We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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As the infected punched the ground, and upon hearing the rumbling under the ground, Greed looked up. Once the pillar shot up, he jumped to the side, avoiding it. As he snapped his fingers to create the electricity around his right arm, Greed ran up to the infected, and swung the katana he still held horizontally. However, as he had rarely used a sword before, in addition to be right handed, the swung was somewhat clumsy.

Eve took notice of the rumbling too late, and was launched upwards as she was struck under her chin. Landing on her back, she was unharmed due to her hardened body, but once she tried to stand up, she found that she was tangled in random trash, otherwise known as modern art. While she worked on freeing herself from the mess, she extended her right arm, and manifested a chunk of ice, which she launched at the infected furthest away.

Floating down to the floor below, Thresher looked towards the infected. "You, don't be alarmed. I'm speaking to your mind, as I have no other means of comunicating, at least none that you would understand." It began to explain, not wanting to spook the infected into attacking. "Are you being held here too?" It was suprised to find it could speak to the infected, and started wondering why it was that it could only not contact Skye.

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At first Nanami thought this almost to be some sort of joke, the man stocky perhaps, but still. There must be a reason as to why this man in particular has been tasked with blocking our passage, the mysterious woman wouldn't have left someone incompetent to such an important task. Or would she? Nanami tried to stay focused as she thought about what to say. "I understand that one most follow orders as he follow Neres, but I must persist that you let us through. I need to find my partner before he runs into danger himself. He was taking care of someone with significant injuries. I implore you to stand aside, I have no quarrel with you." She stated sternly, although not making any aggressive movements.

When the laughing came, Rook wheeled around to look for where the sound had come from.

The infected that as farthest from Eve and Greed grunted before hardening its arm with rock to block the blow, the ice shattering as they collided. It seemed to shiver a bit afterward but looked no worse for the ware as it moved forward.

As Greed swung the blade, he'd notice it would notice its edge glowing blue before the electricity arced through the blade making the strike a lot more potent. The infected who went to block was surprised to find itself shocked to death, smoke billowing from its ears as it fell to the ground. The other 4 infected, shot small ice spikes and fireballs at Greed and Eve, one of each for each combatant.

"Uh.... Wha-? N-No... Skye... if you're screwing with me, it's not funny!" The infected called, obviously a little shaked up despite Thresher specifically telling her not to be alarmed.

Claudio's spray would lead to a few infected hissing and hopping back into cover, while one was stunned once more. They had gotten closer, but stayed put for now.

Laguna would find there was no way back up the hole they'd entered in, the hole being closed now.

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Sally sighed, "Lower me down, I want to chat with him. I think I have some Abstine on me..." she said.

Heinrick's hackles rose, but he held back from growling. He was unsure as of yet if the voice was a threat. He did however yip happily to Rook, recognizing the scent and look of a giant crab.

Seras simply tried to look nonthreatening at the moment.

"...Suggestions on next action?" Lambda asked Yuki as she started removing her leg armor.

Neres shook her head. "I'm not going to be moving, ma'am."

Yuki looked around casually. Seeing nothing in the way of an exit, she sighed. "Maybe we should sit down and find out what this tether thing is. ...Hey, do you feel a little... weird? I know I do and I really hope it's not just me..."

OoC: Group 1.

Greed was pleasantly suprised to see the blade deliver a shocking suprise to the infected that attempted to blocked it. He looked at the blade curiously, before seeing the remaining four infected move in the reflection of the blade. Having grown to rely on his shield over much it took Greed too long to realise he had to evade attacks to avoid unjury. Jumping to the side, he evaded the majority of the projectiles fired at him, but his delayed reaction meant one of the ice spikes grazed passed him, leaving a cut at the side of his shoulder. Gritting his teeth, Greed outstretched his right arm, and fired a lightning bolt at either of the infected.

Dislodging her arm from the pile of rubbish, Eve stood up, and threw the artwork into the path of the ice spikes coming for her, the two spikes lodging in it, and falling to the ground. As the two fire balls neared, Eve leapt out of the way, and threw a fire ball of her own, aiming for the ground inbetween two of the infected attacking her, meaning for the blast radius the explosive fireball would yield to eliminate them both.

"Not yet. I'm going to see if I can convince the infected to help us." Thresher responded to Sally upon hearing the replay the infected woman gave it. Focusing on contacting the infected again, it did its best to mimic Skye's voice. "Oh-ho. You should've seen your face~. So funny." The voice immitation wasn't a perfect match, but fairly accurate.

Laguna turned, and saw the infected hiding behind cover. He had a thought. "Hmm... can any of you talk?" he asked, hoping at least one of them was intelligent.

Claudio dropped behind cover, reloading the machine gun again. He glanced at Laguna in frustration. "Do you plan to do anything with your new close combat prowess, or do you expect Claudio to singlehandedly blast apart the attackers?"

Both infected that Eve aimed at hopped back before shooting more ice at her. Their action gave them light burns on their feet, but not much else.

With Greed firing the bolt, the infected aiming at him were shocked a bit. One was still lucid enough to retaliate with another fireball. The other stuck to cover, wincing a small bit.

"...Uh.... whatever you are... you're not Skye! Show yourself!" The infected replied, frowning a bit to itself. The infected had seen through the ruse rather quickly.

There was more shuffling as the infected moved forward. Laguna would here a small voice. "Yes, we can. But that's not important..." Laguna would find another, though larger black spike being sent at him.

OoC: Group 2.

Nanami paused for a moment as she was denied by Neres. "And why not?" She put simply, trying to cut to the chase. "What must we do to be on our way."

Since there wasn't any extra tellings of Rook and Heinrick, they would probably still be wondering that the hell was up with the chuckling.

Seras considered attacking the infected, but did not at the moment.

"I am not operating at peak efficiency." Lambda confirmed.

Reinhard got into the cruiser next to Mannings. "Hey, think of the bright side; either you can prove Liam is telling the truth, and help solve those murder suicides, or you get a bunch of time off work because you're a crazy person!"

Heinrick looks to Rook, before trotting towards the hole in the ground, peering in.

Neres cracked her knuckles. "I think it should be obvious."

Heinrick would find it difficult hard to look down the sealed hole. Rook would find the chuckling had stopped.

Yuki nodded a bit. "Alright... Good to see I'm not more insane than I was a few days ago... So.. what do you think's up with you? I'm feeling really slow..."

OoC: Group 1.

Laguna ducked to dodge the spike, then looked at Claudio. "Gimme a sec." He stood again, talking to the infected. "Look, I'm sorry. I think we got off on the wrong foot here. It's been a long, hard day and my freind and I just want to get out of here."

Eve raised her right arm and fired a round of buckshot from it, accompanied by a fireball from her left hand. At the same time, she hopped to the side to dodge the ice.

Seeing the fireball coming, Greed turned sideways, and pressed himself against a wall to evade it, the wound on his shoulder regenerated as this happened. Turning to face the infected again, Greed had an idea. Having seen Yukino launch fireballs by swinging the katana around, Greed wondered if he could do the same thing with the lightning. Snapping the fingers of his right hand to generate electricity again, he swung the sword vertically at the air. In case nothing happened, Greed would fire a lightning bolt at the two infected instead.

Thresher sighed as its attempt to fool the infected failed, and hovered closer to it. "So, I assume you work with Skye, then. And that would mean you're not going to tell us where we are, or how to get out of here. Am I correct?"

Mannings frowned upon hearing the illusion, but said nothing in response. Once the cruiser arived at the precinct, she got out. "Thanks for the lift." She said to the other two officers. "Could you go back and watch over my house, please? The front door was burned down."

The officer in the driver's seat nodded. "Yeah, alright. We can do that." He responded, then paused, looking to Manning with a concerned look on his face. "Are you alright?"

Mannings glanced to Reinhard, then back to the officer. "I'll be fine." With that said, she entered the police station, wishing she hadn't taken off her shoes as she walked.

Greed would find he was able to launch bolts of electricity from the sword.

Reinhard followed Mannings into the police station.

"Yes, lets try to negotiate with them when we use stun rounds and they lob grenades and lethal attacks. This should go well!" Claudio muttered, ready to fire once Laguna had another spike lobbed at him.

"You should listen to your buddy with the anime speech impediment." One voice retorted, followed by a few distorted sounding chuckles. Seeing Laguna duck the spike, another two were shot at him, one at the head and one at his shin.

As Greed swung the blade, an electric crescent formed and flew at the infected. One rolled out of the way as the larger bolt exploded the one who was previously stunned was shocked to death and screeched as he fell dead.

Eve's shots would rip through one of the infected aiming at her and the other would avoid it completely. Growling, it began to charge itself up, the room getting slightly colder as it did.

"Well... yeah, I can't tell you where you are. Skye wants to tell you all that herself once you guys find her..." The infected said, idly rubbing its right arm.

OoC: Group 2.

Walking through the police station, doing her best to pretend Reinhard wasn't there, Mannings made her way to the holding cells, and to the cell Liam was held in.

Although Nanami wasn't happy with the road was going, given the circumstances it would have been fool hardy to think otherwise. She slowly exhaled as she looked at Neres. "If there is no other means to resolve this matter, I guess I have no choice. I am just disappointed given your intellect we could not find an alternative, but if this is you wish." She said as she got into a neutral stance with her spear. "I will fight to uphold that which I stand for." She stated with stern seriousness, with an intensity as if the only person in the room that mattered was Neres.

Rook looked around a short while more before deciding to deal with other things. Specifically the odd helmet that was on his back. Clapping his claws to get the attention of Heinrick, then pointed to the helmet.

Seeing Nanami was ready to fight, Seras pulled out her pistol and fired at the infected, aiming to not kill her.

"Gravity control functions non-functioning." Lambda said.

Heinrick looked at Rook, and yipped happily, rushing forward. Unintentionally, he fell into Rook's movement style, generating a ball of water and pushing himself ever faster with it. He yelped, this time in surprise, and cut off the ball's power, being slid forward and slamming into the wall.

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Moving down

Neres smirked as she slid into a fighting stance herself. Seeing Seras whip out a pistol, the infected grunted before her arms steeled up, much like the dragon's wings had. The bullet still left a dent in her arms as she blocked the shot the best she could. "Well... should've remembered about you, huh?" She began to slowly advance toward the two, staying on guard.

Yuki sighed a bit. "...I see... Do you feel any faster physically than you normally function? I think I know what's up..."

Rook and Heinrick would hear more laughing once Heinrick smashed into the wall.

OoC: Group 1.

Liam looked up at Mannings as she approached the cell. "What is it now?" he asked, seeming slightly calmer than earlier.

Eve shot at the infected with both arms, again.

"Alright. Want a drink?" she said, jumping off the Pokemon, and holding out a bottle of Absinthe, pouring a glass.
"Would you like Abstine or Sarsaparilla?" she asked, her voice warm, inviting, like the smell of a nice batch of cookies cooked by your grandma. Deceit in her voice was empty, there was just kindness.

Claudio muttered an obscenity, summoning a shotgun and cloaking up. He watched laguna, curious to see if he'd die by continuing this.

Seeing the electric cresent shoot out of the blade, and explode in a blast of crackling arcs of lightning, Greed grinned, satisfied with the display. Althugh he still didn't think the lightning being traded for his shield was an equal exchange, and very much wanted it back, he liked the sword a big deal. Seeing one of the infected that had attacked him still live, Greed cleared his right hand of the electricity, and pulled one of the pistols out of its holster. Taking aim, he fired two rounds at the infected's center of mass, and two more at the infected that Eve was firing at also.

"Meta..." Thresher initially responded with a displeased grunt. "Then, will you tell us how to get from here, to her?" Seeing Sally hop off and offer the infected a drink, Thresher rolled its eyes, but made no comment.

"You were right." Mannings said to Liam, stopping infront of the cell. "I just got a visit from that "spirit" you mentioned, and no one else could see it. But that wasn't all..." She continued, then paused for a moment. "The spirit and the fireballs aside, was there anything else you noticed being off, prior to the major change in your room mate?"

Laguna dodged again, moving much faster than he normally could and nearly slamming into a wall. "...ok, that was kinda cool." He looked at the infected again. "Look, I'm sorry about that. We thought you were those mindless ones. I'm not looking for a fight, I just want to get outa here."

Liam sat up. "So that's why it vanished... Anyway, apart from the stuff I put on my phone, nothing. I'm assuming you checked that, right?" he replied. Reinhard grinned. "So, you're sure you're still sane? Let me ask you one question; what would my endgame be in revealing myself to you, if I am behind all this? Wouldn't I want Liam discredited, not backed up? Of course, I don't need to ask you that. You're a good cop. You're probably already thinking all this." he said.

"We're under orders not to let you pass. Something about 'proving yourselves'."
"Normally, I wouldn't wanna do anything either, but we kinda owe our lives to Skye..."
"So, no hard feelings, but you both are gonna have to drop, now!"

As the infected were more focused on Laguna, they didn't notice Claudio cloaking. Seeing Laguna dodge, three ran out and attempted to rush him, claws gleaming black.

"Uh... N-No. I'm.. not a drinker..." The infected stated to Sally, stepping backward from the woman. Looking to Thresher, or more accurately the air. "You just need to get behind me... but I can't let you do that or Skye'll end up killing me or something...."

The infected kept to cover as Eve fired, her shots blasting off chunks of the rubble. The infected growled before shooting out an icy stream toward Eve, attempting to freeze her legs in place.

Greed's first two shots would hit the infected who had aimed at him as they doubled over and slowly slumped to the floor. The other shots would also hit cover as the infected kept low as it retaliated.

OoC: Group 2.

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