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This is the world of TerraRosa, a world that is distinct because of its ages of time. Each age is marked by major events that occur within it. You are in the small community of Three forests, a village centered in a bowl formation of low mountains and hills that has been dubbed "Eden" by it's inhabitants for how large it is and how lush the bowl is with greenery.

Three Forests is small village, mixed origins

about a day's travel north is a halfling settlement called Happy Apples, for the thriving apple orchards in and around the community.

A two and a half days to the west and north a bit is a settlement called Far's Reach for how close it is to the rim and a last stop for travelers continuing west.

To the east for threedays travelis a Hill dwarf community called silverfoot for the silver in the foothills of the mountains that the small town is famous for.

In the small town of Three Forests, in the valley of Eden, there is an Inn. In the particular inn, a group of travelers, some from the valley and other not, have gathered in a tavern because of rumors of riches and adventure. The night was young and some goblin was buying rounds for everyone in the inn's tavern, spending gold like she was made of the stuff. A merry tavern band was in the corner, playing a cheery tune.
The band was made up of halflings, who were enjoying themselves and their music throughly.

There were cheers and shouts of joy as another round went out.

Saver of Ashes took a sip of his ale, which while already warm, wasn't quite enough for his tastes, so the little green fireball set off a minor cantrip on the bottom of his pint (which looked comically over-sized for someone of his... stature) to make it piping hot. Still not enough to burn the savy pyromancer's hands, but just about right to suit his tastes. He took a few more gulps of it before daring to approach the goblin lady.

"Erm... escuse me," he began, then cleared his throat to get her attention, and then, in a booming voice (well, as booming as a little goblin can manage), "Hallo! Goblin Ale-Mistress!" he started fumbling his words again, "Um... uh..." he took another swig and coughed again, "I would like to know where you came into that kind of gold, madam! And if there is anything you would like 'assistance' with, you have only to ask!"

Saver of Ashes put on his best charmer's grin, which showed off his fangs nicely, but no matter what he did, there was just no chance of him coming off as fearsome or dashing with his mouth and chin poking out of his robes.

"The Great and Mighty Aahz is at your service!"

Upon closer inspection, the goblin had a dark robe on herself, her face concealed. "You're drunk , go sit back down and enjoy the drinks." She said to him in a rather scruffy voice. Her entire demeanor seemed hunched over as she sat atop the barstool. The innkeeper however, gave a little smirk, somewhat chuckling under her breath. "Poor little fella." She said and continued to wipe down the bar top.

Ghost had been traveling for a long time by now. Always seem on the run just to stay ahead of any assassins from his old cult that might be after him. He never heard of anyone leaving before but he didn't feel like finding out what happens to them. The sky seem clear for now but that could easily change at any moment notice. While Ghost continue on the path, he spotted a town upahead.

Smiling lightly under his scarf he decide to make a quick rest stop there. Surely their should be a Inn to stay in for the night. Hurrying towards the town as he made his way in with ease. The town it self seem quite nice, and out of the way from where he from. Exploring the town until he found the said Inn as he heads inside. Hearing the upbeat music and the crowd of people cheering and drinking all their troubles away.

He heads to the back to get a seat out of prying eyes. Not wanting to be seen much or talk to if he could help it. Not many knew how to talk with their hands anyways. While sitting down he thinks about what to get for food and drinks. Not much of a huge drinker himself so he hope there was other items on the menu.

Victor was propped in a corner, his feet up on a simple wooden chair and a mug of ale in his hand. He'd made town a few hours ago, after several days in the bush and upon finding out that there was a goblin buying drinks for everyone at the inn, he decided to avail himself of their generosity.

Drunk though he was, reality pushed through in the form of his unfortunately light coin purse. Hmmm, gess I shud look fer sum work tomorrow... He thought to himself. With an angry shake of his head he pushed those worries aside. He could deal with that later, tonight the ale was flowing and someone else was buying!

The path through the forest had been long today, but he had reached a settlement again. Kane wandered through the streets until he arrived at the tavern of the city, it took him a few minutes to remember the layout of Three Forests.

Kane looked around the tavern as he entered it, he decided it would be simpler if Marra waited outside until he had secured a room, he didn't need a drunk picking a fight with her. There was what seemed a celebration inside, he assumed it was open considering those present. He walked up to the bar and ordered himself a bottle of frenzy water, deciding he should get a drink before he acquired a room.

At the bar itself, there was an unusual sight, a halfling was in the middle of a drinking contest between several members of different races, and winning. Merry shouts were coming from about half as the other half attempted to stay up straight and not tip over. Mistling had been there for about three hours drinking perpetually. It seemed to go without end, the bartender had his mouth hung open.

Mistling had an unnatural ability to down alcohol, part of his animal blood he supposed, either way, the beast eyed Halfling in rags was outright stomping five others in a drinking competition. His fangs coated in an unending torrent of ale, it seemed the creature was inhuman. Unphased, the halfling turned to the bartender. "Bahtendeh, oi sai- teh get me sem more of dat dere ale! Yeh said if oi coul outdrin all this heah dwarves, men an' wotevah else coms moi way yeh would gimme all the drinks in deh wold! So oim askin for anothah glass!" Mistling slammed his empty mug down and smiled at a nearby human tipping over and falling on the floor.

Veronica sat in the corner of the tavern, largely ignoring the music and sipping her drink, a local wine, not as good as the wines back home but it was passable. She was waiting for the meal she ordered and trying to decide a plan of action for her 'little outing' as she called it, which was really 'her getting away from her family cause she was tired of them breathing down her neck about marrying some one'. Veronica isn't interested in marrying anyone, nor a family, she's after a legacy, something others will speak of for generations, and she didn't care how she got it.

Deflated somewhat by the female goblin's clear rejection, Saver of Ashes quietly slunk back into a dis-used and poorly maintained booth towards the back of the tavern's bar; where he was sure to be left alone. Little Aahz was torn somewhere between mild depression at striking out yet again with the she-goblins, and borderline violent anger over the human innkeeper clearly pitying him.


Was the only 'thought' running through his brain at that moment. Which frustrated him even more because it meant he was now having trouble remembering how to cast spells, and thus, losing any ability he had to actually get even with anyone in the room. He swore he thought he saw an elf somewhere in the room that owed him money, but he wasn't sure. On the other hand, he thought he also saw a human he thought he owed money to, and so Aahz retreated back into his robes, emerging only every now and then to drink long gulps of his free drink. After about five minutes of this, he finished his drink and just left it sitting there on the table in front of him.


Was still the only 'thought' running through his noggin... however, he was now too drunk to even remember why he was angry, so he threw up his little arms and banged on the table to make an unsatisfying quiet and undamaging 'clap.'

The night was slowly overcoming the amber coloured hues that were the late afternoon sun, and Auron was rather pleased with himself; after nearly three days of endless tracking, he had finally managed to bag Carion, a Wood Elf bandit that had been causing some trouble in the area for the past couple of months. All he had to do now was bring Carion to Chevande, a High Elf who issued the bounty, to a tavern in Three Forests.

Throughout the long walk back, Auron had disarmed Carion of her weapons, and restrained her arms behind her with a knife pressed gently into her back. He had no intention of harming her willingly, but it served a useful means of persuasion and to keep her moving.

"Aw come on sweetie, untie me and runaway with me, and I would be your willing slave, loving you forever more; surely a strong, handsome Half Elf such as yourself would find good use for someone like me." Carion said with a sultry tone and a puppy dog face. Auron simply smirked.

"Nice try Carion, you attempted seduction once before when I finally caught you, and look how that turned out." He said, referring of course to her current predicament. Carion instantly went into a sulk.

About half an hour later, they finally arrived at the tavern that Chevande described, and as far as he could tell, it was quiet a lively one, with the sound of raucous laughter and merry music being played.

"Well well well, never expected Chevande to pick such a lively drop off point, usually she goes for more secluded locations." Auron said aloud before grabbing a length of rope from in front of Carion to which he could pull her along with. Making sure his hood was pulled up, Auron gave the tavern door a heavy push, which caused an eerie silence to fall.

Auron calmly walked through the tavern, gently pulling on the rope that made Carion move; making note of the looks he was receiving. Three Forests was certainly the melting pot of races and cultures as had been described. He went up to the barkeep.

"Excuse me, but has Chevande arrived? I'm here to collect the bounty." Auron asked, using his head to gesture at Carion.

Distinct was one way of describing the shadowy figure that crossed the threshold. Anyone trying to keep up had a million blink and you'd miss it movements to contend with. You had to wonder how she managed to be both imposing and barely there. The result was odd; anyone who looked in her general direction was very menaced by what appeared to be the furniture.

There was a heavy feeling in one of her inside pockets, she pulled out a pocket watch inspecting it like she'd never seen it before, which she hadn't since it had until recently been in the pocket of a dwarf as wide as he was tall in a suit that suited him as well as his clean shaven face and monocle.

Brow troughed she turns walking back the way she came, intent on returning the timepiece to its rightful owner.
"Excuse me." The voice was small, certainly not suited to either an Elf or Orc much less both. The dwarf didn't respond, too busy with his drink and some equally misplaced companion, a dwarf in a tux and tie was one thing but the gnome who looks like a body guard and the kinky goblin were taking all the piss. They didn't appear to notice, the woman tried again, her voice was slightly louder but still drowned in the noise, she tried one more time, raising by an entire decibel and accomplishing nothing.

Looks like she'd be keeping the watch, slinking back off embarrassed and thoroughly annoyed with herself she directed her attentions to the time piece. A single flick of her wrist and a mysterious tool is in her hand, one more and the watches golden guts have spilt out. It was intricate, but there were simple faults, even she could notice them from just a cursory glance. She could always steal more watches, could make a really good one from all the parts just lying around, in the pockets of people who probably spent a lot of time and effort earning them and would be upset to see them gone.

The watch would have to wait; its insides compacted and screwed back in. The watch was re-pocketed, though where the pocket was exactly remains a mystery to this day.

Finding herself in a corner she slumps onto a tall staff. Its head (currently on the floor) was simultaneously a club and pick, a shabby tool but looks weren't everything in fact in her profession looks were to be avoided at all costs. The tribal archaic elegance of the tool, inscribed with old tongues of both the highest and lowest people, offset its owner nicely.

Then there was the goblin woman, throwing gold around like she was repulsed by the stuff, if she was so willing to lose it was it really a crime to take it from her? Course it was and life would become increasingly difficult if she chose to ignore that fact.

She looked around, amber eyes making wide sweeps of the bar. The glow is the same as her ancestors have had since the dawn of time but it's not blood she hungers for. Why go for crimson when gold was available.

Lyra sat in a quiet corner of the small Inn; trying not to draw unwanted attention. As much as might have liked to revel with the many people in the tavern, her other side did not lend itself well to uncontrolled activities like drinking. Instead, she drank water with but a thimble of alcohol in it (and that purely for the sake of purifying the water) She'd also gotten a bowl of the innkeepers stew; if only to keep said innkeeper tolerant of her otherwise unpaying presence.

Lyra wouldn't have had much of a reason to be in the small town normally - it was a well founded town; rich in believers in many a faith: including Marais. It was not in some mortal or spiritual peril that could only be stopped by her intervention - few places were. No; her reasons for being in that Inn on that evening were entirely personal. Whispered rumors had brought her to the little town. A rumor of power; power strong enough to quell the darkness. Maybe for good.

But thus far, the rumor was just that. Though many strange things appeared in the town (from goblins swimming in gold to half elf bounty hunters), signs of a power to vanquish evil yet eluded her. So she remained in the quiet corner, watching the crowd carefully, avoiding attention, looking for signs of her rumor.

After a while, Saver of Ashes fell into a bit of a nap. He dreamt of his tribe accepting him again... only to chase him around with a whip made of various elven appendages (some less wholesome than others), and a human true believer branding his tongue with the symbol of her faith. The searing ectasy of the hot branding broke the spell, and Saver of Ashes woke with a start as his legs reflexively popped up and his knees banged heavily (as much as a little goblin's knees can anyway) on the bottom of the table.

"Ow." Was all he could manage to say before he noticed a darkish skinned human... looking very much like the one from his dream.

Oooh... shiny. He thought, admiring the gold trimming on the human's robes, as well as the very pointy staff. To Saver of Ashes, she seemed to a young woman after his own heart. Or at least, that's what he hoped was the case. She'd probably just turn him away like everyone else (at best), or try to kill him in the name of her god (at worst, and most likely, to be honest).

Still, Saver of Ashes thought he'd try anyway. So he walked over to the woman with the glowing eyes and said, "Erm... hi."

That was all Saver of Ashes managed to say. In an attempt to compensate for his umm... shortcomings, he kept his head firmly tucked into his robes, in a desperate effort to seem more imposing than he really felt.

Ghost watch the whole scene around him. Hobbits having drinking contest with the other patrons of the bar. A goblin trying his luck with the ladies of the bar and seeming to struck out and trying again with someone else. A halfbreed that was looking around the bar, he would have to keep a eye on her. Not due to her race or anything like that.

He just had a feeling about her, thanks to his training he was good at telling about people. The bunch of bar goers didn't seem all that bad but there was a few things off about some. Though as long as they didn't bother him to badly or try to kill him, he won't mind them at all. Getting up as he walks up to the bar.

Wondering if the bar tender might know sign language as he tries it out on her.

Hello, I would like to order a bowl of your best soup please as well as something non-alcoholic to drink. He said with his fingers.

The barkeep responded. "Yes, i believe so." she responded, then gestured to a back corner of the inn. That's when the music and cheery mood returned. When the guy signed at her, she scratched her head and looked at it, trying to pick apart the gestures. "if you could talk i guess i wouldn't need to play this games with you..." the girl said and eventually got it.
"oh.... soup. sure... and a drink... Something with a kick to it?" she asked, then a few gestures later, had the soup and a glass of apple juice, apples from the halfling community to the north of them. "there ya go. 1gp and the room is included in the cost, however, the goblin over'ere is paying for ye tonight." she said with a bit of her smile.
then a younger teenage elven girl came out of the back with a plate of food for Veronica. She set the plate down infront of her with a smile. "Hope it's up to standards." she commented.

Veronica nodded to the young elf girl as she sat the plate down in front of her and closed her book, the food smelled good, though looked like something had been run over by several wagons, but took a bite anyway, fortunately, it only looked like road kill. "Yes this will do nicely, thank you." she said, and started on her meal.

"Glad it's ok. We're rather busy tonight." she said then looked over at the rather ragged halfing. She smiled once more. "well, gotta go, enjoy the food!" the elf said and headed over to the bar, grabbing a pitcher of ale before walking around, filling mugs.

The the elf got to the halfling. "Wow... you're putting them down like it's the last bunch of ale in the world." she said, refilling his mug and setting the pitcher down on the table. "After you finish that mug, let's see you chug the entire pitcher." the elf said excitedly, a few more from the room cheering in. "Yeah!" "Chug the pitcher!"

He smiles lightly as they finally came to a understanding. Glad finally someone outside of his old cult understood him. As he gets his food he notice the hobbit being dare to chug a whole pitcher of ale. Smiling lightly at the goofy scene. He never did see a hobbit drink so much. Though truth be told, he didn't see much of the other races, beside killing them of course.

Though that life was behind him now or so he hope so. Going back to the corner as he pull down his scarf and starts to eat his soup. Eatting slowly as he enjoys the hot meal. He would glace about back at the others as he ate his meal. Enjoying the sights as he wonders perhaps he should try to chat, or in his case listen to the others for once.

"Yes, I believe so." The barkeep responded with, gesturing to a back corner of the inn. It was at that moment, that the positive atmosphere of the tavern returned. Auron reached for his money, and pulled a handful of coins out and placed them on the counter.

"Thank you. I'll have a drink when I come back, nothing too strong, but something with a little bit of kick. Hope this can cover it." Auron said as he left the counter with Carion in tow before the barkeep could respond. He followed the route that was pointed out to him and arrived at another door which had a couple of guards in disguise posted at the front.

'Chevande did always like to have some form of protection with her whenever she left on business.'

"I take it your the one we've been waiting for? Glad to see someone finally catch this little troublemaker; been causing havoc for traders in the surrounding forest." One of the guards asked as he stood up from his post.

"Indeed I am gentlemen, and I've brought your employer a present as it were." Auron remarked with a cocky little half smile. The guard gave a mean took to Auron as he moved away from the door.

"Alright then, you best get inside, Chevande doesn't like to be kept waiting." The guard then pushed the door open, revealing what looked like a small office.

"No need to tell me that, done business before with her you see." Auron said as he went through the door pulling Carion along. The inside of the office was rather simplistic, and sitting behind a sturdy wooden desk, sat a High Elf who was busy consulting what looked like a deck of tarot cards. She looked up and saw she had company.

"Ah, welcome back Jecht, and I see you brought a friend with you as well. Tell me, was she hard to put down?" Chevande asked with an almost ethereal like voice.

"Go to hell Chevande." Carion said bitterly.

"A few scratches on the arm, a kick to the chest; nothing that I haven't felt before. Must say that it was a good fight though. If you weren't my bounty Carion, I would have asked if you wanted a rematch." Auron remarked in a charming manner, which looked as though it had made the Wood Elf blush.

"Ahem." Chevande said as a pouch of gold coins landed on the table. "Your payment Jecht."

As Auron dropped the rope, and leaned over to grab the pouch, he spoke quietly to Chevande.

"Go easy on her, she has quite the potential if you can find use for her." Auron then left the office, and found a quiet corner of the tavern to sit at whilst waiting for his drink.

Mistling turned around and was surprised that at least half the bar was watching him now. He was being careless. People usually only looked at him funny because of his oddly shaped face, but the drunk patrons here were more than happy to accept him. How fun. Mistling winked a cat eye at the barmaid and after casually sipping his mug, grabbed the pitcher and started chugging. Gulp after long gulp the golden amber liquid drained out of the pitcher until there was absolutely nothing left.

After calmly putting the pitcher down, Mistling sat for a moment, seemingly non-nonchalant. He was starting to feel a little fuzzy, might as well give everyone a good scare now. A human walked over and asked "Are you okay?" Mistling looked down for a while, eyes looking sore and made a move as if he was about to pass out. Just as he started slipping out of his chair, a few patrons began to look concerned, but then he jumped up and roared "An' tha's paht of the raison oi was able to k'll all dem gobbies back in dah forest! Notin can get to ol' Mistlin!"

She needed a drink. No that was the last thing she needed, some idiot seemed to think their thieving ability was proportional to blood alcohol level.

They'd argue about this but the winner was inevitable and so the parts of her that would rather not drink would need to think of something else.

A distraction could do, the Halfling was out, not helpful in the least. There needed to be something, chances are the idiot was going to ask for a drink.

Mantha approached the goblin woman trying not to look too sinister, even to the point of bending down a little, necessary when you were several multiples of the other person's height.
"Mind if I have some?"

The voice was soft as mercury and probably as good to have poured into your ears.
"No wait no need for that really." The voice had changed totally and instantly, it had lost all its flow, weakened. It was a pathetic attempt but almost admirable considering how she was with people.

"Erm... Hi." a voice said, drawing Lyra from her careful scanning of the room. Turning to face the voice, she found herself chest-to-face with a small man in blue-gold robe, his cowl over his head. Needless to say, the sudden appearance of the person was unexpected. She wasn't able to make out his face properly, but Lyra had the sneaking suspicion he was either a Mage or fancied himself one - given his manner of dress.

Not sure what else to say, she replied in kind. "Hello... Can I help you?" She said, pausing to emphasize her confusion over the little man's appearance. Still, she tried to be nice - Marais gave her blessing equally to all people. What more, he might be the one the rumors of power spoke of. It couldn't hurt to play nice for the moment.

Hello... Can I help you?"

For some reason, that question, above all others (with a few possible exceptions) put Saver of Ashes on edge. He couldn't figure out what to say next.

"Umm... are you new here?" he said, trying to inject some confidence into his hoarse, squeaky voice, "I mean, are you new in town? I just got here. You look like you're looking for something... maybe I help you find? Yes?"

Saver of Ashes mentally patted himself on the back, that was probably the smoothest he'd ever been. He was... okay at speaking Common, but he preferred his native Goblinese and the Draconic he'd picked up a while ago. However, that was also the extent of what he could think to say or do at this point. So he ended up just standing there, trying hard to maintain eye contact with the human without seeming to be staring at her. It was a delicate balance to hold, and if there is one thing that Saver of Ashes was known for it was blowing shit up his own special brand of 'finesse.'

"...I mean, are you new in town? I just got here. You look like you're looking for something... maybe I help you find? Yes?" the smallish man said in broken common. It was very odd to see someone who's grasp of common was weak in this day and age, but then mages were always the odd sort.

"Yes, maybe you can. I'm looking for a kind of magic. Something that can banish or purify... certain kinds of evil. I heard rumor that there was a power like this somewhere around her. Have you heard of it?" she asked, trying to be quiet about it.

Yes, maybe you can. I'm looking for a kind of magic. Something that can banish or purify... certain kinds of evil. I heard rumor that there was a power like this somewhere around here. Have you heard of it? the bright woman said.

"Hmm..." Saver of Ashes said trying to scratch up his memory for any boring spells like that... which he might have come across while learning all of the really good spells, "Maybe... well..." then he snapped his fingers, remembering seeing his former master sending demons out of his cave, never to return, "But... you see. Last place Aahz saw that kind of magic was... when I beat bluedragonDezrigoth at card game to win my freedom! -and how to speak and write in Draconic -" he said that last part with a great deal of surreptitious pride, very few people in the world knew how to speak the Dragon's Tongue, after all. After a moment's thought, he continued, "But, he's dead now. Least, Aahz hopes he is."

The little goblin shivered, and his robes loosened up as a result. Which left his head fully exposed, chin, jaw, and teeth and all. He stared right at the dark woman. Petrified.

Now she try to kill me. Perfect end perfect day.

"Least, Aahz hopes he is." the little Mage said with a shiver. Lyra could only sigh in disappointment; no luck. Such was life; or at least hers.

When she returned her attention to the little wizard, his cowl had fallen back to reveal his true nature; he was a goblin. And he looked horrified. Lyra was surprised; she'd assumed he was a little old man, not a goblin. He wasn't trying to eat her shows or kill her dog or rhyming about how how he was going to eat people. Besides; she knew of worse things than gonlins. So, Lyra paid it no heed. "Thanks for trying anyway." She offered, before taking another sip of her water. Remembering her manners a moment later, she turned to him and added a propper greting.

"I'm Lyra by the way. Pleasure to meet you." She said, holding out her left hand to shake.

I'm Lyra by the way. Pleasure to meet you." she said, extending a hand to the little goblin.

Wait... not trying to kill me? Or is it trick? Oh to hell with it!

Aahz shot his hand a little too quickly out of his sleeve to take hold of the human's hand and shook it.

"Good to meet you, too. Pretty lady." Saver of Ashes blurted that last part out without realizing it. "I did steal lots of dragon's scrolls... so might be spell on one of them. Though...

"Well... I sold some of them to local magic shop," Aahz said, "But kept most of ones I grab. Lots more still at dragon's cave. Here, I show you what I have." With that, Saver of Ashes finally let go of Lyra's hand and searched through his pack and produced a few scrolls.

"Umm... do you know Dragon Tongue?" he asked, hoping the answer would be 'no', if only so he'd have an excuse to hang around a bit longer.

The small hooded goblin flicked a silverpeice up to the female, hitting her in the face then landing in her palm. "Manners will get you farther in life." she said, her hand looking rather pale for a goblin. That's when she heard the mention of Dragon Tongue in the bar.

Getting down, she walked over to the two talking, the lightbringer and the other goblin who had approached her from before. "You know the tongue of the old ones?" she asked. "The ones of ages past and times begone?"

You know the tongue of the old ones? The ones of ages past and times begone?"

"Where you learn speak common so well? I... struggle with clumsy tongue like this," he said, turning around and trying to delay responding, "And yes... I speak the Dragon-Speak and Read the Dragon-Word. Why?"

Despite the fact that the fair goblin-lass was giving him a lot of attention, Saver of Ashes found himself getting nervous and paranoid. He ran the spell for 'Burning Hands' around in his head a few times, just in case.

When the she-goblin still didn't answer him, he said, "Yes yes. I speak it. Why? What you want? What's your name?"

"Umm... do you know Dragon Tongue?" the little goblin mage said, pulling out a few scrolls.

Lyra watched the little goblin in amusement, but otherwise answered him honestly. "Only a scattering of words in some very old texts." she said with a shrug. Lyra offered the little mage a chair and helped him lay out his scrolls on the table. She leaned over the scrolls carefully; trying to follow what the goblin had to say. She remained hopeful that the scrolls might help: skeptical and not expecting much at all, but hopeful.

While Ghost was eating he notice something going on between a human woman and two goblins. Wondering what was going on with that but decide not to at the moment. He finish his soup soon afterwards and took the bowl back up to the front so no barmaid would have to walk all the way over to get it. Though he kept his cup full of cider as he drinks from it. Sitting down at the counter now feeling a bit safer at the moment.

Thinking no one here will harm him in anyway as they seem like a good lively bunch. He even wonder if he should stay in this village. It seem small enough to help hide him away from any assassin that might be after him. Though he wasn't fully sure what job he could do around this area, being a mute and being raise as a assassin. Though he sure something will come up for his set of skills.

When the other goblin inquired as to who she was and what she wanted, the female let out a whole hearted laugh. "Oh nothing. I just like being creepy." she said in a somewhat happy and lighthearted voice, and threw down her hood. Her skin was a bit unnatural for a goblin, as well as her face being unaturally round, and she had a nice head of hair.
her head

She was actually a goblin/gnome hybrid. but even still, for a hybrid race, she had unusually pale green skin in the light and there was something about the color of her eyes that was... off yet pretty...

"I'm Edna, herbalist extrodanair." she said and gave a shallow bow. There had been stories circulating around Eden of her abilities, some called them legendary. To those outside, she was just a myth, but no one knew where she lived.

"Edna?" he said, remembering the stories about her, "Well... I am Aahz! Pyromancer extraordinairy! What can I do for you?"

Then he noticed the invitation to the table that Lyra had offered him, so he politely hopped up and offered Edna the seat next to him.

She hopped up into the seat and looked at the scrolls. "Might i ask what i am looking at?" she said rather politely, now that she was closer, her eyes did seem to give off a faint glow. She was methodically scanning over the scrolls. "and i'm just a bit curious as to whats going on around the town." she said to the goblin.

"Might i ask what i am looking at?" the she-goblin said. Saver of Ashes was suspicious of the sudden interest, but he decided to go along with it. For now, if only to figure out what she wanted.

"Well..." he began, and started pointing to the appropriate runes, "This is dragon-word for 'fire', and this is dragon-word for 'sheet'. So Aahz think this is spell for 'Wall of Fire'... though more potent than what you get in spell shop, I imagine."

Aahz hoped no one would notice how inconsistent his broken Common was. Several years ago, he'd found it safer to make everyone around him think he was an idiot, so that they wouldn't immediately suspect or blame him for any trouble that the group came across (aside from the monsters). He could actually speak Common very fluently, but... he'd found the best way to get people to underestimate him was to dumb his language down a bit.

"And I'm just a bit curious as to what's going on around the town," the she-goblin said after he gave her the gist of what the scroll was about.

"No-know," he said, shrugging. Then he inclined his head to Lyra, "Maybe she knows?"

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