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OoC: Makoto's tastes were never specified, so I'm just making stuff up here.

Ness was going to walk over toward Sarah once more before jumping back and yelping a small bit as Shi popped up out of nowhere. She took a moment to collect herself before adjusting her hat. "My name is Vanessa. May I ask what your's is? ...And how did you just happen to appear like that?" She asked calmly as she made her way toward Sarah waving.

A swirl of golden light would continue to move in a glowing flurry around Heavy until he was able to get up once more. Rika let out a small tired sigh before letting herself plop to the floor.

Gardevoir sighed, and supplemented her Pokemon with a bit of Telekenisis.
"Gardevoir. (Heavy hurt because Demon INvasion.)" she said.

Sarah blinked, then looked up as Ness waved. "Hello." she said.

"What demon invasion? Who is Heavy? And who canst thou speakest in my mind like that?" She asked.

"Easy there, save your strength," He cleaned and bandaged Gardevoir's wounds as best he could,"There,
think that should...took care of it.."

"I'm Shiryoku: The Sight! And I'm also a master ninja!" Shiryoku claimed, emphisising her point by jumping clear over Ness' head and landing in a crouched pose in front of her, holding her sword to the side and behind herself. She grinned at Ness, expecting praise.

Milly had fled into the mansion, as the still burning flames had frightened her when they were still going. Though she had spotted the fire being put out through a window, the fact that the fire had spontaneously appeared twice had made her not want to risk anything happening and decided to not go outside for a while. She followed the noticeable sounds of people talking and made her way over to the kitchen where everyone was.

Meanwhile, the cat that had been stalking Milly made it's way outside through the door Milly had forgotten to close while she was fleeing. It sat on the porch and looked around, then began cleaning itself.

Gardevoir pointed to Heavy, "He is Heavy. Demon invasion dead, and I have Telekenisis. she says.

Ness blinked as Shi cleared her 5'10" frame cleanly and landed. She noted the girl's expectant smile and nodded before giving the girl a small round of applause. "I see. That's pretty good of you to be that mobile at such a young age."

Looking to Sarah, she smiled. "I apologize for zoning out a bit when you were explaining things before. But could you give me more information about what you need everyone to help with?"

Seeing Milly walk in, she gave the little girl a small wave.

Rika continued to sit for a moment before picking herself up and walking toward the mansion to hopefully get something to drink. This was until she managed to see Milly's cat and bent down and tried to pet it gently.

Seeing the situation getting under-control, Edward decides to return to the mention. "I'm back! He said out laud. "It was pretty crazy outside, a Pokemon and a Heavy were badly injured and grass was set on fire because of a broken medi-gun before some giant fluffy lady extinguished it with her ice powers...." He said to no one in particular. "Anyhow.... Any luck convincing people to work with us, Sarah?" He asked Sarah.

"I see... I am afraid I cannot help thy friend for I know naught of the way of healing." She replied to the Pokemon.

"Yup! I'm pretty good. Thanks." Shiryoku said as she placed her sword over her shoulder, smiling with pride. When there was some mention of a task to be done, she seemed to prepare to listen very closely to Sarah.

Kenzo took notice of all the commotion and cautiously made his way into Greed's estate, hoping the man himself wasn't around to throw him out.

"It is quite all right. I will need assistance in actually rescuing Makoto. If my lead is correct, then whoever took her may have at least part of an army of mercenaries at their disposal. I would be unable to get past them alone. Additionally, more people would make the search go faster." Sarah explained. She looked up at Edward and replied, "Not yet. Likely because the events outside drew their attention."

Ness tilted her head a bit and put her hand to her chin. "An army of mercenaries...? Do you think they'd be open to negotiations at the very least? Do you have any idea why would they target Makoto or your company?" She asked calmly.

"Well, crap. At this rate we will never recruit them." He sighed deeply.

"The mercenaries, perhaps. The ones giving them their orders? I doubt it." Sarah replied. "As for why they would target Makoto, I have no idea. The fact that one of the two people spotted with Makoto when she disappeared is a Dallas resident suggests to me that it may have something to do with the events there, earlier this year. Though that hypothesis is shaky at best, unless others who were there have gone missing."

"A rescue mission? Don't worry! I'm sure Kenny and I will help for sure!" Shiryoku said, jumping up close to Sarah and staring earnestly at her.

Milly waved politely back to Ness. "Oh, I remember you. You're Miss Roxy's friend, aren't you?" She remarked to the woman, asking for confirmation on her guess.

The cat didn't make much reaction to Rika petting it, seeming neither annoyed, nor terribly enthused by what she was doing.

Kenzo was drawn to Prissy, since she was the last person he heard speak. He walked over to where he figured she was and stood silently.

Ness raised an eyebrow lightly toward Sarah. "Well, let's not discredit that just yet. Though I'm pretty sure clearing out a demonic necromancer was probably seen as a boon to Dallas, others may have not seen it the same way. Cults that may have formed and things of that like. Did either of the people spotted with Makoto seem like that type of person?"

She then looked toward the ground for a moment. "In that case, a stealth mission may be our best bet for keeping this under wraps. A full-blown war with this group isn't going to keep your company in the shadows as you said you wished them to stay..."

Turning to Milly, she smiled and nodded. "Yes, I am. That and her boss, though she's been rather defiant as of late. Still, it's nice to see you again, Milly. How have you been?" The woman noted the birthmark on the girl's shoulder, but said nothing about it at the moment.

Rika blinked a bit as the cat didn't make any real motions in response to her petting. Determined, she began to scratch around different areas, hoping to find the spot where the cat would at least react favorably to her.

Gardevoir walked inside, and heard Sarah.
"What is pay?" she asked, intrigued.

"And that's why we'd rather not directly involve the company. Just in case something goes wrong. As for whether or not they look like cultists..." Sarah reached into a pocket and withdrew a folded up piece of paper. She opened it up, revealing the security camera shot of Jack, Makoto and the Queen of Blades. "The man is the Dallas resident. The woman is Makoto. I do not know who this cloaked figure is." Hearing Gardevoir, Sarah turned to the Pokemon. "I can't give a specific figure until I know how many people will be joining me."

Priscilla looked down on Ken and asked: "What dost thou want?"

Edward decided to pull a chair and and listen to Sarah and Ness's conversation before he commented on stealth: "If by stealth you mean 'they didn't see the first rocket coming' then I'm pretty good at it. :P Besides, I doubt you can do a stealth operation with this large a group."

"I heard some disturbance, and wondered if there was any need for assistance." Kenzo said to Prissy, turning to where she was standing, but not bothering to look up.

Ness blinked as she looked at the photo. "Well, the man looks normal enough. This cloaked figure is quite the odd one out though... Maybe the cultist idea holds some water after all... Do you have an identity of the man? Also, can you tell me anything about the company you suspect of abducting Makoto and if he's an employee there?" She asked. Hearing Edward, she largely ignored him for the moment.

Priscilla points at Heavy. "He is injured; canst thou help him?" She asked.

"I do not think so. I am not a healer." Kenzo replied a bit apathetically.

Shi tried to get a look at the photo for herself.

Ness blinked as she saw Shi hopping to get a look and squatted down a bit to let the girl look a little bit easier.

Rika's magic was still active on Heavy, so the whole swirling mess of gold light probably showed that Heavy was being healed.

"His name is Jack Porter. From what I could find out, he owns a bar in Dallas. I do not know his exact association with the private military company, however both he and the cloaked person are regularly spotted there." Sarah explained. She then turned to Edward and replied, "I fail to see how anyone could mean that when they say 'stealth'. And I agree, more people makes going undetected harder. However, it would allow us to split up into smaller groups."

Milly hummed curiously as Ness mentioned Roxy acting defiant. "I've been better..." She muttered in response to Ness. "How have you been though?" She quickly asked, not wanting to be more thoroughly reminded to her own concerns.

The cat seemed almost determined to ignore Rika until she started scratching it underneath the chin, at which point it started acting more favorably. It began lowly purring, and shut it's eyes and extended its neck to indicate that it would like more of that particular form of affection.

Ness nodded once more and waited until Shi got enough of an eyeful before handing the photo back. "So perhaps this cult is connected to the PMC...? Or maybe there's not a cult at all... Ugh... regardless, is there anything substantially different about this PMC these two frequent?"

"I've been well for the most part... I'm sorry to hear you're not doing so well yourself. If it's alright with you, maybe we can talk about what's been on your mind once I'm finished asking my questions to Miss Sarah. I'll tell you more about Roxy as well." She offered with a small smile.

Rika giggled as the cat finally opened up to her. She focused on the underside of the chin, scratching a little more vigorously than before.

Shi studied the photo and smiled at Ness. She then went back to listing to Sarah.

"It's a popular joke back in my home, since somebody there actually used rockets for a stealth mission.
And there's the problem of convincing the group to stay stealthy, since most people here are not the most subtle..."
He replied to Sarah.

"Who was injured though? And how?" Kenzo asked, not being able to tell who Prissy was talking about.

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