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Ow. Waiting for the midget to turn away Mantha rubbed her forehead. She could have handled that better, wasn't she supposed to be more tactful. That was a misrepresentation of the facts; she'd been perfectly polite.

Wait, had she heard that right? The name, you didn't need to be here long before you heard that name. Alchemist, she didn't have much experience with their sort. If they wanted gold so much there was plenty about, why go around trying to get it from lead? Though if she was well known enough to have her stories told so far and wide she may be on to something. Could be worth sticking around, may even be some poisons. Now that was an offensive thought why would see need poisons? She's more competent than that. What she needs to do is walk away and for once not feel the need to rob blind people who dealt with forces she doesn't understand.

Mantha walked up to the goblin, bowing. "Forgive me my impertinence, I should have been more polite, is there anything I could help you with?" The elf orc rises again, her voice was back to silky soft. Inside her head she sighed disappointed with herself.

Veronica finished her meal and paid he tab, then sat and listened to the band, which she didn't like and 'people watched'. In all honesty she would have preferred to go to bed and get an early start but with all the noise that was unlikely. The Tavern seemed full of the usual types inclined to gather here, none of any real interest, there was the goblin throwing around gold like it was a worthless stone, whom she decided she hated for preventing her from getting an early start on the day, and there was this other goblin? no, something mixed with goblin, gnome maybe, speaking to another goblin, she looked paler then normal, and her eyes had a odd feel to them, Veronica found her the most interesting she'd see so decided to watch her, in for no other reason then to discern the source of what was giving her eyes and 'off vibe'

"Actually yes. I'll be needing a group of people to go collect a rare harvest of mushrooms tomorrow. They grow once a year and only in a very specific cave. " she said to the hybrid who had just addressed her. "I'm paying 1 gp per mushroom brought back. Damn good money for such easy work." she said then hopped up into the seat next to the goblin.

"And you can stop with the act Ahaz." she said, essentially reading his movements and picking up on the fact he seemed to be a bit dumber than when he had approached her earlier. "You're not fooling me. I'm wise beyond my years; allot of those i know say, so it's a bit hopeless to use fluent common on me then come over here and play stupid." she said, but in a teasing manner, lightheartedly to jest around then began to chuckle.

The young elf girl came over to Auron with a pitcher and an empty glass in her hands. She set the glass down on the table and poured the ale into it, then set the pitcher on the table along side of it. "Free rounds on the goblin/gnome over ere'" she said, gesturing to Edna who had just let out a little laugh.

Kane drank from the bottle as he sat, it burned as it poured down his throat and a low boil of pure rage formed at the back of his mind. He shook it out as events unfolded around him in the tavern, the goblin, the mute, the insane halfling, the bounty hunter, and the herbalist (/apothecary/alchemist). What did he know about her again... she was important, she was apparently wealthy, and she was goblinoid. The first two were commonly combined but the third with either of them was a little odd.

He payed it no more attention and took another swig from the bottle, it burned as it poured down his throat...

"Free rounds on the goblin/gnome over ere'." The elf serving girl said as she brought over a pitcher of ale and a empty glass to Auron, filling it up as she gestured over to the hybrid of Goblin and Gnome in question. Auron took a small sip of the ale to test its flavour, then leaned back in his seat.

"Really now? Well isn't that interesting, shall have to find out how she made enough money to afford such a unlimited supply of alcohol and other such spirits. Speaking of, would you kindly give the remainder of this pitcher to someone who is a bit more of a compulsive drinker? I'm not one to down spirits on a frequent basis. Also, here you go." Auron said as he dropped a few coins on the table.

"For that useful bit of information you just gave." Auron then added with a slight smile as he took another sip.

"Gladly, and thanks." said the elf girl and gave Auron a little wink with a smirk. She took the pitcher and walked over to mistling. She placed it on the table and looked down at the little fella. "Curtesy of that man over there." she said, then gestured over to Auron. "He seems nice, i'm sure you two would get along well." she said sincerely, then walked off and over to Kane.
"You're a new face around these parts. Anything i could get for you hun?" she asked, leaning against the table.

One gp per mushroom, though there might be others, so that wasn't was good a deal as it sounded at first. Her mother's lessons weren't soon forgotten, sure she was a dishonest girl but that didn't mean she wasn't capable of sensible business practices. She could talk this little thing into a much better deal she just needed to play it cool.

"Sounds like a good deal." Mantha offered her hand. IDIOT, wasn't she supposed to find it difficult to talk to other people and now she was completely ok with failing at negations. "Though if it's a simple task why the high price? Can't just be the value of the mushrooms else you'd go yourself. Expecting danger?" Actually that wasn't too bad, maybe she wasn't a total loss when coin was involved.

Though best the thief takes over, the assassin had done enough for now. "She's got a point." *Beat* "I mean I've got a point." careful don't want to sound crazy, supposed to be the cool one after all. "Or is it secrecy? No wait you'd not be recruiting by yourself and certainly not bar strangers. So what is it?" She could still save this.

He'd been sitting quietly the past little while, watching the other patrons, and getting progressively drunker. As the band paused for a moment to refresh themselves, a thought struck him. Slowly hauling himself to his feet, he weaved his way through the inn until he was standing before them.

"Gentlemen." He said bowing slightly. "Would it be possible for a poor huntsman to make an unusual request?" "Well, you're a nice lookin' fella, but you're not my type." One of the Halflings responded, causing everyone to laugh. Still chuckling, Victor shot back. "I may have been out in the bush for awhile, but I'm not that desperate." After the latest bout of laughter died down he went on. "You see, I'd like you to play a song, I used to hear it from time to time when I was in Silverfoot, but I never found out what it was called." "Hum us a bit of it if you can and we'll see what we can do." Another Halfling replied.

When the band began playing again, instead of the high-spirited stuff they'd been playing before, the song was more sombre. While they played Victor took the floor in front of them, and in a baritone that was surprising for a man his small stature, he started to sing.

Vaiyo A-O
Vaiyo A-O
A Hom Va Ya Ray
Vaiyo A-Rah Jerhume Brunnen G
Vaiyo A-O
A Hom Va Ya Ray
Vaiyo A-Rah Jerhume Brunnen G
Vaiyo A-O
A Hom Va Ya Ray
Vaiyo A-Rah Jerhume Brunnen G
Vaiyo A-Rah Jerhume Brunnen G

completely overlooking the oddness, witch the gnoblin seemed to take in stride. "Well, i have abit of a skin condition, caused by a potion. i really can't be out for long lest i start to hurt. They're critically important for a cure and i'd like to ensure that they get back to me. Hence such the high value on them." Edna said to the Eloc.

Aahz shot the she-goblin a nasty glare, he did not appreciate being outed so quickly in the slightest. He rolled up the scroll and stuffed it into his pack.

"Your... job," he said through grinding teeth, "seems reasonable and I would be... happy to carry it out for you. What's next? You're going to deduce my tribe name from watching me walk across the room?"

Turning to Lyra, he became much more pleasant, "I would be happy to have you along for this little job... split the findings 50/50?"

"Well... i don't get out much. So i only was able to read people who come in to my shop. I had to be made sure that i wasn't being lied to." The gnoblin said to the goblin. "And lighten up. I respect those with knowledge. Trust me, you're a rare breed of goblin, it's something to be proud of and not play down." she said, placing a hand on his back. All the while, she flicked back a piece of gold that hit the baritone in the face after he had finished singing.

"That can only be said by one who knows nothing of how most goblins think," Saver of Ashes said, "I was run out of my tribe for learning how to cast fireballs. And every time some damn party needs a scapegoat for why everything's suddenly gone up to shit-creek... who do you think they'll blame first? The buxom elven archer? The drunken dwarf with anger issues and a big axe? The human paladin? NO! It's always me! Because they know I'm the smartest of the bunch, usually... and because I'm a wizard... and a goblin! So thanks a lot for outing me!"

Despite realizing with a great deal of embarrassment that he had shouted that little rant at the top of his lungs, it still felt good to finally get that source of frustration with the typical adventuring party off his chest. Saver of Ashes decided to just glare at anyone who dared to look his way.

Mistling looked at the pitcher of ale and placed it down. "Eh, I'm gettin' kinda tiah of tha taste of this heah stoff. Thank yeh, bot oi think oi will jost send it ovah to the bah. Free drinks and all." Mistling quietly picked himself up from his bar stool and watched as a group of people began pouring the ale into their own mugs. Some thanked him but most went straight for the good stuff. Mistling understood why and left people alone.

Now he was alone though, that was boring. Might as well talk to the guy nice enough to send him some ale though. Mistling quietly walked over to Auron and asked. "Hey, yeh sent me the ale roit? Mighty thanks, name's Mistlin, and you?"

"And what? thinking they'll be able to blame because you're stupid is any better? You're better than most everyone in this room. By stereotypical Definition, i am the most useless person in this room. A gnome/goblin who spend her time collecting plants and sitting in a workshop all day. I wouldn't doubt you've had shit luck with adventuring parties all this time, getting all the assholes. If i still adventured like i did in my younger days, i'd be happy to have you as a companion. Most smart parties would value having someone who can think on their own in them, not a stupid drone who just only takes orders." she said, trying to be sincere with him.

"Either I've had nothing but bad luck," he said, calming down a bit... finding himself impressed with her patience, "Or you're just a bit naive, sadly. But playing stupid has kept previous groups from ganging up on me in the past... some even defended me against the others when the almost inevitable backstabbing and finger-pointing started."

Saver of Ashes paused to dig out another scroll and roll it onto the table. Then continued, "I'm always the favorite scapegoat because no one likes goblins to begin with, and wizards are universally mistrusted... so to a lot of people, I'm the worst of both worlds. If nothing else, hiding my intelligence has given me the element of surprise when the rest of the party started turning on itself."

Then Saver of Ashes realized something that had been bugging him for a while now.

"Hold a moment," he said, running the 'burning hands' spell over and over in his head again, "Why would we need someone who understands Draconic to gather mushrooms? Just what are you playing at, Edna?"

"Not everyone can speak a dead language. Anyone who can is either stupidly lucky or is intelligent enough to know how to handle themselves in a fight. Speaking the old tongue peaked my interest in you. Your intelligence has impressed me and I know I can trust you with a job" she explained to the goblin. "As to why I can trust you, I usually have good feelings about those that I can trust. I have one of those feelings about you three. To get the job done that is." She said gesturing to the three around herself.

While Ghost watch the patrons of the bar he felt a bit alone. He been running away for a while now with no one to talk to, or at least listen to on his journey. He might as well try to make some sort of small talk with someone. As his eyes look across the room he try to pick out someone to chat with first.

Spoting many to choose from though a lot seem to be busy with their own conversation that he didn't want to interrupt. Though seeing one by herself as he walks over to her. Setting his mug down on the table as he hope she could understand sign language.

Hello there, mind if I join you?

"Gladly, and thanks." The Elven serving girl said with a sly wink and a small smirk to Auron before taking the pitcher away from the table. Taking one last look at the girl, it reminded Auron of some old stories that his father Agate told him about when he had first met Auron's mother Elissa; particularly about how beautiful she looked. Auron then put his feet up onto the table in front of him, and had one arm behind his head to rest it on before downing a large gulp of ale.

It was at that moment, that a Human approached the Halfling band, and asked for a song request. After humming a little bit for them, the band started to play again, though this time the music was more slow paced with a much deeper tone. The Human then proceeded to start singing, and Auron was impressed at the man's talent, never knew a Human to have such a powerful and deep voice like that.

He even thought about tossing a couple of coins on stage to show appreciation, but was interrupted by a Halfling coming towards him, speaking a bastardized form of the Common language.

"Hey, yeh sent me the ale roit? Mighty thanks, name's Mistlin, and you?"

"My pleasure Mistlin, please have a seat, after all that ale you could probably do with something a little more stable. The name is Auron by the way." Auron said as he took his feet off from the table and put his tankard back down.

Veronica heard a sound next to her and turned to see human doing something with his hands, she quickly gathered it was sign and he was probably mute. She open her book back up and flipped to a section then thumbed to a specific page, the read a section of said page, then pointed at the man, zapping him with some purplish 'lightning' that'd only feel tingly at best "There, Since I don't know sign, we can speak this way, you need only think what you want to say and I'll hear it" she said

Personal value, that explained the price, or was she being naïve part of her tried to convince herself she was being too paranoid and another part that she wasn't paranoid enough. After the brief internal argument (unresolved as usual) she returned to listening to the two goblins talk group dynamics, groups weren't really her thing the people she worked with were best not considered equals.

"I've not much experience with others." Talkative wasn't she, when extoling her faults. "Sure I have, you can learn so much about people from their pockets." She blushed, which considering her cocktail of blood was a sort of bluish orange. "So if the arsonist impresses you so much what could you use someone with my talents for?" The thief expected people to pay for her skills, regardless of their opinion on the issue.

"You're a new face around these parts. Anything I could get for you hun?"

He stopped and held out his hand to shake, as he was taught was custom in these places.

"I'm Kane, and nothing right now, thank you."

He paused remembering why he came here in the first place.

"Wait, do you know if there any rooms still available here?"

"Never said that you skills were completely necessary. I'm offering a job and the pay is howmany mushrooms you can get back to me. It's good money for rather easy work. If you don't think the money is worth it, then you don't need to go. But the success of a party depends on their skill set available to them, even if they don't use some of the other skills. it's the entire point of having the skills available if the need does ever arise." She explained, seeming to know this from experience.

"If you and the group come across something else in the little journey i send you on, then your skills may be necessary. All i ask of you is to get there as soon as possible to prevent anything or anyone getting their first." she said.

The elf girl shook his hand, she seemed a bit weird at first, but then shrugged it off. "Titha is my name, and yes, we have one last room available, but it's a common room, and if you're interested in it, then it's already been paid for." she said to KAne.

Mistling sat down and had a laugh. The human was strange, but nice enough. Probably a good chat to be had and a few laughs. Really, in this environment, that's all one could ask for anyway. "Ah, yeh saw all oi was drinkin? Eh, nothin moch actually. Oi jost normally tolk loik this yeh see?"

Mistling adjusted himself and got a bit comfortable, moving a bit and having a nice big smile the while time. "What brings yeh heah? You don't look loik the regulah townfolkies."

Much better he reply to her. As he smile behind his scarf as he thought up what he was saying to her.

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind some company. You seem pretty bored just by yourself and I'm a good listener due to being a mute. Still standing here, not wanting to force his way to her table if she didn't want him there. Though hoping not as it would be a good way for him to talk with others for once, instead of killing them.

Though he hope he can at least work his way to talk with the other races at some point. He doesn't feel quite comfortable in chatting with them. Not due to being xenophobic but feeling a bit awkward in killing so many of them to be just friend the next day. One step at a time he thought. One step at a time.

Veronica closed her spell book and returned it to its normal place "You may. Conversation might be good, though you'll need to introduce your self" she said, motioning him to sit and thus redirecting her attention. She wasn't sure how interesting he'd end up being but it was better then nothing, and it'd be a good way to kill time.

He sits down once she gave him permission. Thank you and of course. My name, or at least what I was called being raise is Ghost. I know its a odd name. Though I like it. He said as he pull down the scarf down and drink some of his apple cider. So what is your name? he ask as he pull his scarf back up over his mouth.

"Your right, it is an odd name" She said examining him a few moments "Though I have a feeling it is apt" she added then took a sip of her wine "My name is Veronica" she said taking another sip then pouring another glass "So what brings you to this little town?"

"Ah, yeh saw all oi was drinkin? Eh, nothin moch actually. Oi jost normally tolk loik this yeh see?" Mistlin said as he got himself comfortable at the table whilst having a big smile on his face. At first Auron thought that the Halfling's vast consumption of alcohol was affecting his speech somewhat, but this? Well this put a different spin on things entirely.

"Most people would have likely either keeled over or vomited all over the floor given the amount that you drank; you must have either a strong stomach, or one hell of an iron constitution." Auron said with a smile as he took another sip of ale.

"What brings yeh heah? You don't look loik the regulah townfolkies."

"No I guess I don't being a Half Elf, but I guess that wasn't the answer you were looking for. In truth, I came here on business; an interested party hired me to bring in a bandit that had been given some of the local merchant caravans a bit of trouble in the last month or so. That was the reason for my entrance earlier with the Wood Elf wrapped in rope; the contract stated that I was to bring them here to collect the bounty."

"Titha is my name, and yes, we have one last room available, but it's a common room, and if you're interested in it, then it's already been paid for."

"Thank you Titha."

He looked back at his bottle and took another swig.

There is a room, but it's shared.
That is fine.
I'll let you know when it's calmed down in here.

The burning and the anger weren't as prominent this time.

Looking around and out the window, the innkeeper noticed it was getting late. "Alright, time to close up shop everyone! If you're not staying, get out, if you are, move yourselves up to your rooms." she said, and while there were a few complaints, the room cleared out rather quickly.

This only left the player characters, the young elven girl, Edna and the innkeeper, who was washing dishes..

The young elven girl, Titha, walked into the middle of the room, clapping to get everyone's attention. "All of your rooms have been paid for by the gnoblin." she said, gesturing to Edna. "However, it's not rooms per say. you all get a communal room... together... The doorway at the end of the hall..." she said, smiled, then closed her eyes. "toodles!" she said and skipped off to help the inkeeper.

"Pardon me for a minute." Edna said to the group she was talking to. The gnoblin walked out into the middle of the room.
"I'm not going to pressure you into this, but i have a task of easy performance, that pays well. Go out, gather me mushrooms in a cave. I'll give you 1gp per mushroom you bring back. You can sleep on it, just see me in the morning down here." she said, then clasped her hands together. "You're welcome and have a good night." Edna announced.

She walked over towards the bar, going to head upstairs, but saw the one who she felt their eyes digging into her. Just walking past her an ghost, Veronica felt an almost iron curtain come down around her mind as she met eyes with edna, isolating ghost for a second or two. all of her will drained from her body as if her soul was being subdued.
that's when a voice came into her head.
after your conversation, top of the stairs, first left, when you come up. she said, then continued on her way, up the stairs and to the left. Veronica felt rather compelled to follow the instructions.

Ghost was a bit surprise by all of that. Wondering if she had some other motive to buy their rooms for the night and such just for them to fetch some mushrooms. Though perhaps it would be good to help her out for at least buying his food and room for the night. He would have to keep a good eye on the others as he doesn't trust strangers that much to be sleeping in the same room with them. When he was going to chat with Veronica once more the she-goblin walks pass them, he notice something look wrong with Veronica.

Are you alright?

The innkeeper yelled at the room "Alright, time to close up shop everyone! If you're not staying, get out, if you are, move yourselves up to your rooms." As the room cleared out, Marra entered, her veins dimmed. She wore a cloak similar to the one Kane was wearing in an attempt to cover up the strangeness of her appearance.

Eventually all that was left beyond them were the innkeeper, Titha, the herbalist, the mute, the goblin, the insane halfling, the bounty hunter, the singing hunter, the mix blood, a cleric, and a noble.

Titha spoke "All of your rooms have been paid for by the gnoblin. However, it's not rooms per say. You all get a communal room... together... The doorway at the end of the hall... Toodles!"

The herbalist... Gnoblin spoke "Pardon me for a minute."
"I'm not going to pressure you into this, but i have a task of easy performance, that pays well. Go out, gather me mushrooms in a cave. I'll give you 1gp per mushroom you bring back. You can sleep on it, just see me in the morning down here. You're welcome and have a good night."

A job is a job is a job.

Kane walked down the hall to the room, Marra following behind him. He opened the door and quickly found a place to rest. He sat down on one of the beds and lowered his hood. He set himself up and lyed down, falling asleep soon after that. Marra sat on the floor beside him, propped against the bed. It would be difficult to tell whether she was keeping watch for her master or resting.

Closing time already? She'd only gotten up an hour or so ago, then again night was more her style. The descending sun helped a lot actually. Looking out of the inn windows at the drawing dusk it felt better to her not having to look at the glaring sun.

She had a room? And she'd not had to pay for it, she never did, but this time there was nothing illegal about her not paying.

"Thank you kindly for the room." A lot of money to spend on the off chance someone will accept your offer though. Large sums of money were always worth taking notice of so...
She had a prowl to be on.

Veronica shook her head a bit after the goblinoid passed, feeling very suddenly drained "I'm fine, just a bit more tired then I thought it seems, apologies but I'm going to retire to my room" she said with a light bow and got up "Don't worry about the spell, it'll ware off in an hour or so" she said and headed toward the room she seemed so compelled to go to and knocked on the door.

Edna nodded to the elf/orc and headed up stairs. She had been there a few minutes before the knock came on the door. "Come on in." She said and Veronica came into the room, closing the door behind her. "I saw you looking at me, and not like somebody who was checking me out, or looking to rob me. What just were you looking at?" she asked. It felt as if there was some feral beast in the room with her.

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