We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Sanguinius turned to leave, heading off for another flight, content that violence had been avoided for now.

OOC: Off to da pub.

Reaching the gate, Greed threw Dr. Bark out, then closed the gate after Nanami and Rook left. "You can try, but it won't do you much good." he said to Kerra walking back towards the estate, but stopping half way.

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Kerra glares at Greed, and lies down.

Fidgit sits on Langua, who's still knocked out on the roof of the van. Milly, Dust, Blank, and Gummi continue to push the car.
"I'm bored."
"Maybe *Urgh* you'd like to *ugh* help us push?"
"Um, tiny Nimbat? Can bearly lift up Arah."
"She has a point."
"Indeed, I do not believe she would be of any help."
Dust grumbles, "*Grumble* fine."

Laguna groaned, the sound muffled by Fidget sitting on his head.

Fidget jumps up, shouting "EEEK!" the entire time.
"Relax. It's just Laguna." he said.
"Oh. Right."

Laguna sat up sharply as Fidget jumped and eeeked. "Huh? Wha?" He looked around, putting a hand on his forehead.

OoC: Accidentally called Fidget "Midget", fixed now.

"Oh. Hey. I'm Fidget... Sorry for running into your face and all." she said.

Laguna looked at Fidget. "Nice to meet you. Have to say, I've never been ko'd by a tiny fox fairy thing before."

"I'm a nimbat, not a fox thing." she says, glaring at him, "I don't suppose you get KO'd that often, do you?"

Priscilla was trimming the hedges with her scythe, again.

"More often then you think." Laguna said with a sheepish smile.

"Well, it could be worse. You could have fallen in Lava or something."
She lands on Laguna's shoulders.
"So, where you from?"

While he noticed Karra glaring at him, Greed didn't give this much of a presponse. Seeing Priscilla, he walked over to her, slipping his hands into his pockets as he went. "Hey, Cuddles. Any tips to for learning how to propperly use this spell of yours? 'Cause I haven't had much luck with getting it to work."

"I'm from Galbadia, but I don't really consider that my home, and it's not in this world anyway."

Priscilla scratched her chin a bit then answered Greed. "Remember when I said the strength of sorcery expands with knowledge? Thou canst try to expand thy own knowledge."

"Really? Where would you call your home?" she asked.

Kerra see's Priscilla, and begins to slowly trod towards her.

"Oh... Great, reading stuff. Just what I always wanted." Greed sarcastically remarked, then sighed, hanging his head. "Oh, man..." Sighing once more, softer this time, he looked back up to Priscilla. "Anyway. What you said about what's considdered normal for a human, getting their head removed and growing it back, for instance, isn't a thing they can do. I can. One of the many ways I'm just better then your average Joe." he remarked, speaking in a matter-of-fact-like tone, rather then with smugness.

Laguna thought for a second. "I dunno. I moved around a lot. I guess Esthar technically, because I lived there the longest."

She nodded, "I used to live back at elysium, but then me and Dust proceed to begin traveling." she says.

Gold pulled himself out of the shower, digging a towel out of his pokedex and drying himself off. He pulls out the clothes Roxy made for him and slip them on, along with his cap. He picks up the clothes hes worn for a week or so and exits the bathroom, looking for a clotheswasher.

Priscilla chuckled at Greed's remark regarding reading. However, her face become more serious when she began talking about the humans in her world. "Nay, but they art undying. Back in Lordran, we have something called 'the undead curse'. Whoever has the undead curse never preeminently dies. Why is it called a curse then? Because whoever carries it shall become a hollow, a mindless undead. Humans try to stray away from hollowing with the help of humanity, a strange black sprite with unknown powers. However, I have met an undead who can never turn hollow. In his undead form, his eyes art completely dark. He is the same human I told thee about last time, the one that can face the very gods."

Priscilla raised her scythe at Kerra. She has never seen a living dragon, outside of her father, so she's a bit worried. She will continue her stance until she knows that Kerra is either peaceful or not.

"You go to other worlds a lot?" Laguna asked.

Kerra glares at Piscilla.
"Art thou part Dragon?"

"Not really. We travel around Elysium, mostly." she said.

"But there's the thing. Being undead and being fully human, they're not the same thing, are they now?" Greed remarked, crossing his arms. Seeing Priscilla raise her scythe, Greed looked over his shoulder to see what caused this reaction. Seeing Kerra a approached, Greed rolled his eyes. "Can't you see we're busy?" he remarked, then looked back to Priscilla. "Oh, and could you, maybe, sit down? Looking up all the time's making my neck hurt."

Gold would find a washing machine in the laundry room, along with a tumle-dryer.

"Aye." She replied to Kerra. "I ask thee, art thou from Lordran or another world like the others?" She asked.

"But the undead art humans, they carry a curse exclusive to humans. No other being in lordran can live after dying once, not even the very gods." She scratched her chin. "In fact, the undead curse is a big mystery. No one knows where it came from, nor do they know if it is a curse at all." She then did as she was told and sat down.

Kerra looks at Priscilla, "I do not know of any of those locations." the dragon said.
"Art thou capable of teaching my sisters flight?"

"Right." Laguna nodded.

Fidget nodded, "So... What's going on with your group?" she asked.

"I've seen undeed, the mindless things. And while I'm guessing they were probably not from the same planet you came from, it was enough to let me know they can really no longer be considdered human." Greed responded, then paused for a moment. I wonder who ended up ending that leader guy. Huh... When Priscilla sat down, Greed followed suit, uncrossing his arms and rubbing the back of his neck. "Much better..."

"Uh... I don't even know where to begin." Laguna said with a small chuckle.

Gold loaded up his old clothes, along with some soap. He started the clotheswasher up, and sat in the room, watching it.

Dust grunted, "Maybe by helping us?"
Fidget turns around, seeing the estate off in the distance.
"Oh don't whine, we're almost there."
She turns to Langua, [color=orange]"I'd still like to know.

"He's got a point." Laguna said, hopping off the roof and resuming pushing the car. "Uh... Well, just before we met you guys, there was a bit of a fight and a hostage situation."

"The undead in my home look like badly burned humans in their hollow form. In their human form, they look exactly like normal humans. The undead regain their human form by using their humanities, the black sprites I told thee about earlier." She said to Greed.

"Excuse us, but we art in the midst of something." She said to Greed.

"Huh... Well, touché. I guess not all humans are as fragile as they are here or on my planet." Greed said with a slight shrug. "On a related note, those gods of yours sound pretty lame. I mean, they can be killed."

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