Secrets of the Dwemer: A Skyrim RP (open, PM to enter)

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"I have a plan already, and alone might be best anyways. You men enjoy your trip, and perhaps we'll all meet at the ruins? Raldbthar?"

"well...alright, guess Ill be seeing you later then, and good luck at...whatever it is your doing" I then turn to Umbra and John. "So guys, we still have some time to burn, eneything you guys wish to talk about" I cross my arms and lean back a little sipping my mead.

"well I like knowing how someone fights so I can stay out of their way, they stay out of mine and if possible I can help them fight, so what is your preference in combat? I personally like to fight up in my opponent's face and stealth wise bow and arrows" I said before taking a large sip of my mead

I chuckle, "I tend to take on my enemies head on, never was much sneaking around but..." I shrug " my skill with this here sword on my back more then makes up for it Id say". Just in that moment the ring in my pocket fell through a hole and rolled up right at johns feet...

I look down and see the ring by my feet squatting down I pick it up and then stand up right again "should really be careful with something like this" I say handing it back to Hugar "so what the story behind that?" sitting down sipping my mead

"oh..." I exclaim in surprise taking back the ring. for a minute I study it in my hands, "It belonged to a friend of myn, he uhhhh gave it to me before he passed away of fatal wound...He was Argonian if you can believe it". I sigh "Despite us know, members of diffrent species, we still considered each other brothers which to me was a big deal seeming as how I never really had much of a family to start with". I smile recalling all our adventures and then his last request, "His last wish was for me to give this back to his mother...thing is...he didnt say her name so she can be all the way back in Black Marsh for all I know, heck, I even considered treking down their and asking if any one knew him" I shrugged. "I just dont know where any of his relatives are its like...looking for a needle in a hey stak"...

"your quest is noble Hugar I'm sure you'll find his relatives soon" I say placing my hand on his shoulder

I smile, "Thanks...but enough about me, whats your story if you dont mind me asking"

I stare into space for a bit and then turn back to Hulgar "I never knew my birth parents I was found on the doorstep of Jorrvaskr home of The Companions, took me in and raised me as one of their own, they all help in some way or another in my upbringing, later on after years of training I became a member of The Circle which is comprised of the senior members of The Companions, nowadays I've been looking a fort or something to branch the Companions out of Jorrvaskr like a safe house" I say Smiling now and then

I nod, " The Companions eh?...a noble group to be part of Id say, I thought about going over to Whiterun hold to seek membership...but after my time serving as a..." I look around then whisper "...Stormcloak soldier" then regular voice "I decided to keep to myself, but...who knows Im still quite young and anythings possible".

"well if you want you could join my branch of the Companions just ask yeah?" I say offering membership

I shrug, "what the hey...ill give it a go" I then turn to umbra "you've Ben idle, anything you wish to say?".

"See you all soon, unless one of you wishes to come with?"

Umbra paused mid-thought before addressing Idreon. "Depends. If it'll be fairly quick and if you'll need me for something, I wouldn't mind seeing what you're up to."

Umbra stretched his arms out and yawned, before gathering his things and preparing to leave.

I turn to John, "I guess it would be just you and me going in after the Bandit, If Umbra goes with Idreon that is...Anyhow Were gonna need our rest, so Ill see you in the morning" I rent a room for the night from Kleppr and call it a night...

"hm yeah see ya tomorrow, oh and Welcome To The Companions, shield brother" I said and held out my hand, after that I do the same and rent a room, striping off my clothes and then rests my head down on the bed and falls asleep

"Depends. If it'll be fairly quick and if you'll need me for something, I wouldn't mind seeing what you're up to."

"I'll never turn down company, my green friend." I smirk, and head out as the Nords start talking about their Companions. He'd heard of them; mercenaries of the brutish sort, with a really loud dog. Still, experience was good. He'd have to remember to research them later. A good patsy was invaluable.

"I'll never turn down company, my green friend."

Umbra walked with the Argonian out of the Silver Blood Inn, with the Orc waning for the night. Umbra stifled a yawn and sat himself down in a nearby seat while turning to face Idreon. "So", the scholar began the dialogue with the thief, "what are you planning for the evening, and can I help?"

"So, what are you planning for the evening, and can I help?"

"It's simple, I think." Idreon began, turning to face the or with a smirk on his face. "I need info on this thing, and the Thalmor apparently has their fingers in this. I believe the world should share all they can with their fellow beings; Knowledge, riches, etc etc. But, the Thalmor are stingy, aren't they?"

The argonian took a moment, for dramatic pause, wagging his tail a bit. It seemed no one was looking his way, good, good...

"I need someone to make them look the other way while I look through their books, reports, things that could help with this. And perhaps redistribute some of the wealth to nearby towns, who knows."

"I need someone to make them look the other way while I look through their books, reports, things that could help with this. And perhaps redistribute some of the wealth to nearby towns, who knows."

Umbra leaned back in his bench, allowing a mild yawn to escape his lips. "So you want me to act as a distraction while you commit vigilante justice against the most pervasive and vicious organization in the country? Breaking and entering as a part of reconnaissance is fine by me, but I won't help if you're planning to give to the poor. Doing that will only drag the wrath of the Summerset Isles over to the civilians whose pockets recently enlarged, and I've no need to complicate the Altmer agenda in Skyrim any more." Umbra started to pull out his pipe then reconsidered as he put it back in a pocket and stood up.

"I guess I'll see you in the morning, Idreon. Let me know if you can't read anything." With that, Umbra trudged back to his shack, in preparation for another long day.

The Next Day

I woke up in a rather piss poor mood, I tried easing the soreness in my neck and back " Damned to Oblivion, the man who thought of making beds of stone" I complain to myself. Reluctantly I crawl out of bed and dress up in my gear, I drew Death Dealer from its shieth and studied it carefully over. Little something I do before setting off on jobs, more of a habit really. After putting it back in its sheith on my back I started heading out. Upon exiting I was greeted by the early sun that painted the skies gold with a few streaks of clouds here and there. I took a deep breath, today was a glorious day which was surely the sign of a good omen. The people of Markarth were slowly but surely waking up and assuming their daily responsibilities. I walked over to the gates and pushed them open revealing the outside world. I walked down the steps and further still to the other steps, their I waited and sat on the first step. I pull a red apple from one of my pockets and take a big bite out of it...

I slowly awake from a corner of the room where I had the bed to my left I had spelt. I usually do this to confuse someone who may come in and attack me in the night through I'm never well-rested one of the traits of being a senior companion, anyway getting up I started to put my cape, hood and armor on I then picked up my Katana pulling it out a little to check it and put it back and I then tie it to my belt, my bow and 20 arrows were next the arrows themselves were ebony I carefully attached them to my back the bow hanged off the arrows, after playing with some throwing knives and one big knife I put back in their sheath and I walk out of the bedroom I left my hood and mask down as I found it rude to talk with them covering my face.

after paying the innkeeper I step outside and was kind of blind by the blazing hot sun "ah Damnit why does this always happen to me when I come out of a dark room? wait I just answered my own question damnit!" I said after paying for a bread roll and head through the gates I see Hulgar sitting on one of the steps I walk over and sit down myself taking a bite of my bread roll "morning Hulgar how you'd sleep?" I said in a friendly manner

"morning Hulgar how you'd sleep?"

"lets just say Im not to fund of stone beds now" I softly laugh to myself rubbing my neck and take another big bite of my apple. I turn to John, " ready to go take this guy on?"...

" ready to go take this guy on?"

"lets just say Im not to fund of stone beds now"

I laugh as well "hm another reason to add to the list of why I slept on the floor" I said before taking another bite of my bread roll "hell yeah, Let Do This" is what I reply with

"hell yeah, Let Do This"

"Well then..." I pull out the bounty letter. "Apparently this particular group of bandits have ben known to cause a stir as far as Riverwood, a member was recently arrested and is being held in whiterun hold after someone tipped off the Jarl of his presence. Why he was in the hold is unclear, but he did tell the guards of the location of their hideout and the name of the man who leads them. His name is Gornah Ruuz, a 29 year old Redguard male, who is beleived to have ben a Alik'r warrior in Hammerfell but according to some, simply went rogue. Now he has ben leading a group of Bandits that have ben terrorizing over half of Skyrim, and guess what?" I point to the mountains in the not to far distance, " Somewhere in those mountains he is being cooped up". So I fold up the paper nice and neatly, put it back in my pocket, crossed my arms, and developed a smug grin, " This is exactly what happens when you make to many enemies, you have a bunch of people who wants you dead, I almost feel sorry for the bastard...almost". I sigh, "So without further ado...I think its high time we get this over with" I stand and walk in the direction of the mountains but then stop and look to John "You coming or what?" I tease, " and did Umbra ever officialy say he was going with Idreon?".

"You coming or what?"

"and did Umbra ever officialy say he was going with Idreon?"

Hulgar turns to where I was but sees no one there "first that's why i'm over here isn't it? and second no he didn't really, oh well" I said behind him sat on a small stone wall still eating my bread then after finishing said roll I stand up and wait for Hulgar

I cross my arms and laugh, " well seem atop of things dont you? ok, lets do this" and we make our ways to the mountain.

"well seem atop of things dont you? ok, lets do this"

I laugh with hulgar while start walking on the left side of him "well of course, got to be in Skyrim nowadays" I said still laughing with him as we travel to the Bandit camp

Opening my eyes I groan softly and sit up. Blinking and shaking my head I wince again and put my hands to my head. Pulling my hands away my finger is wet and I smell blood. Barring my teeth and turning I set my feet on the floor and lean over slightly as I wait for the dizziness to pass.
Oh what the crap...... where am I?? I was.... Sleeping? yeah, I was sleeping outside under this nice big oak... then.. I remember something flaring on my head, then I'm here.

Looking up I narrow my eyes and they flash red. Looking around as the room gets lighter, standing and putting a hand against the wall for a second I take a few steps. Letting the wall go I stretch and groans loudly. Looking around I see a door and the bed I had just got off of. Also seeing a table I walk over and stumble slightly.
Crap. They must have used a freaking tree to knock me out with.

Looking over the table I grab a pouch on the table and looks inside. Seeing a few gold pieces I shake my head and groan again, lifting my hand to hold my head.
[i]Must have been forgotten. God I wish my head would stop pounding.[i]

Turning to the door I walk over to it and push on it. Frowning I pull back my fist and punch the door hard. Growling savagely I back up and look down at myself. Nodding and smiling slightly because they left my armor and other things on.

Pounding on the door I yell out.
"Hey!! Who's out there?!!? HEY!!!"

Outside the door a man laughing can be heard, muffled throe the door I can hear.
"Shut up and calm down. We will get to you later."

Growling again I turn and flick my hand. Smiling slightly when an ethereal sword appears as I cast the bound sword spell and then disappears when I open my hand. Walking over to the bed I sit down and move back so I'm sitting criss cross in the middle of the bed, leaning on my elbows as I watch the door.

It took a little more time then I had anticipated but me and John finally reached the mouth of the cave. Immediately my attention was drawn to a pile of bodies with a sign post sticking out from one of their chests with a message written in blood reading, trespassers be warned. I drew Death Dealer from its shieth, " something tells me their not to fund of company, we should proceed with caution". I swore the closer I got to the inside the thicker the smell of death became, It was almost unbearable. I turn to John covering my nose with my free hand, " When we get out of this drinks on me, ok".

"When we get out of this drinks on me, ok".

"something tells me their not too fond of company, we should proceed with caution"

I look at the pile of corpses "you think?.......yeah they may be mere bandits but there's always alot of them....always" I said sighing a little while I put on my mask and hood, I then start to enter the cave unphased by the smell and draw my knife "heh sure I mean free mead is free mead but word of warning, better open a tab just to be safe" I said before processing onward

we Proceed down a narrow corridor, when we come to a more broader area we see the faint light of a camp fire and voices. I stop and press my back against the wall quietly moving along it. I poke my eye ever so carefully above the corner into the place. I see three bandits all huddled around a fire, one of them was stirring something in a kettle hung over the fire. " You hear about that Khajiit the boss rounded up, I hear hes a vampire lord" The other bandits laughed, " Thats absurd, he may be good...but he aint that good, you and your superstitions". "fawww" the one bandit said dismissing the others comments, " you wont be laughing when your life essence is being drained". watching them I whisper, "so what will it be John? If I go up in their Im sure as hell going to make noise". I hear no response, "...John?" I turn around but see no one. I sigh, "...Right" and look back to the bandits.

suddenly two small knives fly out of the darkness and hits two bandits in the head I appear behind the third who shocked at what just happened he draws his sword "where are you?!" he says trembling in fear "Here" I reply with, the Bandit jumps clean out of his skin and turns his head to face me before my sword goes in his back and out through his chest the bandit goes limp as I pull it out and he falls to the ground, after collect my two knives I turn to Hulgar "you were saying? come on" he said walking onward

"Sure thing your royal hinace" I Joke going onward. The place started to become wider and more open and we came to another narrow corridor heading upwards. This time when we came to another opening their was a long rectangular table fully seated with bandits eating like gluttons and singing out drunken songs and counting coins, no doubt from their pillaged victims. The space was full of treasures and ornaments that were probably stolen. And above everything sitting on a makeshift throne was a man wearing Alik'r warrior clothing with his curved sword propped against its side and behind him was a sturdy looking door witch behind it could be eneything. The man looked crookeder then a Politician. I turn to John, "Now it is my turn friend" and walk out into the open. Immediately they all stopped laughing and merry making and became dead quite all looking at me with clear expressions of murder. "Gornah...Ruuz" I say out to the man, he became surprised. " How did you know that Name? and how did you find this place? speak now Nord lest I have you impaled and drained of your blood".

I develop a smug grin clearly demonstrating my none fear of him. " Lets just say you have a piss poor scence of recruitment" Gornah rubbed his chin in thought " It would seem so". I walk a tad closer, "what gives you the right to do what you do? to come into this land, slaughter its people, and steal their belongings...I have spent a good CHUNK!! of my life fighting people like you...people who think they can come in and take what they want when they want and walk all over people without consequence" I slam my fist on the table. "By my hand today you will die and all Sovengarde will sing of your death and your reign of terror in this land will END!!!" Gornah only developed a sly grin. "A rousing speech for such a delusional man..." he turned to his bandit subjects " Kill him". The bandits all begone laughing and branding their swords and axes, "You should have stayed home Nord" laughed Gornah. The Bandits rushed me but I held my own, blocking their attacks and killing them one by one spilling their blood. Soon their was only a few more and I let out one of the most terrifying battle cries...

Having been meditating as I wait for someone to come into the room I'm in I look up when I hear fighting. Frowning and uncrossing my legs I slide up onto my feet and pad across the floor silently till I'm right in front of the door. Listening to yells and the unmistakable sounds of a sword thudding into body's and the screams of the dying.
Well well. Looks like someone is in the proses of dying. I wonder who is doing the dying, and who is doing the killing.

Licking my lips at the thought of the rivers of blood on the other side of the door I shake my head hard. Baring my fangs I walk around and snuff the only lantern, plunging the room into total darkness. I back up and kneel, my eyes going red again as I narrow then. The room not dark anymore to me, a white outline now on everything. Blending into the shadows I watch the door intently as the screams and fighting on the other side continue. Flexing my fingers and getting ready to cast the bound sword spell.

After single handily killing off his bandits I breath heavily, staring at Gornah. Blood had stained my blade as their was some spattered on my face and clothing. I probably looked like a mass murderer. Gornah looked more unsettled, " Everyone has a price, noble warrior, name yours and it will be given 10 fold". I point my blade towards him, "My blade cannot be bought by the likes of you, WORM, may your soul rot in Oblivion". He readied his curved sword and with a clear expression of rage said, "Very well...we shall end this as men" and he lounges at me with his blade raised and screaming. My blade met his and for a moment we were locked in a power struggle, until I kneed his stomach causing him to be be temporarily distracted. Enough so that I punched him in the face with my free hand sending him to the ground. I kicked his sword away and stood over him, and he just looked at me the longest time. " well...get it over with" then spits at my feet. I take my blade and ram it through his chest, he let out a dying scream then succomed to death.

I pulled out my blade and put it back in its sheith, serves you right I thought. but then my thoughts were interrupted by a sudden thud at the door, "What the hell?" I say quickly looking towards the door. I pull out my Death Dealer again and approached the door cautiously until I was right infront of it. I placed my ear on it and asked rather quietly "...Hello?"...

Hearing the fight end with some yelling I slam on the door.
When someone says something through the door, which only sounds like a mumble, I kick the door heavily and yell.

"Hey!! Get me out of here!!

Step back and narrow my eyes. Hoping its someone nice(ish) and I won't have to stab them. Maybe several times in a row, in the face.

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