Serial Killer Round 49: Carnival of Fear. The killer is dead. ROUND OVER

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I know someone who will make an excellent host.

No response from razer guys. Anyone else know how to get in contact with him?


And this round was going not too horribly slow in the beginning either...

We need to make people sign a waiver. If you GM a game and disappear without arranging a substitute, you will be fired.

Out of a cannon.

Into the sun.

...while wearing an embarrassingly hilarious fairy costume.

Carrying a bag of glitter so they can leave a trail of Pixie Dust.

I apologise to all for the (truly horrific) delay. God, I have been a terrible GM this time around. I will give my reason: I started a temporary job, 6 weeks, and since I'm very much in need of money, I have been working 12 hour days and weekends, so basically I haven't even really visited the Escapist in near on a month because I've been too tired, and basically forgot. I apologise again.

It's up to you guys if you'd like to perform a Coup d'état, I won't complain. But I can carry on as normal and get everything back on track for the last couple of round. Till you decide, I can at least announce who was killed:

Grim327 has been killed, send in your votes.


In all seriousness, it wouldn't be so bad if Grim gave a death post. His fault for not announcing before you.

Eh I was only putting the Coup out there on the chance that you didn't return. Now that you're back (and hopefully don't disappear for a long period of time again) then I see no reason to run the Coup just yet. But I'll keep my army of cardboard tanks on stand-by if only to take over the JIB when the time is right.

Aww...but I already set fire to the village and ransacked all the valuables. Now we aren't even having a coup today? Such a waste of effort on my part.

Seriously though, I don't have a problem with you still being GM. But if you find yourself needing to vanish, set up a sub GM, savvy?

What? I go away on a holiday only to return to an attempted coup?

You guys always have do the fun stuff when I'm not around.

@Schizzy: Well I was planning on taking over the JIB with my army of Cardboard war machines. I could always use a second in command =P

@staika: Question: Have you waterproofed your cardboard recently? Because it sort of looks like rain. >.>

Edit: Also, should we be voting now or something? I'm not even sure anymore.

@Link: I always assume this thread is in a state of purgatory, on the off chance the living never return.

@Link: All our cardboard is covered in a special water-proof substance. No matter how much rain we get it will not affect the cardboard. It could even be used for a sub if you get an engine powerful enough.

@staika: Dibs on being air commander!

Okay, only 1 person has voted so far. In 24 hours I will be announcing who is lynched.

All the votes are in, and we have a winner. Or more accurately, a loser.

The votes are counted, check your inbox.

Well, this was going to be a bit more elaborate but I was caught in a flood. So...yeah...

Not it, by the way.

@Link: Welcome to the JIB, could I interest you in a position in my cardboard army? I need officers, since I only have Schizzy as my Air commander.

@Link_to_Future: Is it weird that I imagined your "friend" as a Bizarro Rorschach? :)

"Back in the club, eh?"

"No better place to be, right?"

@staika: You don't have people beating down the door to be a part of your cardboard army? Seems unusual...what's wrong with it? >.>

@desert: "Rorschach's Journal: September 3rd, 2013. Tonight, a comedian died in Murderville."

Actually, a Watchmen themed round would be interesting if you could get anyone to go along with it. :P

@Link: I would have to decline that one. I could not live in a DC Universe without Batman.

@RaN: Oh come on, if Batman was there then every outcome would already be given.

@Link: Dark Knight Returns, while a good story, does not display Batman's proper character. Let's leave that particular universe out.

Year One is fair game.

@Link: Well you have to die to join it, since you are already dead that should not be a problem. That and I have a very harsh selection process, one that the UN refused to recognize.

You guys have killed of yet another innocent person. YOU MONSTERS

Link_to_Future has been lynched. Waiting on killer and medic.

"All we do is offer affordable prices on quality cardboard and bubble-wrap packing material. You're the one killing commerce with your witch hunt."

"Who's the real monster?"

@Link: Better yet, a Bizzaro RP.

We can kill each other with peanuts.

@staika: Well, I'll consider joining. But only if there is some sort of cardboard special forces. Everyone knows that cardboard boxes and stealth go hand in hand.

@desert: Bah...Sealab 2021. I miss that and Frisky Dingo to no end.

Oh well, at least Archer mostly fills that gap in my heart.

@Link: I gave Archer a chance with the first two seasons. Didn't care for it.

@RaN: It's really not a show for everyone. In my experience, you either love it or you hate it. There doesn't really seem to be a middle ground.

To be completely honest, a lot of the inspiration for McBurger Planet came from Archer. Zero and I hadn't been able to stop talking about spies for weeks and then next thing we knew we were setting up a story about it.

Man, if I have a regret, it's not trying harder to keep that one going. :/

@Link: Consider me completely neutral to the show. A few good episodes, but doesn't reach beyond mildly entertaining.

You can always bring it back, you know.

@Link: McBurger Planet? can't say I've heard of it...but if it's Archer-esque, I would certainly be interested in something like that. I absolutely love Archer. ^^

@RaN: At this point, it would require me to get Zero back on board. Since he just started his first semester of college I'm not sure how available he is right now.

Still, he and I have bounced a lot of ideas back and forth. Both for continuing McBurger Planet and for possible spinoffs if we felt so inclined.

Maybe someday...

@Mortis: Adventures at McBurger Planet. Sure, the main twist has already been spoiled for you and it ends extremely abruptly but you might be able to enjoy it.

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