We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Like with all noises, Erica looked sharply over her shoulder once Laguna caught up to her, and looked to be about ready to strike, before settling down again. She sighed, and nodded once she returned to looking straight ahead. "Of course. What is it?"

"Same thing here." Greed called out to Seras as he walked. Once outside the hotel, Nanami approached Greed. "Grrreed. Whhat iss hhappening?" she asked, having noted the briefing in the ballroom by looking through a window, but not wanting to leave Rook. After Greed explained what was going on, Nanami decided to stay and help defend the safe zone if needed, feeling she was better suited to that.

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Laguna jumped as Erica whirled around, ready to strike. "Whoa. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare ya."

Sierra said nothing as she leaped up, aiming her cylinder at the Nidoking's face as she leapt up at it and fired, sending a large stream of flames at it. She seemed to either not register or not care about what Giovanni had just said regarding Gold.

Dr. Carmen gave Camilla a nervous chuckle as she took a deep breath herself. This... isn't going to be easy...

Vice nodded and left, following after Camilla. She looked back at the scene in the bedroom for a moment and sighed. If only they actually began fighting... things wouldn't be so dull around here...

As Gnome hid, she was fine. However, Salamander being a fire elemental, made the cabinet light up and its weak bonds began to weaken more noticably. The screeching softened before more creaking was heard in the house.

Seras punched the table, breaking it before storming out.

Dr. Carmen sighed as she looked at the busted table and then to the ceiling. ...I do hope we end up living through this...

As the group in the hotel moved along to the helipad, they'd see a pair of soldiers prying open a crate.

"Oh, you're not to blame. I react like that to everything, remember?" Erica answered with a small smile. As the ascended the stairwell, the two of them talked, and were done by the time they reached the roof. Opening the door, Erica walked towards the two soldiers prying the crate open, trembling while doing so if the rotor blades of the helicopter were still spinning.

"Alright. So, you go patrol the west, we'll take the east." Greed said to Nanami, pointing to his left when saying east, and right when saying west. After Nanami nodded, and rode off on Rook, Greed and Gluttony walked to patrol their end of the safe zone. As he walked, Greed reached into his pocket, and retrieved one of the Philosopher's Stones from it. Holding it between his right index finger and thumb, he looked at it while smiling.

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Seras avoided Greed, but saw him admiring his stone.

Salamander clenched her teeth. "It'd be real good of you to come now, Undine..." She mumbled as they came closer.

Nidoking seemed nonplussed at Sierra's attack, instead swinging his left fist at her through the flames. His right pointed at Sally and fired of a stream of poison stings.
Machiko began moving to try and flank Giovanni, feeling out of her element when it comes to huge monster fighting.

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As Erica emerged, she would be trembling due to the spinning of the rotors. As the two soldiers continued with the box, working crowbars to bust it open, the group would see two standard sized briefcases and a massive amount of padding.

The eastern front looked all clear for the moment.

Heavy breathing got progressively closer and closer to Salamander's cabinet.

While Erica tried to get her anxiety under control, Laguna walked up to the two soldiers, offering to help them with opening the crate

Greed eventually slipped the Philosopher's Stone back into his pocket, and looked around. Seeing nothing, Greed asked, "Do you smell anything?"

Gluttony tilted his head upwards, and sniffed the air, then shook his head. "Nope! Nothing but normal humans."

Greed nodded, then snickered. "Can't believe they're paying me for this..."

Nanami and Rook continued patroling their end of the safe zone.

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While she was waiting for the soldiers to finish working the crate open, Camilla frowned and furrowed her brow. She stopped fanning herself and rubbed her temples with her free hand. Why am I getting a headache?... How am I even getting a headache?...

Vice looked down curiously at Camilla as the girl rubbed her temples. "...What is the matter, madam?"

The crate was finally popped open, the soldiers waving off Laguna and Erica, and the two briefcases were presented to the group on the roof, one being held by each soldier. Once opened, each briefcase would hold 24 vials of a neon blue liquid.

Camilla groaned as she shifted her rubbing to one side of her head alone, so as to accommodate her turning and looking at Vice. "I don't know. ...Something in my head just started feeling...I don't know, off, I suppose. It's irritating." Seeing the crate opened and the briefcases presented, Camilla sighed and stopped rubbing her head. "I shall simply bear with it for now." She declared, hiding her still mildly grimacing face behind her fan. "We cannot afford set-backs."

Vice looked a bit concerned before sighing to herself and nodding. "Indeed we can't. If it gets worse, madam, don't hesitate to rest. As much as I'd love to see your plans come to fruition, your health comes first." As she said this, the woman took one of the briefcases, clasped it shut and slung it over her shoulder. "And remember, I am your tool. Feel free to use me as you see fit."

"Right." Laguna said to Erica. "Anyway, I've been meaning to ask you something about that encounter back at the clinic..."


Erica sighed, and lightly rubbed her left temple for a moment. "What of it?"


Once she got her trembling under control, Erica took a shallow breath, and shook her head. She picked up on bits of the conversation between Camilla and Vice, and didn't pay too much attention to it. Once the briefcases were presented, Erica looked to Laguna. "Perhaps you ought to take the other one. I don't quite trust myself to hold something as fragile."


"You used some kinda spell on Roxy right before Greed..." Laguna was silent for a second. "What was that?"


Laguna looked at Erica. "Alright then. But I think you should take one when we actually get into the field so we both have a supply." He took both briefcases, one in each hand.


Erica was quiet for a moment as she considdered lying about what she did. In the end, she decided against it, believing Laguna would find out eventually anyway. "I took her soul." she answered.


"That woman already has one of them." Erica answered, pointing towards Vice. "I shall take a vial of the viccine when the time comes, naturally. But I'd prefer to not carry them all."


Laguna was quiet for a second. "...you what? You took her soul?! Why?"


"Fair enough." Laguna said, nodding.


"Because I need to." Erica answered with a heavy sigh. "I need ro collect souls in order to increase my memory capacity. It's not something I'm paticularly proud of, but by order of necessity, it must be done."


"There's got to be something else you can do, right?" Laguna asked, still slightly shocked. "I don't think she, or anyone, deserves... that!"


"Was there something else I could do, I wouldn't be walking down this path. I already explored every other posible avenue. I consulted with psychics, they could not help me. I explored traditional medicine, to no avail. I looked to the arcane, there was nothing. I even turned to the suposed Divines, naturally, that did nothing for me." Erica answered, hanging her head for a moment. "As for wherther or not she deserves it... I disagree. She, and whoever else I subjected to this, were unrepentant menaces. Their punishment is a fitting one." As she justified her actions, Erica's tone of voice changed to a degree, although it was hard to tell why.

"Unrepentant? Did you see her? She was terrified!" Laguna said, his voice getting slightly louder. "What gives you the right to judge people and take what makes them people? How will that even help with your memory?"

"She shot a man through the heart Precicely, though the heart. Would I be overcome by terror, I wouldn't be able to fire a shot that accurate, no matter the distance." She answered. After a brief moment of silence, she continued, her tone returning to normal. "What right have I? None. I..." Looking towards the ground, Erica trailed off for a moment, before looking back up. "How it will help my memory, is that I made a pact. I am to gather souls, and in exchange, my memory would be helped."

"That's your argument? She made a good shot? Did you even see her? She was practically shaking. And I understand the desperation of having no-where else to turn, but do you really think trapping people and doing god knows what with them is worth it? There's GOT to be another way."

"Yes..." Erica responded. Stopping, she leaned against a wall, and shook her head. "I'm trying rather hard to justify this, to convince myself that this is the correct course of action. I can't do it, not really." Erica sighed, and closed her eyes, rubbing the eyelids with two fingers. "Will this be worth it, in the end? Yes... I don't want to go on like this. And no, there is no other way."

Laguna was quiet, then leaned against the opposite wall, facing Erica. "If you don't want to do this, don't do it. There's got to be some other way out there. Heck, I'll help you look for one if need be."

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"I don't want to do it in that I know I don't have the moral highground. However, if it means helping I memory, I'll press on and bear the guilt." By the dawn of the next day, I'll have forgotten this anyway... Erica responded. Sighig, she pushed off the wall, and continued climbing what must be the tallest stairwell ever built. "As I said, there is no other way. I've looked everywhere there is to look, in my own world, and another."

Laguna followed Erica up the stairwell. "Another? Have you been looking around here?"

Salamander frowns.

"No. At least, I think not." Erica answered shaking her head. "No, I looked for answers on the homeworld of a psychic friend of mine. I can't remember what exactly I did there, but the fact that my memory is none the better speaks volume."

"Well, we got Tophat back now. Maybe he's got some ideas." Laguna offered.

"I probably consulted him already." Erica remarked. Slowing down so to not trip and fall down the stairs, Erica reached into her satchel, and retrieved her notebook. Flipping through the pages, she was quiet as she read. "Ah, yes." She began, storing the notebook away. "He said he can't help me, as he's afraid tampering with my mind in any way will do more harm then good. Appearantly, I'm really quite unstable." She explained, sounding a little frightened near the end. "That doesn't inspire confidence, for various reasons."

"...damn..." Laguna sounded defeated for once, but his usual optimism quickly reappeared. "Ok, so he can't help you directly, but maybe we can look around for someone. We've already talked about getting you to a shrink, that might help."

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