We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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"Perhaps that may be the case." Sanguinius said as he approached the Labrador in his titanic golden armour, at his full 12 ft of height and majesty. He drew the slender Infernus Pistol from his him, the weapon appearing like a stylised flintlock pistol from aeons ago.
This creature openly threatened the Emperor and humanity. "There is only one master of humanity. Barks.....you have affronted my father and everything his has built." He aimed the pistol.
"Why should I not pull the trigger?"

The dog turns his attention swiftly towards the dragon.

"Oh shit."

"I was ugh, just kidding around. You know. Um."

Mr. Barks started sweating and looking around anxiously.

"It was um, ah, a test! Yep! A test, straight from your Emperor. He asked me to come here and um, test your loyalty."

The dog shifted his eyes nervously, and as quickly as he could, did another line of cocaine off the back of his paw.

The dragon turns to the angel.
"He is full of lies. How do you like your dog, Rare, Medium, or raw?"
She turns to the dog, "Though he is so full of chemicals that I doubt he will be a decent meal.

"Lies. I won't waste the explanation on you but I can see right through you, chem-fiend." He raised his pistol to a ready position, not wanting to waste the shot on something as small as this. "you're all bark and no bite."

Gold's rickety truck slowly pulled up to the mansion, slowing when he saw the strange scene occuring around it. Sighing, he stood and opened the truck door, hopping out. "Gods damn it, I need some coffee before I try to work out what the hell is going on..." he muttered.

OoC: I didn't know dogs could sweat XD

Seeing that Sanguinius had drawn his pistol at the small creature, and the creature's anxiety over the whole situation, Nanami moved forward. Although not directly in the line of fire just yet, she called out to him. "Ssangguuinniiuss bbacck! Nnoott bbanng!! Bbaangg nnot ffine!"

Kerra stared at Sanguinius, "Don't shoot him, I'd like to not have to pick out any metal from my meal, you see."
She looked at the dog, "Unless he pays me for his ignorance."

"Fear not Nanami, I have no wish to end this big-mouthed wretch." He holstered the Infernus Pistol. He started to walk over to her. "He is no threat to anything but himself."

"Maybe I can strike a deal?"

The dog's nervous composure instantly switched off into an off-putting, sly looking grin.

"I am a doctor in alchemy, as you have probably already noticed." Dr. Barks lowered his sunglasses once more, revealing heavily dilated eyes with a giggling smirk to accompany it. "I could be of service to you, if you are in need of any potions or concoctions required in your ever so divine quest."

Dr. Barks turned his attention to the rest of the company.

"That goes for you, too."

The dog returns his focus upon the gun wielding angel.

"And, you know, I find "chem-fiend" rather offensive. I prefer chem-exhibitionist."

The Dragon turns to Sanguinius, "It has criticized my intelligence! I wish for it to burn!..."
She turns to the dog, "Though, I would enjoy seeing what man might do to it..."
"Make Me three thousand potions to increase my ability to burn, and a potion to make me fly. Then I might not slay you."

When the dragon crashed into the house, a beam had fallen on Gread's head, knocking him out. Now, with a deep groan, he regained consciousness, red sparks shooting out from his skull. Pushing the beam off himself, Greed stood up and cracked his neck. "I'm begining to think they're just doing it on purpose now..." he muttered to himself as he walked outside, the red sparks shooting no longer. Looking around, Greed noted Nanami, Rook, Sanguiniua, Dr. Bark and Kerra standing nearby. Flexing his fingers, Greed approached. "Which one of you damaged my home this time?" he called out, his voice fairly calm, but obviously annoyed.

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The Dragon turned to Greed, "My apologies, sir. My attempt to fly was... Less than successful."

Sanguinius shot Greed a glance as he approached before looking back at the dog. "Just do not aggrivate me or anyone. I do not require your help. He looked at the sky and his wings shuffled slightly. "Refrain from using the word 'divine' also. Their is nothing mythological about my fathers task."

Seemingly not very suprised by the fact that there was a talking dragon, Greed looked up to it, sighing. "Right... Well, you're paying for the damage you caused, one way or another."

"I cannot help you with the flying, friend, but I can make you those three thousand incendiary potions."

Dr. Bark approached the dragon.

"I must return to the void in order to gather the ingredients I require, though. I will not be long..."

Dr. Barks then ate a whole sheet of LSD, to which he then fell to the ground and started frothing at the mouth and twitching on the floor.

He started speaking in Cantonese, singing verses of technical beauty, and eventually, Dr. Barks stopped his twitching and his frothing, and laid there still and silent.

The dragon sighed, "Tell me why I should give part of me and my famialy stash to repair what was in my way?"
She turns to the dog.
"Shall I burn it?"

Nanami sighed as Sanguinius walked away, then looked to Dr. Bark. "Ddrr. Baarkk *she then pointed a couple times to her forehead, then a upper half circle with her finger, then finished with making her hand look like it was talking*."

Seeing his display however, Nanami wasn't sure exactly what to say. She simply stared at him, her head tilted in confusion.

Gold watched the events passively, before giving everyone a large berth and heading to the kitchen, where he prayed to Arceus there was a coffee maker. His last three days of work had left him very wrung out, and he hoped the American branch of McDonalds would becwilling to issue him a work visa.

Sanguinius snorted with disgust at the dog.
He then looked with suprise as Greed had approached the Dragon. Insane fool. He turned around and began to walk back incase the human got in trouble.

"Oh, I'm sorry? Didn't I make myself clear? This is my home. And your pea-sized brain appearantly can't register that it might not be a good idea to try flying near it... Especially when there are acres of empty space around!" Greed answered angrily, hardening the skin of his hands and forearms, turning them a dull grey, in addition to making his hands clawed. "Why should you pay me? Because, pal, if you don't I'll be taking it out of your hide. Literally."

He noted Dr. Bark taking LSD, and subsequently passing out, but gave no responce. Money was far more important.

Unfortunately for Gold, the coffee maker had been stolen.

The dragon stares at Greed.
"Thou shall have to discuss it with my mother." she said.

Gold examined the kitchen, and sighed. He looked around the room one more time, in the vague hope it might appear, before leaving a room to look for a TV.

Nothing seemed to be happening but Sanguinius kept a watchful eye on the dragon, his hand resting on his sword just in case.

"And she is, where?" Greed questioned, crossing his arms.

Likewise, unless he looked to the master bedroom, Gold wouldn't find a TV.

"About a mile to the west." she says.
She begins to poke Bark's belly.

"You expect me to travel a mile to discuss compensation? Don't think so." Greed remarked, shaking his head. "She'll come to me. And to get her here, you'll be staying here. Not as a guest, mind you, oh no. And if you think to break anything else..." Greed uncrossed his arms, then leaned a little closer to the dragon. "I'll kill you on the spot." With that said, Greed turned to Sanguinius, eyeing the man's golden armour with much interest. "And you, big guy. Are you planning on staying here?"

Kerra glares at Greed, "How do you expect me to get her, if I cannot leave?" she shouts.

Gold grew more and more frustrated as he looked through the house, not bothering with the master bedroom, or anyone elses, and decided to head to the nearest bathroom to shower. "If someone stole the fucking shower heads, I'm out of here. 20 pounds for a bed and an hour long commute is not worth it."

"Simple. She'll come looking for her kid sooner or later. And if not, then I'll just assume you were lying to me." Greed answered, looking over his shoulder, back to Kerra.

Gold would find the showers were completely intact. There even were towels and washing cloths.

"I am staying but not in that your domain." Sanguinius said, caught off guard by the mortals ruthlessness. "I have no currency, admitedly as a Primarch money is never an issue at all but in this case I shall do without my silken sheets. I thank you for the offer however"

"Hmm... Suit yourself." Greed answered, reverting the skin back to normal, and rubbing his chin lightly, still eyeing Sanguinius' armour and weapons. He had noticed the angel wings, but wasn't very interested in it, the equipment captivating Greed much more. Eventually, he shrugged to himself, and stepped over to the unconscious Dr. Bark, picking him up by the scruff of the nekc, and walking towards the gate.

Gold glared at the towels, the idea of leaving thwarted by them actually looking quite nice. Sighing, he started the shower and doublechecked the skin on his mechanical arns weren't pierced. Satisfied, he hopped in the shower.

Seeing that people probably weren't going to be killing each other, Nanami and Rook left to go find where the others had gotten off to.

Kerra glares at Greed, "And why should I not kill you where you stand?" she asks.
"Also, keep the dog, see if you can cook it, or sell it to someone who wishes for one. Or to maybe a cruel master."

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