We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Laguna ignored Greed, listening to the other's questions.

Salamander and Gnome enter the building, looking around.

Gold glanced at Sierra, unsure of what she meant. Machiko began following the bloodtrail, wanting to find Evelynn.

"What if we don't feel like participating?" Seras asked in a mildly surly tone.

Carmen shrugged and sighed in response to Greed. "This was the first vaccine we could ship out. And we need to make sure that it's good as an aggregate cure. I'm sure multiple men will be better for widespread testing as opposed to one or two. If you feel like it's a waste, you can help defend this area or go about your business as usual outside the area."

Looking to Arcade, she nodded. "We didn't just start on this vaccine the day you walked in... and the people who we've sent samples to have been working nearly nonstop for this past month. It's amazing how a crisis can increase productivity."

As she looked to Seras, she nodded. "Your pay will be docked accordingly, but that's perfectly fine. If you want to leave, we'll need to test you or possibly inject you with the vaccine before we can fly you out. Luckily, we've gotten a much better read on that dragon due to that E.D with the fedora."

As Salamander and Gnome looked around, they'd find they'd walked into a room that was pretty beat up, holes in the floors and looking like the place could fall down at any moment. There were a set of shaky looking stairs ahead of them and two doors to the left and right. The screech of the infected got louder as they neared.

When Greed glanced over at her, Camilla glanced back and gave him a hateful scowl, though it would only be visible for a slight moment, so Greed might not even notice it at all. You'll get yours eventually, sinful cretin...
Turning her attention back to the Doctor to hear what she said, Camilla hummed and began fanning herself once again. "Assuming this cure works, how exactly do you intend to distribute it to the entire city? I very much doubt you'll get much luck asking this lot to manually 'fix' every single person."


Indeed, Greed didn't take notice of Camilla giving him the foul look, double so since he didn't bother looking at her face, instead only looking at her appearal. "This place seems pretty well defended to me already. So, why does it need more? Is there something up?" Greed questioned.

"How long would it take before a person is cured once the vaccine is adminestered?" Erica asked.

"Vanessa? Do you know where she is?" Seras asked, getting distracted by possibly finding Ness, hopefully safe and sound.

Salamander and Gnome enter the door to the left, staring around more.

Sally followed suit, Sonic Emitter in hand.
"Warning: It's dark in there. I have some Cateye, if you need it." she said.

Arcade nodded, "Do you need any weapons?" he asked.
The 7 foot tall deathclaw continues to hug Yuki.

"With the major deceased, we could use another 'leading' presence here, which some of you could provide by staying stationed here. And I'm not one that gets complacent. We can always improve our defenses." The doctor replied to Greed.

Looking to Erica, she scratched her head. "We expected it to take about a minute to perhaps an hour. An anesthetic is mixed in with this vaccine to make observing the subjects less dangerous to everyone involved."

She looked to Camilla next and nodded. "We're also aware this method won't work in the long run... We're planning to use the vaccine in a gaseous form and cover the city in it... We're shipping in gas masks along with other supplies as well to prepare the zone for this."

"We could triangulate her position the next time she responds to us, but at the moment, no." The doctor replied in response to Seras. "She didn't sound like she was fired upon during our last contact, nor was she cut off suddenly, so I assume she's still alive and mobile at the very least."

The doc simply shook her head at Arcade. "We're fine on weapons for the moment."

Sierra continued after the trail, the dim light beginning to dim more. She took out her green crystal and loaded in another one as she continued.

As the two entered the house, the floors would creak dangerously with seemingly every step. They would find themselves in an abandoned kitchen, the smell of rotting food overtaking the entire room.

Eventually, the deathclaw would find that he was hugging something invisible.

"Does she really need to be scouting anymore? Can I bring her back? I could carry the vaccine with me." Seras asked next.

Sally, watching Sierre walk around with a green crystal. "Put that up, you might be seen." she whispered.

Arcade nodded, content in the safety of the Zone.

"Gas masks?" Camilla repeated with a curious hum. "Why would anyone without the infection need to protect themselves from the cure?"

"Suppose I choose to help defend the place, rather then go out there and administer the cure, would this dock my pay?" Greed questioned, then looked to Seras. "You know, Doll, if you actually got one of those earpieces like I said you should've done, you could've just stayed in contact with her." he remarked, speaking with something of a mocking tone. Reaching for his earpiece, which he hadn't taken off, he switched to the frequency Ness was using, and tried to contact Ness. While doing so, he looked over his shoulder towards Camilla. "Because there's an anesthetic mixed in there?"

"I see." Erica respoded upon hearing Dr. Carmen's explaination. After a pause, she asked, "I suppose it isn't known yet if there are any side effects that come with this vaccine?"

Gold blinked into his night vision filter, following Machiko.
Machiko eventually stopped in front of an ornate door, patterns and whorls delicately inlaid. She waited for the group to gather with her.

"I'd like to say no, but she's been proving to be useful unlike before." The doctor said to Seras. "We'll still need her eye for a few other things after this."

"We're testing these vaccines. We have no idea if this cure will have adverse effects on anyone normal who ends up breathing it in... along with the known risk of having the anethstetic knock out all of our guards. We wish to air on the safe side when it comes to this." She replied to Camilla and by proxy answered Erica's question.

Looking to Greed, she shook her head. "Of course, you won't end up having your pay docked if you don't wish to test the vaccine. You're actively helping the operation in either case, aside from not participating at all."

Greed would get static for a few moments before Ness' voice came on. "...Yes? Who is it?"

Sierra stepped to the door, the second crystal making her light a little brighter.

Sally walks through the door, glaring at Sierra. She looked at the Ornate door.
"Huh... This is odd." she said. She decided to look at the blood and area.

The Deathclaw seemed confused as to what happened, before remembering his mommys habit of going invisible.
If it wasn't THERE, however, it just sat there confused.

Camilla hummed to herself once again and said nothing further.

Seras glared at Greed. "Don't even talk to me." Seras she said scornfully.

"Yeah, Greed again. Doll's getting all worried about you. Go say hello, or something." Greed said to Ness once she responded to comunications. Taking off his earpiece, he was about to slide it over towards Seras, but stopped once he heard her reply. "Oh, never mind. She appearantly doesn't feel like talking. Well, I'm in the middle of something, so I'm going to hang up now. Bye." Closing comunications, he looked back to Dr. Carmen. "Alright, then. Guess I'll stick around here."

"I see. Well, assuming the vaccine works as intended, are we to bring whoever may be cured successfully back here?"

The deathclaw would continue hugging the invisible thing as the real Yuki walked off.

The doctor nodded to Greed before looking to Erica. "Yes, if possible. At the very least, get them to someplace safer than out in the open." She raised an eyebrow at the back and forth between Seras and Greed but didn't pay it much mind afterward.

Ness blinked a bit as Greed cut connections so quickly. Thinking about the others, she shook her head as she looked down and looked at a locket in her pocket. She opened it to show a small picture of her and Roxy both smiling. She sighed and clenched her fist lightly, closing her eyes. ...In the end, I couldn't help you. I'm so sorry, Roxy.

Laguna glared at Greed as he cut Ness off.

Seras continued to glare daggers at Greed.

Gold pulled his revolver, and got ready.
Machiko ran her hand over her mask, and shoved the door open, spear out and at the ready.
They entered a bloodbath, with many rockets badly wounded, none dead yet. A few stood at the edges of the current conflict, watching with worry. The Jester and Giovanni were at a standoff, Giovanni's Nidoking out of its pokeball and protecting him. The Jester was finishing saying "So, in conclusion, the Entropy thanks you for your work. You did a great demonstration of what you could do, but your ideas are still a little too long building for our tastes. We'll consult you if we ever need support for the army. May Entropy never take you."
Giovanni seemed pleased, somewhat, at the exchange. "And I feel the same to you." he glanced back at the entering group, and smiled politely. "Wonderful! Gold, its so good to see you again. I hope you recovered well from those acid burns. Mew knows they hurt me for some time. And miss Sierra! I truly hoped that killing off my Vegas admin would have calmed you. A shame."

Sally looked at Govini, and sat down by the Team Rocket Mooks, silently gagging them and injecting Stimpacks into them, doing her best to patch them up.
"So, what's going on, you two are warring families, or is the Entropy guy threatening to kill all of you?" she asked.

Greed clasped his hands behind his head again, and leaned back on the chair. While he notice both Laguna and Seras were staring at him, he didn't pay either of them any mind.

Erica nodded. She wanted to suggest injecting the vaccine into Anise first, but refrained from doing so, wanting to make certain the vaccine wouldn't end up having large adverse side effects, largely due to having promised no harm would befall Anise. "I see. Well, I have no further questions."

Sierra's eyes darkened immensely. "Go to hell." She ran in full force at Giovanni, not seeming to care about anything else.

The doctor nodded, looking the group over now. "If there are no other questions, please head upstairs to the helipad. The shipment should be awaiting you all upstairs." Seeing Laguna and Seras glare at Greed, she scratched the back of her head a bit. "...And hopefully, you all can work out your differences in that time..."

Erica nodded, and stood up. Leaving the ballroom, she began making her way up the stairwell, heading towards the roof.

Greed shrugged. "I'm not the one that just has to be difficult here." He said casually upon hearing what Dr. Carmen said. Standing up, he stratched, then rested an elbow on Gluttony's head. "So, I'll guess I'll go on patrol." Patting Gluttony on the head, he left the ballroom, and headed outside, Gluttony following.

"I believe I shall do just so. The tension in here is so thick it's practically choking me." Camilla remarked to Dr. Carmen as she stood up. She lazily gestured for Vice to follow her as she left the room and headed upstairs.

Laguna nodded to Carmen, then stood and left the ballroom, heading for the helipad. He caught up to Erica along the way. "Hey, you got a second?"

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Gnome covered her nose and climbed into a cupboard, Salamander doing the same.

Gold took aim and fired once, trying to hit giovanni. His nidoking mived forward, blocking the shot and moving forward to intercept Sierra. Machiko lobbed her spear, aiming to catch Nidoking in the eye, bouncung it off his jaw instead.
"These people have been interfering in my personal business for the last 3 months, picking off several of my administrators and claiming I deserve having my assosciates murdered gruesomely. Ah, Gold, Shiny Kabutops." at the words, Gold collapsed in an fit, his arms seizing up and his eyes going dark, shutting down. He collapsed as a light electrical charge was applied to his body. "Thank you boy, saves some difficulty. I don't want to kill him Sierra. You surely realize how troubled a soul he is, but hes much worse then he's let on." Giovanni called out.

Sally watched as Gold fell, and began to aim Maria at Govini as she began to help his wounded minions.

"I never tried to kill you!" Seras said to Greed before he left.

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