Serial Killer Round 49: Carnival of Fear. The killer is dead. ROUND OVER

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@razer: I am alright with that, a last call if you will. and now we sit and wait for our next possible victim.

@staika: The fact that you changed your avatar right when the round started, kind of terrifies me...

@Jak: There is a reason to the avatar switch, but you'd have to be in the pub club to understand it :P

@Jak: It's just a Collector... of cardboard. The kind made of all types of... material.


*throws cardboard ninja star, conveniently at Schizzy's face*

@Staika already recruited me and I am literally the only person he knows!

@Erik: I'll be sure to kill you later, I know other just don't know them!

@Staika You wouldn't! Well, maybe. I wouldn't put it past you...

@Erik: I'm slightly drunk now too! You'd be doubly screwed if you messed with me.

[imagine an amazingly well-drawn picture of whatever you think I look like]
Waffles is fresh out of the toaster!
Please be gentle with me, this is my first time.

@Waffles: With an introduction like that, I don't think we could ask for anything more.

@Waffles: Gentle? I don't know the definition of that word.

@Erik What about theme music? I have theme music I forgot to add.

@Staika genĚtle
(of a person) Mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.
Make or become gentle; calm or pacify.

@Waffles: Tem- temp- er, uh...


@Waffles: What are you a dictionary? I don't need definitions, shit I don't even read.

*throws book outside of window*

@RaN Don't ask me, I just copy-pasta.

@Staika Jesus, did I step into an RP forum or convention (read: big place where people do things) of illiterate (read: people who can't read. Namely, you.) guys.
Stepping on toes is a good way to start off this RP, right?

As long as you keep stepping on Staika's toes, I fully applaud your efforts.

I intend to.

*Adjust cleats*

@Waffles: I for some reason get the feeling you are making fun of me, but that can't be possible.


Heavens no! You've already done that for me!

*Groucho Marx eyebrow waggle*

This is the best thing, I'm going to get some popcorn.

This roasting session will have to resume in the morn, 'cuz the Sandman is calling my name.

Roasting session? I'll show you all roasting session. Well I would if I wasn't kinda drunk >.>

@staika: You couldn't roast a pig even if it was on a spit over an open flame.


I'm tired, okay?

@RaNDM: Hey! That's a perfectly good novelty ninja star, in no way related to cat ninja burglar pilot, Meow Immelmann, and features nearly blunted edges.

*Pulls star out of his cranium and hold it out for examination*


@WafflesandBacon: You look delicious. *smothers WafflesandBacon in maple syrup and pepper.*

@Mortis: How is that even possible!?

@Waffles: Hey, Waffles! Nice of you to join us.

Also, just to be sure about it, did you send razer your number?

@Schizzy If I had a nickel every time someone tried to eat me...

@Lambi Hey, Lambi! And, yes, I did.

@Waffles: ... you'd be a nickle richer?

So we have people throwing shurikens and others about to get eaten. . . yep just another day on the forums.

@Schizzy I'd be a gajillion nickels richer.

@Waffles: I find that hard to believe. That's not even a real number. But who am I to call you a liar? It's on the internet, so it MUST be true.

Speaking of riches, could I interest you in some cardboard? It'll keep your nickles safe, guaranteed!

@Schizzy Pass. The aluminium foil on my head not only keeps the government from monitoring my thoughts, but keeps my nickels safely nuzzled in my hair.

Woah woah woah. What happened here?

We were not active and now we are.

I blame staika.

@Schizzy: I'm not quite sure...but I'm sure staika would find a way.

@Link: Nothing to worry about. Probably. Idunno, maybe there is something, I'm just guessing at this point.

Sweet, we got us a 16th player, so the entwined stay. Now, I have to go do some cookery, and then I'll be back to send you out some roles.

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