The Miskatonic University School of Ancient Sciences (Game Thread)

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The Garden

As Henrietta brushed off his comment on her prettiness, he had to smile and shrug. "Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder then, I suppose.", he said easily.

It didn't take long for his gaze to lock back onto the cat as soon as Dexter mentioned the possibility that it could have rabies. Quirking a brow, he narrowed his eyes and examined it a little more closely.

"I'm not sure what it is about this cat, but something seems... Off about it. Not sure what. Doesn't seem to be rabid though. In fact, it looks like a perfectly healthy, ordinary housecat. So, it should be ok.", he told them, relaxing as he watched them all interact with the cat.

But it still took a few minutes for him to drop his suspicions before he interacted with it again himself.

The Next Day

The next morning, Shaun exited his room with bags under his eyes, a scowl on his lips and an empty coffee mug in his had.

He hadn't slept the night before. In an attempt to avoid the nightmares, he decided to spend his time unpacking, then reading by the light of a few meager embers, all while drinking liberal cups of coffee he decided to snag from the coffee-maker he had set up in the shared dorm.

As he set it up for the mornings fix for himself, and possibly Alex, he slunk back to his room to change out of the turtleneck he still wore from the previous day.

Fifteen minutes later, he strode back out of his room in a clean dress shirt, black vest with red pinstripes, matching trousers and was fixing the crimson tie he had finished securing around his neck. All in all, despite his ill-temper due to lack of sleep, he looked rather sharp if he did think so himself.

Then he promptly went to each of his friends adjoining rooms and knocked on their doors before calling out. "This is your 8:35 wake-up call, get your asses out of bed. Coffee's in the pot, and we need to get breakfast. Get moving!", he yelled.

~Le Garden~

"Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder then, I suppose."

Dexter rolled his eyes. "Whatever man. I called it, though." Eying the cat a little more and deciding he'd save the rest of his energy for later, he added, "I'm heading up to the dorm. Gotta get a headstart with my giant-ass luggage. I'll see mah boyz later, but I hope to see you soon, Henrietta."

He did a short two-finger salute, before walking off. Dropping poppers behind him, leaving a hilarious surprise for those not watching where they're stepping.

~Le Next Day~

"This is your 8:35 wake-up call, get your asses out of bed. Coffee's in the pot, and we need to get breakfast. Get moving!"

"FUCK YOU WITH A RAKE, GAYLORD." Was Dexter's automatic, sleepy reply.

He wasn't a morning person ether.

Eventually, he saw the sense in waking up from his dreamfully perpetual coma and decided what to wear. Looking over the five identical robes he packed, as well as a sixth suit for formal occasions, he decided to go with the suit.

And three minutes later, put on a robe instead.

Forgoing his top hat for a moment, he applied his mask to his face and stuck his head out the door. "What are we doing for food?" He asked.


Alex heard Henrietta's refusal to be called pretty. Apparently animals ran away from her, whereas boys seemed to flock to her. Negative animal magnetism? The brown cat pretty much completely ruined her statement by approaching her, which made Alex snicker a bit.

Alex noted Shaun hesitating to pet the cat after noting something strange about it. Alex couldn't see, but also didn't really care. It was a cat. Cats were great, enough said. Henrietta, the fun one, simply set out food for it with some baby talk on the side.

Dexter began walking away, his antics making Alex sigh. He cast another glance at the cat before his monster returned to his side. He got up and followed after his roommate, grumbling something under his breath.

Next Day

The night light only protected Alex from the Shadow itself. The memories stained his dreams, that odd combination of helplessness and rage as he watched the thing snuff out a life. He was becoming numb to that memory, like so many others. Still.... he managed to fall asleep.

He raised his head slowly, looking at his alarm clock. 8:20. He smiled, flicking it off before it could even ring. He looked around the room. It was already hot. He growled as he popped up, and began getting dressed. An old yellow shirt and black jeans would serve for the day. He slung his navy blue hoodie over his shoulder as he walked out into the living room. Shaun didn't seem to notice him as he went about getting his coffee.

"This is your 8:35 wake-up call, get your asses out of bed. Coffee's in the pot, and we need to get breakfast. Get moving!"

"Present-" His shadow waved a small hello, before both cringed,


"...God dammit, I'm going to be the only morning person, huh?" Alex shook his head, smirking. Coherent though before 9 am was quite the advantage.


Shaun nearly yelped as he whirled around and saw both Alex and his shadow behind him, and he returned the shadow's wave with a dumbstruck wave of his own.

"How did you...", he started, only to glance back at Dexter's door as he called back out.


"Try it, and I'll cook you for breakfast, funny-man!", he called back.

With a shake of his head, he turned to hear Alex musing that he was the only morning person there, and Shaun had to nod. "Seems that way.", he murmured with a small snort.

Then he shrugged. "Anyway, with any luck, they should have bacon, eggs and potatoes waiting in the nearby kitchen, and I'm planning on taking Gibbons advice. So, unless either of you plan on cooking for us, I guess that falls to me. Good practice, regardless.", he added.


When Jessie heard the truth about everyone being touched or capable of using magic, he couldn't believe his ears. He shifted, somewhat uncomfortable in his chair, and so did other students. Most of them seemed to be more interesting in discussing the incidents, they clearly had it easier than Jessie.

None of them have ever been in the presence of an alien, I bet.

And he had one in his head, they both taking turns occupying their---his? body. It made him feel out of place again, most seemed to act as if this was just playing around, and not reality.

If Teddy had anything to say about this whole ordeal, he didn't, his roommate seemed more curious about it, but Jessie somehow doubted he had been much affected by magic regardless. Still, it wasn't as if the secret was out, there was just someone out there who probably knew it. It made him feel unsure of whether or not to tell the other Jessie about it. On one hand, he had promised to give him all the information, and he felt bad about withholding something as important as that. On the other hand... what would the other Jessie do, if he knew? Would he decide that they were not the enemy? Or do anything to make sure he could collect knowledge? Still, it was already typed down, and as long as the other didn't know who, letting him know wouldn't be the end of the world. Right?

After the orientation, Jessie did speak to a couple of people, and took note of their names as well, but he started feeling light-headed and odd.

I still have a page or two to type up for the other Jessie too...

"Hey, Teddy, I'll be heading back to our room," he said, before almost running to get there. If Teddy answered with anything, Jessie didn't hear it. Back in their room, he started typing, information that he had learned of before the orientation, and about the people he had spoken too. When he was done, another hour had already passed. He went to sleep, after putting the pages into a convolute for the other Jessie.

The Next Day

The other Jessie woke up rather early to a set alarm, which annoyed him. He preferred to sleep in. However, as he looked around, finding himself somewhere he had not been before, he started putting two and two together. Even though he was surprised, he did not show any sign of a surprise, face blank and his thoughts collected. Seeing that the items were not completely packed out yet, he drew the conclusion that he had arrived rather recently. As he had a roommate he had never met before, and since it looked like the sort of room one would be assigned in a university, he finally was completely sure of that he was in the Miskatonic University dorm room he had been assigned.

I was out two weeks then?

Two weeks, give or take a few days. It could have been worse; it did not seem as if he had missed anything. The convolute with the information from the human Jessie seemed quite full, and he got out of bed in order to get it, wearing a dark red pajama. He sat down at the writing table, and started reading. While he mentally processed most of it calmly and quite frankly, disinterested, the parts about the school, and about the fact that every student in the department had been affected by, or even possessed magic abilities, got him by surprise. He had suspected some of them would be like that, but all of them? Jessie eyed the sleeping Teddy, he could not really sense a strong magical ability from him, although there were... something. According to what the human Jessie had written down, apart from the usual physical description, he was:

"Teddy's nice and curious, a bit shy but very welcoming and helpful. He's a cool guy. Teddy promised to "look after" us when we act a bit strange, so don't drive him away. He's our friend, and fun to hang out with. He's also the guy to ask if you want to investigate something about the school or students, he seems to be used to the sort. Oh, and also, he's doing Ancient Sciences and Xenopsychology, which is-"

Alien psychology.

"How aliens think, psychology or something. He's also really into reading, said he would spend half the time in the library, IIRC. I bet you'll get along just fine, especially if you make an effort not to alienate him."

Is that a pun?

"That was a pun, if you didn't realize it. Anyways, that's our roommate, treat him well, I don't want to lose another friend because of your stuck-up-ness."

There was a couple of other people too, and although the information was largely irrelevant to him, acting like a stranger towards someone he had talked to would make him seem even more off than he managed to do already. He simply had no idea how to act like the human Jessie did, but it could always be blamed on a bad mood, or something similar. When he was done memorizing the names and descriptions, he went over to Teddy's bed, and woke him up, having a few questions.

"Teddy," he muttered when the other was awake. His voice was the same as before, but it had a different, distant tone to it. "Can I ask you a few questions?" That was probably polite enough. Besides, from the notes, Jessie had read that they had a class together in something like an hour, which meant that Teddy probably would not mind being awakened.


Teddy hardly noticed the monotone of the speaker's voice, as the words he spoke steadily revealed something he had never even managed to hope for. It was real, all of it, those theories he collected thinking them mere fantasy just a personal indulgence and yet now it seemed that there was an element of truth to some of them at least. He scribbled furiously in his notebook as the talk went on, writing up new possible connections and jotting down as much of what the speaker said as he possibly could.

Then a thought hit him and he stopped, why am I here? Everyone has some contact with magic, but I don't, so why am I here? Is it a mistake? He shook it off but it still worried him. He had never considered himself anything special, he was smart sure but so were a lot of people. Still he pushed the thought to the back of his mind and went back to writing in his notebook, though not as quickly as before.

He didn't notice Jessie had left until a few minutes after he was gone, as he was busy getting caught up in his notes while the hall emptied out. Sighing he stood up, he probably went back to the room, Teddy thought, deciding to walk around campus a bit more before doing so himself. His walk didn't reveal much, though it did help him clear his head and he soon arrived back at the room to settle in for the night.


"Okay then." He waited for Teddy, and they both started heading towards class.

Jason smiled on the inside as ducked away from Shaun's pet and ate the food, he was on his way in. Unfortunately, Mr. Biscuits didn't like another cat partaking in his food, and let out a hiss. By reflex, Jason responded with his own, only to quickly realized he had accepted a challenge. Henrietta's cat was in the carrier, and unable to fight, but Jason knew it wasn't going to look good to start a catfight in the middle of the group. So, when Mr. Biscuits hissed once more, Jason played the coward and scurried back into the bush.

Eventually, he made it back to his clothes and returned to his human form. "Gah, such an idiot..." Jason mumbled aloud as he made it back to his dorm, wanting to just sleep the rest of the day away.

The next day, Jason groaned as the sun started to seep through the blinds and hit him right in the eyes. Turning to his side and curling under his sheets, Jason made a little cocoon for himself until his alarm went off.


After stretching a little, he turned back to the coffee pot. By now, it had had time to brew some of the black lifeblood that he ran on. So, he filled his mug and promptly took the first 'official' sip of the day, despite having been drinking coffee all through the late night and early morning. Once he topped it off, he turned to the others and had to look over what little of Dexter's outfit he could see from the cracked-open door he was still behind.

"I think that the robe might be a bit too... Casual for class, Dexter. Anyway, we need to get moving, otherwise we might miss the chance for breakfast before class. I take my time cooking.", he pointed out.

He took the time then to stride back to his room and stepped just inside to grab his book bag. Turning back to the others, he jerked his head to their dorm room door. "Well? Shall we?", he asked, before he simply strode to it, opened the door and stepped out into the hall.

Shaun was caught just a little by surprise by the amount of people that were already out and about. He was certain it was nothing compared to how crowded it'd be later in the day, but he clearly underestimated just how many people were in Lovecraft house. And each and every one of them, he had overheard on the way to the dorm the day before, had either been touched by magic, or had latent magical talent outright.

The night before, he didn't put much thought to it: He thought it best to simply unpack, and then he was more preoccupied by avoiding sleep as best he could. Now, however, it made him feel guarded. The fact of the matter was, he had no idea what each person was capable of and whether or not their magic, should they have any, would be used on him if he somehow pissed them off enough. But, it also brought to mind the fact that one of their number hadn't revealed that it was one way or the other with them.

So he glanced back at Dexter and tilted his head. "By the way, you never told us whether or not you had a 'talent', Dexter, beyond performance magic.", he said, his tone making it perfectly clear what he meant by 'talent'.

"I think that the robe might be a bit too... Casual for class, Dexter.

"I think your face...mermmph." Dexter mumbled as he improvised some. If he took the undershirt from his suit and layered the robe on top, it'd give him the inventory space he needed. He might get a bit hot, but it seemed to be a cold day anyway.

After assembling something approaching formal-ish wear, he grabbed a mail carrier-like bookbag and quickly followed their little group's ringleader out of the dorm.

Maybe it's because Dexter was from the Big Apple,but the campus looked surprisingly empty. He was sure there would be a lot more early risers, like his roommates.

Whatever. He didn't much like morning people, and ones that could sling any sort of horrible magic at him at any given moment were at least 27% worse. Speaking of.

"By the way, you never told us whether or not you had a 'talent', Dexter, beyond performance magic."

Dexter smirked, "I know. I do, don't worry, it's just not the kind of talent I can demonstrate. Unless you're fine with someone spending a while in the mental ward." He waved his hand indicating the random people scurrying about.

First Day of Classes:

Henrietta awoke to the sounds of birds outside her window. It was a good way to awaken; naturally. No loud buzzing from her alarm clock. In all honesty, she was surprised she'd beaten the 6:30 alarm up; she and Stephanie - her roommate - had spent the better part of the evening up talking. She'd assumed she'd be tired when in fact she was anything but.

She lay back in bed for a few minutes enjoying the comfortable warmth of her bed for the few minutes until her alarm would ring. Curious to see how much time she had left, she rolled slightly to glance at the clock face.

7:48 AM.

She stared at it a few moments longer, rereading it but not comprehending. It took nearly 2 clicks of the red second hand before the realization set it. It was 7:48. She was supposed to get up at 6:30. 7:48 was greater than 6:30 which meant...

"Oh... SHIT!" she half-yelled as the realization hit her. She tore off the covers of her bed and hit the floor running. Stephanie, still half-asleep, rolled over slightly and stared at her. Or it might have been Mr. Bisuits; it was remarkable how much the two looked alike at that particular, adrenaline heavy moment. They had it easy. Stephanie didn't have class until 11:00 that day because she had a reasonable human schedule and Mr. Biscuits was a cat who's entire day consisted of sleeping in varying levels of sunlight.

Henrietta grabbed the clothes she'd left out the night before; a small mercy. Still in her night clothes, she grabbed her bag and personals then bolted out the door of her door room and around the corner to the girls bathroom. She glanced at her phone.

She didn't have much time. She dunked her head under a shower head to get her hair under control.


She brushed her teeth.


She dressed in a mad dash.


With moments to spare, she made the best call she could; she tore open a portal in space time in the women's bathroom and stepped into madness and shadows. At the exact same time, across campus, she stepped out of a portal in a corridor she hoped would be empty. Wasting no time, she bolted to her 8:00 A.M. - Advanced Physics with Dr. Neil Gibbons.

Gibbons had just finished setting up the first day's 'experiment' when Henrietta burst in.

"Ah!" he said, brightening up that someone had actually turned up, "Henrietta was it? How are you doing today?"

Despite his best efforts to get one of the newer labs (read: one built in this century), the faculty felt that limitations and... 'unique charms' of an older lab would be a more suitable challenge for a budding new educator. 'Unique charms', as far as Neil could tell, were as follows:

1. Five Bunsen burners that the faculty had completely given up on.

2. a soot and ash infested fireplace to the left of the rotting chalkboards.

3. A rotting set of chalkboards. Chalk and Erasers not included. Of course not.

4. No power sockets whatsoever.

5. Gibbons wasn't sure what else was wrong with this place at the moment, but he was sure there was something really wrong with this room since he'd heard that even Groundskeeper Jenkins avoided the bloody place.

"Right umm..." he said, not sure how to respond to whatever in the hell it was that Henrietta said to him. Another fine example of my social skills there. Great... To be fair though, he was somewhat preoccupied with the plate he'd set in front of the fireplace. He'd had it sitting a few inches away from the fireplace for quite some time. And, as he'd hoped; one side was significantly hotter than the other. He gingerly pulled the plate away and, taking care to

Turning back to the class after putting out the fireplace, he gave his new students his best attempt at a beaming smile... which he knew would not turn out well, so he only kept it going for a moment before going back to his neutral frown.

"Good morning class!" he said, genuine enthusiasm catching onto his voice, "I am Dr. Neil Gibbons. But please, just call me Neil, and well..."

He faltered a bit, struggling to remember the brief he'd prepared for this segment.

"Oh... right." he said more to himself, "Well, rather than go over Prof. Whateley's umm... 'lecture' and bore you to bloody tears by going over the same crap again in these discussion groups. I will instead attempt to teach all of you to think like a real scientist. To that end... this plate," he gestured towards it, careful not to touch the blazing-hot pseudo-china, "has been sitting pretty close to that fireplace I just put out. However... for some reason, the side that was facing away from the fireplace is hotter than the one that was directly facing it. So... any ideas as to why that is?"

Gibbons paused for hands to raise. No one seemed to offer.


Henrietta was thinking about the question. Her first thought was of conduction, but that seemed unlikely in a ceramic. It could be convection but there didn't seem to be a way to get the air lowing the other way. The only other ideas which came to mind were measurement error or eldritch magic from beyond the mortal plane. Normally she would dismiss the later of the two but, considering she'd traveled to class via "eldritch magic from beyond the mortal plane", it seemed slightly more feasible than normal.

Still, it was a science class so she doubted it was "magic" - even in the ancient science's department. Raising her hand meekly, she offered her answer. "Measurement Error?"

Teddy was early to class, and took a seat near the front of the room, he wasn't sure how interesting the class would prove to be but it never hurt to pay attention. Of course the first item Gibbons showed them somewhat diminished his hopes of an interesting experience. It's so obvious, well I mean it could also be some sort of superconducting heat redistribution system but I doubt they can afford something like that for a discussion class.

He didn't answer at first waiting for someone else to reach the obvious conclusion, he'd earned ire in the past from classmates by jumping on answers too quickly, but the others seemed somewhat hesitant to answer. Henrietta did, but she had not reached what he felt was the correct answer.

Sighing he raised his hand and spoke calmly "Simplest answer is that you rotated the pot, so that the hot side was facing away from the fire," he stated calmly. Occam's razor and all that, simplest answer is the most likely, if the least fun.

Jessie had taken the seat next to Teddy, and as Gibbons spoke about the plate and thinking like scientists, he felt his interest slipping. He wanted to learn about the actual knowledge, everything else was simple. However, he kept quiet. His take on the whole plate thing was being rather uninterested. He concluded that the only way this was possible was through deceit and tricks, as he could not sense any sort of magic, nor did he think the material of the china had been altered.

The professor is either lying, as there is no proof of it being hotter on the side turned towards us, or he turned it a short while ago. Either way is very possible, although seemingly pointless.

He had long ago learned that doubting everything and everyone, and relying only on proof, was the best way to get to the truth. There was no need to remind him, and he did not see much of a reason to raise his hand. Someone else would, eventually.

"Measurement Error?"

Henrietta's answer was interesting, although seemingly relying on that the teacher was mistaken, rather than deceit. Soon after, Teddy raised his hand.

"Simplest answer is that you rotated the pot, so that the hot side was facing away from the fire,"

Teddy said. Simplest answer, huh? It was just as simple to lie, but perhaps both of the others were assuming that the professor was being honest, at least about what he had said. Perhaps he was.


Shaun glanced back at Dexter's reply and had to smirk.

"I know. I do, don't worry, it's just not the kind of talent I can demonstrate. Unless you're fine with someone spending a while in the mental ward.".

"You know, I'm honestly kind of torn between curiosity and caution.", he said.

It was after a moment of intense internal debate that he finally shrugged and shook his head. "Nah, probably wouldn't be worth the trouble. Still, something to think about.", he said, as he began to stride down the hallway again.

Then he had to pause again as something at the back of his head gnawed at him. Like he'd forgotten something. Something important. Shifting his stance, he pushed his book bag aside and pulled out both his pocket watch and the class schedule for that day. He inspected the times carefully before he was satisfied. His first class wasn't until 9:30 AM, so they had some time.

But, he had no idea when his roommates classes were, so he looked back at the two of them. "By the way, when are your first classes? Because I feel like I'm forgetting something.", he said with a slight, concerned frown.

"You know, I'm honestly kind of torn between curiosity and caution."

Dexter started itching his leg. He was totally willing to crash the first person he would lock eyes with's day, because somebody asked him to. More or less.

"Nah, probably wouldn't be worth the trouble. Still, something to think about."

"Oh, it's definitely something to think about." He said, mind already out of the conversation. His eyes were scanning potential targets, now.

He'd wanted to pick a woman as his demonstration, because they were actually surprisingly straightforward. Society ingrained a role to them, so if he showed them their life as a completely total failure of their designation...that'd about do it. They didn't even have to believe they had to fulfill that role; it was disgusting, evidence of the world's tendency towards sexism, but ultimately effective.

Dexter didn't like it, but it was efficient. And he long ago learned to stop being so personal when using his power.

But it was too easy. He was bound to actually have to use it, and that'd probably be the nightmare he'd go with. So something special was in order.

There. A skinny, white-as-the-driven-snow boy was nervously looking around, like the ground would swallow him.

...That's not a bad idea.

Dexter was disoriented for a moment, coming back to the real world.

"By the way, when are your first classes? Because I feel like I'm forgetting something."

"9:30" Dexter replied automatically. After fully bringing himself out of the planning stage, he said, "mind if I demonstrate after all? I've got a show cooked up." Dexter replied darkly, with a smirk.


When Dexter gave his answer, which was thankfully the same time he himself had classes, Shaun glanced expectantly over at Alex. His gaze was torn back to Dexter however when he spoke up again.

"Mind if I demonstrate after all? I've got a show cooked up.".

He had a rather malicious look on his face, one that gave Shaun a small pit in his belly, but he had to admit, he was intrigued. With a quirked brow, he tilted his head to one side and turned to face him properly. "Should I be worried? Because I feel like I should be with that smirk on your face.", he said, before he simply shrugged.

"Well hell, one never learned anything without taking some risks. Sure, go ahead. Just, don't kill or maim anyone, alright?", he added with the slightest of grimaces.

In truth, he wasn't just worried about him harming another student, though that was definitely a major concern. After all, he himself could control fire, and depending on just what kind of concentration he exerted, it could be particularly intense fire, which could easily kill. But, he was also worried about a possible backfire, and that too he had personal experience with.

But still, he was curious. Despite the potential, dangerous risks, the powers each of them seemed to have were... Almost seductive, really. For him at least, that seductive quality along with his curiosity overrode his fear and caution when he discovered how to control his powers. He wondered if that seduction was inherent to the magical ability people had, or if it was some sort of specific side-effect to his and his alone. He had to look into that.

"By the way, you never told us whether or not you had a 'talent', Dexter, beyond performance magic."

Alex felt a bit awkward in the silence, but he didn't have much to say. He followed behind Shaun, noting the amount of people and pulling his hood up. His shadow still trailed a bit behind him, before he forced it to sink into the ground. Shaun's question made him perk up a bit, though, and it was a question he'd been pondering for a while as well.

"I know. I do, don't worry, it's just not the kind of talent I can demonstrate. Unless you're fine with someone spending a while in the mental ward."

'Sounds like a fun power.'

"You know, I'm honestly kind of torn between curiosity and caution."

Alex muttered a near silent "Ditto," in agreement. Still, seemed Dexter was doing something odd. Staring at a boy, Alex hadn't thought it of him really. Perhaps something to keep note of... Probably not, actually. Or else he'd get sent to a psych ward.

"By the way, when are your first classes? Because I feel like I'm forgetting something."


"9:30... mind if I demonstrate after all? I've got a show cooked up."

"I need to learn to stop muttering." Alex said, sighing in defeat. Hopefully that'd get better as the year dragged on. And maybe he wouldn't have to hide his shadow, and perhaps he'd end world hunger and get adopted by Peter Dinklage and married to Ryan Gosling.

"... 9:30, I was trying to say."

"Well hell, one never learned anything without taking some risks. Sure, go ahead. Just, don't kill or maim anyone, alright?"

"Go for it." Alex added, all eyes on the Magician.

Dexter grinned, using his full mouth for the first time. You could see the mask move slightly at the action. One half of Dexter lit up, the other stayed cool and masky. Because it was a mask, you see.

"Well hell, one never learned anything without taking some risks. Sure, go ahead. Just, don't kill or maim anyone, alright?"

Dexter opened his mouth, paused, then closed it. Opening it again, he said, "I promise not to physically kill or irreparably maim anyone beyond the possible scope of healing and prevention."

That was the stinger; suicide was a common way to escape nightmares. But the school had counselors and stuff for that. Probably.

Practically skipping off to the boy he scoped out earlier, he opened his arms invitingly. "Hey man! My name's Dexter Drake, and you look lost!"

The boy was startled, before nervously rubbing his head and smiling, "Yeah. actually. I came to get some food before class, but it turns out my class is later than I thought."

Dexter had about enough of this conversation, "No worries dude, you'll find exactly what you came for."

Dexter prided himself on being able to cast the spell without asking people to look into his eyes. If they already were, it'd be mighty suspicious.

The boy looked at Dexter, puzzled for a moment. Then his face went slack.

Dexter put on a face of concern, "Dude, you okay?"

After getting zero response and sensing others looking at the two of them, he left saying, "Well, peace man. I gotta get something to eat too."

By the time Dexter made it back to the group, the screaming began. First of surprised terror, then a horrified shriek, then a pathetic whimpering noise.

Dexter thought it felt sooooooo good.

"Volia." Dexter said to his roommates, expectantly.


Shaun gave Alex a nod of acknowledgment when he also said that his classes started at 9:30, but it was Dexter's response that made him feel a small sense of dread.

"I promise not to physically kill or irreparably maim anyone beyond the possible scope of healing and prevention.".

His eyes narrowed and he leaned forward so that he looked at Dexter over the rims of his glasses. "I sure hope I'm not going to end up regretting this.", he murmured softly.

Then he simply leaned back and watched as he sauntered off to a skittish looking boy. He opened his arms wide and greeted him, and as soon as the boy responded nervously, Dexter clearly did something. He couldn't see what, however. But he knew that something happened, since the boys face went blank. There was a moments hesitation before Dexter just gave him some words of farewell and turned to rejoin both Alex and himself.

Then the boy started to scream in abject terror. His screams escalated quickly, but before too long they were reduced to whimpers.

Shaun blinked as Dexter strode up to them.


"Groovy.", he said under his breath, before shaking his head once and looking at Dexter with a quirked brow.

"Just what did you do?", Shaun asked out of a mixture of awe and curiosity, while his expression was clearly impressed.

"Just what did you do?"

Dexter grinned sheepishly, a bit embarrassed someone was regarding his talents positively. "Programming?" He offered.

"I programmed a nightmare for him, involving his parents and friends deeming him a total failure. Then locked him in his own mind with some white noise for a while." Dexter explained.

Dexter remembered the first time he had to test that dome. It was almost the end of him.

Dexter smiled.


Shaun leaned back and gave Dexter a small, sly smile as the boy explained just what he had done. "Programming, huh? That's an impressive talent. A little disturbing, but very impressive.", he said thoughtfully.

It seemed all three of them had a talent that was potentially very dangerous. He wasn't entirely sure he liked what it implied about them being assigned to the same dorm, but while he hoped it didn't mean anything, he could never be certain. Regardless, it meant that all of them had to be cautious as to how they used their powers, and given how Dexter described his, he wasn't sure it could be used for anything but causing mayhem. Though, he had no idea what limitations his magic had.

With a small shrug, he turned to, what he hoped, was the direction of the kitchen. "Well, lets get going. We have time, and I need some food.", he told them, idly taking a sip of his coffee.

"Well, lets get going. We have time, and I need some food."

Dexter savored the last moments of his whimpering victim's moans, and followed along. He was optimistic towards the new year, especially his incredibly dangerous roommates.

"Well, lets get going. We have time, and I need some food."

Alex was distracted looking at Dexter's plaything, watching the shaking go to screaming, until it died down to moans, then silence once again. That was cruel, and told Alex to laugh at Dexter's jokes when prompted. Sure, he could probably tear off your arm, but there was a motivation problem there.

"Er, yeah. Sounds good." Alex smiled weakly, still looking at the poor bastard.


It took them a good five minutes before they found the floors kitchen, and while it was already bustling with activity, it wasn't enough to cause Shaun any trouble for what he was about to do. While he motioned for the others to sit somewhere, he set down his things, and promptly got to work. Preparing the food itself took the most time, what with gathering the bacon and cutting the potatoes to just the right size, while cooking was another matter entirely.

Instead of moving to the nearby stove, he simply held the frying pan in midair and conjured a small ring of intensely hot flame underneath it, and smiled as he examined the color. Once he was sure of the temperature, cooking didn't take much time at all, and before long he set a plate of food in front of his roommates and sat down himself.

"There you go. Cooking is actually pretty good practice for temperature control, actually.", he said, just before starting to shovel food into his mouth.

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