knocked Torrin out.

OoC: @Random: Edited it since the SWAT team left.

Ash then looked at Kazma. 'And what the hell are you? A talking bunny?'

The man looked over toward the girl how talked to him and nodded, a slight look of confusion on his face that subsided over time. "Dallas... huh? Alright, I see. Thanks for that, miss..." ...Definitely not at home... Our place ain't even called Earth. He paused waiting for the girl in front of him to introduce herself.

Turning to Kazma, he nodded, raising an eyebrow slightly at his animalistic features. "Well, that gave us an answer then, huh?" He looked over at the Meta fucking things up and smirked. "...Looks like people are still trying to off other people. Feels like home, almost."

The girl stepped back a few paces as the man's chained arm began to have electricity running down it. Jeez... She said things weren't going to be that dangerous... and we immediately walk into a fight...? ...Then again, this is all so I'm not having to depend on people to protect me.... like Rex is now.

OoC: @Berk Ok then. By the way, sorry for chaning the scene a little bit, it's just "a treehouse" isn't too descriptive.

A man hopped over the fence of the garden that the treehouse that Gue'vasa was in. Though his landing was less then gracefull, he made it over quickly. Looking up at the treehouse that a shot had rung out from, he yelled to it's occupant. "Hey! Anyone up there?"

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The girl looked at the man.
"Uh... I... I don't know my name." she replied, her voice trembling. "I think we should move. Now. Fast."

The Meta would notice that the head, and the person it was attached too, had moved, and was now talking to the newcomers.

OOC: @Gearhead I said it was a treehouse a fair bit along the street from the commotion, and that the Fire Warrior dropped down and began to move up along the side of the house. Not hugely descriptive no, but the best I can do without a map or image of the street.

The Fire Warrior froze when she heard the human voice come from the garden that she had just moved out of. With the Meta on the other side of the fence, she was trapped between the two. Turning so her back was against the fence, she levelled her pulse rifle back towards the garden, waiting to see if the human would follow her.

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@trty: Cool, but Rex isn't the type to get freaked out easily by psychos.

Rex raised an eyebrow at the girl's first statement, but seeing as he knew someone with amnesia, he simply nodded. "Seeing as you know where we are, I'll let you lead, kid. ...Hope you remember your name soon... or something. By the way, name's Rex. Nice to meet you. All of you."

The exploding car made the catgirl shriek a small bit and immediately try to silence herself, trembling a small bit.

The hobo saw the Meta and nodded towards the girl. "If only I had shotgun.... I could have inflicted Hobo God's fury upon him. But for now, let's get the Heeeeeelllllll out of here!"

The exploding car startled the girl once again, prompting her to run in the opposite direction as fast as she could. She ran up to the group of people talking in the middle of the street and tried to hide behind them, too spooked at the moment to pay much heed to how utterly bizarre most of their appearances were.

OoC: @Berk Right. Question though, has she got her back against the fence the Meta's on the other side of, or is she against the side of the fence Laguna's on and poking her gun barrel over the top blind-fire style?

"Hello?" Laguna called up again. After a short silence, he sighed. Whoever made that shot had probably moved by now. He went down the alley down the side of the house, and saw the Fire Warrior, her rifle ready for bear. "Guess you were the one that made that shot..." Laguna murmured.

Planning route...
Route planned.

The girl blinked, then started sprinting down the alleyway, away from the Meta and towards Wheatland Road. As she ran, her hood fell down, revealing two grey-furred ears.

Rex calmly took the catgirl's hand and followed the impromptu guide's path down the alleyway. He called out to the others gathered. "Good idea to follow us or end up getting blown to bits like that car."

As the guide's ears were revealed, Rex said nothing, but wondered why she tried to hide them.

Kazma brushed off Ash with a wave of his hand. "With all the shit I've just seen, I'm surprised that your not used to something like all this craziness".

"And this is Earth? What a simplistic name". Kazma folded his arms and turned to face the others. "I met a man who was trying to stop everyone from fighting. He seemed to know things and I wish to find him, but I don't think he's gona want to talk to anyone until we're all separated and calmed down". Kazma grined.

OOC: @Gear She's on the same side as Laguna, with the fence at her back hiding her from Meta and no cover between her and Laguna. She moved up the little alley between the side of the house and the perimeter fence to the front, while the Meta was in the road. If Laguna went to the side of the house he'd see her.

As soon as Laguna came around the corner, the Fire WArrior raised her pulse rifle and pulled the trigger, firing from the shoulder without using the scope in her haste.

The Meta ran after the girl, putting his weapon on his back. He was able to keep up with her for the moment, but was not gaining on her.

The hobo ran and shouted: "I Think it's better to get into the sewers! It's safer there!" The hobo was hoping the group would accept his suggestion; he knows the sewers of Dallas like the back of his hand.

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Laguna ducked back as the Fire Warrior shot. The bullet had mised him, but just barely. "Hey, easy!" he yelled from around the corner. "I'm not looking for a fight!"

Heading into the forest, the suited man sat against a tree to rest. Alakazam and Aggron were placed back inside the red and white orbs.

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As soon as her shot made Laguna pull his head back in cover, the Fire Warrior vaulted the fence behind her, clearly well trained by the way her armour didn't affect her agility. The subcranial translation module implanted in her skull as a baby automatically translated Laguna's words into the language that she knew best, the language of the Tau Empire, and gave her the words necessary to reply back.

"Nice try, Gue'la. I've seen what your kind does to those who surrender to them." She called out, before moving along the fence and quietly slipping into the adjacent garden. Her cadre might not be present, but she'd be damned if she was going to forget the tactics they had drilled into her since she first enlisted.

To Laguna, the Fire Warrior's voice sounded pleasant, but had an unmistakenly foreign accent.

Suddenly in the street a manhole grate was moved and pushed to the side, out of the opened manhole a large man climbed up and looked around at his surroundings."Feck...what area of the hive am I in now" he sighned as he upholstered his bolt people and checked the magazine,"better have a look around"

He then pulled the grate over the manhole and walked down the road

Torrin pulled himself up from the ground , groaning as he felt some gravel from the road embedded in his cheek. He stood up from where he lay and followed the group.

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