The First Blight: Curse of Dumat [RP/Closed]

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Diocles notched another arrow, noticed an imperfection in the fletching, and dropped it. He drew another and, finally satisfied, took aim. His previous target was still alive-A fact which could be quickly rectified. He drew his bow while following Ulrin's movements carefully, firing his arrow directly at the elf's hand-The arrow cleared it as the elf continued his swing, digging into the genlock.

Ulrin was flung from his feet by the attacking Genlocks. The rogue forced himself to stand over the corpses and newly chared bodies to advance forward again. One of his knives cutting into the monster, the other missed. As Ghil turned her attention toward the genlock he was facingand finished he gave her a grin. "Lets finish these things off before they call up more Hurlocks!"

A single darkspawn remained standing and with any luck, it would not remain so for long. She still could not quite get the catalyst to do what she wanted. Sulahn'nehn rose the found staff in the air and swung it down with a shout. All she seemed to do was just knock the Genlock off balance rather than away. Her brow furrowed in frustration.

The last remaining Emissary backed away, and for a moment there was relative quiet as he appraised them. It was through this silence that a steady vibration became apparent: footsteps.

A Darkspawn Ogre wearing heavy armor exploded through a stable wall less than a block away, hurling a dead guard to the ground before looking up to see the Wardens.

The Emissary took advantage of the distraction to strike Thaedrin with a bolt of lightening. As for the ogre, it charged down the road for them, cobbles flying in its wake. As it ran, it lifted an abandon wagon and hurled it overhand. This impacted among the Wardens, exploding into splinters though miraculously hitting none of them.


Diocles' let out a low whistle as the ogre emerged, but he didn't let it distract from what he regarded as a priority target. An emissary could heal that thing, paralyze, or worse. Best to keep it distracted. He sent another inferior arrow its way. The blunt tip couldn't penetrate its armor, but he surely bruised its ribs.

Ulrin was looked up at the Ogre and shook his head, he was right at thinking things were at their worst. He didn't think it best to charge in at the beast, but rather keep his focus on the emmisary least it make taking out the Ogre more difficult. The elf lunge at the Darkspawn cutting into its ribs just under the archer's arrow.

Sulahn'nehn looked to her feet, swearing she could feel the earth move. It was terrifyingly large, as big or bigger than the demon they'd faced not too long ago and there was absolutely nothing to take cover behind. The elf flinched in fear as the wagon burst, sending shrapnel flying passed them. Even she was amazed there was no harm done, though she still ran her hand over a few parts of her to check that where were no chunks of wood.

And quite suddenly, the urge of fleeing faded away. She recalled the words 'vanquisher of demons' and her fear was replaced by something else entirely. She had been the only one left standing and she had defeated that demon after all. Could one angry giant and a darkspawn mage really stop them this time?

She whipped the end of the staff towards the Genlock and not two seconds later, the tip whirled at the massive ogre. Two spells rushed past her comrades and struck the darkspawn. While the darkspawn didn't seem too particularly bothered by the spells themselves, Sulahn'nehn felt good about herself. Damn good.

With the Hurlock dispatched and the remaining Genlock in apparent retreat, Jarrik took the momentary reprieve to recover. Driving his spear into the ground and letting his shield hang, he set about cinching the leather straps holding the leg greave in place to staunch the bleeding that was soon to come. The ice jutting out from where it had pierced the mail was nearly as long as his forearm, and while the cold may have numbed the pain the ice had frozen itself in place.

His shout of pain and frustration from yanking the shard free were muffed by the Ogre crashing into the street. It was rare to see one this far East, in fact Jarrik had never seen one before. It was an even more terrifying sight wearing the twisted and jagged mirror of his own armor. He froze at the sight of it, and then the hulking brute tossed a gods-be-damned wagon at them.

The hail of wooden splinters recoiling harmlessly off his plate finally roused him to action. He wrenched out his spear, gripped his shield firm and tested his leg for strength. Bloody, bruised, battered, burned and facing an impossible foe. This was the stuff of legends, and Jarrik would not balk at the opportunity with witnesses around.

"On me." He shouted, while striding forward. The bard songs would just have to edit out some of his hobbling and limping. He tried his best to stay out of the things massive reach, giving it a good jab along the arm when it reached out to pummel him.

Thaedrin's spell lashed out and overpowered the emissary's defenses, taking hold of its mind and body as surely as he had held Ulrin's weeks ago. It thrashed oddly, shrieking, before firing another bolt of lightning at the massive ogre and razing a trail of charred flesh along the beast's arm. He felt the emissary struggling against his control, so with a grunt of effort he left its body a crushed ruin.

With a shout, Ghil engaged the ogre the only way she knew how: right in its path. She sliced into its rusted armor and saw the black tar of its blood, but judging by the way it reacted she may as well have given it a tickle instead. Alrik's axe cut as deeply, but failed to slow the thing down. Its fist collided with Ghil and sent her flying across the square.

That Ogre was a bit of a prick and needed to die. To put it simply, she did not approve of it sending her friend on a very fast trip across the square. A potent spell erupted from the end of her wand and struck the darkspawn in the face. It's head jerked backwards and then a moment later, it was already back in the fight.

Sulahn'nehn rushed over to Ghil, their last battle saw her grounded, she did not want it to be the case again. "Ghil! Are you alright, are you able to stand?"

Never had Jarrik been happier with his weapon of choice than right at this moment. While he was certainly not cutting as deeply, he did have the reach to leverage against staying clear from those tree trunks flailing around that were the ogre's arms. The sound made when one collided with the woman was sickening, but he didn't dare risk taking his eyes of the thing to check how she fared.

He focused his efforts on trying to slow the creature down, striking out at the joints with his steel. The ogre's raging caused him to stumble back and advance several time, but finally the blade found a gap in the armor and bit deeply into the back of the creature's knee.

Ulrin watched as Theadrin's magic finished off the Genlock. The mages power was a sight to behold. A sickening one. He turne his sights now on the Ogre that his teammates were focusing on, and to his shock saw the beast picking up and hurling the barbarian woman across the way. Seeing it toss her aside and swat off their assult as if it was nothing was reminiscent of the demon from the night before.

"Bastard!" He charged forward after Sulahn'nehn's spell slashing at the darkspawn's legs, the only area of it he could reach.

"Fine, I am fine, stay back now!" The woman shakily pushed Sulahn'nehn aside, scrambling for her blade.

Thaedrin covered the downed Ghil with an arc of flame fueled with the blood of his own hands. It gave the woman enough time to pick herself up off the broken cobbles and charge forward for another, albeit weaker, blow. Her greatsword sliced through one of its arms just below the elbow, and when the blade sang against the stone she dropped to her knees with a sharp gasp of pain. The strike of the ogre's fist had damaged her more than she realized.

Alrik, moving quite calmly, weaved under the ogre's guard and buried his axe deep into the intersection of its thigh and groin. There was a pause of only an instant before gallons of pressurized blood exploded from the darkspawn's severed femoral artery, drenching Alrik and pushing him several steps back.

A moment later the ogre tumbled backward, raising a cloud of dirt and dust as its heavy body impacted the ground.

Diocles had been lining up a shot, looking for a hole in the beast's armor, but there was no point now-Alrik had finished it. He dropped the inferior bow, cupping his hands around his mouth just as the ogre started to fall.


"No, no. That won't do."

Thinking to himself, Jarrik frowned under his visored helmet, disappointed that he hadn't delivered the killing blow. No worthy tales would be added to the name Jarrik de Avalos today, but perhaps he ought to be thankful to his ragtag saviors for his life. While wrestling his helmet free, he leaned heavily on his spear for support, suddenly aware of how tired he truly was. The normally brilliant red plume now a little tattered and matted. With the obstruction removed, a black mane of hair framed a darkly tanned face littered with piercings along his ears, eye brows and lips.

"Heh, I sincerely hope that's the last of them." He addressed the group as a whole, waiting for the injured to rise or settle themselves. "I'm not sure how much longer I would have lasted without your mostly timely of assistance. But come, tell me of who you are so that we might toast and sing of these deeds proper."

He looked back and forth among them, appraising some armed for battle and all skilled fighters in their own ways, but otherwise carrying little else. "Are you brigands driven into the city by 'spawn? I fear you'll find little sanctuary here." Gesturing around, he drooped a little on the spear.

Sulahn'nehn shook her head. Diocles would be Diocles. But, it was signal enough that the battle was over.

All seemed well enough or at least all aside from Ghil did not appear to be too injured. The darkspawn were dead and the man they helped seemed no worse for wear.

She was more preoccupied with making sure that her friend was well than answering the Antivan right away. "Are you sure you are alright? You look absolutely awful."

Ulrin looked over at Diocles in disbelief as what was left of the ogre deteriorated away. Did the archer really just said that? "Does nothing phase you, Diocles?" The elf put his knives away, looking at the one he had picked up off a corpse just before the battle and wondering how long he'd be stuck with the missmatched blade. He started to move to join Sulahn'nehn and Ghil when the armored human spoke up, calling to them introduce themselves.

"We are not bandits, we are Grey Wardens. Though we did come to this city for supplies." He gestured about the corpses, "As you have pointed out, we arrived to late for them..."

The rogue sighed wondering just how far they wuld have to go for decent supplies now,, "I am Ulrin.

Diocles grinned, joining the rest with a mild swagger as they introduced themselves. This guardsman was a fine fighter, though he was still no warden. Diocles was anxious to get inside the city, but he decided to be polite-He had to wait for Thaedrin to tend to Ghil regardless.

When he neared the others he walked between the two elves, though he kept much closer to beautiful Sulahn'nehn. While the elves were not accustomed to human customs, Diocles was, and he offered his hand to the spear wielder.

"Diocles Komnenos, of the Grey Wardens. And no, nothing phases me."

"That big one knocked all of the wind out of me." Ghil grunted, leaning on Sulahn'nehn for support as she returned to her feet. Her blade was stowed away dirty, but it didn't seem to bother her. A little bit leftover from the fight was nearly a trophy. "How are my elves? Good? You are both so... dainty."

Thaedrin stepped briskly to his Wardens, and this new one, some Antivan man in plate. His expression soured into disappointment as his eyes swept over Jarrik. "You aren't city guard... I sense no more Darkspawn in the area, we're safe for the moment. You must take us to whatever merchant lord has lost the least during the attack."

She smiled. "I am well. Not a scratch on me."

Pleased that her friend was well, she bowed her head to Jarrik and gave a mock curtsy. "A pleasure. I am Sulahn'nehn. It is good to see even one survivor."

Once again, she found the archer close by and she would not complain about it. Sulahn'nehn gave Diocles a sideways glance before brushing her fingers against his hand.

'Grey Wardens' He perked up at the mention, mustering up enough strength to stand straight and shake the extended hand. "Ah, wardens of the grey. We've heard great legends even here in the east of your prowess. Well met, I'm Jarrik de Avalos."

Knodding over at Ghil, "As I mentioned to your friend there any with means have already fled the city, but 'haps we will find some stragglers near the docks. And if were lucky a fine casks of wine for its city's brave defenders."

"Come now", he motioned for them to follow, spear more walking stick that weapon at the moment. "Did any of your serve at the battle of Nordbotten? It must have been quite the spectacle. Though I must admit you all are not quite what I expected."

Diocles followed casually, giving Sul a quick smile before returning his attention to Jarrik.

"Oh! You're wondering about our raiment. You see, I am from a tribe of hulking barbarians who value honor over reason and thus I eschew armor and, yes, even basic clothing."

Ulrin rubbed the bridge of his nose as they walked and Diocles rambled. "Could you please not patronize this man."

"Oh, leave Diocles alone. I swear if he doesn't he would just burst."

She looked to the lone stranger and offered an apologetic look anyway. "We are in a bit of a bind, as it were. I assure you, we do not always appear this way." She gave Diocles a bit of a pat as if to say 'that is quite enough'.

The elf sighed, "Is it so much to ask that he give this man an honest answer? There are other ways he can lighten the mood..."

"Excluding myself, I'm afraid you're in the company of our freshest recruits, none of whom had seen Darkspawn a month ago." Begrudgingly, Thaedrin added one more sentence, "Except for Komnenos, whom you've met."

"What he means by his missing of clothing is that he was beaten in a death-duel against one of those honor barbarians." Ghil grinned, slapping Diocles on the back fondly, "He did very well for such a thin man. I am called Ghil. The other is Alrik." She jerked a thumb in the other barbarian's general direction.

The Constable frowned; the extent of the damage proved to be worse than he'd anticipated from the gates. "Are there no Grey Wardens in Antiva? I had thought, certainly a..." He trailed off, abandoning the question. How would this man know? "I will be eager to send a message back to Weisshaupt."

Jarrik raised a pierced eyebrow at the two bickering elves. 'Siblings, maybe?' He thought to himself, but the rapid succession of introductions, banter and questions left him little time to mull it over.

He rubbed the back of his neck with a gauntleted hand, "If there are other wardens in the city I could not be saying, never seen no griffins at least."

The fires and destruction seemed to give way to just general dishevelment as the group advanced into the heart of the city. Doors were left ajar and possessions lain strew about in the streets where they had been abandoned, along with the occasionally oddly calm scenes like laundry still flapping in the breeze or a plate of breakfast long grown cold. Folks had simply up and fled.

The docks were an even more peculiar sight and in further disarray. Hundreds, if not thousands, were crammed unto the wooden wharfs, but not so much as a row boat was to be seen. Pointing down the way, "You'll find warehouses all up and down the docks. If any merchant lords have stuck around, it was likely to guard their wares from looters."

Diocles rolled his eyes when the elves started talking about him like he wasn't present, but remained silent for the rest of their trek. In a few moments, after they had glanced the serene scene of laundry flowing in the wind, he truly wasn't present. He rejoined the group minutes later as stealthily as he had stolen away, wearing a shirt he had apparently stolen. He seemed pleased-It wasn't the highest of fashion, but he fancied it matched his eyes quite well.

Sulahn'nehn had not noticed at all when the archer slipped away, in fact, she was going on at length about something possibly unimportant. She had been walking along with the others, assuming Diocles had been right behind her listening. She turned her head to him, near the end of her spiel "-would like that. What do you thi-" the elf blinked, fluttering her eyes as if a bit of grit got into it. "Where- When did you get that?" she looked him over, it wasn't all that bad. "Dressing up, hm?"

Ulrin looked out over the scene of the docks. What a mess it was here. What a mess the Darkspawn made for these people. What would they all have done if they had gotten through? Absently he glanced at Theadrin thinking of the argument they had the night before. He wasn't grateful to the man for forcing him to live, but he was grateful for the chance to let others live. That's what Twynne would have wanted right?

"Well we had better get going and get what we can, before those looters start in on the warehouses."

Diocles raised an eyebrow at Sul as if he didn't understand her confusion. Still, he couldn't keep the corners of his lips from curling up into a faint smile.

"I'm Tevinter, remember? Fashion comes naturally, it's inevitable."

"Oh, no. I completely understand. I just remember someone mentioning how handsome he looked in finely tailored clothes." She leaned a little closer, dropping to a whisper. "I only thought you wanted to show me."

She felt fairly awful. There was destruction all around, and here she was flirting. Sulahn'nehn pressed her fingers to her temple. "Oh that's not entirely appropriate at the moment, is it?"

"Keep away from the warehouses until I've spoken with the lords remaining. Else, I cannot promise some hired guard won't put a sword in your throat." 'Or that I would seal the wound,' was the unspoken threat.

Thaedrin held up a bloody hand to instruct his Wardens to wait behind while he went forward to the ships that had not fled the bay. The largest was the one he chose first, and it took only moments speaking with the men standing watch before he was permitted on deck. The crew and a mess of slaves were hard at work unloading all of the cargo from the ship that they had just hurriedly thrown onboard an hour ago.

Left behind with the others, Ghil gave a glance to Jarrik de Avalos, then to Alrik and Diocles, then to her elves.

"I am not seeing why we do not just take."

"Ghil, we can't steal from these poor folks! It would be unconscionable."

Adjusting his stolen shirt, he gave the barbarian a wink before wrapping an arm around Sul and whispering back to her. His affection was less restrained out of Thaedrin's view.

"Completely inappropriate, I must be rubbing off on you. And I did want to show you-But you must admit, I look even better with none at all."

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